32DDD Bra but 34C Boobs? - San Antonio, TX

Okay, like everyone else I've been lurking for a...

Okay, like everyone else I've been lurking for a bit and scaring my self to death with the pictures of the stitched and scars. Sorry ladies, you all look nice but that first day...whew. Lol anyway, my surgery is tomorrow morning and my heart is pounding just writing this review. I'm 27, 138lbs, 5'7", and my the majority of my bras that fit are 32DDD, but I also fit into a 34DD. HOWEVER, without a bra, the doctor measured me at a 34C. :( Which means that they are super flat around where my nipples SHOULD be and all my weight is at the bottom. I've lost 40lbs over the last two years so they're kind of deflated.

I know it's my decision and my body but I'm starting to get a little embarrassed because people are like "They look fine! They dont sag" and yadda whatever else but they're my boobs and I want them smaller. That should be reason enough. Nobody asks why women want implants. *pout* On top of that, I'm very active/athletic and sometimes I have my "man days" (which, most people dont really get that either, but whatevs) so I'm not really a big "breast person". I dont get any pleasure out of them so I might as well have them LOOK how I want. Okay I'll stop babbling. I'll try to get some pictures up; they're all on my phone..
As you said it,s about what,s best for you. People who don,t have abnormally large breast don,t realise the issues we have. You go for it x
I don't think that there has to be a reason. Life is too short not to have the boobs you want. I waited far too long. Wasted all those years.
It is your body....so go for it.....if you are an athlete, solid stable breasts would be such an asset.....there will be scars which will fade to some degree...

I did it

You guys I'm sooo tired. Mine was outpatient so they did the surgery, waited for me to wake you and be somewhat conscious, then let me go.
So I was super nervous but like a lot of the other ladies, I don't remember much. My throat is a little scratcher because of the intubation thingy or whatever. Thanks to the woman who mentioned that, so I didn't freak out. Also, I didn't pee first thing because I was NOT about to let them put a catheter up there.
It's about 5hrs later and I've had my Hobo Shower and I feel pretty good. Not too sore, which must be due to awesome meds lol. I'm really dizzy and nauseated but it's not unbearable. Just don't wanna do anything to lay down. **Sorry is some of this is ramble-y I'm a little out of it*

I haven't seen them yet but my new XS shirt fits and isn't popping at the button over my boobs. Yay! I'll try to scrounge up some pics of what I do have. Thanks for reading!
Thank you! I agree; I live in it so I get to fix it up how I want :)
Thank you! The fact that I can SEE more of my abs since they're not covered by my freakin boobs is reason enough to accept the scars. :D Granted, I haven't seen them but I finally feel like I lost a proportionate 40 lbs! I'm happy.
:) Thank you!


You are so hilarious!! Congratulations on getting your Breast Reduction and a BIG Congrats on your weight loss. Losing weight is so hard and I'm still battling to lose 30 pounds for as long as I can remember! You are going to look even better once you heal! If you are taking prescription pain medication, buy prune juice and drink one glass a day. LOL. Good luck on your healing and on a speedy recovery!!
I meant to say thank you! It was a drawn out process but you can definitely do it! The weight loss I mean; you're already a boob champ! It took two years for me to go from 180 to 138 with looots of external stress going on too. I'm glad I got through it and I'll definitely get through this too. Anyway, I'm babbling again! Prune juice and thanks again :)

First of all, congrats on your weight loss. You must feel pretty great. You are correct, it's your body and your choice. This site is all about people making personal choices to feel good about themselves. You'll be added to the surgery calendar tomorrow, but until then, you can check out who's in the same boat here...there were five other women going through breast reductions this week. Connect and support each other. We'll keep an eye on you too!


The morning after

So I'm not sure what they gave me yesterday but it was amazing lol. I was floating on a cloud but my face would have floated into concrete if my SO hadn't been there to catch me. I'm remembering things in bits and pieces. I remember the leg massagers they put on so you don't get blood clots in them. I remember the rolled me in the OR and I saw the bright lights and thought "Hey just like on Greys Anatomy!" The nurse gave me a mask with "pure oxygen" in it. Sure lady. Sure it was. Then I was waking up and they were fussing and trying to get me to open my eyes and say things to keep me awake.

