Starting to Get Excited - San Antonio, TX

I have had large breast since I was in 5th grade...

I have had large breast since I was in 5th grade (32d). Most kids were not nice to me as they thought I was stuffing my bra. They only seemed to get larger as I grew up by the time I was graduating from high school I was a 36dd.
I tried dieting and exercising but the more they grew (42ddd) the more depressed I became.
I was 46 last year and asked my primary doctor who she would go to: Dr Peter Fisher. A very nice man who said I would benefit from a reduction and sent in the paperwork to try qualifying with the insurance company to get it done. The dreaded: we need more information and what things have I tried to do to get healthier. I again put it on the back burner as life got in the way.
I turned 47 in March 2013 and decided enough is enough. The girls (as I call them) and I are not happy together anymore and we need to be separated. I went back to my chosen ps and said lets try this again. He was surprised it didn't go through the first time. So we did the paperwork and took more pictures-I added a very detailed list of things I had done since 1993 to the present to lose weight. I also added a letter pleading my case. Fast forward to September 2013 I called to find out my status and the said it wasn't in yet... then they looked again to say it was approved.
Congratulations! Welcome to the sisterhood. When are you having your surgery?
My surgery is set for dec 18th (merry christmas to me) found out My portion will be about $1000.00 which I have on my Payflex (medical card) super excited only 62 more days.

follow up call with the doctors office.

I finally put on my big girl Panties and asked the doctors office things I need to know.
1. How much will my portion be? Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
a. Insurance will pay 85% of $7200.00
i. $6120 Insurance (Ball park amount)
ii. $1080 for me but I already paid $350. (Ball park amount.) the person I talked to said most people get a refund on their deposit.
b. Are payments available? Statement sent after insurance is charged.
2. Pre-op appt. 12-16-13 at 10 AM
a. What happens then? markings and prescriptions.
b. Do we decide on the size at that time? yes
i. How much is he planning on taking out?
Lt 1000 gr (2.2 LBS) rt 800 gr (1.7 lbs.)
3. When time do I have to be at the Methodist day surgery? 5:30am
a. How long does surgery last? About 3 hrs in holding for 1 ½ to 2
4. How long will I be out of work? about a week
5. When is the surgical follow up? From 3 to 5 days depending if there are drains put in.

Can YOU imagine they are taking 4 lbs off my chest in 62 days? I am counting down the minutes!!!

Welcome to the community!   I am proud of you for moving forward.  You will feel like a new woman once this is done.  I felt better the minute I sat up in the recovery room.  You will be amazed.  

Stay strong and keep your chin up.  You got this girlie!


Reply are going to be so happy with yourself for making this decision....I lost 6 lbs after my surgery so when I put my bra on for the first time, my shoulders didnt pain....awesome will have this feeling too....good for you!!!
Yay!! Your surgery will be here before you know it!! Can't wait to see your pictures post op!!

a bit down today

The girls (as I call them) are very tender and swollen. We are definitely not speaking at this point. I'm cranky and feel bitchy. Sounds like PMS to me...will they be as sensitive after the surgery? still excited but can't even think about taking off the bra right now. they are corralled and I plan to keep em right where they are.
will post some before pictures soon.
Yes - so strange my boobs have felt larger and swollen since I scheduled and my back has hurt so much more. Just 7 days left now............

well a picture is worth a 1000 words

It took a great deal of courage to actually take pictures of my girls. I have 38 more days to co-exist with them. I guess you never really see how HUGE things are when you only see the top 1/2.
I do wonder how I will identify with my loss of the girls-but then I think of the painful back, the inch deep shoulder strap area and the fact that my breasts can almost touch my belly button.
Hi! I am getting an lbL with DR. Fisher on Dec 27 th! Cannot even imagine having boobs that size (don't get me wrong ...I have my own issues ;)). Congrats on insurance approval. I think you will feel lots better after! So far totally love Dr. F :)

Wonder what I will look like

I'm not a vain person but I think about what life after surgery will be like. At this point, I can't put my arms down by my side. They sort of bow out and I never know whether to cross my arms under or over the girls.
Please tell me that it will be worth the wait and pain.
It will be sooo worth it. there really is not that much pain - non on surgery day and will be managed my your meds after. It is has aches and twinges and tightness but nothing you can't manage - absolutely worth it - best wishes
I totally love him too. He said they would be taking about 4 pounds off my chest. That excites me to no end. What are you having? IbL? Never heard of that- I'm checking you profile out.
Lower Body Lift (like a tummy tuck that goes all the way aorund your whole body - pulls up your birthday suit "pants"! LOL....and a Arm Lift (Brachioplasty). Wow! 4lbs! How "much" /size breast will that leave you? after weight loss, i have the opposite issue, not enough left! - i will be getting some small/moderate implants during a second stage...i wish i could get away with just a lift....Dr. F does nice lifts, so you should be good!

