7 Months post op.. best thing Ive done for myself EVER

Hi Ladies Im a 39 year old mother of two great...

Hi Ladies Im a 39 year old mother of two great kids 21 year old daughter and 20 year old son. I was married and had my children very young. First c-section at 18 second 13 months later. By 20 I was a divorced mommy of two. For the last 19 years I have raised my kiddos on my own. I have always been physically active. Running marathons, bike racing and yes even a full ironman. All those years I kept thinking if I worked out more if I ate less maybe that sack of skin would go away. Well it never did for 19 years Ive been wearing my granny panties..looking sideways at every out fit I try on and just loathing my body. I finally decided its time! Im nervous and excited Im scheduled July 16th in San Antonio Texas. I have to say that this sight has been instramental in my decision process. Thank you so much for all of your great photos and advice. Wish me luck!

42 days and counting. I cannot tell you how much I...

42 days and counting. I cannot tell you how much I hate these before pictures. Would never have put these up if it wasnt for the fantastic results all you ladies have had. Takes a lot of courage to take a step like this. Not only the embaressement of "hey this is actually on my body!" But also the truth that its going to HURT! lol. Just want to say thank you to all you TT's who have made this decision so much easier for me. Knowing other ladies have dealt with this for so many years and are now happy with thier bellies on "the flat side" made me realize it was ok for me to want this and to realize that it is not selfish to finally treat myself first after raising my family. :) Fingers crossed that I get a great results! Anything that you ladies can tell me about that made you recovery easier I would love to hear!

Wow.. its getting REAL! I just received my...

Wow.. its getting REAL! I just received my confirmation on my surgery date, time and aftercare instructions (YucK). My boyfriend works off shore 3 weeks on three weeks off and has very graciously offered to take care of me after surgery hard to believe he is home for the next two weeks and then the next time I see him will be day before surgery. I feel like there is alot I should be doing. Even though 6 weeks away so far I have not really gotten one thing together! Hope everybody is doing well and recovering!

18 days and counting...starting to get very...

18 days and counting...starting to get very nervous have had crazy dreams all week! It seems like such a bizarre idea that this will not be with me anymore. Its funny because of my "pooch" I did a bunch of things I might not have..lol. My attempts at losing it involved all kinds of crazy adventures .. so wierd to think I will pull on my yoga pants, bike shorts or swim suit with out that huge blob hanging there. Now all of the second guessing starts.. what if it looks worse...what if I cant train the same after its over...what if I croak?! I guess this is just all part of it... breathe...lots of ladies have come through this and you look lovely! so I know its just temporary pain...still nerve wracking though! Have a great day ladies!

Morning everyone hope all you post ops are...

Morning everyone hope all you post ops are recovering well today. Hard to believe only 15 more days! I think it is so crazy how looking at the pictures no two tummies are the same! I think well hers looks kinda like mine but......and isnt it amazing how different weight looks on different people?! Some people are 135 and look much heavier and some ladies are 175 and look very tone...for the record I'm 5'5 and weigh 164 currently I have been a runner swimmer and avid cyclist for the past 10 years my average race weight is 155..my problem area is most defintley my belly Im sure two c sections didnt help this much but lets face it what ever the reason Im happy to see it go! Have a great weekend!

Things have been pretty hectic around my house the...

Things have been pretty hectic around my house the last few day which is probably a good thing it has given me less time to think about everything! I have some of my supplies on hand and plan to get evertything as ready as I can in the coming week. The pictures everyone has been posting look so great. Thought I would post one last pre op shot in my new bikini..My son is in the military and he had come home on leave I told him about the surgery and he was like mom thats crazy your beautiful.. (aww) I put this bathing suit on and came into the living room he said see you look great what are you talking about...I said well if you really wanna see it I will show you why...and I promptly pulled everything that had been stuffed into the bottoms out...poor guy he may never recovery.. lol..well actually he was like...oh....well....if it bothers you and you have a good doctor I guess its ok! Have a wonderful weekend ladies.

