So glad I did this!! more recent pics happpy happy- San Antonio, TX

Hi ladies im having a mommy makeover monday...

Hi ladies im having a mommy makeover monday 6/24/13 and im starting to get really anxious im 28 and a mother of 3 children 7-5-2.. Im only 4"11 and before pregnancy I weighed 105 and when I got pregnant I went up to 155 so yeah it did alot of damage to my body I now weigh 110 witch I like but my body is just plain ugly so im not expecting to look like a model I just really want to bring up my self esteem I really really hope things go well pray for me ladies :\

Today was my big day!!

I had my surgery today all went really fast and at the end I was just excited... but when I woke up at the recovery room I started feeling the intense pain but they quickly gave me morfin and pain pills and the pain became a lot better and I was sent home 45 min later I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle the pain but at the end its not that bad only the walking part otherwise its not to bad will see tomorrow I feel like ill be have more pain yikes ill keep posting

Day 2

I cant bet I feel this good I sleep threw the night its still really painful to walk and i hate these drains but im trying to be patience I feel lucky my husband and sisters and even my kids have been trying to help me feel better. Today will also be my first day taking a shower ill keep yall updated and post pics,of

took a first look im loving it

Took my first shower and got to take a glimps boy im very happy things are looking right know!!

day 3

Im so sore and frustrated I its not to much the painbits not being able to move alot gosh i really want to walk around and move straight around my home..patience is all I need hopefully time will fly fast

day 4

Well last night I took my meds for pain and to sleep so I slept throuh out the night but when I woke up this morning boy was I sore I took my meds right away and once again in lala land lol..Also yesterday I started feeling the upper part of my left leg a burning sensation when I would move or stretch it they did an ultrasound yesterday and no blood clots thank god I think its probably just the nerves but it really burns when I walk :\

Tomorrow 1 week

Tomorrow it will he exactly one week im better but I must say these drains are driving me nuts especially the right one it really hurts with any movement so I called my dr office and they told me to go tomorrow to get that one removed the the other one has to stay there longer :\ but I just need lots of patience it seems forever hopefully it wont hurtvas much to get the drains removed!!

One 1 week yeii

Today is officially one week I had my surgery... I went to get one of my drains out because it was causing me so much pain with any movement and let me tell yall even though I still have one more drain I feel sooooo much better I should get the other one removed tomorrow but anyways im finally feeling a little bit of me I did a bit of cleaning with the help of my little kids well hopefully this week passes by a little faster!!! Have a good one ladies ill post pics soon I promise (:

9 Days feeling much better

Its been 9 days and even though I still cant stand straight and im really swollen I can tell the results are going to be awesome im very happy and cant wait to show my new body out wooohooo!!!

Day 10

Ok its been 10 days from my surgery and besides me still being really swollen I really like how things are starting to look. Cant wait till im able to wear a bathing suit!

woww I feel great

WOWW I feel great i almost can stand straight but now im able to do a little more light cleaning and i feel really good about my self im really lucky I was able to do this!!

2 week update!!

Well yesterday was 2 week since my surgery I didnt post yesterday since I was having pain in my left my breast and my back it was a rough day but today I feel soo much better I feel bloated but its normal I guess but im still taking it easy I dont want to get hurt and make things worst!! Happy healing everyone I will post pics soon (:

2 week pics

I love it cant wait till im no longer swollen!!

2 weeks


My 2 post op cheak up!!

Well today I went to my 2 week cheak up and doctor says in doing great. Im so glad to be healing well im still bloated but doc say it make take a while for my tummy to settle. What I have around my insicions are silicone strips my ps said it will help with the visibility of the scars I hope so these little strips are expensive..Happy healing everyone (:

4 weeks

Ok so its been 4 weeks since my surgery and I must say I feel better by the day I still swell quite a bit but Im so happy with the way I look.. I already do mostly everything I used to but I dont push it I still feel a bit soreness but other than that I feel great!!

5 weeks!!

