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Hi my name is Gabby and am 19 years old. I have...

Hi my name is Gabby and am 19 years old. I have been wanting to get my nose done ever since I can remember. Mainly for the fact that I have been told it is larger than normal and that has always really stuck with me. It has enabled me to do a lot of things in my life and although i have dealt with it at times I know I am not the person I am because of it. I sometimes feel wherever i go people are staring at it and has then forced me to hide it as much as I could. SO I have decided that I finally want to precede with the procedure and finally do what I know will make me happy.

What I don't like about my nose is that I have the hump that comes from my dads nose as well as my nostrils that I think are too big. Also when i smile my nose droops down and just looks very witch like. I am fine with the width of it but I think it is just too big for my face and needs to be changed.

I am getting super excited about my consultation which is scheduled for April 9th. I know I have to do it either way or I won't ever truly know what I could have looked like.

BUT I am super nervous about the procedure itself and what the journey will be like. Reading all these posts is what honestly helped me want to go through it. So i do have a couple questions
How long did your healing process take and what was the hardest part?
Did you notice a significant change when it was over?
Did your nose come out the way you imagined it after?
Were there any problems after the procedure?
And also any doctors you may recommend the best of the best?

I'm sure I'll think of more questions later but that's all I have for now! :)
If you could please share any personal advice or experience that would be grandddd thanks! :)))

Hi Gabby. When I was 18 I had the hump on my nose removed. I have an Italian nose that runs in our family. I am 42 now and just had a revision because the tip started drooping in my 30's. it made me self conscious all over again. I don't remember too much about my first surgery because it was so long ago but I did have bruising in both eyes quite badly from them breaking the nose and this is common with hump removal so don't be nervous. I know that both times it's difficult to breathe when you sleep and you get very dried out. It's like a real bad cold. I think it's worth the experience when it makes you self conscious. The week stuck at home is boring so have lots of movies ready! Everyone on here has great tips on what to expect. If you had your wisdom teeth out then you will probably have the same reaction the first 24 hours, meaning, the blood may upset your stomach. It didn't for me but I see a lot of that. After day 2 the bleeding subsides so its not that bad. Good luck to you.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons (don't be afraid to go on more than one consultation). My healing process was about a week (until I was back to my normal routine), felt a lot better after day 3, but not 100% until later. Swelling can take months and months to fully subside, though.

The hardest part for me was the stuffiness and not being able to breathe through my nose. I did have issues because I didn't know how important it was to carefully choose a surgeon, so that's your main job right now is to do a lot of research and pick wisely.

Is your family supportive of your decision?


So i went to my consultation with Dr. Young and...

So i went to my consultation with Dr. Young and was not very pleased with how it went. He took one look at my nose, looked at it from various angles, and simply said "oh we can do that." And when i asked him some questions his answers were very much vague. I also brought with me a book containing information about rhinoplasty and before and after pictures done by a team of doctors in Austin, Tx that work for Personique. I showed him the work from the doctors in Austin and his face lit up saying "oh those are really good work."

So from his astonishment i knew it was work that he could probably not achieve and that i was looking for. From his lack to really getting to know me and making me feel comfortable i decided to pass on him and make a call to Austin to schedule my consolation with Dr.Elks, the lead doctor working at Personique. It was then that I realized Austin being a little more than an hours drive away would be worth it if i wanted to obtain my perfect new nose!

So i have scheduled an appointment with him next friday April, 26th and i am ore than excited that he could be the one! :) Can't wait!
Hey Gabby! I can totally relate to disappointment when you go in for a consult with a surgeon who is vague, doesn't seem to have much confidence, or doesn't share the same vision. That's pretty much what has been holding me back from picking a surgeon. I've been on three consults and still haven't found the right one. >.< All best at your next appointment! You never know :)
Yes thank you. He's pretty known so i hope that he can back it up when i see him but yeah i say keep looking till just the right Dr. you'll find him :)
Aw thanks for the advice this site is really helping! :)

Leaving to Austin for my consultation bright and...

Leaving to Austin for my consultation bright and early tomorrow!
That is all.

I have never felt so at ease and so at peace...

I have never felt so at ease and so at peace through this entire journey of wanting to get a rhinoplasty done till this day. My consultation with Dr. Buckspan was this morning and as you can tell went AMAZING! Literally wanted to cry as he was speaking the words "your nose will look better immediately" and "i'll treat her like my own daughter" to my mother who was sitting across the table. I have never felt more confident about this decision and about myself to go through with this. Compared to the last consultation, the vibes in the Personique office were unreal. I immediately felt serenity from the moment i walked in to the moment i shook the consultation assistants hand and left.