Well its getting closer only 5 days! Today I was...

Well its getting closer only 5 days! Today I was off and able to run around and get a few things I needed, gauze, tylenol,neosporin,stool softener, miralax,comfy sleep pants and tops and a few wife beater type tanks for under the compression garment. I had been stressing about the recliner..my house is not huge just a cute little remodeled bungalow that I have set up just the way I like..I knew i needed a recliner but just could not see spending the money on something I know Im not going to keep..all of the new ones I found were like 260 (and the idea of a used recliner on Craigs List kind of grossed me out) and more not a huge amount of money for comfort but its just the idea of waste..so today on a whim I saw a medical supply store and went in. They deliver and rent the recliners that not only lean all the way back but the also can raise you to standing without pulling a handle..just push the button an there you go....for get this $40 a week. I thought that was really a bargain..hope its comfortable or better yet that I dont have to use it for long. So im wondering what I should wear to the surgery...some people dont wear any undergarments? I thought about wearing like a tube top maxi dress thinking it would be easy to pull on and off..but then Im thinking what do they hook the drains too? I should probably wear just comfy pants sweats and a big shirt..any thoughts on this? I had seen several ladies mention that they are taking arnica for swelling Im assuming this is in caplet form and I cant find it anywhere. I am not a huge eater but I like breakfast so Im thinking smoothies, boiled egg, etc but lucnh is tricky what do you keep in the fridge that is easy to digest (Im a puker :( not salty and somewhat satisfying I like chicken salad, tuna and fruit and I should probably pre make some of this for my poor boyfriend who has taken time off work to stay with me. Any suggestions? Hope evryone is healing well.Thanks for your input!

Thank so much for all the kind comments.....

Thank so much for all the kind comments...everything is as ready as it can be I have prepared my house and myself for the pain Im pretty sure is coming but maybe it will be better than I think...and if not well at least I was prepared.I had dinner with my boyfriend and one of my oldest friends she was was excited..lol...she said" ever since I have know you you have wanted this. I can hardly wait until I can have mine. Youve worked hard you have the money go girl Im so excited for you!" Thats the attitude to have FINALLY going to do this and the pain may be rough but hopefully gets better day by day.. little group prayer and high tech high five guys! Here we go!

Good morning everybody...Well its official I said...

Good morning everybody...Well its official I said good bye to my kanagroo pouch yesterday moring at 800am. Here the quiick rundown Ihad to get up super early because I live an hour form the operstionsite and I was the first surgery of the day at 6:30. Woke up and my honey drove me doen there I wore a pair of sweat pants lloose anda big shirt with flip flops no bra no panties,,I just figured it would one less thing to deal with I was introduced to the anestheiologist he was GREAT Itold him I was very sensitive to pain med..I have thrown up just about everytime I have evr had any. So he said wellIm going to give you two anti neusa medand also put this patch behind you ear.MydoctorDr. Decherd came in and we chatted it up fora minute he drew on belly I kissed my honey good bye..and whisk thats all I remeber..Until I woke up in the RR.The nurse said ok I need you tosit up outbed and swing your legs to side..I did it and she said wow you are doing much better than most ladies right now! I reallythink being athletic made a hugedifference in this surgery..I have lots of arm and legs strength so its easier to push up without engaging the abs. If you have time before surgery I would recommed doing squats and push up. Anyway so we got home I had made a pot of minnestroni soup before leaving because I felt like I did get sick it would not feel so bad (TMI) but that went down just fine have been drinink like crazy. The meds are prtty easy too,,antibotic,heavy duty Ibuprofen,and tramadol as needed for pain. I did not get the pain pump at surgery and Im glad I didnt becuase honestly Im azmazed at how good I feel! Iwill post pics whenI can

Wow..all I can say is how happy I am! Why did I...

