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Okay so I am scheduled for surgery on may 24. I am...

Okay so I am scheduled for surgery on may 24. I am haveing a full tummy tuck with breast augmentation! A little about me, I am 24 year old mother of a five year old little girl who's about to turn six! I am pretty petite 4"11 at about 110. I do workout alot 2 hrs a day 6 days out of the week. Which led me to consider plastic surgery, I gained about fourty pounds with my pregnancy which left me with stretch marks below my belly button and some loose skin. Of course no one can notice it but I can which is why I've decided to have this done! Previously I had schedualed surgery and the day of surgery was not satisfied with the doctor, so I decided to look for another out of the city! Which leaves me here five days till the day and no backing out now!

tommorow is the day

The big day is finally about to be here and my nerves could not be higher! I haven't been able to sleep much and my head has been killing me! Not to mention anything I eat upsets my stomach at the moment! But I'm ready its now or never and I'm ready to allow my body to reach its full potential I would not want to live the rest of my life wishing I could fix my body! Tummy tuck and boobies I'm ready for you!

almost no sleep

Today is the day I am scheduled for my mommy makeover! I will be headed to san Antonio in about thirty minutes and from there I shall start my journey to ny body transformation! I was suprised to receive a very supportive call from my ex husband who is also the father of my child this morning wishing me luck and assuring me that everything will be fine! Times like this he is pretty awesome! My dad will be the one takeing me to surgery today which I have no idea what his reaction will be because basically he thinks its no big deal... He is very supportive though he was the one that encourage me to do this surgery :). My main concern is recovery.....pain.....and moveing around! I did very well with my c section but then again I had so much extra skin and with this tummy tuck I feel as if I have not.much so in my head I'm just hopeing its enough....I've been browsing on this site in hopes of finding someone who has a similar body type to mine and around my age but I haven't found any :(.....prayers and thoughts ny way please :)


Okay so right now I am 6 day post op I am feeling way better then the first day this Tuesday was my first post op Vist in san Antonio and everyone at the office was surprised at well I looked. I actually put makeup on and managed to look decent even if I still had all my wrapping on. Once everything came off I felt so much better! Everything looks amazeing I lovvvvve my boobs they are prefect size! I also am happy with the tummy flat and no more stretch marks at all! Drains stayed I'm and aren't suppose to come out until next thr which I am soo upset about because they are such a drag! To top it of I feel as if one of them is about to come out and its leaking a yellowish brown liquid....I have no fever nor red bumps around it but still it worries me so I will call the ps today and make sure I'm okay. This I would say is the downside to haveing a ps three hours away! Okay so I've been gett aroud fine can comb my daughters hair.....can make myself a meal....lots of things. But thank god for my mom! Who is nmy angel! she helps me sooo much! Also my swelling is right about the middle part of my insinsion which is also something I have of tummy is still numb but they say that is normal so for now that's pretty much all

feeling normal already

So okay I feel like myself already only thing once again is the drainiage tubes which are practically comeing out on their own! My swelling is also going down and im pretty sure that as soon as I start exercising this will be even better under control! I'm suppose to go to the doctor on Thursday to get the tubes removed but night have to go Tuesday if they happen to fall out.....maybe its the fact that I'm always walking around.....breast massage is also kind of annoying it hurts! And since I had a armpit insinsion some arm movements still hurrt. Mhm something else I cannot but cannot wait to shower normally!!!!!!!! None of this sponge bath!!!!! I want a shower ahhh what we take for granted huh! I am so missing the gym ...before this I had so much volume on my lower body and I feel as if its going down :(...I'm sure I can build up fast but still worried about not being able to lift heavy! I was use to doing maybe a max of 400 pds on legs press not sure if that will be possible for a while :(! My boyfriend has been so awesome...he was totally against my whole breast augmentation but wanted me to be happy soo he's been amazeing visiting me everyday and has seen me at my worst (first 3days) I'm also 100% off painmeds probably since day 4! Only thing I recommend takeing is as follows......protein(once a day), zinc(antioxidant), selenium(natural resistance), vitamin c(immune system), omega 3(inflammation circulation) amino acids(helps with recovery and energy)and probiotics with cranberry(digestion bloating and urinary tract)!!! This is the upside of knowing my vitamins being as I have worked for gnc for four years! Here's where my knowledge if supplements comes in handy! Happy healing guys ....and everything in life that's worth anything takes sacrafice pain and time!

