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Hello everyone,I want to share a little bit of my...

hello everyone,I want to share a little bit of my experience. I'am 36 3 c-sections with a lot of stretch marks left after gaining tons of weight. Dedicated myself to loose the weight in order for me to be a good candidate with good results. I had my TT 6 weeks ago, it was not as bad as I expected hurts less than a c-section,the feeling is like if you did tons of seatups well thats what I felt. The thing that horrified me was the swellness that is taking time to go away!! I see other people completely straight flat by the 2nd week,but like my PS said every body heals different.
I have a big concern because I was left with stretch marks which that is not my concern cause a lot were gone :) My concern is that when I bend or sit my tummy looks very saggy, not at all as when I'am standing, will that go away after the swellness id=s gone or can it be fixed with execising?
Congrats!! I've heard someone say they had swelling for over 6 months. 
You look great
Thank you ;)

8 week PO

Yesterday was my 8 week PO appointment, my doctor said everything looks great so far, I have swollen on my lower abdomen but he said is normal, to give it till January, hopefully will get better results if not he will do a little procedure in his office, he also mentioned a possible ear dog but will take care of it there at his office as well. I was very excited because they measured me and my waist went from a 32" to a 28"!!!! Lost another 4 inches from my mid ab and 3 from my lower and it's swollen!! So I know I'm doing good!! I also started going to the gym, finally everything it's going back to normal!!

9 weeks

Worried because I see flabby skin when I bend or sit, I thought I wouldn't have to be covering with my purse after my TT and rolls come out when I'm seating so there goes my purse again to cover those rolls :(
You look great,good luck on your journey,I definitely understand about swelling my stomach above my incision swells in the evening and around my bb gets red, but I would do it again to!
I hit my year last month and I still have that pooch when I sit or bend.... But I'd rather have that then the pooch that just hangs out when standing straight. You'll learn to not care once the swelling goes down... And besides who really looks at your tummy when sitting down. No one really.
Hii sweetie soo why I think u still hve the pootch did u wear the faja n get massages

Flabby can excercising help?

9 weeks PO and I see very saggy skin when I bend or sit. I started working out and I want to know if the flabby skin would go away with sit-ups and crunches? How can I know if my surgeon cut enough skin? What can I do?!!
I feel ya on the loose skin. Apparently, it has to do with our skin elasticity.
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