So i'm ready to be done with the "big nose" look i've been sportin' for way too long now and get the small cute nose that i want to finally flaunt!
And a BIG THANKS to everyone on this site. Coming here was such a revelation for me and I've been nothing but inspired seeing and reading all of your personal stories. You guys are all beautiful!

Haven't scheduled a date just yet but thinking about somewhere in late June. Seriously beyond excited this is all happening now!!
I'm in pure bliss :) any questions or advice feel free to ask!

Much love, Gabby
Aahhh!!!! Let's get a date on here! I can't wait to see you start your process:)

THEE craziest thing happened in my class a few...

THEE craziest thing happened in my class a few days ago. While in Spanish class, obviously not listening to the lecture, me and two other people were discussing how our weekends went and somehow the topic of what type of surgery we would want to get done came up. I wanted to say mine but decided to keep it to myself when out of no where the guy across the table pulls out a picture to show us and with a line split down the middle of two pictures was a before and after photo of a rhinoplasty he had got done back in august! I seriously freaked out at what i just saw. I wanted to say that I was going to get the procedure done but couldn't muster up the courage to tell them. But omg what a sign! ha just an odd thing that happened that day that was totally unexpected.

Anyways i finally have a date set! My date is June 25th! I'm so excited it couldn't be anymore further away.
Good luck Gabby, I'm sure you'll get amazing results!! My date is June 17th! Exciting but surreal...
I'm only one week post-op but I'll try to answer a few of your questions: -My healing process is going steady. I still have bruising. Swelling can last months. -Yeah I noticed a big change right away from all angles, but esp from my profile. -It came out better than I imagined. But you should only expect improvement, not perfection. -My problem was nausea from my medication and swallowing blood. It went away in a few days. It's exciting to have a date set! It will arrive before you know it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your results, I'm sure you'll look fantastic. Which by the way, I love your hair! The color is so pretty!

Before pics

Out with the old, in with the new! :)

My surgery is 6 days away guys. I have more excitement than anything. Like literally zero nervousness. I have this site to thanks. Everyones stories that i related with are what helped me gain the courage to finally go through with this. Soo a BIG thank you to everyone on here! Couldn't have done it without you ha i'm enjoying seeing everyone's progress and can't wait to finally reveal mine. Anything to prepare right before that i should know? Maybe some essentials i should buy? Thanks! :))))
Good luck! It's nerve wracking when the final week arrives lol. I guess I'd do activities that you'll be unable to do for a while after surgery.
good luck :)

I'm so ready to get rid of this thing

Less than 4 hours away. Definitely excited more than nervous! Yay! :)
Good luck! You're gorgeous!
Omg hope you love the new nose and have a wonderful recovery. Better stay stocked up on soup and shows to keep you entertained !
Hey!! You are going to look absolutely beautiful !!!!


Wow this has got to be the easiest procedure i've ever went through. I got there in full nerves not knowing what to expect, said goodbye to my mom, and went into the waiting room. They had me change into the gown and cap then gave me some valium to take which really did make me feel like i had a couple margaritas! The nurse put me in my IV and we then walked toward the operating room. She told me to lie on the bed and last thing i remember i was talking and then lights out. Next thing I knew i was in recovery. I don't remember much until we got home which was in Austin and i'm from San Antonio. I slept the whole way. But the best part of it was that I literally had ZERO pain and didn't get sick one bit seeing other people on here have. Still a little woozy but I honestly feel so great! And happy! ha

ALSO did anyone wake up with a chopped tooth? I know i can get that fixed but it was two of them and my doctor told me i was biting my lip getting out of recovery so idk how that could have happened. BUT all in all it was the EASIET procedure i could have ever imagined. Nose is just numb and i barely have any bruising! if i could do it again i would! :)))


My throat doesn't hurt one bit, my top lip isn't numb, and I feel zero nausea. The healing process has been treating be so good so far! :) super happy as of now
Good luck!!!! I'm glad you're feeling well!!! I am looking forward to seeing your results ;)
Ah I'm so happy for you that its been this much of a smooth ride-hopefully the trend continues! I can't imagine how excited you are to see the results, i am excited to see them here! have a happy recovery x
I hope my recovery is as easy as yours!! Did you have general anesthesia?

Day 2 feeling eggggselent! :)

Wow - you are adorable, I can't wait to see more after pics, and its great your recovery has been so easy! how exciting!
I'm happy to see that the procedure is over and done with! Even with the bandage on you can already tell it's smaller. So your doctor was Dr. Buckspan not Dr. Young?
Yes dr. Buckspan in Austin. Really not sure how to change it??

