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I had a BBL with fat transfer in December 2012...

I had a BBL with fat transfer in December 2012 which looked good at first but after I started back working out, all the fat disappeared. I have always had a little in that department (butt) and has always desired a larger and rounder one. I plan on getting butt implants in December of this year. I just set up my appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jeneby. Hopefully I will finally get the results that I desire that will last long term. If anyone has had butt implants with Dr. Jeneby please give me a little information on your experience. I'm excited about finally getting a bigger and rounder bottom!!

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Butt Implants

I also scheduled a consultation with Dr. Driscoll in Austin. Austin is the furthest I will travel due to post-op appts.


Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

I've put some links below to both doctors profiles. You can click on each and read the other reviews we have for them. I hope this helps and please do keep us updated with your progress.

Dr. Jenby Reviews
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1st consultation

I had my first consultation today with Dr.Peter Driscoll. It went pretty well! He explained alot of the procedure including the history. I really like how he took a pic (back view) and explained how he plans to give me the results I want. I also looked at the implants he uses he explained how and why they are used so I feel a bit more educated on the procedure. I was quoted $10,000 for the implants and lipo of the back. I still plan on getting my consult with Dr Jeneby just to weigh my options.


Hey, looking forward to your updates!
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Thanks lady!! I will try to update my every step when it comes to this surgery. As the date gets closer I will start posting my before pics.
Awesome possum! :D :D :D

Dr Cortes

OMG!! I have been researching this procedure everyday and I'm quite sure that I will have my butt implants w liposuction done by Dr Cortes!! From the reviews to the pictures....he is the man! I really didn't want to travel further than an hour but I do want my procedure done by someone who does butt implants on a regular basis. Judging from his reviews and pictures, he has a lot of experience on butt augmentation. I scheduled a consultation for July 21 with him. I also cx my consult with Dr Jeneby because it seems as if he hasn't done many butt implants. I figured if I'm going to pay at least $10,000 then I want it done by the best.


Cortez is a magic man with those hands. I am however going to try and go out the country.
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Where are planning on going (out of the country)
He is in Rosarito, Mexico. Tijuana. I am going with a girl that I meet here, she is from chicago. We are traveling the 22 . The cost of the surgery include 5 hospital nights and we are going to stay 3 extra days. I am extremely nervous about it. But Dr Gongora supposed to be the butt implant expert. He is the president of the plastic surgeons from Tijuana. Lots of experience. He is Eduardo Gongora, not Raul. (Big difference) Google : genesis clinic and see the website. Call Jessica ( they have a San Diego number) and let her know that I talk to you about it and that you will send him pictures. She is very nice! After he will review your pictures he will let you know. Contact me directly for any questions!

Consultation w/ Dr Cortes

Hello bootiful dolls!! I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes on Monday July 21st and it went very well. He and his staff was very friendly and answered my questions in detail. I looked at the implant sizes and he recommended the 490cc so I'm quite sure I will get the projection that I'm looking for. He also recommended lipo of the upper torso (arms, stomach, flanks, upper and lower back) to get fat as a filler around the implants. The total cost will be $13, 178....$9,620 for the procedure & product fees and $3, 558 for hospital fees, anesthesia and pain. It's pretty expensive but I don't feel bargaining for this type of surgery is a good thing. I want it done by the best and I do feel that Dr. Cortes is the best!! I scheduled my date for December 16th. I plan to take 3 weeks off to allow myself time to heal to a point where I can actually go back to work. I'm so excited and ready to see my results!! December can't get here fast enough.


I talked to Dr. Jeneby and have already paid my money but I'm curious now because I want to make sure I have the best as well, especially for the cost. Did you have your procedure? What made you decide Cortez?
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Bottoms up, pleaseeee do your research about dr Jeneby before you go through the surgery, a lot of complaints!!! It is scary. I went for a consult and from the moment I walked in the office I could tell was not clean . They give me a quote and told me I was a candidate without even ask me to change into a gown... Please, please be carefull.
I am seriously thinking of canceling my appointment. I am going to lose $500 for the surgery date though, but even the lipo results I see on here aren't very good. UGH. It took me months to find a good doctor close to me. Now I just want to scratch the whole thing. I do not want to have a bad experience and ever since I paid, I feel like I am bothersome to the staff with some of my questions.
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