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Love this site. I'm interested in chin...

Love this site. I'm interested in chin augmentation and rhinoplasty. What do you think? Would I be a good candidate? Just concerned I might be making the wrong decision. All opinions are welcome. I have been thinking about this for years and I plan on proceeding around august. Thanks for your help..


Don't think you need either one done... You have good proportions and symmetry... Save yourself the frustration and money
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Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the input
Just my opinion but if you have a beard often I think it would hide the chin results. I think your nose is fine.
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It's August so have there been in any new updates?
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You asked so I will give you my opinion. Yes, do the chin implant. I don't think you should do a rhino--I think the implant will balance out your face and leave it masculine. I had a chin implant placed last November and am very happy with it. Total game changer. Would be glad to share my physician if you are still undecided.
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Thank you very much for the comment. I'm very excited about the chin implant, the nose is more breathing issue that I couldn't resolve with septoplasty...doc thinks it will help
dr. schaner


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