34 Yr Hoping to Reduce Acne Scars and Fine Lines – San Antonio, TX

Went in on April 5 to start a series of treatments...

Went in on April 5 to start a series of treatments to help reduce acne scars and some fine lines and wrinkles. I had ,in this exact order, Accent Laser, Microdermebrasion, Fractional CO2, followed by Q-.Switch Laser. Before the microderm I had topical numbing cream applied to my face. I applied more numbing cream, followed by several numbing shots given across my face. The numbing shots were very painful. On a scale if 1-10, the shots were like a 9-10. I was shaking like crazy afterwards. The pain from the CO2 was about a 4-5. I will say, that without the numbing shots, I don't think I could have made it through the fractional co2 laser treatment. I don't have a high pain tolerance, so maybe this is why it hurt me the way it did. I had some ice packs to hold to my cheeks afterward,band that helped. For the first hour after treatment my face had a strong burning sensation. After that, it felt like a bad sunburn. I was instructed to keep vasoline on my face at all times until all scabs fall off. I can wash my face throughout the day with distilled water.

Day 2 post laser

I had more swelling on day 2, its not bad, but for sure can tell. More tiny brown spots are appearant all over from where the laser zapped the skin. I really hate all this vasoline gunk making my face feel real greasy, but without it my face feels like dry sandpaper.

day 3

So, so my Derm today, and he said everything looks as it should. I got the okay to wash with dove sensitive skin body wash, in between putting on vasoline. I have to keep the vasoline on until these dark brown/red patches go away.

day 4

Since yesterday, my face has been itching and its driving me crazy at times! I see a lot of less dead skin today :). The mostly just have my forhead and temples that still need to shed. My right side temple area is the most red. I for sure see improvemt of my scars, but im not sure if there is still swelling. My doc did say at one month I may be dissapointed and question why I did this, but to give it time and I should see more improvement at 3-9 months....even up to a year. I go back in three more weeks for another round of Accent laser, microderm, and Q-switch laser.

Day 6

Today is day 6 post laser treatments. I just have a tad more scabs left to peel on top of my forhead area. I'm definetly seeing improvment in my skin. I was looking and comparing a close up of scars from before compared to today, and there is smoothing of them and they don't look as harsh. It looks to be about a 15% improvement as of now. I don't feel much swelling at all, so hopefully there's no swelling throwing me off.

day 7 and finally can wear makeup!

I put in some make up and I can tell how my pores look smaller and my face is smoother looking. I already see a reduction in fine lines and the 11 lines between my eyes. I've never been a patient person, so I'm hoping the results are worth the wait.

make up pics

Wearing Physicians Formula twofold free correction powder...no foundation or concealer.
I love the thing you do !sharing information with us , so helpful for people like me who has the same problems, acne scars. I am looking forward to get this laser treatment soon in the hospital. Do keep us updated. Thank you for sharing!
Your skin is looking great, glad you took the time to share your story with us! Keep us posted. 

Round 2!!!!!

So, I saw my doctor for a follow up and round 2 of treatments on wednesday...so, 2 days ago. What I had done: Accent laser, microderm, and ANOTHER eCO2 laser treatment. I was not expecting another co2, but my doc wanted to see more improvement. What he did was a more aggressive setting, but only on the scars...so about 3/4 of the area compared to last time. I will say that after a month from the first treatment I saw about a 10-15% improvement. What I noticed that was a huge plus, is that I could wear makeup much better, it would go on smoother and not enhance the scarring. Before, make up would just sink in deep, and actually make the scars look worse. I think this time, the areas treated are darker red and I can tell a deeper treatment was done. I go back in another 4 weeks for my last series of treatments. I do know that it takes a good 3-9 months to see the results, and I can't wait! As of now, with just what I have seen so far in skin tone and smoothness, it is worth it. Oh, I wanted to mention that in my 11 lines between my eyes, I have noticed about 50- 60% improvement from the first treatment and also big reductions in fine lines on my forehead.
I had co2 laser in harly st never ever again 18months later no improvement and the pain I went through for £3500.
Hi there, we are glad that you had improvement. strengthen our confidence in doing it. I have not done it yet. Still thinking whether to go with the needling first or straight to CO2 laser. I did try a beauty laser the upgraded version of E-laser. I don't know the exact name in English.need to check. but I also felt better pigmentation improvement. I am looking forward to your post! Good Luck.
Glad that you are feeling that this treatment is worth it -thanks so much for keeping us up to date, please post a picture once you are healed. 
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