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Second Time Around, Hoping for Success - San Antonio, TX

I will be receiving liposuction on May 4, 2011. I...

I will be receiving liposuction on May 4, 2011. I am pretty anxious since this is my second procedure this year. I received smart-lipo in Oct 2010, and didnt have any results. I have a review under smartlipo called..so far so good but dont believe everything you hear. Basically from that procedure I experienced alot of pain, swelling and no results.

My Dr was great, and offered to do a retouch of my areas but didnt seem to confident that there would be a change. The first time I swelled up really bad. My Dr then said that it could just be my body and how it reacts to surgery. Im not sure about that since I have never really had major surgery before. I never went back down to pre-op stage. I was actually told that I gained weight in the areas that I had worked on..Dont know how that was possible since they tell you that you cant. I do admit that I gained weight in my legs and hips, but that had nothing to do with my stomach. Anyways I was given the option to have a refund so I took the refund and went else where.

I asked around (something I didnt do last time because I didnt want everyone knowing my business) and I was referred to Dr. G. I met with him and felt very confident that he would do a great job. Im not looking for a miracle or a six pack, I just want to see a difference in my body.

Ill keep you updated ..Wish me luck!

May 4 2011..today is the day. I started the day...

May 4 2011..today is the day. I started the day off very nervous but once everything was done I couldn't be happier. I'll update with pictures

Sorry still havent updated with pictures yet.. Day...

Sorry still havent updated with pictures yet.. Day two was an ok day. I was able to drive myself to my post op appointment, and I must say that I am truely impressed with my results so far..Yay I actually have results. Even if this is all Im going to get I am happy with it. So much for the theory that I swell real bad after surgery. I didnt swell much at all.

Day three i stayed in the bed all bed..oh well it was my day of rest

Day four, i stayed in the bed most of the day. Not feeling to well mainly do to lack of nutrition. I havent been eatin much but fruit, and cereal..not to healthy but I need to lose some weight. Might as well do it now while Im done. I was able to get up and enjoy a concert with my boyfriend. Will keep you updated.

Photo Update

Photo Update

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how are your results now? are you still happy?
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Hi jeanne81 - you did get some pretty good results. How are things going now?
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I am satisfied with the re-do just haven't lost any weight yet..the 5 pounds I lost right after surgery I gained back..I'm hoping ill lose some in the coming months
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Jeanne81, you got abs done over? you look good! are you satisfied?
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Hi, I had vaser done on my stomach and flanks over 18 months ago and my stomach seem to have gotten bigger ( only place). My doctor only took 1000 cc out that's including the solution. I went back to him and he has offered to do a redo since not enough was taken out. Is the second time more painful ? I'm terrified it will very difficult the 2nd time around in the same area.
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Vancouver, I had the laser lipo done on my abs, flanks and arms, also under my chin. I 'm three months post op now. I still cam bareley tell the differnce in my chin...it looks okay but not slim the way they told me. I actually gained weight as well, that's why I'm now back working out. I will say they did a awesome job on my lovehandles and the fat transfer to the butt. I have not lost much of the butt because they used the fat from my lovehandles and that fat is stubborn wheater you're big or small, lol. however, i wanted to mention to you that my stomach..ugh...i just barely see the freakin difference...like one side is bigger than the other, they did a horrible job. like you, im not sure if they left some of the fuild and not take enough fat.... i have no idea!!! well, my doc says he will also do a redo and im going to tell him i just want regular lipo....they see results faster and i hear a lot of complaints about laser...i should have looked more into it before i received the treatment, but now i know and refuse to get it again.ummm...also i heard it is painful the second time. i would like to know as well.
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The second time around wasn't as bad as the first time. I could tell the difference the first day. Good luck!
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I actually had my redo on July 8 for abs and flanks -- I was terrified of the pain and it did not disappoint! It seemed like a different procedure -- some parts okay; other parts, very painful. I really noticed a huge difference the first day ( don't remember noticing that the first time around). Way more sore this time and very swollen; however, I think the results will be good. Will keep you updated.
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i will pray for you, let me know what happen////// and be onfident, im planning my by next year////
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I had a friend that had it done and she said that it took about a month for all swelling to subside. I am seriously considering it. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope you have awesome results as well. Will you have more pics soon?
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You go girl! You can really see a difference after two weeks! i am sure you are very excited. I live in San Antonio as well..I am getting my surgery on the 28th of June, but its going to be in Seguin, TX. Where did you go for your first surgery. I am a little nervous because one consulatant i went to said that they feel that lipo will not work for me. but my current surgeon feel I am a good candidate. I just pray it works. Like you said, i am also not trying to have a six pack...i want to look better in my clothes. I HATE my love handles. those are my biggest problem. Keep us updated on your results. I hope you lose even more. You're looking great already!
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Thanks for the comment. I feel like I've hit a plateau and not losing anything this week..actually feel a little bit swollen..I'm sure it will pass..good luck with your procedure..I have another posting on here about my first procedure if you want to check it out for the Dr name.
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Good luck. Hope you will see results.The only thing I lost were my money ($12000)and I gain more fat in the area the dr. worked on.
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Good luck, i hope it works out and im glad you got a refund. also im still swollen and im five weeks, im waiting to see these final results and if im not satisfied i will get part of my money back as well and go else where. good luck and post pics!
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Good Luck today with your surgery. Let us know how you're doing!

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