19 days and counting

My surgery is 19 days away. It's strange to think I will be a B (hopefully ) or a C. I have never known life with anything less than a D. I was the stacked 10 year old. I hope to be the small 47 year old. No tears of sadness on this decision. Don't get me wrong I'm still a bit freaked out that it's right around the corner.
Good luck!!! You're going to look and feel amazing!!
You will feel so much better after the girls are reduced. I hadn't been able to cross my arms in decades and the other day I did it without even thinking! Glad you are taking this step and having BR - it's life changing!
It will be worth it!!! the amount of weight on your breasts that you are dragging has to have an effect on your shoulders and back and as you said, even the way your arms will feel very different for sure, but the comfort you will feel is going to make up for any discomfort you may feel......I always remember (had my BR a year ago) being able to stand straight and tall, (after many years of slouching because of the weight and trying to hide the size, it takes a bit of concentration at first)....then you will realize your shoulders aren''t hurting as much....then you will try on clothes and you will be able to button them without having pins to hold them many things to look forward to plus you will feel awesome about drawback is you will be able to see your midsection for the first time...ha still working on that! BUT you will be a NEW YOU!!congratulations on making a decision to help yourself.

what was I thinking

I have been obsessing over this so much and finally realized that I never asked my Wife what size she thinks I should go to... this wonderful supportive woman that shares my life said "I don't care what size you choose... as long as your happier-you could have nothing at all and I would be okay with that". HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT? To have the support of the person who means the most to me and all she cares about is me being happy and healthy. What more can I ask for-it's now 16 days till I have the life changing surgery that I have been waiting for since about the age of 10! I am the luckiest woman in the world right now! A good support system in place and down to the Teen days before my choice of what I want begins. THANKS BEAR!
Awesome on the awesome and supportive wife :). My hubby will be with me through the whole 22 days in San Antonio! You have to be so excited!
We actually live in San Antonio. I should be home same day and dive right into the healing process. I have no point of reference on what bras to buy... I know there will never be another under wire on this body. I hate them. When and where is your surgery? We might be able to bring you some good food for the hubby and you to eat on.

telling people

You know this is a really personal thing to have done... I wasn't sure I wanted to tell anyone but the closer it gets the happier I feel. There are still some things to take care of but it seems like the time is right for me. I'm in a stable relationship for the first time in my life. She doesn't judge me by the outward appearance. We have a balanced relationship and it's the right time.
you are going to be thrilled! I do think Dr. Fisher does beautiful lifts (which i assume if they remove so much they just rebuild where everthing goes) - did you check out his pics? Just wait until after to buy the bras - i think for post surgery you just wear the front close deals - then you can go shopping for some proper bras girlie! I am just a teensy bit jealous as a "lift only" is not a desirable option for me as i will be left with only pathetic little "A" cup boobies. I will most likely go for some small implants (but this is 2nd stage for me) but conflicted with the whole thing of having a foreign body embedded in my body. Surgery for me is December 27th! Markups is December 26th. Yay for both of us! I know i am also feeling so grateful my husband has committed to take care of me through this process and has loved me unconditionally through various sizes and weights. I'll PM you my information.
My woman will be with me from surgery day till January 2nd. We work at a university and will be on winter break. The days are flying by.

12 days and counting

Decided to schedule my squishy (mammogram) today and they came back with 28th of December. I thanked them for that but declined the day as it's 10 days AFTER my surgery. New day from them is Monday 9th. Not sure if the PS will need a copy but I'll have it if so.
I asked for info about what I'll need after the surgery and they faxed a blurry picture of a bra box with nothing legible. Thank goodness the bar code was there so I could scan it with my iPhone and I have a good idea what to look for. Another week down. 1 week and 5 days... Amazing that the time has flown by.

Any other tips for me that people found useful to know? Anything is appreciated.