Wow..all I can say is how happy I am! Why did I wait 20yrs to do this?The pain has been VERYminimal for me praise god. Im u p walkimh around making lunches doing dishs etc. However my stamina isnt quite what it used to be it is major surgery and does take a lot out of you. I have been getting lots of rest eating right, reading and just generally laying around. I took a few pictures this mornning after I got out of the bath tub so far Im very pleased. Ican tell im rather swolleen..i really wanna see my belly button but oh well Iwill have patirnce my follow upappointment is next tuesday so hope that goes well. Thats all I have to report for now ladies

HI ladies well post op day 5 and they are just...

HI ladies well post op day 5 and they are just flyingby.myfollowup aapt is scheduleded for tuesday so here goes hoping againstthope that the drains getremoved. this has been a crazy process sometimeS i FEELlike I haveall kinds of energy runinning around the house doinglsundry and dishes other timescompletly spent. today is loooking like a recliner day becauseImso so tired I seeing double. did get some nre pics happy healing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ok Ladies and gents! (abscape) here we are day 9...

Ok Ladies and gents! (abscape) here we are day 9 shewww in some ways it has been very fast andin others SUPERslow. my recovery is going as wellas could be expected Im really very happy with the overall levelof comfort. Im off all pain medsnow prettymuch as of day four because they just make me feel wierd anyway. so now its just ibuprofen when needed. Im going to try not to take the sleep aidtonight either those have just been kindanicebecause its somegaurntee shut eye! Im still in my rented lift/recliner chair what a great investment I can get up and down easy enough it is just still too uncomfortable to sleep flat in my bed. Plus my honey is half anaconda..hes a squeezer..lol and im kinda scared with those drains! I had my first follow up appointment yesterday andthe doc and nurse were laughing...she was like did you even have anything done you seem great ..lol. Im have been really lucky standing up after about day four and overall feeling well.The two things that were most surprisingto me even though I felt great day 3-4 day 5 6 7 and even yesterday just BEAT...start running all over the house and then am like....whhoooaaa feeling a little woozie better sit down it is after all major surgery. Second thing is of course what everyone grips about the drains....UGH they just annoy they wiggle when you wiggle they pull on your business they itch they are just uncomfortable i bet Ichange clothes 4 times a day...panties, boyshorts, cammando, bathing suit bottoms trying to get comfy..I will probably have those drains awhilethey are.still putting out quit a bit of yuckiness..here are some new pics will behappy when swelling goes down and I can takesome with out the drains! Happy Healing everybody!

PO Day 14... the blues... First offI should say I...

PO Day 14... the blues... First offI should say I usually am not a whiner. But today was most certainly a day of it for me... I made the hour drive to my PS hoping to finally have my drains removed the right one had actually been just so painful..every move, leg over the shower, scoot on the chair,...just burned pulled stung..like the stutres holding that line in were too short and were actually starting to cut into my mans..ooww. So I was very hopeful....they said they could pull 1. I know this is WAY better than none and I know that I was thrilled becuase they did take the one that hurts... its just that tomorrow I have to go back to work and its my "long day" to top it off a 10 hr workday...and I work in sales...outside...in TEXAS and it was 101 today...and Im going to be doing this with a drain probably safety pinned under my boob...(lucky for me I have big ones so it makes a nice hiding spot..sigh) So on top of this realization I went to the home improvement store with my honey to get a few things and (God love him after an hour of looking at this and that)...I started thinking..wheeww Im sweating..swheww Im getting dizzy oh holy crap Im gonnafaint... am I going to faint?! well I found a chair...and the good news is I didnt faint...the bad news is that was inside and only an hour tomorrow is going to be interesting...Ok on too whiny incident #2....Two areas of my scar seem to be open...yes like "hi we are a big giant goopy hole" This was noticed at my last appointment but the steri strips were still on and so the area was just kinda oozy...so the doc looks says everything looks ok thislittle area it common just put polysporin on it. So today the steri strip on one side came off and that side is healed and looks good very little puckering tiny fineline over the hip bone,,,and then toward the inside closer to my inner thigh is the goopy open mess...his assistant pulls my one drain and says hey no infection looks ok just change these band aids a couple times a day and use the polysporin..so it looks pretty yucky..the one drain hole has gauze and tape over it my inner thigh area has the two goopey band aids and I convincing myself some nasty funk isnt gonna crawl up in there and give me an infection.. in the mean time whiney moment #3 Im swollen my butt is huge my legs are huge my hips are huge and NONE of those things has ever been big.. (I weigh 7 lbs less than surgery so I know Im not actually heavier ) its just nothing fits and I know its swelling and i know it will get better but its just hard to accept the money going out, all the pain, and then feeling yucky. We all know its part of it but still hard to fight the blues...my boyfriend made a terrible mistake today in an attempt to be funny...."frakensweety"...that was the icing on the I went into Full On CRY mode! Poor guy spent the next three hours telling me how much he loves me, how proud he was of me for going through with it that it will get better etc... sigh...this has certainly been a journey! I really have very little to complain about my scar is LOW, my bb is cute, Idid not have many complications its just the patience of RECOVERY everyone has said this a million time but let me be 1 million and one you really really have to go easy on yourself, your mind and your body..its hard but we all know down that short road a lifetime of nicer belly is waiting. Love you girls thanks for following my full blown melt down today! I will let you know how work goes tomorrow send me some strenght please!:)