one week


If anything is the worst it is the amount of boredom one gets from having to be lazy! Well today will be ny first outing since last Tuesday I will go to Walgreens to stock up on things such a gauze and such since I have been cleaning my insicion twice a day. I just feel more at ease that way. Okay so today I am feeling good just a minor headache which could be due to being inside all these days! Also my drains are hardly draining at swelling is okay just a little bit of concern of the part right below my belly button ...


One more thing for today I find it weird how 99% of women are told to were a binder after however my doctor advised me not to I found that strange but I guess doctor knows best

seems like forever

it seems like I did this surgery and have been locked up for months! I am so ready to get back out into the world...the gym misses I went to target and it was good just had to wear a jacket to hide drains I'm sure that made me look crazy enough because its about 100% here ! Im looking forward to my appointment this Thursday hoping everything looks well .....I'm soo scared to gain weight right now day of surgery I was 110 pds ....I'm sure I'm more now :( I NEED some cardio in my life right about now sometimes I practice my flexing they say it helps prevent muscle loss.....ugh frustration to the max!! Still no real shower and its hard to believe! I miss my shower I miss soo many thugs that I did before even work! That's crazy! Every morning I've been up by 7 am to help get my little one ready I'm able to cook etc ....honestly other then drains and swelling I feel like I'm myself! Im thinking this is strange and I just hoope the drains coming out is not painful! Right now pain to me is semi unnoticeable I just want all this to pass and get a move on again! I'm not one to have a minute much less a day to spare for doing nothing

bloated :(

time is.flying

I had a doctor's appointment this last Thursday and the doctor removed my drains!!! Yay! No pain at all! At all...!!!! Only thing that was uncomfortable was the breast massage hurrtt! Okay so.I was also told I.can exercise walk / light weight training! Yay! That made my day so Friday I headed to the gym walked thirty minutes and did biceps and trics ! Today I walked 40 minutes and did a bit if legs! HealingsH going good! I feel at a good place right now with my drama has managed to get me down but other than that I am doing well and recovering fast :)


So today was my first day back at work and man was it tougher then I thought j feel good and I am back at the gym but at ny own pace and since I work at the mall at a place where I have to help people I took for granted how well I actually feel....I came home bloated and tired ! I'm only working three days out of the week for four hours but it is constant standing....other then that I've been feeling good at the gym again but I feel so limited with what I can do everyone pretty much knows I got implants but I didn't tell anyone about the tummy tuck so in some ways I have to hide that....

hateing work

So I have been back to work.for about a week and tomorrow again! Honestly I hate it I'm standing for those four hours straight and I come home feeling so horrible! I just want to be able to relax some more which lately I haven't been able to everyone assumes I'm healed! I've been going to the gym continuously just walking...but anxious about doing the elliptical again! Plus heavier weights right now I'm just scared to do them even though the doctor gave me the bloating I would say has gotten worse within this week! And its painful.....boobies still feel weird as well not like if their mine yet....other then that I should have a follow up on the second....hopefully I will be healling good and doctor will allow me to do more at the gym....! Happy healing and it only gets better with time!

swell hell?

bathing suit pic three weeks post op


mini vay kay

So I've had Tue Wed and thr off and its been such a relief ! I really do not enjoy standing for four hours right now! I have stayed active though my daughter's birthday was Sunday so we threw her a birthday party that was pretty tireing but way worth it.....then Tuesday we had a busy day mall target etc I've been hitting the gym .....I just can't stay away lol but I think it does me good gym has no ac its a warehouse and man do I sweat! I feel soooo good before surgery I was weighing 110 and yesterday I weighed myself and I was 107 .....I don't want to loose anymore I'm more of a fit rather than skinny type of person ! I much rather be 110 with muscle :)! I shall get there again when I can for now I'm happy with my body! Question anyone who has had a tummy tuck with muscle repair ever feel like a crackling or weird feeling can't really explain it.... in their tummy when for example you move a certain way?