11 days

I had a great day today... had friends and family over. Baked cookies for Christmas and sat around talking about all sorts of things.
Now everyone has either gone home or is in bed and I'm here with my thoughts. Heifer the cat (he's old) just turned off the computer and I had to restart on this post.
I'm really excited about the transitional path I'm on and a bit freaked as well. What happens if they don't take enough off? will i be disappointed? probably but if it takes about 3 lbs off my chest I'll be very happy. this will be a case of MORE IS BETTER!!!! Take it all off DOC! I will donate it to any one who feels cheated by the boob fairy. time for sleep. good night sisters of the boob job.
lol! I'll take some! MWL has left me not much boobs :-( ! WISH i had just enough left for a lift - just think women spend $$$$ to have what you grew naturally and copiously ;-)
Just make sure that the surgeon knows what your wishes are, I am sure it will be a dramatic difference and make life so much better. Do all your family and friends know you are having the op?


Down to 10 days. My wishes are coming true just in time for Christmas. I think I am starting to obsess about this. I wake up every morning and say a little prayer theatre things go as easy as possible for me. This is the thing I've wanted most of all. Write more tomorrow.

Well it's now 9 days

We are officially down to 9 (count them) 9 days.
While I'm totally committed to this-I wonder what they will look like post. Of course I wonder what the bottom of my present set looks like as well.
I had my final big boob squishy today... The lady said she'll take a couple of pictures. I said so 4 billion pictures it is.
You all should be proud of me... I didn't ask for the wallet size prints.
I could tell dr peter to save it for you. As I told my mother... Send it to them!
The important people know what's going on.

7 days

1 week to go. I can hardly believe it. My journey end is getting closer. Very excited but also a bit scared. The what if's are coming up... What if they are still too big? Followed by what if they are too small (not hardly likely) any way the count down continues. More before pictures to come.
Good night ladies.

Was very tired last night

Yesterday was a long day. Friend put in hospital for hole in colon. Worked extra so my honey will have compt time to take the 3 days off before our winter break.
I have a question for those on the other side: what kind of bra did you use after? I got a fuzzy fax from my doc's office w no info on the page. How do you decide what size to get? I'm confused... in Texas.
sorry about the "bra" confusion (and sorry i am clueless!) I think the biggest recommend i see is those soft front closure leisure bras with wide bands at the the office though!! four days!!!! excited much???? I am 13 days out and I can hardly wait!!!
My post surgical bra was provided by the surgi center. It wasn't one of those tight, compression types I see some women here are sent home in. Since my doctor nor his staff had mentioned it, I called and asked if I needed to bring something. They told me no, it would be provided... and it was :) Ring them up and see what they say.

4 days to go

We went to a great christmas party last night and I had a great time. contemplating the need for some button down shirts for the next few weeks and the need to buy a couple of things. Especially a comfy after surgery compression bra-how does one decide what size they need? I know the girls will be swollen so do I get something like what I wear now-which should have enough room after they take the mass out? still very excited but a bit crazed by the lack of info on the after wear... help me! I'm freaking out only 4 days till the smaller side is here!!! can't imagine not being weighed down by THEM!!
: )
VERY EXCITED!!! hardly able to contain the nervous energy. I have baked a bunch of cookies to keep me distracted. Going to hospital to visit sick friend. Will be back later to check on the peeps!

Tomorrow's the pre-op

So tomorrow @ 8am I have the meeting. I got some button up shirts to wear after as I am a polo tshirt kind of kid. Kind of nervous about the meeting tomorrow- full of what ifs.
What if he doesn't take enough off? What if they are not pointing in the same direction? What is they are not the same size?
What if something happens? Some things not going to happen but I have the thoughts...
Good night peeps 2 days to go!
Lol! I am sure they will look fabulous! And even....and the same size, etc.....did u decide what to ask for as far as size? Full C cup?

Had the marking meeting

My ps says I'll be either a c or d. Any guesses which one I want?
Yep a C it is. This meeting was very satisfying. I can't make heads or tails of the marks but he says I'll be very happy. This is one of those in for a penny in for a pound things.
We bought 2 different size bras..... 46 c & 46 d....hope I get to return the D!
And a bunch of pillows, stocked up on jello and broths. Ready for the final days to be done. Will add pictures of the marks tomorrow as my camera woman is asleep-right where I'm going now. Good night ladies and 1 day to go!!!
Good luck tomorrow! You'll do great!
Wanted a B but hoping its a C.

tomorrow is the big day!

well tomorrow is the big day... I go to the hospital at 5:30am. in surgery at 7am and hope to be home again by 3pm. so excited. I have some before marked up picture... sorry they are sideways.
I'm going to bed now. Good night all... We'll talk tomorrow.
Good luck dear!
So excited for you, let us all know how it goes.
Oh how wonderful - best wishes for you - can't wait for your update :)

8 hours post.

