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Hi, been reading all of your posts for sometime...

Hi, been reading all of your posts for sometime now and finally have the courage to post.Will go under local anesthesia .Upper and lower abdomen,waist.I am 39 years old 5'4 and 127 lbs.
I never been overweight until quit smoking( 1,5 years ago,I was 110 lbs).I exercised,diet but nothing helped.looks like I am going wrong direction.
31 agust 2013 one week from now I will have the surgery,I met with my PS today and feel comfortable with him but stil so scare.still keep hearing NEGATIVE stories about lipo .I try to calm my self down but not successful .Add 2 picture of me now wish me a luck...

Getting Ready

This week is all about the get ready physical and mental for this surgery.Eating very healty ,no salt ,lots of water and vitamin.

Sore throat...

This morning I took my medication to my surgery,I feel like I have sore throat .No fever no cough. I just call them and let them know they told me we need to make sure it's not strep throat .
Any advice?? I have a lot of pressure on me because of this surgery and maybe my stress level make me feel this way I don't know. :(

My wish pictures;)

Surgery done!

I just got back,I am feeling so sore and pain on my bellbutton.after they done hey show me but it was look big still:( .They took 1200 cc is it to little?
I have to go sleep...

Day 2 post op

Not feeling pain just sore.I am just taken antibiotics .l want to apply arnica gel but don't know should I start or not.I am allready taken arnica pills.(by the way I can't eat anything last night everytime I try I vomit, today feel good tho.)

Post op day 2 pictures

Itching !!!

I woke up with itching like crazy,I took out all the pads out since never drained!? But still no bruise very little swelling .i am using only antibiotic and the arnica pills.there was a huge swollen on my lower back since day one,today it almost far so good ladies except don't have idea yet about my result.
I will update pictures this afternoon maybe you can help me with changes on the pictures,I know too early but know lol


Feel so swollen!!

Today was the first day I went back to work when I came home I was so swollen :(
And plus constipation:( feel so sleepy good night ladies...

swollen. ..

Should I hear Faja ?

Hi ladies,I have a quick question if you can help;)
My garment got loose or big some how and really hurts my sides.garment has the hooks on both side.faja has on front so should I change?

hello Ladies!

So far l'am feeling good.I start doing massages and exercise.


It's been a while ,No pain no bruise ,still swollen areas.I am not really happy yet...


Morning pictures

Look good for 3 mon. But still swollen some areas

Touch Up! I need advice :(

End of the May my doc.will do a touch up on my abb..should I ask or do anything before go all over again.

Any advice? :(

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

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Hey,... I'm dealing with you situation.... I'm not happy with the results yet. What ended up happening? I hope your happy :)
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How are you gurl..hope everything ok. Havent heard you on here.
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You can totally see a diff!! Esp in the love handles!!
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I think you liok flatter then before. How are you clothes fitting?
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I have big difference on up abdomen and waist but my belly is look like same kind clothes fit same,All my pants are low cut so kind of still fits same. Overall there is a difference but my belly... And my wait was 127 now 125
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Thats good you lost weight. As ling as you cant grab the fat then its probably all gone, but you have to have some left over to look natural :-)
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Thank you so much for the positive feed back :) How are you doing? I try to check your pictures but can not find...
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sorry so long to get back, my pics should be on my profile. I havent don anything yet! I still dont know what way to go. Did you say you are going back for a touch up? I think you look great did he say you needed more.?
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You are looking good!
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I can definately see a change. You look much better! Sorry you are not happy. Maybe you don't notice as much of the change cause you look at yourself everyday. I heard that bloating can last a while. Keep positive!
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Daro its interesting that you said you are not totally happy with your result. I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to stay positive when I still feel a bit chubby in the flanks and lower abdomen. I even work out about 4-5 days a week. But I still have to say that you still look fabulous whether you lose more or not.
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Thank you so much,I took first picture night just before go to sleep next one I took morning I feel more happy when I see my morning picture. I look your picture and I can say big difference and look great,keep update. Please.thanks again;)
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Your shape looks great! You probably just need more time to heal.
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Thank you! I know I need more time .it just 2 mont. I hope when I get 6 mont. I want to be happy with the result because like everyone of us we sacrifice a lot to get done lipo and after lipo..I need more time ;)
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Yes I can see a difference thanks for posting it. That's the area I am worried about on me since I have kids.
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wowee girl looking good. Great results!! Im still trying to figure out what method to use. real lipo or laser. Your bending pic looks great. I think over time like around 6 months your will be seeing your real result and your skin will just keep tighening on tummy.
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Thanks for been there,make me feel really good;) About what method you use,I think you need to talk with doctors make sure your need and liposuction type match.please update and be strong!!
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You really do look good. I think your change from before to now is good. I dont see the little pooch at all. How is it when you bend like in your first before pics. Thats where I am seeing a big difference on your afters. Thats the area I want to do to even me out with my flanks.
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Just took some picture, can you tell diffrence ? I have to go work now but thank you so much for your positive comments;)
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Hang in there! How are your clothes fitting?
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I really don't see any difference looks like everything fitting same. I hope things chance in jan or feb. :(
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Thanks for posting. I'm scheduled for lipo on 10/3, im nervous but excited. Your results look great! I hope my results look that good. Please keep posting, going through it with someone makes me feel less neurotic about things. Lol
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Hi there,I was so nervous got so scare just before the surgery . 5 min.after surgery I was laughing :) don't worry just make sure you get the best doc.For me it will be 3 week but last 2 days I am swollen and bump all over,I will wait to 4 week to update picture.if you will have any question just ask;)
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You have great results. ! I can tell already! Wow
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