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Tummy Tuck 01/2010 - I Have Many Complaints

I am 3 months into having my tummy tuck and I have...

I am 3 months into having my tummy tuck and I have many complaints. Not only does half of my huge scar still have 4 very thick stitches sticking out. My doctor, Dr.Young, told me that these would desolve and fall out by 3 months... They are still very much there. My scar is as well uneven. Half is very very low and the other.. Not so much. My navel looks like a line instead of a circle and my stomach has no shape. A stomach should have shape to it in one way or another and mine does not any more.

I have been training at the gym now for a month and i know i am building muscle but you cant see it on my stomach. Will this ever change? Will my stomach loosen up just enough to allow shape to form? I dont know.

WOREST THING EVER: MY TUMMY TUCK GAVE ME NEW STRETCH MARKS. A LOT OF THEM. Only good thing is that because my stomach is so tight, you can hardly see them.

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

He does not talk anything over with you. He comes in, looks at you and compliments himself. As soon as you go to ask a question he is out the door.

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I just got my TT with DrYoung yesterday, totally freaking out now. How are the tummys looking?
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I have a ton of new stretch marks too!!!! They did not come till 3 weeks. I hate them!!!! :( I think I am in the same boat as you. As for the un even line my doctor said the line is determined by the skin they remove. Sometimes they have to take more skin in some sections then others which creates the uneven line. Hope that helps.
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can you please tell me how you are doing? has it gotten any better. i am planning on using dr. young for my tummy tuck and now i question it.. thank you
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I used Dr. Y as well 3 weeks ago. Absolutely NO BEDSIDE MANNER! Didn't even introduce/shake hands with my husband...My scar isn't like that, but I do have some pain in the area where my left drain was. It was like FIRE! I see him next week and will ask him about it. So very sorry about your experience.

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do not be sad >it is all over now you have to love your new tummy .you will get used to it eventually.your scar would be unseen by next year. i have the same problem with stretch marks. i use cocoa butter cream ,it really has made difference.God bless you
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My tummy tuck scar is also uneven, and I have also gained new stretch marks. What's the worse of the two evils? Having a bulging belly or being able to fit into nice clothes. Everyone heals differently, you need to give yourself time. The scar should shrink, and become less apparent. Don't be so hard on yourself, it's a long recovery. Keep your spirits up.
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Sometimes it just takes more time for the real good results. Everyone is different. Don't expect yours to be like anyone elses. I'm sure with a little time u will appreciate ur results. I dont thinm your tt looks that bad . The scar is red but that is to be expected. Keep ur head up!
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I am so sorry that you hate your tummy tuck. I know that some people end up getting tattoos over ther t/t scars. I'm not sure if that is an option for you. As for the shape, do you mean you want more difenition? because it looks like to me that you have a hourglass shape.
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