Very Depressed with the Way I Look..please Anyone Had This Happen? - San Antonio, TX

I have bumps on both sides of my face and deep...

I have bumps on both sides of my face and deep wrinkles that look worse than before I had the lift. The dr. keeps saying "you are still healing" give it time. He did agree to do Ultra Sound, which I have had 3 treatments so far with not much improvement. Is the dr. just trying to silence me or will this help? I feel like a freak and emotionally having a hard time.


It takes 3-6 months for all of the swelling to resolve. Keep going to your doctor and keep in mind that he's a plastic surgeon, not God. Complications do happen and plastic surgery is real surgery. Do you smoke? If you do, quit because that is the worst thing you could be doing while recovering. Document everything and keep in mind that in order to prove medical malpractice, you have to PROVE the doctor acted in a manner "not in compliance with standard medical procedures" which is a huge burden to prove. My best advice: Be nice to them, they have a vested interest in helping you and if you are nasty and threatening legal action, you will see their attempts to help you come to a screeching halt. Without B&A pix, it's impossible to determine if you have a real problem or not, so you might want to post some. I'm not the only med pro on these boards.
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LimboBarbie, thank you for your advice and insight. No I do not smoke. I am trying to be positive and try to work through this. I have not or would threaten legal action at this stage, it is way to early for that and have remained in good standing with the doctor and his staff. I think I was totally unprepared for what to except. It is very hard to sit in the office and see the promo tapes of the before and after raving about the results which is only the best of the best that they show en only to have problems. I will try to get some pics posted and keep everyone posted. Thanks for your response.
Thank you for sharing your experience so far on RealSelf! I truly hope those bumps do smooth out. Keep us posted!
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2 1/2 weeks out


Scar tissue? Really? How is scar tissue in the middle of your face? That is extra skin folds & tension lines. Nothing is going to address the fact that this was a limited facelift when what you really needed was a more advanced technique. You really need to go see someone else Jan, you were fooled. Tell him you need a refund. If it were me it would be worth a few hundred dollars to see a personal injury attorney to have him/her write a letter requesting every dime back plus legal fees. So sorry this happened to you!!
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A great deal of bunching (which is what you have) will smooth out as the swelling resolves. I had pronounced bunching under my chin which flattened out perfectly in 10 weeks and is now gone and my scars are invisible.
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Been almost 7 weeks for me, maybe need to be patient. Glad yours turned out good!

Had second Laser

Had second laser last week (April 23rd). The redness seems to be going away a little faster this time. I can see some of the wrinkles are still there but too early to tell if it at least helped "softened" them up as I was told it would. My dr. so far is trying to work with me. Been checking him out and I can not find one bad report on him. He is a board certificated PS and even board certified in ENT. Will post more pictures after I heal. Still coping.


Your doctor wants you to be happy, and he's going to continue to work with you and help you. Nothing he does to help you get a better result will be more problems than a lawsuit and as long as you never mention the word lawsuit, he will continue to do everything he can. If you DO mention the word, he will stop seeing you and lawyer up and let the insurance company handle it and that doesn't fix your face which I'm sure is more important to you than money. Medical malpractice is a very tough thing to PROVE in court and just because you didn't get the result you expected right away does NOT mean that the doctor did anything wrong--and in order to prevail you will need to prove that he violated standard medical procedures and was negligent in your care which is a very tough burden of proof. Hang in there and keep going back and reassure him that you only want to get a good result from your procedure and look better and he may end up redoing the whole thing for free. Be nice. Doctors will bend over backwards if you're nice and they are also cognizant that a great many lawsuits go away JUST because they are nice and keep trying to help. It's definitely in his best interest to fix the problem and he KNOWS IT and as long as you continue to keep going back, never mention the word lawsuit and are NICE to him, he's going to help you. This is good advice, please take it. My dad is a doctor and I'm retired from the medical profession as well, I KNOW what I'm talking about. Trust me.
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LimoBarbie...So far I could not ask for a more concerned PS and staff. I will continue to work with them to keep that trust. I do feel we do have a good relationship and they seem to really care. Thanks!
That's the best thing you could have with them, and if I can be of any help, don't hesitate to email me, I'm on AOL same name as here, LimoBarbie.
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