Today my throat hurts more, pretty sore. (I'm a poet) and my bewbs..I'm like the movie Knocked Up "I FEEL EV-ERY-THING!" Lol it's not horrible but I don't think I'm moving around much until I get that sharp twinge. But it's not unbearable by any means. Just irritating. I didn't realize until reading some more of y'all's reviews that the incisions would extend to my sides. I guess I'll get a good look tomorrow.

I keep picking up my old bra, holding it up to my chest and giggling about the size difference. I'm so tiny now!! I love it. :D

I hurt everywhere but my boobs

My throat hurts so bad!! I didn't expect it to hurt this much. I think I have a pretty narrow airway and today it is NOT pleased. The muscles in the side of my neck hurt, I don't want to talk, I barely want to swallow. Not sure why I didn't expect this part.

Also, I have like zero strength in my hands. I work out so I have a pretty good grip, but not today. I can hardly make a fist. Is this normal?

I usually have great posture standing; almost physically impossible for me to slump but I think for fear or stretching my stitches or something, my shoulders have rolled forward. Which is NOT comfortable for someone with good posture. Ok I'm just being a baby but wahh. :(
Compression bra, lots of water and REST so hard to do but you will thank yourself
It's funny, but my throat hurt more than anything else. Luckily, it goes away after a few days. I'm so happy for you and you look great! It's so good to have it done and over. Happy healing,

Low expectations but still not that pleased :(

So after stalling all day (I know, gross) I finally took the bra off to have a look. I was expecting the absolute worst so since I didn't have bloody stumps hanging off my chest, so I'm pleasantly surprised. My lefty is a little off. It looks more like my old breast and I'm not too fond of it. My righty looks plump and pretty. BOTH of this have this huge disgusting fat wrinkle underneath where they used to sit. :( :( It's so ugly. Why is it there? Did they not lipo enough? Is it going to go away? I think I'd rather deal with the scars than the fat wrinkle if I had a choice. :(

Not really feeling to great right now.

Edited to add

I've seen before and after pictures of the vertical breast reduction that you had. In a few months, the extra skin under your breasts will not be noticeable, because your breast will fall "lower" and that extra skin should hold it. I was reading about that one doctor who invented that type of cut. It is a newer type of breast reduction technique than the anchor (or Inverted T) technique that I had. My scars will be visible underneath my breast to the sides, but yours will only be below your nipples. Which is a good thing so you can wear string bikini tops and not have to worry about the side scars. I'll have to wait a long time before I can wear that! And my scars may never disappear on the sides so I may not be able to wear string bikini tops. LOL.
Thank you Ginge. I actually thought that maybe, just maybe, that's what it was for but I didn't know that it was a real thing. I hope that's what it is. Then I can stop crying. :( But I like them higher like this and kinda don't want them to fall. I think I'll post a question and see what the PS on here have to say.
Yes, do get other PS's opinion on this too! Let me know what they say! :-D

Feeling better

I'm feeling better now. (Thanks for the encouraging words TitsMcGee) I'm thinking positively and reminding myself that it hasnt even been a week yet. I bought a couple new sports bras and made sure to use a little gauze to keep that wrinkled area compressed. Lots of water too; like she said. My ribcage measures 30 inches around but my new bras are 34/36. Now I'm just being vain; I wanted it to stay 32/34. They dont seem to be swollen. Hmm..

It was a little chilly today, so I put on a black button up shirt that I bought years ago size 6 that I could never wear because the top button wouldnt stay closed. But it fits soo good now. It makes me look lean and I feel so much better about my weight loss. Thank you all for your positivity. :)

Random thought

I like having a place that I can come to when I have random thoughts/questions about my breasts lol. Anyway, does anyone know the correlation of BR and your period? Many of you mentioned starting your period the day of, and I started mine that night/next day. Reason why it's strange for ME is that I'm on the 3 month at a time BC pill so my period wasn't even due for another week or so. Just thinking/wondering if the stress on your body throws your system out of wack in ways like this. Interesting.


