Coolsculpting Doesn't Work for Everyone - San Antonio, TX

I was so excited to have work on my abs done. My...

I was so excited to have work on my abs done. My procedure was done June 15th. I have what the doctor called a kangaroo pouch from having kids. I always had an awesome stomach before and the doctor said I was a perfect candidate and she was excited for my results. I work out five days a week and I watch my diet strictly. I won't consume anything artificial. I used the large applicator. My husband has been really mad because he said it was a waist of money. I have lost no inches and there is no difference at all. I can't begin to explain the disappointment I am feeling about this procedure. I have been working really hard for a long time to control my weight and the way I look and this is about to put me into depression. So sad that the doctor was so hopeful and for nothing! Even the girl working on me was saying that she was already noticing results on her procedure after two weeks. It's really hard to hear all the good news from a lot of people but for me it is just sad. I don't think this is the right procedure for everyone.

Just to mention that I understand you have to drink a lots of water more then normal. For myself I noticed slight results after I start drinking more water. My treatment was on May 2, 2012. I start noticed some changes around the third month.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us, I'm sorry you haven't seen any results yet. I haven't had CoolSculpting myself, but from everything I've read, results can take upto 6 months to show. Maybe with a little more time you'll see your results. Have you been able to speak to your doctor at a follow-up appointment, to get their advice?

Hang in there, for some people may take much longer. I'm three months + one week and now they show me photos and compere I can see difference. You have a long way to go before disappointment. I agree with you that is very hard and long waiting period.
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