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I am home and doing well. 4 weeks PO and went shopping. San Bernardino, CA

I am 35 with one child. I am 5' and i was 141 lbs...

I am 35 with one child. I am 5' and i was 141 lbs when I first went in to see my doc. I got down to 134 at the time of surgery. My stomach was always looking like i was 5 mos pregnant. And i had about 7 cm of over hang. He removed about 4 lbs off of my belly. That's one big chunk of skin and fat. I went in for my first post op today. I dont have a lot of fluid draining but the color is still very red. So he will remove the tubes next week. I still cant walk straight. The worst part of the whole thing is I have a 2 yr old. My husband had to leave for school a few days ago. I have been asking random ppl from work to help. It is rough.

10 days PO today. Thank you YuYa and Kimmers25....

10 days PO today. Thank you YuYa and Kimmers25. I'm swelling as expected. My tube is suppose to come out at my 2 weeks F/U next week. But it is still draining red and not yellow as my Dr wanted. Please turn yellow! lol I am itching like crazy I can't stand it. I'd love some Benadryl but I'm not so sure how safe it'd be with Demarol. You know my discharge paper said I shouldn't lift more than 25 lbs for 4 weeks. But 25 lbs seems like a lot. Many of you ladies on here mentioned no lifting more than a few lbs. So I've not been lifting my toddler because he is 23 lbs. I wonder when I can lift him again. Oh and I still cannot walk straight. When I try to push it my whole tummy goes numb. I guess my body is telling me I'm not ready. I just need to heal fast so I can take care of my kid. Happy Healing my ladies.

I just added new pics. I'm a little concern about...

I just added new pics. I'm a little concern about my belly button. My skin is very sensitive. I reacted to the dressing, the binder and the pain ball tube, just everything. So I have a lot of marks and even bed sore. I got that bed sore just from laying around the first day.
Your tummy tuck looks fantastic, hang in there you will get better as time goes on Jane x
I have found that Dermoplast aerosol spray helps SO much with the itching! It's a life saver! You can find it over the counter at pretty much any pharmacy. The itching was driving me insane!
I coudn't find it. But I am limited in options because of where I live. I found Gold Bond Anti Itch cream. And no it is not helping lol. The itching is still driving me insane. The hard part is trying not to scratch.

Coughing is just horrible but sneezing is kicking...

Coughing is just horrible but sneezing is kicking coughing's butt and mine. Ouchhhhhh. I recommend everyone to get cough drops and stay away from perfume! I am dying to walk straight. Is it because i can't or am i sabotaging myself? I would love to sleep straight on my bed. Anyone healing slowly like me? I see so many beautiful new tummies on here. I just want to get there.

I put on a long shirt and went to the store today....

I put on a long shirt and went to the store today. My tummy was looking great inside the shirt. I didnt have my binder on. My back was hurting a bit by the time i got home. And driving was a tad uncomfortable but not bad. I had to get some gold bond anti itch cream. That was the only anti itch cream i can find there. It seems to be working so i am happy.
I am so sorry to hear that. This is such a bad time for you to have to go through that. I'm proud of your daughter for helping her mama in need. And yes we're patiently waiting for it to get better together.
Me and my "husband" may be going through a seperation. He isa bigger jerk now than ever, and left me to suffer alot of the time post op...requiring me to ask 11 year old daughter for help. When it rains it pours.
Anywho, little by little it seems I can sleep a bit straighter/flatter/not so many pillows. Still standing hunched. Patiently waiting for all to get better!
I hit the wrong reply button. So my reply to you is on the bottom lol.

My belly button is looking like something out of a...

My belly button is looking like something out of a horror movie. But people said that is normal. I still cant walk fully straight so my back hurts a bit. I had to ask my sitter to come over to take my 2 yr old out on his bike and bath him. Bathing him is one thing i cant do. My sweet sitter didnt even charge me today. See, you know who your real friends are at a time like this. You get to see people's true color. Only one friend came to help me. And she couldnt even do it more than a few days. I have 2 backed out. One offered if anything at all she can do. When i ask for 1 day of dinner since i couldnt stand straight to cook she told me to go get frozen food. I surely miss my husband. And finally realizing it sucks when you don't have any support system. And at the end of the day you are all you got.

I will have my 2 weeks f/u tuesday and the drains...

I will have my 2 weeks f/u tuesday and the drains will come out. I have a feeling It will hurt like heck and My wimpy butt will probably faint. But i am so excited about the drains coming out. Anywho, I have noticed something many of us have in common. We are hiding our TT from most ppl. One of my main reasons is judgement. It is not fair for someone to say just try diet and exercise. Really? A few friends couldnt believe I needed it until I lift up my shirt. Then I always hear "wow you hide it so well". I dont mind that im keeping it a secret but it is annoying that I should have to do that.
I don't understand why it has to be secret either! I wanted to have a nip/tuck part pre-op but so many people were like, "Oh...ugh..." I am celebrating, celebrate with me!
I'm celebrating, celebrate with me....now that is just well said HailsD. Exactly!
Good morning love!
First are you feeling better today? I know that yesterday you were feeling kind of down and upset so I am checking on you!

Secondly I get my drain out tomorrow also! YIKES! Terrified! But this to we shall overcome.

I did not hide my tummy tuck at all, I was extremely proud of my decision and told everybody....even the cashier at Walmart....like she gave a rats hinny. And I did get hit with the "why don't you just exercise and diet?"And it went something like this

Idiot: Why are getting a tummy tuck why don't you just exercise more? Have you tried that?