DAY 4!

You are looking great. I am kind of jealous that you can still look cute with the cast and gauze pad on! :) It looks like you don't have a lot of swelling and bruising. Wishing you all the best!
Thanks girl! know it's the craziest thing i thought the process was gonna turn out way worse but literally have no pain or swelling. Minor bruising and that's about it!
Love your natural hair!

Before photos of me

Hey I'm 19 too :) Wish you a very fast recovery!
Omg! I can't wait to see when the cast comes off!! My nose is sort of like yours was before, I've started meeting with surgeons. Hope your new nose makes you confident and happy!!
Yes that's what i'm hoping for! I'm already so happy with the recovery so far. Thank you so much! :)

Day 5

Same look. Feeling the stitches a little more today. I'd show em but they look a little scary seeing they had to put in a lot tontake down the nostril size. I can already see the bridge looking way smoother :) so happy as of now.
Congrats hun! I can't wait till I get mine done. I have a question, I can either get my nose done in October (I have break for 3 weeks) or in December (I have break for a month). I mean, I have wanted this for so long... So I wanna get it done ASAP. But IDK if a week will make all that big of a difference for recovery. I do want to enjoy my Christmas and New Years too...
I forgot to add my question... If you were me, during which time would you get it done?
Hey, I would say go for October surgery date! 1 week is all u really need... And u would want to enjoy your holiday break. Also I'm not sure what area of the country you're in but cold weather is very painful for the nose in the first 2 or so weeks. Do October!!!

Day 7

Wow you have practically no bruising! Can't wait to see the results :)

Day 9 post op

Soooo here it is! Wow so happy a painless procedure led to a great new nose. OBVIOUSLY have the sausage nose going on right now with the swelling on the top and tip but i love how once all that subsides it will still look natural enough with somewhat drop and somewhat side nostril. But i love how smaller they were than before! :) at this point it really does feel like a wooden nose and is pretty stiff so just waiting till that subsides as well. But i know the drill. PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE! But it doesn't matter bc anything is better than the insecurities i had with the old one. So heck, i'm happy than ever! :) i'll keep everyone updated as my progress goes on thanks!
Your nose already looks amazing! It's going to be so beautiful on your face after its done healing :)
Beautiful results! I have the same problem with the humb bit in the middle my surgery is in two weeks. Anyway you look lovely :)
Love love love!! So happy for you :)

2 weeks and 2 days post op

Hello all! Can't believe how long it's already been since my surgery! Time sure does fly when you're feeling good! ha these are just some random pics of my nose at this point. And i can truly say that i am loving it! With the remaining swelling it has or doesn't i love how it is such an improvement than before. I think the best part of it all is the self concious feeling i would get from my previous nose, GONE! It's like i don't have to find ways to hide my nose anymore and it feels great. Sweet relief lol my stitches from my nostril area are healing well but does anyone else have problems blowing there nose? I feel that i can't fully blow like i used to before ha just wondering but i will be sure to update as i see changes! Thanks!


looks great, wow the swelling really decreased
Looks greattt
Yes i can't wait thanks! :)))

Need help determining something!

Okay so i obviously think my new nose is such an improvement from my old one but i may have one problem with it still. I think the biggest thing i hated about my nose was the bump on top and my HUGE nostrils. And how much you can see them from the side. I wanted them very much smaller but i feel as though they still look big. And i think if i would have showed him a different picture or told him i wanted a more smaller nose then he would have been able to make them smaller. I think it's when i smile is when i feel that the nose gets longer and the nostrils grow longer or something. And it's the right side i have the problem with more. Do you think maybe the nose will still shrink and it's just swelling? And do you think the nostrils will get smaller? Just not sure if i truly like the size. Tell me what you think! Thank you!
Your nose looks great. Big improve ment. People don't notice ur nostrils being uneven.
You look great! With the nostrils maybe wait it out a bit and if it still is bugging you mention it to your doctor. Do you have a follow up appointment? I'm having some issues with my nostrils too but sounds like it will improve over time and as swelling continues to go down. You are still fairly early in recovery so just give it a bit more time.
I feel exaclty like you at this point! I love my nose (I'm 21 days post op) but my nostrils are worrying me a little. They are not identical and not perfectly symetrical. I know they were not perfect before, so I try to convince myself that everything may not be corrected entirely. I'm crossing my fingers though, hoping swelling is what is causing those nostrils to look weird!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Buckspan is the doctor i used. In Austin tx.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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