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40 Yrs Old Four Kids - San Antonio, TX

I am 5 days po and I went for a fully tummy tuck...

I am 5 days po and I went for a fully tummy tuck with lipo on the waist I weighed 198 lbs and I am 5'7" tall 7 months prior I had 700 cc's of saline plants and breast implants were more painful than a a full tummy tuck with lipo and muscle tighten. I am only five days and swollen and bruised but I find it unusual that I can flex my stomach muscles hold and release with no feeling of tightness or pain. So I wonder if doctor really tighten my muscles up. I did ask her and she she said she did and doubled sewed it as well. But why don't I have any felling on it? Shouldn't I ? I have always had the habit of holding in my stomach before my surgery. Might that be it?
So now 8 days post op and doing great no pain very mild muscles and belly a little tight still and bandages still on but doin great I would add a pic but don't know how
Are you able to do household chores? Drive?
Yes next day was making dinner. Doctor recommends you try to walk thru out the day. I've love painting and have painted my kitchen living room my kitchen cabinets done yard work no lifting just moving and walking helps the healing process . I can't stay in bed all day. I get tired and take brakes in between. But move around. I drove myself to doctors in a week to get drained removed and drove two days after just. To check on my business.

8 days passed

Drains out and no pain just discomfort bandages on belly and bottom still on can't wait till those come off took a peek and scar looks like a pencils line no more bruising all gone muscles were tighten still very firm but no soreness and still swollen and very little discomfort were lipo was around waist area. Not bad at all not compare to the pain of my boobs. Plz I so recommend my doctor she takes her job to more than a perfection stage. And very gentle. And maybe cuz she is a female and very sincere and will try to give u the best results if not better!
You look amazing!

4 weeks after full tummy tuck with waist lipo

Ok I had no pain the first 2 1/2 weeks but now I am feeling pain. It's more like spontaneous needle poking sharp pains. Soreness all over my tummy, I feel like I've been beat, punched,kicked all over my tummy from lipo and tummy tuck. I tell my husband at the end of the day after being on my feet or just doing too much or on my feet to much I will notice I will be in my most pain in the evening. My swelling is at it's most in the evening as well. I am still using my compression garment as well. I still have a lot of swelling and inside bruising although you might not be able to see it on the pics. But here is updated pics
Your transformation is awesome! You should be proud. Thank you for the update. It looks like a vertical scar under your belly button. Is it? If so, what was the reason for it? I don't see a scar in your befores.
I Asked my doctor on that and she said it was where my belly button used to be. I thought they normally cut a hole and pull the belly button thru it. And avoid making anymore cutting than needed. But every surgeon is different and have their own method of doing procedures. And u can barely see it that I am sure it will heal well and blend. I sometimes feel like I am not gonna get the results that I am wanting but gotta be patient. There is days that I look bigger than others.
I am hoping I don't need to have a vertical scar. I am thinking the skin from the belly button down has to go on me. I have been worried about what will happen with my belly button. It will be nice to have one that doesn't frown. So she stitched it shut and that is the line? I'm thinking you probably will drop in clothing sizes when your swelling goes down. You really do look so good, much smaller too. My first consult is Aug 25th and last is on Aug 28. I just want them out of the way so I can book my dang surgery! So excited to get rid of my flap.

Evening pics after being on my feet allday

I thought I would take some pics before I get into bed. After been doing chores thru out the house running errands getting ready for school to start so out shopping with 3 boys . But evening is when I hurt the most and feel swollen the most after not relaxing. It's a go, go, and still just almost four weeks

Scar after four weeks

I wanted to show my scars and because, I was scared of doing the tummy tuck and didn't want to look like Frankenstein afterwards. And I am impressed and happy with my scar that I think it's going to heal nicely. ( hopefully ). And it seems a little darker in pics but not so bad. And swollen and bruised still and pics were taken in the evening after being on my feet all day. Aswell
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

She is a great plastic surgeon as she did my boobs and full tummy tuck and lipo

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