Wow-what a day this has been. Got to hospital around 5:30am???? blood work done. BP 120/50. Had to pee only to be told 10 minutes later we have to do a pregnancy test...really my wife would have divorced me if it came up positive.
7am time to get the show on the road. Woke up to some heavy pain-morphine is my new best friend. No drains-awesome. And the doc took 5 1/2 lbs. off my chest, ???? seriously from a DDD to a simple D. Who knew a D would be small? I drank 9 bottles of water and ate a couple of graham crackers. Peed and we were on our way HOME!!!
I've napped on and off today. Had a McDonald's mighty kid meal. Taken the meds and more water. Pictures to follow soon.
Thanks for all the info you shared! Especially the pillow for the ride home-that was the BEST! Counting down to the shower in 2 days and the fitting of the bra!
So great you are through the other side! Hope your wife is spoiling you and that your recovery is great. Can't wait to see the results
So happy for u! Happy healing
Congratulations on a successful surgery! Removing 5.5 pounds and getting you to a D? You were seriously squeeeeeeezing into a DDD bra my dear!

We'll have pictures soon

Today is the changing of the bandages... We'll see the mini version of the girls. Very excited to see them. Pain is okay. Very manageable at this point.
glad to hear you are not in too much pain! Cannot wait to see the "unveiling" of the new and improved girls!

Hello from the small side.

Day 2 post op. Today we have some movement in the poo area. Haven't gone yet but feeling the urge. Also looking forward to showering and checking the girls out! Will post pictures some time today????

Today is good.

I got to shower and change my bandages and put on my new D cup bra. It's still a bit loose but i can live with that. see the pictures below. I ALSO poo-ed today! Very satisfying. Have not had a lot of pain but some interesting sensations going on with the girls.
let me know what you ladies think!!
Looking great!
Happy Sunday! Came by to e-check on new boobies! BTW I agree your sweetie did a GREAT job with the bandages! Very artistic! Does she do any freelance work? ;) I guess with your breast diameter also being large, you can only go so "small" for them to still look right. They look awesome iMHO! Did you tell Dr. F to save me some "boob" for the boob impoverished? (aka, me post skin removal?)
Looking good!


Well today we went to a church for a Christmas Contada for some great music. I was so TIRED afterwards I have to lay down.
Out for about 2 hours now I'm down watching football and resting. Still no Vicodin and I feel Really GREAT: size, physically and mentally. Not much drainage to speak of. No doubt I would do it again, ????????????
Great results!
Looking good!! The sloppy bandaging pic made me roll my eyes and giggle. Very professional? Was that done by a medical professional? (term used loosely) if so, they need their arms torn off
Wow! Your looking and sounding peppy so soon after surgery! Good for you and happy healing!

Happy Christmas Eve to Me

Took another shower today! so we had to remove the fab wrap job of my baby. Spent a little while out of the bondage wraps and took some pictures 6 days post op.
Well, we did brave WalMart to return the C cup bra today and a couple of other things we got that we didn't need. Took a nap due to exhaustion and fatigue.
Then went to Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at my brothers church. Beautiful service with people I grew up with. They were surprised by the change as I hadn't told them. Very satisfying.


don't know why the pictures didn't come through on last post so... Let's try one more time.
You're looking great. Take it easy now! Enjoying your review.
sounds like you are doing really well, have a relaxing and peaceful christmas
You look terrific! Merry Christmas


I go for my post op tomorrow. Feeling very good and have fingers crossed for good news from the dr. Have a few questions about size so far and how much it may vary. Also about the kind of stitches. Length of time to be off and when it can drive and start lifting things.

Today was good. Had family over. We watched STUPID movies and ate good food. Good times.
Well the post op was short and sweet. Dr was pleased with the healing progression and said to watch 2 small spots on the left side. Given the go ahead to do some light exercises and a little lifting. In other words use my own judgement on activities (which Annie says is a humorous thought)
hey you! Glad you are healing well - how to see you on Sunday! Hopefully i will be 'with it' enough to text!
You look great. Happy healing.

