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I had Cellulaze on my outer thighs, backs of legs...

I had Cellulaze on my outer thighs, backs of legs and buttocks. I also had lipo on the fronts of my knees. Like a lot of people who have had this procedure, despite being fairly active, careful with my diet, etc. I couldn't get the cellulite in these areas to look any noticeably better.

I am about 3 weeks out and would certainly say it was worth it. I understand from some reviews on here that occassionally people will look better at the beginning and then start to regress. Hopefully this will not be the case as I understand full improvement really isn't noticeable until 3 mos.

The most difficult part of all of it has been the knees. They've been very slow to recover & I have not been able to start exercising (i.e., running) again yet. The Cellulaze recovery has been very easy. Overall the procedure was a piece of cake. The lidocaine numbing wasn't great but that was expected. And wearing the compression garment all this time hasn't been bad at all.

Here are some before/after pics. The ones in the black are before. (Sorry for the grimy before photos btw. I was moving & apparently the mirror was very dirty!) I was unable to reproduce the lighting as I moved but the after ones are in typically unflattering flourescent dressing room lights. It is hard to tell on here but I feel like the before ones aren't even as bad as what it looked like in reality.

I'll try to continue posting progress reports as time passes.

Coming along - wondering about laxity of the legs

I am not posting any pics this time since I don't look too different from a few weeks ago.

The recovery is coming along. I have finally been able to start running again. I use my compression garment as well as a pair of compression pants when I go which seems to keep the pain/swelling down sufficiently.

My biggest concern now is laxity/looseness of the legs. I only notice this when I run which is why I just started to notice it. My legs feel very floppy when I run. I think part of this is due to not exercising for a month but another part is the cellulaze. I asked my doctor's office & was told they expect that during the healing process since the connective bands are regrowing/healing themselves. (If I understood correctly). I definitely hope this is the case!

From reading on here I was also starting to wonder about varicose veins. I don't notice any but the skin texture still looks odd so it's hard to tell. The few little imperfections I have noticed on my legs now are way more tolerable than the cellulite was!

Some more after pics

I am just a few days shy of 8 weeks so figured I'd post some more pics. These were all taken today. (The ones in the purple panties are awful. Talk about horrific dressing room lighting!)

The pics don't tell the whole story. I can look down at my legs & have no doubt that they look better which is not totally apparent in all of these.

3 months out & doing great

I just passed the 3 month mark in time for Halloween & promised myself I would wear a costume to show off my new legs. Below is a pic. You can see just the slightest amount of cellulite but I would never have worn something like this before. So for me to even feel comfortable enough to go out in public like this speaks volumes about the amount of improvement. Best of luck to all of you contemplating the procedure.

Wow I take back everything I said

About 7 months out & I am very unhappy nowadays. The butt laxity issue is not not good. My butt literally feels like a bowl of jello when I walk around. This happens whether I am exercising or not. It is awful. I am now facing the possibility of having to get something else done to help re-establish the firmness. I just hope there is something that can be done. I think cellulaze probably works fine on the legs only but absolutely not the butt. Hopefully someone else can learn from my mistake.
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Just to add my 2 cents...I understand how u are feeling. I do want to let you know that I am experiencing the same "jiggling" 7 wks now post lipo...I was hoping it was a temporary thing as my skin adjusts to having less fat in there! It makes sense. Just wanted to let you know that u may experience the same with lipo if you chose to go that route. Still, I wouldn't change it for anything! I love my thin (but cellulite addled!) thighs.
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Crap!! You're scaring me!! I'm only 3 weeks out, and so hopeful! Talk to me... How does it feel? The skin on the bum is moving? Like it did with the collagen forming on our kegs after the treatment or different?? I'm so sorry!!
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Hey, AMFSF, like I said if you didn't get it on your butt I am sure you are fine. How it feels unfortunately is like my butt has the consistency of a bowl of jello. When I try to make a muscle there is just so much less muscle mass than there used to be. I have found in the last week or two that with what I consider fairly strenuous exercise its not as bad. I've been running at the gym about an hour or so every other day & then doing squats/lunges on the alternating days. While its great I'm getting more exercise, unfortunately its pretty difficult with my work schedule & I would just prefer not to be in the situation. I need time to explore the options later. I've got to believe some other procedure can help. I'm thinking maybe a Brazilian buttlift to add back some firmness or even lipo just to get rid of what is jiggling around back there. So between the exercise & potential treatment options I'm feeling slightly better. At least I'm not crying at random times of the day anymore about it. Just really need to find time in my schedule to go out for some consultations. I still without a doubt would discourage anyone from getting it done on their butt (my butt btw doesn't even look any better) but at least I'm feeling less hopeless about the situation.
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P.s. LOVE your photo upload, how cute!!!

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Just checked our your photos, you look wonderful!! How is the running coming along?

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Hi, Eva, thanks very much! Unfortunately I haven't been running too much because have been busy at work. But basically I would say the legs are slowly losing that "floppy" feeling and starting to feel more normal again. I spoke to the dr's office & they said it should continue like this up to the 6 month mark.
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I'm a runner as well, but I hurt my foot awhile ago so can't run, tried...but kills after! We all get busy, it's great if you can fit it in your early morning, that way you are less likely to put it off as the day goes on. Please keep us posted :) Have a wonderful day!

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Hi, Eva, yes I have some old sports injuries as well! I find as long as I keep the mileage down they're tolerable. Obviously its not like alot of people in my daily life see me running so even if I have to live with the floppy running legs the procedure would still be worth it. But as I said the floppiness is slowly going away so that's even better!
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I'm glad everything is improving...keep running ;)  hopefully soon I will be too darn foot ;)

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Wow, you look great! I really see the difference.
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Hi DeniseSurfer thank you!! I'm definitely happy with the results so far. Hopefully everything will continue going smoothly. I will be sure to post updates in the next few months for people wondering about long-term results.
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I'm assuming the ones in the red undies are the 3 week after pics. It does look better! It also looks like you might be in a Marshall's dressing room - one of my favorite stores! ;)

Since you didn't find the garment too bad to wear, would you share what style and brand you used? Obviously each one fits each person differently, but always good to know which ones a person found tolerable.

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Hiya Megan, thanks so much! Yes on the red undies & Marshalls haha! My doctor had originally given me a garment from Isavela. It was above the knee, no zippers & open panty. After washing/drying for a few weeks the elastic near the knees started to wear out. So I ordered a below-the-knee one from the same place & in a smaller size (now that I no longer needed padding). I cut off the top few inches of waistband (too tight otherwise) and wear it all the time I'm not at work. For work I got a light compression legging that I picked up at a local dept store.
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Awesome, thanks so much for filling us in! Good for you for being so good about wearing your compression pieces - hoping it pays off wonderfully for you in the long run, and you know I will be looking forward to hearing! :)

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