Today im exactly 5 weeks im doing very well with still some swelling and a bit of soreness but doing great!!..I wore a bathing suit yesterday and I felt kind of weird but I loved scars are doing great also most of it looks like a scrath but on the sides I dide have some puckering but with the silicone strips they have almost totally flattened out it just looksva bit darker but im only 5 weeks so im pretty sure the will lighten up a bit. Hope everyone is doing well!! By the way I dont think my boobs look to big at all im very happy how they go with my body.

Doing very well

Well time has really flyed by I feel incredible I have started doing exercise slowly and I feel like im almost back to normal..Im very greatfull for doing this I feel very good about this my scaring is also great I have a very thin line not even very noticeable my doctor did a great job hands down Im very happy with my surgery!! (:

As of know the staff and docter have been great!! The staff is great they answer any questions I may have at anytime and dr.dechard is very nice and profecional im so lucky I found him cant wait to see the final results

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello! How are you doing now? How did you like Dr.Dechard? I am considering scheduling a consultation with him, but would like to know a little bit about him from someone who he has worked with.
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Hey girl!!!!! Doing good I see!!! Do you feel that the sheets have been working for you?
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Chicalife thank you!! Yes I think the sheets have worked alot my scar is incredible these sheets are really worth it!!
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Your results are incredible!!! Congratulations! Question are you able to stand fully straight now?
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Thank you IEmommyof2!!:) Yes I can stand fully straight I was able to do so in less than a month I still feel my stomach streatched when I pull my arms to get something but im pretty much very healed. ..
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Thank you Ruebix
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You look awesome! Thank you for sharing your story.
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Your very welcome Momice!! (:
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You look really good. ...I was having second thoughts on my boobs going 450 cc and being too big. .. but yours look great!
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Hi missy 36 thank you!! my first look at my boobs I did think damm I think I went to big but then again the swelling has to come down then they still have to drop I am very happy with the size and considering I have a small frame they still came together very well!! Good luck in your surgery!!
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You look great! Congrats!
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Thank you nichole1122 (:
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Omg! You are so tiny. Luv your small frame and girl you are rocking that new body. Your results are looking amazing. R u still wearing a binder?
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Thank you luvmy3js I love my new body very happy I actually had the chance to do this!! I see many woman that have the incision kind of high and mines is not all all you can only see it from the sides the rest if the scar looks like a scratch so that makes me even happier..yes I still wear the binder but just at night and my sports bras 27/7
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Looking fabulous! What a great shape you have!
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Thank you Nichole36974 im really happy with my body but I really need to work on my butt its like jello lol but I dont want to push it yet.
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Proudmomma29!!! Girl, I have a good lower body workout!!! Let me message you it!! It works good on your legs and booty :) without using too much of your tummy muscles!!
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can you share the lower body workout
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Oh, yes! Please share!
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Hey girl looking good!! Gosh, at 4 weeks I was a cry baby compare to you lol have you been using the silicone sheets everyday? If so, do u think you have seen a difference on your scars? I will buy some after im done using my scar cream. I have for the last 2weeks or so and been using it 3x's a day and i you can tell a bit of a differance :) anyhow you look great and cute phone cover lols
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Thank you chicalife I have been useingvthe silicone sheets on the sides since its there where I I have the thicker scars and the rest and on my breast I use the silicone gel man its been working amazing its 2 a day I show some marks on my sides in the pictures but I had just took off my binder..oh thanks ny case is from amazon 6 $ including shiping lol
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lol Amazon!!!!! I'm gona have to buy them soon then! My scars are a bit more thicker on my middle close to both my sides and a bit on my BB. I think it might have happened cuz of my faja! Dam faja!!! lol
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Chicalife I now what you mean about those damm fajas -_- man are they uncomfortable yet they make us so sexy jaja..the only part of the scar I hate are on the sides but man my doc made the rest of the insicion so thin and really really low on the front I cant wait till I no longer get swollen and enjoy my gym
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