TUMMY TUCK - 4 Days Post-op - San Antonio, TX

After the birth of my first baby I had a lot of...

After the birth of my first baby I had a lot of stretch marks as well as excess skin. Knowing I wanted to have more children I tried not to let it bother me but now after 3 children, 2 vaginal deliveries and 1 c-section I was ready for a change. I didn't quite know that a tummy tuck was what I wanted or needed to achieve the tummy I once had but after having a consultation with a plastic surgeon, I knew it was what I wanted.

Everything leading up to the day of surgery was scary, to be honest I expected the worst. The day of surgery was pretty exciting and everything passed so quickly that it just seemed like I woke up and it was all over.

I am 4 days post-op and have to say it went smoother than I expected. Pain level has been no higher than a 6 or 7 and even that was not very often. I only had pain when getting up or walking or standing for long periods of time. I owe that to my pain pump, that the lord for those!!! Also did not skip meds AT ALL!!! I took those around the clock, and even set my alarm so I wouldn't miss a dose. I am a big baby for pain and didn't not want to feel it at all and this worked for me. I didn't cry or feel horrible pain at all but it was a little a uncomfortable which was expected after being cut from hip to hip of course it would be. I had another post op appt today and it went well, one of my drain tubes was removed and will be getting the other out on day 8.

So far so good and just excited to start seeing my results!!! YAY TUMMY TUCKS!!!

Oh and my PS was AMAZING!!!


Sat, a liter of fat wow nice. I don't think I had any lipo I wanted some on my flanks but it's still fatty there so I'm a little upset. I don't pay 9000.00 dollars for no lipo I have a doctors app tomorrow and I'm going to ask whats going on.
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Hi Sat,
I too, am 3 weeks PO (12-13). Did you have a lot of lipo? I have heard that really makes you gain and swell? I am concerned that my PS did not do enough lipo and was not aggressive enough. She said she removed 3 pounds of skin and fat and my weight has pretty much stayed in the same range. I have swelling but not the kind everyone else describes.
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Hi Gracey! I had my surgery on the 13th and I had lipo with the tummy tuck my PS said it was 1 liter of fat and 3 lbs of skin. Not sure if i have more swelling because of that but I really hope so and Im not just gaining weight... Thats great that your weight has stayed the same I am a little jealous:)

***24 days Post Op*** I FEEL GREAT! I...

***24 days Post Op***

I FEEL GREAT! I don't have any pain what so ever and my scar is looking really good! I am so excited about my results and its only been 3 weeks almost 4. I just came back to work 4 days ago and I think all the walking has really helped with recovery. I also went back to the gym as well but starting slow with light cardio. The only thing I don't like is that I have gained 8 lbs....yeah pretty upsetting. It is suppose to be normal but its still really upsetting. Not fitting into my pants either and that is also supposed to be normal. I really hope I can get back into my pre-op pants soon.

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I am 5 weeks and 1 day post op and I love my new...

I am 5 weeks and 1 day post op and I love my new belly just hate the swelling. I fit into my jeans now but am not fitting into my work pants. I hate not being able to wear my work pants since I have so many;( They go up and zip but are super tight...hopefully this goes away soon so I can feel better...


Can u add recent up to date picture please because my stomach looks like your before n I wanna see how your stretch marks look now
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Oh my gosh that looks so painful! I didn't know the drains were placed so close to your vagina! I've seen them on the sides of the hips, is it different for everybody? Was it very painful, did it hurt more than a c-section? I want a TT in San Antonio but i'm still doing my research with which plastic surgeon to go with.
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I'm sorry I haven't checked this site in a while. I do have updated pics I just have to upload them. I am REALLY satisifed with my results! It wasn't as painful as a c-section. I would definitely do it again and again and again if I needed. Sorry I will post pics soon!
Dr. Delio Ortegon

From the begining he has answered all my question before even asking. He was very clear on what my experience would be like and how everything was going to be done. He made sure I was pleased and completely taken care of. I would highly recommend Dr. O!!!

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