Me: Ummmmmm gee why didn't I THINK of that, I feel so stupid now here I am going to spend $7,000 to let some guy I don't know saw me half and remove things from inside me then sew me back together and send me along bent over, constipated, drugged, unsure, unable to wipe important area's of my body, UNABLE to care for MY home and loved one's, taking time from MY job to heal and all the while wondering if I really made the right decision.......you mean instead of all of that I could just run on a treadmill and do some crunches. Dang I must be lazy?

Then I also got hit with "You don't need a tummy tuck"

Unaware idiot with good intentions: You don't really need a tummy tuck, you look fine

Me: Lifts shirt

Unaware idiot with good intentions: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! Well if you need anything let me know!

And for those that are just nasty, judgemental people, well that is just who they are and they would have something to say (tummy tuck or not) and the one person that was extremely negative towards me was afraid that the guy she likes would like me back! UNKNOWN to her he already likes me and the only reason I haven't taken him from her is because first of all I not a man snatcher and secondly I am taking a time out for me. So see those that are negative usually have undercover reasons for their judgement!

I had a bad feeling my Dr will not take out my...

I had a bad feeling my Dr will not take out my drains today. Unfortunately, I was right. I was still draining very red and my doc didnt want to take them out. I see his point but man it freaking sucks. And my suture was desolving too fast on my bb so he gave me a local and stitched me up. Dang that needle was painful. But hey at least my bb won't collapse right?! Everything else is good. One more week of these drains. Grrrrrr! Not sure how long I can keep up the sympathy point from my 2 yr old. He is going to get sick of the "sick mama".

Last night I slept without my CG and boy did it...

Last night I slept without my CG and boy did it feel good. The Dr said I can start sleeping without it. Also, he took off the suture that was holding my tubes in place. I guess that is what was hurting me because it doesnt hurt as much anymore. My bb still looks scary and hurt a bit with the new stitches. Certainly is better than yesterday. Y'all are right, it gets better. Hey anyone have any loss of appetite since the surgery? And also continuous weight loss?
Thank you yes water with electrolytes and I wish brer
what is gatorade?
American sport drink. Sweet drink with electrolytes. You see atheletes drink them instead of water in american football.

Tomorrow will be my 3 weeks PO. If these drains...

Tomorrow will be my 3 weeks PO. If these drains don't come out I will have Cherrybabi come yank them out. My skin reacted pretty bad to all the tapes, will post some crazy pics tomorrow. Have anyone been having mood swing? I have been battling with depression and anger issue for weeks. WTH? I am normally pretty relaxed and positive.And I over did it today with running errands and baking. Cookies and brownies kicked my butt. Really!?! Thanks you all so much for your support.

Oh on a positive note. The swelling doesnt bother...

Oh on a positive note. The swelling doesnt bother me and I am so grateful to have a flat tummy now.
hang in there I had my drains 23 days. My PS didnt want to pull them out but then decided he was worried about infection if they stayed in longer we both knew I would probably get a seroma because my body was not done draining yet even if I wanted it to be. That is exactly what happened. It does not hurt but I had to go to his office and be drained manually ( needle) every week for 5 weeks. Hang in there it does get better Im nine weeks now and my seroma is gone.
Hi I am 20 days post op reading your guys post while I' m also recovering from my tummy tuck.
I always wanted to come to California! :) lol!

But lets have hope that they come out today! If not just rub the magic lamp and I shall appear!

Went in to my 3 weeks PO. The drains came out....

Went in to my 3 weeks PO. The drains came out. Yeahhhh. He had to restitch my bb again. This time with nylon after he numb me with lidocain. Hell broke loose. Our hospital ER admitted me and sent me out to a better facility. There was obvious sign of unknown infection. But it was a cardiologist that admitted me due to palpitations. Will update when i find out more. Happy healing.

How did your drain sites heal? Mine have discharge...

How did your drain sites heal? Mine have discharge coming out. How did your PS deal with them after the tubes are pulled? We are trying to pin point where my infection is coming from. My white blood cell count was 33000. Life threatening level.
Just checking in on u....praying all is going well with u......take care of yourself
Ms. PM I know you are overwhelmed right now I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you. Hang in there love. And keep us updated.
Yikes! Did they culture the drain sites? Did they do a CT or MRI? I am a wound care nurse, so I am very familiar with infected wounds. Hope the antibiotics are working. Message me if you have any questions.

Nobody seems to know where the infection is coming...

Nobody seems to know where the infection is coming from. My cardiologist blames it on my bb but i disagree. Another Dr. shook his head when he saw i had TT and said, the things women do. So they blame it on the TT but no solid proof. Anywho, I'm getting better and should be home to see my 2 yr old Monday. Happy healing.
hope u doing well and better soon ..
Praying for u to have a speedy recovery! Hope they figure out what's causing your infection soon.
Miss PM! Oh i do hope you are feeling a little better? sorry to hear about your infection. I have just said a prayer for you. really sending you best wishes for recovery (from manchester in england which is where i am. sending love and hugs xxx

Thank you everyone for checking in on me. 5 days...

Thank you everyone for checking in on me. 5 days in the hospital for Sepsis. I guess TT was to blamed. But really shit happens ya know. I think it was treated much more serious than what it was. I have no regret. I bought 10 new outfits today. That would never happen a month ago. Because shopping was depressing. Nothing would look good and I had to make sure my clothes would hide my body. Well, that is OVER. Yes i am still sweeling but I look darn good in these cute dresses now. Yall doing well?
hey miss hope you are ok x x x
Hi MS.PM...just stopping by to see how you're feeling...hoping you're okay and doing well..happy healing!!
I'm so glad you're feeling better!
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