Finally did it june 5th!!! - San Antonio, TX

I am turning 30 this year and since i was about 13...

I am turning 30 this year and since i was about 13 i hated my nose! i was blessed with a roman nose lol, after so many years of wanting a smaller nose I am finally going to do it! my surgery is scheduled on june 5th only a few days away..i have read so many stories and reviews that have help me, so i want to do the same:) i truthfully wouldn't have been able to do this is it wasn't for my husband backing me up and keeping me calm. i haven't told my family only my sister because i know they would just freak out and try to scare me out of doing the surgery and thats something that i really don't need;( did any of you go threw this with your family? oh and by the way they only live a few blocks away lol..I am really nervous especially of the outcome i know i have a great surgeon but its always scary not knowing the exact results you'll end up with;/ but im trying to stay calm, i have a 6 and 2 yr old girls so im hoping my youngest wont get scared to see mommy scary looking and try to hit me..i will be buying all my post supplies today and already have my prescriptions..i am taking arnica, bromelain and day of and after surgery a homeopathic called staphysagria which promotes healing of surgical works wonders:) ill be posting updates..keep me in you thoughts:)


How exciting for you! Just make sure your doc is a board certified rhinoplasty specialist. This will make all the difference. Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf. You're so close to your big day!

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Just reading about your family parents are totally supportive (of course, my mom had a nose job at 18 in like 1969), but it's my husband that is nervous. He's supportive, but is afraid I "won't look the same" (even though that's kind of the point!). I just think we know we're doing what's best for ourselves =)
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I'm also 30, and also finally doing this after wanting it since middle school! I have my surgery Monday, so we are almost on the same schedule! I'm so freaking happy I found this website and other people going through the same thing. Good luck on your surgery =)
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Only 3 days away!!! I'm starting to get really...

Only 3 days away!!! I'm starting to get really exited!! My surgery was almost postponed I Had a throat infection that wouldn't go away:// but yesterday morning I wokeup pain free yaaaaay so I'm still scheduled for Tuesday!! Wow this weekend is goin to fly by. Did anyone else get a patch to put behind there ear 2 hours before surgery? I got one its suppose to help with nausea for the anesthesia...


My surgery date is the 28th and I have my pre-op appt on the 12th. I plan to ask my Dr. about the use of Arnica & Bromelain..but I've never heard about the other you mentioned..I will have to add that to my list!! I also have 2 kids and hope that it will aid in me getting back on my feet (and not looking so scary) afterwards;)
Good luck to you! I look forward to hearing about your recovery!
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Congrats! Can you please let me know who your dr is? You are going to look really good with your new nose. You already do, but now you will be even prettier. Best of luck!
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Thank you ;) my doctors name is dr. Mario Diana he's great..with awesome reviews.

Ok so in a few hours i will be in surgery!! it...

ok so in a few hours i will be in surgery!! it seems so exited and very nervous but i know everything is going to come out just fine:) for the last 2 days i feel like a pregnant woman nesting waiting for the big day lol i bought enough food for 3 weeks, prepared some meal so my hubby can just heat them up for us, cleaning and organizing the house lol i guess it has helped me to not be crazy nervous:) ill be posting pics hopefully tomorrow..see you guys soon!


Good luck tomorrow! It's pretty much just what I expected, thanks to all of the reviews on here. I'm excited for you! =)
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On my way to surgery center!!! Trying to stay...

On my way to surgery center!!! Trying to stay relaxed:))

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Today was my surgery!! Went in they gave me an IV...

Today was my surgery!! Went in they gave me an IV talked to my doc briefly and they wheeled me in to the operating room .. With 30 seconds I was out lol didnt remember a thing. Woke up in recovery very drowsy. Cloudnt open my eyes but after an hour felt better and I went home .. I believe the surgery lasted 2 hours ;) I'm so happy because my doctor didn pack my nose so I can still breath just trying to breath threw my mouth to give my nose a break lol . I don't have any pain just took one pain pill so far & hardly any bleeding , don't see any bruising yet.. What bothers the most is having the drip pad but so far so good;) my girls just got home my 2 year old got a little scared but after 15 min she got over it lol.. I'll be doing some icing & hopefully well have a good night ;))


Glad to hear your surgery went well! You must be so excited to see the results!! just keep in mind it might take a few days before you like what you see!
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Glad you're doing well and everything went smoothly!
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Hope everything went well today and that you're feeling OK!! :)
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6/6/12 Last night wasnt to bad woke up a few times...

6/6/12 Last night wasnt to bad woke up a few times but with no pain at all!
I changed the drip pad & I can already see the change the do for made tithe tip.. He made mi nostrils smaller ... So exited today I have my appointment .. The nurse told me to take a pain med before going in so it doesn't hurt when they check my stiches .. So far so good. I pain and no brusing . My phone won't let me post pics so as soon as I feel upto it I'll put some pics up wih my computer;))


Thank you!! I am so exited I just changed the drip pad & can already see the change;)) so happy!!

Today is my second day home yesterday was my post...

Today is my second day home yesterday was my post op my doctor said everything looked great , I don't need the drop pad anymore yay .. I did get brusing and swelling yesterday but it seems better today so hopefully I'll look better as the days go by..I'm a little dizzy I'm guessing from the pain meds , I was able to shower today so i feel much better;)


Looking good! Can't wait to see it when you get the cast off. PS I love the dark hair on you!
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that's so good to hear and thanks hun... i am so excited for my surgery! and totally looking forward to seeing your results of course. best of luck to your ongoing recovery! keep us updated :)))
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Thank you lalalaaa! Recovery hasent been bad at all ! I thought it was going to be much worse .. Can't wait to get the cast off on Tuesday ;) good luck on your upcoming surgery!
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Today is day 4 it's been a rough morning my blood...