Hi everyone happy healing. Im PO day 16 and back...

Hi everyone happy healing. Im PO day 16 and back to working full time. Im feeling good there isnt really any "pain" to speak of although i was lucky becuase I never really had much. There is just basicly some annoyance lol. The stomach is very tight feeling. and swelling in my hips and rear is virtually non existant in the morning then increases along with my fatigue through out the day. I STILL have one drain and just have it clipped under my dress had to get back to work so there you go! Hopefully I will be able to have it out in a few more days not going to pull it until its time...no point in rushing now! I love my result even with the swelling he did a beautiful job with the stiching the lowness of the scar and my belly button I could not be happier with my results! I still have a little healing in two suture areas that opened up but I am babying those and doing exactly what I was told to do. I will try to get some pictures now that the steri tape is off and someday.. when my drains come out! :) Oh on a side note...I cant eat anything... really just tiny small meals I feel STUFFED and strecthed enough to pop! So its kind of nice i just look at the food on my plate cut it into 4 sections eat one and put the rest away. Hope everyone else is feeling good! Happy healing!

Well here I am at day 18. What an interesting...

Well here I am at day 18. What an interesting process this has been. I was lucky because I felt like I had very little initial pain. Some things I think that made my life easier that anyone who would do ths should get/know. 1. Take more time off than you think you need.. I have always considered myself to be a tough cookie..I took off two weeks and I can tell you now after working this week I was not ready to be here. 2. Expect to need lots of help the first week and after that expect to be EXTREMELY tired. I was riding my bike 9 hrs a week prior to this surgery and running at least 5 miles at 14 days I tried to walk around the block and had to turn around...very humbling. Not pain related just fatigued.3. My boyfriend installed a hand held shower that I could shut off with a button..I used a plastic folding chair in the shower both of these were great as I could sit down push the button off soap up my whole body and then push the button to turn back on to rinse. It is so nice to be able to sit in the shower and take your time instead of hoping you have enough energy to stand. 4. You will be SWOLLEN my butt has never been what I considered a problem area and my hips were always fine (to me) as well the first two weeks I was like WOW my butt is HUGE I would slide back in the chair and go..huh...Im at the back already! 5. The DRAINS the dreaded drains. they arent that bad they are just extremely inconveinant...I still have one...and Im beyond ready for it to come out but there is no rushing healing and until Im draining 30 cc we are stuck with one another..the only thing here is ocassionally the suture holding it in PULLS..6. Stitches yes you will have some type of scarring its un avaoidable if there is one thing I learned from this site is there are so many different doctors and different methods ask a LOT of questions look at there work..try to see as much as possible there were several docs in my town and Im so thrilled with the one I choose. 7. Be patient its hard. I keep thinking at po 18 days I should be "bck to normal" Im not..Im tired work wipes me out I go home and try to put a smiley face on for my honey and stay up a few hours to be "social" but to be honest I still just want to crawl up in bed. The new pains have started this is the burning in the abs that Im sure is the sutures pulling and the muscles healing yippee!! All in all it has been 100% worth it I waited for this for 20 years and am SO glad I did it. I know that it will just keep getting better and better. Happy healing to all you TTers out there and for you ladies trying to make up your mind? Theres a world of support and information on here if you need it !! I will be dancing like a crazy woman when I get that drain out!!!