Primary Doctor reaction

Took my honey to see our primary as she's not feeling well. Turns out she has bronchitis and needs antibiotics????.
She said "nice boobs!" Made me smile as she's a proper British lady. ????

got eyes checked today

Eye doctor said the weight loss looks good. Only went there and came home-to pass out on the couch! Guess I'm not as far along in the healing process. ???? will be taking it easy tomorrow. Going to check on my ps buddy onedim at SATX hospital. Looking forward to meeting her. ????????

We are very pleased

I have been enjoying my new boobs. Took them out into the world. Spent quality time w my mom-in the ER for 14 hours (high sugars) She finally said she was glad I could get this done.
I look at myself and smile at the new me. I'm happy with the size and shape. ???? my ps rocked it on this one!
Checking on the girls today! How are they and owner doing in the new year? ;-)
Isn't it wonderful! Happy for you!

14 days out from surgery

Surgery was a long time coming and I know my results of it is good but the ease of this has sort of surprised me. I peed pretty quick at the hospital. Ate real food on the way home.
I only took the pain meds for 2 days (1 1/2 of which I slept through) and felt immediate relief from the lighter weight on my lower back and shoulders.
My shoulder grooves are gone and my fingers and arms have not started tingling since the surgery was completed. There is the occasional electric Zap that runs through the breast but all in all-IT'S BEEN A GREAT JOURNEY so far. Happy New You Year to all my PS sisters. Next appt with Dr Fisher is in February. Will post more soon. Good night and Happy Healing to one and all.
Hey i didn't pee RIGHT away but it did happen rather dramatically! You will be happy to know no further accidents were/are to be had. Boo for going back to work ;-(. From what i hear, just expect to be very tired after a full day and go home to nap! TGIF!!! the "girls" looking awesome! Still looking forward to breaking some noodles with you and Annie!
Let's see what is scheduled for next weekend.
Congrats on a successful surgery :-)


Well work was hard yesterday. I didn't realize how hard just sitting at my desk. By the time, I got home I was wiped out. Amazing results but I'm still weaker than I think.
so glad i don't work and can take it easy post op. your transformation is amazing, how many clothes sizes has your top half gone down.?
The working isn't to bad. Just hard to sit up for 8 hours in front of the computer. I went from 3x to x-large. Very cool change in my life. I am amazed by the change in myself as well. When I see myself in the mirror I can't help but smile like a fool.

Day 2 at work.

I think today was a good day at work. I didn't have as much trouble staying awake and out of pain today. I didn't want to lay down and die or sleep for many hours ????! It's a great day.
Glad work getting easier.....there is so way I could work right now. I'm like a daytime narcoleptic!
3x to XL?? Wow that is amazing!! Awesome you are smiling!! :) so happy for you!


We had a busy hectic week at work. Plus my co-workers birthday. I'm glad the week is over and I can rest a bit more. I feel asleep just sitting here and the healing process is in full swing. More pictures soon.
Glad to see you healing well - get some rest and enjoy your new breasts :-)

almost one month out

We are almost one month post op. This has been a totally great experience for me. I have some spots that are still scabs-but to be totally honest they look really even and correctly proportioned to my frame. I would whole heartedly recommend this for anyone on the fence about this surgery.

I am able to stand longer and will work up to walking at least a mile a day. Once that's back up to being par for the course we'll be working on adding further miles. Good Night Ladies blessings on all for healing and taking the steps to improve lives.
I had about 2 1/2 weeks and went back to work on a Friday. The weekend was spent resting and then I was going on 75 to 80% power. This 2nd week is better. Will post pics at 1 month time frame.
I think after reading many reviews, two weeks off from work should be minimum for this surgery. One week is just not enough time.
Good to see you healing so well and able to move around - enjoy your new breast :-)

This is 1 month and a day out

Yesterday was a sad day in our family... My maternal gramps passed away yesterday and I was not feeling the posting.
So 1 day later: new pictures and a new attitude.