27 days

4 weeks

These four weeks have had their up and downs one day I feel awesome then the next I feel like I might as well stayed with the body I had.....however when I know that this was way worth it....and for whoever is like me and debates the fact of whether its worth it or definitely IS ! When all is done and this recovery is completely over I know I will be beyond happy! I feel physically well can now sleep on one of my sides! I am way more active and it gets better each day ....happpppy healing :)

4 weeks

updated pictures

Im feeling great I'm at about 105 pds and I have a doctors appointment this comeing Tuesday

quick update

This Tuesday is my third appointment with the doctor :)I have sooo many questions I want to ask and just want to make sure everything is going as it should! This coming week I will be working my normal hours agian ....and it still worries me because I have to pick up and reach for things such as proteins! Other then that no pain just the feeling of haveing a corset on 24/7 lol! I think that's a good thing! Im eating veryyy clean as usual and doing about an hour cardio a day! Plus light weights...Overall I feel like I had no surgery done other than the occasional bloat !

post op vist 3

All in all it went extremely well...I was in and out just had a couple of stitches he snapped off.....but if the doctor is pleased so am I! And I can return to my regular exersices on friday yay! :)


Yesterday was the first time ive work a two piece bathing suit since maybe 9 years ! & actually felt comfortable :)....I am so happy with the work my doctor did...and im glad hes happy with my I began training almost close to my usual at the gym squats squat squats I missed them! Lets seee other then that yes I still feel a bit bloated but it is nothing that is intolerable. week I will start 6 meals a day to build and tone agian...hope everyone is healing well


Wow so I havent updated in a while well first off I am doing great ive been to the beach about three times now and im soo in love with my boobs which I though were a d ended up being a double d :/ haha I like them though they dont look that big...ive been doing my usual workouts gaining my strength back was squating about 200 pds and im getting back at it not the same weight.but something is something ...this weekend I went to a bkdy building competition which made me honestly consider doing one the reason k hadn't before was because of the stretch marks now that thats fixed I might actually give it a those who are contemplating due to fear of pain ...its worth it and now it is all such a blurr the pain that I had is totally irrelevant to today! Follow your dreams do whatever makes you feel good!


So yesterday I was totally bloated it still feels very strange when I get bloated. Ive been pushing myself with workouts again I started with abdominal exercises again... this new job has me in a constant sitting mode which is pretty boobs now feel normal as if I never had anything done! Im just so in love with my results


Okay so I have not updated in a while I guess we tend to update more within the first two months because we are limited to our activities...anyways healing has been good no complaints or complications I have been back to my normal self! You would never guess I had surgery! I met with my doctor last week and I was so happy with his comments about how I was healing well and how he was amazed at how quick I bounced back! I have such a low tolerance of pain well so I thought and look at me I cant even remember the pain now! Girls its worth it it really is! The scar does not bother me at all I know I need to have patience with that..and even then thats fine. My workouts are now back to normal and I even have a trainer now....since I wamt to take my body to the next level! I am at 111 pds 17% body fat! Hoping to lower that way moree well girls hope all is well and everyone gets motivated to do what they feel they should for their body!

hellooooo :)

Okay so man its been forever....I hardly get in this but I must say I get a whole bunch if email.notifications....well since my surgery I have been back at work and at the gym plus doing mommy things! I am 100% to where I was before my surgery and I now have a trainer....:) im planning on doing a competition but first things first I need a tattoo to cover up some of my scar ..I am currently weighing 106 @ a 14% body fat! I am soooooo happy with my results and that I did this as I always was worth those 3 weeks of pain!