Ok so heres the latest..I had my drains in for a...

ok so heres the latest..I had my drains in for a total of 23 days!! On the 23rd day I was still draining 100cc's out of the one drain that was still in place. My doctor said he was concerend about leaving the drain in any longer due to risk of infection so he decided to go ahead and pull it this was last Wednesday. He told me that if I delveloped seroma I would just needto come in and have it drained which I expected because I was still draining so much when we pulled it. I went ahead and made afollow up appointment for this wednesday(tomorrow) because I knew that seroma, painful swelling or no I probably would not be able to make the round trip of two hours to see him beforehand because Wednesdays are my day off. He put me on a strong antibotic 4 times a day for 10days.He said at this time my stomach was very hard and appeared swollen and he tried to drain anything..there was Nothing in the syringe.This has been a tough week I feel unbearbly swollen my upper and lower abs are hard as a rock it is very hard to eat any portion size and when I do I feel like Iam stretched to capacity. I feel worse than I did in many ways thanI did at week 2. Im excited to see my PS tomorrow and hope he sheds some light on the situation maybe he will find a ton of fluid I actually hope so because then I would get some relief. I am putting some horrible pictures up to hopefully make someone else feel better about there swelling if they are dealing with this I just wonder if this is "normal" at all? Any thoughts? opinions.I look at my day 2and day 9 pictures and want to cry when I look at these from tonight I will be 4 weeks and 2 days post op tomorrow.

So last night I posted some pictures and info...

So last night I posted some pictures and info about how I was doing..HUGE lower abdomen swelling I was so upset because it looked and felt just awful. I had an appointment today and he took one look and said" lets drain that right now" all the while Im saying..what if nothing is in there and its just big like that..he says" trust me theres something in there." He took a very large in diameter syringe and said ok you will feel a pinch. this syringe was attached to a tube to draw the fluid into the syringe was more for storage and measuring. so he pokes me I dont even feel in and he proceeds to completly fill it up..100.cc...he tosses it...starts to draw again 200 ccs, tosses it draws again 75. Wow 275 ccs. For you ladies that are post op you know that is A LOT of fluid that is almost 3 full drain bulbs trapped inside my stomach no wonder it was swollen! It was funny because as he was draining it I was actually watching mystomach get flatter and flatter...shewwww.what a relief. At least I know why it was so big. I live an hour from my PS so he looks at me and says when can I see you in here again? I was like I work everyday but Wednesday...he said so I will see you friday morning.. he doesnt what me to get huge like that again! So he is meeting me at 7:45am Friday morning to see how much fluid has collected. I really am glad I choose who I did I have seen him every wednesday since my surgery and they have all always been helpful, professional and most of all caring. Thanks for the ladies checking in with me and remember if its HUGE and hurts it may not be "swelling" check with your PS if your at all concerned! Happy healing.

Well here we are 6 weeks PO and what an experience...