Fastest poster in the west... More pictures.
Most people don't really notice as mine were already rolling up into my ab area. ????
So sorry for your loss. You look great!
Thank you for both comments
So sorry for your loss - you are looking great :-)

Feeling okay

Had a small issue with liquid build up and the stitches still healing. Woke up the other morning (MLK) with a very wet bed and chest. Thought something had spilled on me... Then looked under the left breast has an ulcerated looking 2 inch spot. Ignored the issue for a day and called Dr. F on Wednesday for antibiotics to be called in (which the office did very quickly) and he said be in his office at 10am on Thursday so he can check it out.
I tell you I was very happy after I was done with that appointment. I don't want anything to mess up the healing I've done and still have to do.????
so do you have a seroma or just ....? small infection? what was the "official" diagnosis? and you are fooling yourself if you think those are .5 girls....try more like .33 girls! see ya'll are having a lovely day there in San Antonio....FINE....wait until i leave to have a 75 degree sunny winter day....overcast here, but 53 degrees...much better than we have been suffering with!
hope everything gets sorted soon


Taking it easy at home. Small case of vertigo. I continue to heal and get more strength back into my body. No one tells you how long it takes to recover. I'm sure I rushed going back to work but you do what you have to.
Glad to see you healing well. You never realize how much energy you wont have until after surgery.
I can relate to your comment about healing! Geez Louise, i had no idea what i was in for here...still fighting to have energy after surgery.
It's just A small infection. We've had a roller coaster weather swing from 78 to 28. The phrase here is "if you don't like the weather in Texas wait 5 minutes."

Really oozing?

Well when was any one going to mention the SPONTANEOUS OOZING??? I mean get up go to work and there is the tale tell evidence of my leftie oozing again. Thank God I wore a t-shirt under my shirt today... All I can say is REALLY!!!! Scab over again at least that wasn't wet all the time. Almost as annoying as when I would get yeastie under them. That was always fun.

Seriously... I still love the outcome but I'm ready for the ooze to be done.
I've got a bit of that happening too. It is horrible, but still reducing the huge boobs is totallyvworth it.
I finally started using my Kotex pads to keep the drainage from running down my front of leftie. I think it's finally stopped draining and will check tonight.
That will be fat necrosis I think, dead fat cells melting, you would not want that to stay inside your body.

Feeling great!

I'm getting stronger each day. If the weather warms soon I can get back to walking and build up some stamina. I've lost about 10 more pounds since surgery. Feeling great and love the girlies again.
That is awesome! Congrats on the weight loss!
great news on the weight loss, i am trying and would be happy with 5lbs at 2 months.
Glad you are feeling so well. Many congrats on the weight loss - so difficult - good for you!

2 months out

Well actually 2months and a day later. I know this is one of the best decisions I have made in a while. I'm very happy with the results and am VERY back isn't hurting anymore and my body image has never been higher? Will post more pics soon. My spots that were weeping have closed and I can't wait till I can sleep without my bra. Its a nice enough bra but I'm ready to see other cuter and flirty bras!
P.S. if you are looking for good sports bras for high impact exercise, all my running/exercise bras are Moving Comfort Jubralee and/or Fiona - girls don't move an inch - i have been using these for many years...they last for a very long time as well.
Hiya Tigger! So happy to see your update (you so need to change your "handle" now to TiggerGotPerfectBoobies). Glad everything is closed...i know they are not serous, but the openings just freak me out. Bra shopping sounds so very alluringly cannot wait to get there myself. The bra-world is so your oyster now! Congrats!
Yall I'm so sad!!!! I got a letter from my insurance company saying i was denied. They said they don't cover cosmetic surgeries I told them it wasn't cosmetic so I called plastic surgeon asking what he can do more and he is going to file an appeal anybody have any advice.

Time to update.

I am post surgery 4 months now... And still very pleased. I finally can sleep on my stomach and didn't hyper-extend my spine. Awesome AND slept without a bra one night... Heavenly sleeping time. Will post pics soon.
You look great, and so happy
Congratulations! What a result!! Has it take some adjusting? That is the only part of the process im anxious about, the change (positive ob) of image
When does the burning sensation stop? I'm only four days post op down from a g to a c.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I find his bedside manner very comforting and reassuring. He has some very good reviews and patient comments. He was very patient in explaining what he was doing during the mark up day. Taking the time to tell both Annie and I what to expect and when to get things changed and what's happening next. Very pleased so far at the outcome. 1-1-14: My girls are SO much smaller and look great! I smile every time I see myself in the mirror. THANKS DOC!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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