Today is day 4 it's been a rough morning my blood pressure is low so when I got up this morning I started blacking out not good:/ I'm just really dizzy , I called my doc since its Saturday I talked to the answering service they were going to contact him to call me:( did any of you feel this way?

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Update on day 4 my doctor called me and he thought...

update on day 4 my doctor called me and he thought that i was sensitive to all the meds so he had me stop taking it all and drink tons of water to flush out my system, i am feeling much better already a little light headed but not to bad, i was able to take a shower which felt so nice:) my husband had to go back to work yesterday and is also working all weekend so its been a little hard with my two little one;( my bruising is not so noticeable just hoping i feel better as the time goes bye:) i posted a pic of today;D


Hi there! I eat a whole meal before I take one and I've still had some dizziness too. It seems to subside the more the pain med wears off. Best of luck with the kiddos.... I have plans to have my 4 yr-old back on Monday and I'm rethinking! Hope you have some girlfriends or fam around. You're looking great!
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Day 4 was the worst for me - I actually got my boyfriend to drive me to the emergency room because I couldn't stop throwing up and was going in and out of concsiousness. The doctor just said it was the pain meds and told me to go off them.
Obviously this isn't what you are experiencing but like your doctor said, you're probably sensitive to the pain meds. Hope you're feeling better! I can't imagine taking care of two little ones at 4 days post op! You are a trooper!!!
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Thanks for sharing what you went threw ! You had it really rough;( I guess my body dosent like the pain meds lol .. I'm hanging in there I had my hubby come home early today so that has made a huge difference but tomorrow he has to work:/ hopefully I can keep them entertained

Day 6 my doctor wanted me to come in to see him...

Day 6 my doctor wanted me to come in to see him since I still have lightheadeness.. Well we're not to sure why I'm feeling this way but an option was that the splint was causing a lot of pressure making me dizzy.. Well I was going to get the stiches & splint taken off tomorrow but since I was already there he said lets do it now!!! So I got to see my new nose;) I feel strange I looks good just have to get use to the new me;) the splint removal but so much the glue was stuck on my skin so enen though he was gentle it hurt the stiches wasn't to bad felt like a pinch .. I'll post pics as soon as I get home;)


How do you feel after the big reveal?! :)
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I feeling a little Sad:( that's why I haven't updated.. It didn't come out how I wanted my nose to look I had made it clear what I wanted ..I feel he made my nose to perky I'm hoping that the swelling will go down and I'll like it better it seems he made changes to my tip when we said we weren't going to do that so now I look very different from the front and I guess that's what's bothering me the most:((
:( Did you question him about it? What did he say? There will be many changes happening even in these first few days and weeks...I know I've read many reviews that addressed an upturned tip, very swollen tip etc. etc. Let's hope that is all it is!! I can imagine it is very very hard to look in the mirror right now and be disappointed BUT it has only been 1 day. Try your best to relax and rest and hopefully it will look better and better as the days go on and you'll be happy with the result! :)

Today is day 10 sorry for not updating! even...

Today is day 10 sorry for not updating! even though i had dreamed of having this procedure done for the last 17 years i was really surprised to feel so down after the splint was taken off, i new to expect that but it was a little harder than i expected i felt like a total stranger in the mirror not to mention all the swelling it looked like i had a huge potato on my face lol. but since yesterday i feel so much better starting to see ME in the mirror again:)) i actually put on makeup and to my girls out yesterday and my hubby took me out to dinner. Im so Lucky to have a wonderful husband and kids they were the ones to lift my spirits up and help me get threw those days:)) im loving more and more my new profile , im actually really exited to start wearing ponytails & my hair up normally i would never have do that before! heres a few pics of my new me , im sure it will look better and better as the days by


Wondering how you are doing!! Hope you are feeling better about your new nose!! :)
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i think your profile looks great!!!
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Looks wonderful! It really changed the whole shape of your face. Just bringing my beak of a nose in has made me feel more feminine. I can see the same change in your face. Congrats!! Swelling looks really down from side. I still have a lot of swelling in my tip as I'm sure you still do. Here's to bringing out our softer side!! ;)
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Hi everyone:) I am 3 weeks post op and feeling...

Hi everyone:) I am 3 weeks post op and feeling awesome!!! 9 days after surgery life was back to normal..I LOVE my profile first time in my life that I actually want people to look at me from the side lol I am so enjoying putting my hair up and in ponytails , I have received so many compliments from strangers.. so that makes me feel so great:)) I have my one month post op visit on tuesday, it seems that everything is kinda bumpy on the hoping the scar tissue will heal up and look better but luckily nobody sees that . my girls have been really good with not hitting mommy's face i was soooo worried about that..I have cat reactions around them lol overall recovery has been really good, it has been a little hard to cover the scar (open rhino) it feels really hard so i know theres still a lot of swelling there and on the tip.I posted a few pics hope you all like:)


Who was your doctor? I have been researching doctors in SA for rhinoplasty. I have a very similar nose and I love your results!!!
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you look great! keep it up, I'm one month post op! welcome to the club yeay!! :)
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Who was your doc?
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