Well here we are 6 weeks PO and what an experience it has been! A quickupdate on the seroma situaion.. After reading TONS of info I feel lots better about it..of course I will feel SUPER better about it when it stops...lol.. but not because its painful its just irritating and a bit time consiming.. My initial surgery was a breeze it went very well I love my Doc even with this annyonig occurance Im VERY glad I choose him as my PS. The fluid first seemed noticable about week4.. which makes since because I had my drains in three weeks.. My first visit after having them removed I was miserable..the area just above my scar was HUGE. I was so sad.. I could not believe how pretty my tummy had been and then POOF giant jiggly balloon! but that was understandable when he removed 250 CCs YIKES thats a lot! I felt immediate relief when he did this.. and he shared some sage advice to my worries... he said swelling gets big in the afternoon and in the morning you feel and look smaller...SEROMA...NO little! its just big and fluidy and miserable all day..makes sense! MY PS is an hour away from my home so on my day off every week I have been driving down there to have him drain the fluid..the good news is it does not hurt cant feel it at all it only takes about 5 minutes and this week a full seven days went by before I got a chance to go in and he only drained 85....This is Very good news...it is slowing getting little and littler each week.. hopefully when Im completley seroma free I will put up some nice pictures..it is WAY smaller than the ones I posted a few weeks ago.. my waist is 4 inches smaller than before surgery! I love the fact that my pants are 3 sizes smaller my jeans litterally fall off my butt! I know this was all worth it and Im looking forward to enjoying it when Im 100% just wanted to let everybody know how Im doing and reassure those that have issues or ar afraid of having issues seroma is not horrible as long as it is being managed by your PS basically just meds and time . Happy healing!

:) so today is the day I can finally say it was...

:) so today is the day I can finally say it was worth it. The seromas are all gone as of last week Im back to training although a lot less intensity for now.. the skin across my stomach is very tight still and my scar itches but it looks fantastic. Just a pencil thin line. Ladies if you are considering this it will be tough some days tougher than others. But if you like me spent half your life looking at that bag of skin and are beyond sick of it than GO DO IT! I have been an athlete most of my adult life.. I never thought I could wear a two piece or a sports bra without a shirt...that was just something that was never going to happen...WOW Im amazed. love the way it looks love the care I received love the PS and his fantastic staff...

Well What can I say I am BEYOND thrilled. yes, I...

Well What can I say I am BEYOND thrilled. yes, I have been working out like a fiend..and I have continued to lose weight and train for my racing goals after surgery but WOW. My first ever bikini purchased to be worn AROUND people not hiding in the back yard. Ladies I cannot tell you how much better I feel about myself. Best of luck!

SO happy I had this done. My PS was fantastic. My...

SO happy I had this done. My PS was fantastic. My training and racing continues to go well.I feel better than I ever have about my body. Truly I feel so lucky that I was able to have this done! Wish all you newly post op ladies happy healing and all those on the fence...for me it was a fantastic experience..even though it is initially hard the pay out is so worth it!

This is the newest picture of my stomach with lots...

This is the newest picture of my stomach with lots of training for my upcoming race and about a month of the paelo diet. To those of you healing.. it gets better!


Wow so hard to believe its been a year.. I feel fantastic, Im in the best shape of my life. I think this surgery was an important part of saying goodbye to something I had disliked about myself since I was 20 years old. It feels so great to buy cute underwear shop for bikinis and for the first time since 6th grade.. I wear I size 6! I have of course worked out like a fiend and continued to lose weight. (there is no miracle solution..just diet and hard work.Hope everyone is healing well, resting easy or feeling great about their decisions.
Dr. Decherdt

Dr Dechert is fantastic.You can tell he takes his work seriously .Afrer reading on line and viisiting him in person I knew this ws going to be the guy I went with. Lots of recearch on other plactic surgeons after phots just look odd and wide all myPS looked extemlythin and natural even though my incision is covered Its too soon to tell how the afters are going to look because just got this done yesterday ! But I feel great and lookingdown Itseems extremly flat

