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I Look Like I Used to - 10 to 12 Years Ago - San Antonio, TX

I've been told that I look good, but no one has...

I've been told that I look good, but no one has asked me if I have had work done. I'm thrilled.

The process has been worth it. that being said, I...

the process has been worth it. that being said, I have had some complications and the healing has taken much longer than I expected. Had a hematoma in my neck early. had it drained and have since had 2 steroid shots there. i am 7 weeks post -op and still have bruising and a bit of a rash on my neck. also, i had sores next to my ears which were very unpleasant. they are just now mostly healed. for some people, healing takes a long time. it's good to know that so you can prepare.

scar revision 6 months after january '13 facelift

Surprisingly, I still have a bruise on my neck and what looks like a rash on one side of my neck. The "bruise" is really discoloration from the bruise I got from my hematoma. The "rash" is broken capillaries, which sometimes happens after facelift. I will be treating both with IPL. My scar revision was last week. It was done in the doctors office with lidocaine only. (I should have taken a valium first) The procedure is rather gross since you can feel your skin being pulled etc. The results so far seem positive, and I have had no complications this time. Stitches out tomorrow. Even though it's only a scar revision, I have been told not to exercise until it heals more. Because I had complications from the facelift, they wanted me to make sure to take it easy this time.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

My daughter in law and my son have both used Dr. Decherd in the past. I reviewed most doctors websites in my area, and chose him based on his videos and results. It was only later than I found out he was the same doctor my son and daughter-in-law used. I had a double procedure, facelift and tummy tuck and paid a little over 15,000. Don't know how much procedures would have been individually. My doctor, Michael Decherd was so nice. What I really appreciated was how LONG he took with my initial consult. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted, and he achieved that. Also, his nurse Heather is a living doll. Office staff have been very helpful on the phone. I have more self-confidence and think I will be more confident re-entering the workplace.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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had a scar revision from my facelift and got the stitches out today. It looks SO much better. been smiling all day! : ))
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I am glad to hear things are going OK with you. How do you like the results?
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I am getting face lift tomorrow in San Antonio. Wish me luck.
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Now that it's been a month since you're last update, how are you feeling? Are you liking the results right now?

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I wish. I happen to be technologically inept, and can never figure it out. LOL
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Your so brave having a tt and a fl, big hugs to you xx
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HOLY COW! Brave woman! TT AND FL!!!!! I am shocked the FL is worse than the TT? I thought the "down time" for a FL would be much less? I might THINK about it when I'm 60! LOL Though I doubt it, I'm a scaredy cat. I have a client that's getting ready to get a FL, she was actually supposed to be getting it today, but she got sick with a fever and they said no way!
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Hope your friend does well. It is so worth it!
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How are you doing? Do you have the seroma with your TT or with the FL? I had considered a facelift also but decided on the TT and Breasts instead. Ive always focused on my face and decided to focus on my body this time instead. Im interested in knowing how each turn out for you. Is the healing harder for one over the other? I had my eyelids done (upper and lower) about 12 years ago and the healing was much quicker and easier than with the TT. Hope your doing well!! Get lots of rest. I wish I could see pics but I understand if you dont want your face to be shown. Its such a personal thing. Have a good weekend!! :)
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The seroma is with my tummy tuck. Although it is a real pain getting it drained, in general the healing for my tummy tuck seems to be easier. I am surprised at how long it is taking my incisions to heal around my ears. Only my mid and lower face were done, and neck. My eyes and forehead were left alone. I wonder if I will do that too in a few years. I wish I could post my photos, too - but don't have any. I may ask my doctor for my pre-op photo. I'm hoping that with my stomach being flatter, my breasts, though small, will look better. Lol.
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Thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. My TT has been such a pain. Im hoping yours will behave itself also. Im sure that having your stomache made flatter, all your clothes will fit better and you wont be so concerned about your breasts. I think that we need to fix the things that bother us the most and then accept the others that arent quite perfect. We ARE human beings and not stepford wives, right? lol I had my eyes done when I was 40 because everyone thought I looked tired all the time even when I wasnt. It made a huge difference with my appearance and took at least 10 years off of me. I liked looking like ME, just not a tired me!! I do have some sagging around my chin area and may get that done down the road. Or maybe Ill just learn to love myself the way I am... probably not..lol Am interested in hearing how your recovery goes.. take care.. :)
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what has been the worst about your tummy tuck? For me, it's the seroma and swelling still at 4 weeks post-op. I have decided to just accept some things about my appearance that I am not crazy about, because I have to draw a line somewhere. I am going to start being more conscientious about working out and taking care of myself. And right, We are NOT stepford wives. It's good to have company on this blog! Thanks for your post and let me know how you are doing.
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The seroma from the TT was definetely the worst part. I had very little pain from the procedure, the incisions looked perfect and everything seemed to be healing well until anout the 3 weeks in.Right above the incision I had alot of fluid that just reappeared even after being drained (needle). Right before 5 weeks, I developed a fever and the swelling was worse. Thats when I called the ps, she saw me an hour later and put me on the schedule for surgery 4 days later. The ps put a solution of betadine and karo syrup in between the muscles to sandwich them down and kindof "glue" them together. Weird, huh? She said that she learned this method frm one of her Stanford medical professors. So far it seems to be working as I just have a small amount of swelling and just a tiny bit of draining going on. Im still on bed rest for another week tho. Alot of people are out and about at this stage in their recovery. Im wondering if it has to do with my age- that Im not healing as quickly as when I was younger. It makes me want to not have any other procedures done, ever! Hope your doing good and have a good weekend!
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I appreciate your post so much. I have a seroma also. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and out to dinner. Today I feel so tired I can barely lift my head to get a drink of water. Can't help wondering if I jeopardized something from being up and around yesterday. My doctor told me I didn't need to rest if I felt good, but now I'm afraid of what is going on. I'm 55, and that's probably a factor. Thank you friend for your post, and STAY IN BED! I know what you mean about having other procedures done. Who on earth has the time?!! Hugs : )
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