It has been six months and the time had flown by! I had a doctors appointment last week and he was very pleased with my results!!! As am.I! I have no pain and feel as if I never had a surgery=)! Workouts have been awesome wishing everyone happy healing!

Time flies

Surgery is something that is something that seems like it happened so long pain no regrets so happy with how my body has turned out
dr shaffer

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You look amazing!
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wow congrats, you look really good :)
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You look great!
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Thank you :)
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At 3 months I still felt like an old lady lol you bounced right back! Congrats on your new body and take it to the next level chica!
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Looking good! May I ask what size implants you have and what your bra size is at this time?
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I have a 340 cc and im a d or double d in Victoria secret
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THANK YOU for the updates. You look amazing... hoping to start my journey in 3 weeks.
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You look amazing, congradulations! I'm in the process of researching and scheduling apts with PS's, I'm trying to find "the one" I'm comfortable with. I want a tummy tuck and want my saline implants replaced, its such a BIG decision so I've been reading lots of stories on this awesome site, trying to find encouragment in others experiences, i find myself gaining courage with every positive story, yours being one. I'm a little scared and, nervous, but also anxious to visit with my 2nd PS tomorrow, I was happy with my 1st PS consult, but never hurts to get a second opinion, so well see how it goes tomorrow, my only worry really is downtime and pain, OF COURSE, I've had a C section 8yrs ago, and have a pretty good tolerance for pain, but idk still nervous about it all ... After I read ur comment "everything in life thats worth anything takes sacrifice time and pain" ... It really brought me comfort, very true! thanks for sharing your story, again you look awesome.
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Thank you clare! About finding a ps my best advice is following your gut feeling...through my process I was so close to choosing the wrong doctor....I followed my gut and did not show the day of surgery all I can say is thank GOD! Pain is very manageable I am one who hates shots and I did word of advice go.into it with a blank mind just think about how this is a chance you can finally feel comfortable with your own body! I got so nervous before surgery that I was sick for five days before could not eat anything! But I said to myself I already got this far no turning back! And the way I feel today is amazing!! Although many couldn't tell I had stretch marks I could and now I feel a sense of relief!! Hope all goes well and your nerves are calmed a bit with the comfort of knowing that the pain isnt as bad as it seems! :)
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You look amazing! What kind of workouts do you do?
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wow u look so good!!!
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Thank you its so worth everything :) wish you the best with your surgery and recovery!
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You look great! How long did you wear your binder? Do you/did you wear it at the gym? I got the okay to walk this week and I'm surprised how quickly I became tired. I was pretty actively running and lifting before surgery. I can't wait to get back to squats and deadlifts.
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I never had a binder the doctor told me not to wear at the gym I never used any...I started walking the 3rd week for an hr and did light arm weights...I squated on wed for the first time since surgery and man am I soreeee :) hope time flys for you and you can get back to your normal routine as well!:D
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Looking good!! When did you start back at the gym? I run allot and wonder if I can start slowly work up to running after 4 weeks.
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I started on my 3rd week post op
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I started on the 3rd week and elliptical the 4th I havent tried runing but im back to everything else :)
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Thanks! &&I think I had gone with 245 cc but he filled it to 340cc
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You look great im also small like you 4'11 and weigh 110 I just got my tt and breast aug this monday still have lots of swelling and a lil pain im hoping time flies by fast how many cc did you get?
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you look great!
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Looking amazing!!!!
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Looking great and I can totally relate to the every other day feeling as though you made right decision, etc.
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Luvmy3jays thanks I've been.following your post because of that so awesome that I can actually compare what I feel with you and be like oh okay that's normal lol! How are you feeling....I have a follow up vist on the second :)
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we had our surgery on the same day you look great
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