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow u look amazing!
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You look fantastic! Love to see inspirational pics of those further out than me... I'm 14 weeks, and can't wait to see my "final" results. When did you start to do ab work? I'm a runner too, and will be doing my second PO 1/2 marathon on Sunday.
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Wow thank you for the updates, I hope to get into the gym like you!
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You look amazing! I needed to hear that as well as many other ladies I am sure (:
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You look fantastic!!! So happy to see your update :). Congratulations on the training. Your tummy is perfect and you deserve it :).
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You have one of the BEST results i've seen on here! Great scar and sexy belly button :) You gooo girl!! Did you request ur scar that low? My TT is on 3/26 and I am soo scared of hating my scar
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Thank you so much. I was so scared! But it was worth it even with the seroma etc.. I love my B.B he did a great job. I did ask for a low scar but it was also a necessity because of the c-Sections they have to go below that. Plus I laughed with him about it before hand.. I was very good friends with my OBGYN who delivered my babies and my scar from that surgery was very very thin and fine...so I told Dr. Decherdt..hey look at that guys work..you think you can do as well? lol. He was a great sport and a fantastic Dr. I dont know many surgeons that would open the office early to treat an out of town patient! Best of luck to you and remember.. yes you will have a scar but a scar on a flat stomach sure beats what I had going on before! :)
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That's soo great that he listened to you! He really did a fantastic job! And ur absolutely right, i'll take ANY scar over elephant skin :) Well enjoy, ur brought sexy back :)
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Thanks for your review. The Seroma Sounds scary. You look fantastic. I have 10 days to go. I'm very excited But a bit nervous. I've had three children So I'm doing this For myself. Thanks again and good luck With your recovery xxxxxxxx
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You will be fine.. just hang in there remember to be pateint with yourself.. you will have a few blue days but for me it was so worth it. The one thing I highly recommend is a lift chair (a recliner that also lifts you to standing) I rented one for 40 a week and it was a life saver.. I slept in it and it made life so much easier. Best of luck to you!
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You look great! I am three weeks PO and I just had my last drain removed two days ago. It actually quit pulling fluid which was odd my surgeon said. I also had fluid built up onto right said that he has to pull with a syringe. Mine was 44ccs and I felt such a relief after. I cannot imagine the pressure you must have felt. I wanted to thank you for all of your updates. Unfortunately I didn't find this site until after my surgery but am thankful to know your story and how great your body has turned out. Thanks again
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Hi there! You look incredible!! What a body! You must be so thrilled. Congratulations :).
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Good for you, You look great!!
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Looking hot girl!
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Hi there :). How are you doing? Your last pics are incredible! Your tummy is beautiful.
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You look fantastic!!
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Hey girl....just checking in on ya :) any more fluid? What a welcome relief having all that fluid drained! Must have felt sooo great to not have all that swelling/pressure on your belly! Hope everything is going good!
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Hi there! Sorry it has been so long! You look fantastic! Yippeee! Im doing good still having a bit of complicatins with the seroma..ugh! I have been to my docs office one or tice a week every week since the surgery... The good news is it was like 275ccs, 100 (in two days) 100 in five days 150 in a week..94 in 5 days and last week 85 in seven days...so hopefully my days as a human pin cushion are numbered! Hopfully 2 more weeks and I will be at an acceptable level..Im feeling almost like my old self and it has been fun to buy some cute new things! so proud of us! For doing this.. hard to believe huh?! Take care of yourself and keep me posted!
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So glad to hear everything went Ok and that it was just fluids! happy healing :-)
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What a relief! So glad to hear you are better. That's a whole lot of fluid. Hope Friday goes smoothly for you too.
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Wow thats a big one! So pleased you have an attentive PS and its not something more serious. Hoping your feeling better! Good luck on Friday and hope its much smaller.
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I know can you imagine..no wonder I was SO huge! feeling much better to have all of that sucked out...it didnt even hurt. no sticking pin prick or anything I was just like a balloon deflating! Thanks for checking in on me :)
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Well ladies that is what a 275 cc seroma looks like!! I love my ps and his staff. They are so great and helpful..iam just really great at making fluid..lol im going back in friday morning.to do it again..with that much its almost a gaurentee more wil be there..its bad when your happy to have a seroma!! Thanks for all the sweet notes!
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That's a real bummer! So sorry that you are going through that. Hope you do get some news after your appt. good luck.
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