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Will Continue to Look for Other PS - San Antonio, TX

After much research, I made an appointment with Dr...

After much research, I made an appointment with Dr. Dechers who came recommended by my OBGYN. The consultation lasted a good hour but I was made to feel that I had taken a lot of their time with questions and at the end, I felt rushed rushed out the door and told to call with any further questions. Although pleasant, the Patient Coordinator just doesn't come across as real or sincere so I didn't feel comfortable with her. In reading about "how to choose a PS" I did some more research on Dr. Decherd's educational background and learned that his undergrad is in Electrical Engineering, and that also was a bit of a concern for me, so I will continue researching until I find the right PS.


good luck
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I had a consultation with a second PS, Dr. Mario...

I had a consultation with a second PS, Dr. Mario Diana, last week of January 2013). The examination room was small, you get a throw-away gown, and you answer several of the same questions that you are asked to complete online prior to the consultation. The staff is pleasant -- young and "green," so not a lot they can answer. My time in the waiting room was minimal, which was nice! In the exam room, I probably only waited about 10 minutes before the doc showed up. There's only 1 chair in the examination room, so the doc remained standing during the entire time of the consultation. He answered every question I had...and I had several...and he provided thorough responses. However, I couldn't help to feel like I was one of a few patients that had as many questions as I had. Doesn't everyone have lots of questions? He was patient with me but as another reviewer described, he did seem to have other places to be...maybe another patient consultation. Thereafter, there was a brief visit with the scheduler who conveyed the special discount if the procedure was booked by a certain date. I asked to look at patient photos (twice) and was told the website was down (it was); however, I asked to look at regular album photos and with a little hesitiation and after stating she had to go talk to the doc, the young lady brought in an album. The TT before and after patient photos on the website don't show the patients' scars, there's no indication of the time after the procedure, and you can't enlarge the photos to look at them in more detail so that's why I wanted to look at some photos in person. A concern that I have is the unnatural look of the belly button in many TT patients. I may schedule a second consultation to clear some additional questions that I have: the look of the belly button, anticipated location of scar, and a few other things I missed to inquire about. Next doc consultation will be with Elizabeth Harris (her consultation is $75 and I had to provide a credit card to book the appointment -- hmmm). I also considered Robert Young...until I read about the 2011 patient death accident.


I say use Dr.P again...u can stay at the candwood suite estended stay thats like .8mile down te road & discounts for medical. I got my rm for $85 a night & stayed 7 days gtil my 1st post appt to make sure everything checked out. Of course he send a nurse 2x while I stayed in town as well. Good luck if u go elsewhere!!
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Thank you! After reading your post, I immediately called and made an appointment with Dr. Patronella. He's such a fabulous doctor - I'm surprised there's not very many posts about him on RealSelf. So rather than going into the doc's office for your post-op appt, they send a nurse to you??? Wow! So you were given the okay to travel back after 7 days then? Did you drive or fly?
ur welcome. IDK y there arent more patients of his on here either. I have found 3 other than me. My hubby & I love Dr. P. My kids met him when they came to pick me up once I was released from my over night stay & even they liked him. We booked candlewood extended stay suites 0.8miles from Dr.P,they gave us a discount for it being medical. My room was $85 a night so we pd $696 for the wk. We wanted as close as possible because it hurt to travel & in case anything happened. Went to hotel wed so we could get everything unpacked & set up w/o a rush,I had surgery thurs morning,was relased fri morning,Dr.P sent nurse sat,then a nurse mon(they checked everything & changed bandages) I seen him for 1st post op tues & we checked out of hotel & headed home wed morning. We live 1 1/2-2hrs from Houston so we drove. I then did 2nd post op that following tues & then was told to come back in 2wks.

Doc cancels 1 week prior to my TT surgery

A sign perhaps? I was originally scheduled in July for my TT procedure; doc cancelled due to family emergency. I reschedule for August; I broke my foot prior to surgery so I postpone it. 3rd time: my pre-op labs show an iron deficiency so surgery has to be postponed. Last week it was the 4th and last time: 1 week prior to surgery, I'm called and told doc has an emergency and won't be able to perform the surgery. I was in tears! Dr. Mario Diana's office will be refunding my full payment but it's so disappointing to have start from square 1. Both times he cancelled they offered for Dr. Connie Hiers to perform the surgery but of course, I said no way. I'd never even met her. I've now scheduled an appointment with Dr. Eric Schaffer...first available appointment was 1 month out.

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