I'm not really in pain. I have those crazy twinges every now and then if I move a certain way, but other than that, nothing. I keep seeing ladies talking about swelling but how do you tell if they're swollen? Are they sore? When does the swelling go down? I ask because mine feel..pretty much the same as before just smaller. :-/ So I'm wondering how they're going to surprise me next..
this was my experience.....when I moved I could feel a swishing sound like water.....that was water retention (I did not have tubes) but my friend didnt have this, just swelling and she described it as feeling VERY TIGHT, plus they looked swollen. You are very lucky if you don't have any of these.....PLUS, you are so young....from what I heard from my PS, the results would be much better and I assume would look like the pictures we sometimes view ....the "after" pictures....however, my PS was very quick to remind me that I was the "MATURE" women (I think that is after 40) and the results wouldnt be the same because the skin is thinner as we age...whereas the younger clients have thicker skin and shape would hold more.....this is my translation of what he said....at the time, all I wanted was RELIEF...I got that 100%....I did not get the perkiness that people talk about, and I am a little flat on top of the breasts....but I was a little flat before the operation too....the boobs were somewhere else, like hanging by my waist...ha SO, I am now much smaller (lost 6 lbs all together from the surgery)....then I lost another 11 on my own.....still working on the mid section....but at 64, I look pretty good....
Hi! You look great! Did you ever get an answer on what the fat pockets are? I'm 2 days post op and noticed the same thing under both of mine. Did yours go away?
Hi! Thank you :) I read a couple things and a couple people (see below) have suggested that they are there to provide some leeway for when the stitching heals since it can cause a sort of "drawstring" effect. I have my first follow up tomorrow and I will make sure to update because I know a couple of other ladies were wondering as well! Also, at 2 weeks post, they are a LOT better than they were at first! Stay positive! :)

Two week follow up!!

Well the follow up was a but anticlimactic on the boobie side. She said that I'm healing beautifully and that I could pull the tape off if I wanted but I decided to leave it because if the stitches haven't dissolved by now, I'd probably pick at the incisions. :-/ Yeah, I'm a picker. She also said the puckering/fat pocket will smooth out with time. Like Ginge said, the type of cut (without the underside being cut) produces the wrinkling and it gradually smooths over time. There may be possible dog earing, but that can be fixed in the office after allowing time to heal. I do have a little dog ear under my right but I'm not too worried about it anymore.
Also, she said I didn't look to have too much swelling. Something about my inflammatory reflex. I may have screwed that up but basically I don't swell easily. My pain tolerance is really high so maybe my body was just like "Oh that's no big deal" lol idk
I'm just mad I can't workout for another month. >:-[
I'm glad your are feeling better and those fat pockets are going away!! It is looking better and better!!! I'm almost at 6 weeks & still scared to work out. Lol. I doubt I'm ready to go back to those Dance workout so I'll just get on an elliptical machine this week or next week. I'll see how far it takes me. Lol

I don't wanna!!

So I should probably peel this tape off.. :-/ Almost all of you ladies have done so and seen your incisions but I'm avoiding it. Not just because I might pick at them, but because from what I do see, things are pretty nasty under there. I tried to peel some off and started getting sick when I saw the stitches. :( This is not gonna be pretty...
I just saw a woman's update of a year after her br and the incisions look great! Her scars had faded pretty good so I'm hoping mine will too. Not looking forward to the "titty drop" though. I was kind of looking forward to having high boobies. Wahh. :(
Any tips on how to get through the first couple months?? Anyone??
Girly can you say hot hot hot ...... Your looking great

Has it really been 4 weeks??

My feelings about my breasts then and now are like night and day lol I was so upset, crying my eyeballs out thinking they were ruined. But as time goes by, they look better and better. It's amazing. The best part is that it's only been a month so they'll get even better! :D
The puckering underneath is nonexistent, which my boyfriend is so tickled by because looking at it made me collapse into tears two days after surgery lol.
My nipple hypersensitivity seems to be fading a bit. Either that, or I haven't been paying attention. When I tell you I had NO real sensation in my nips before..lol a dog could have been chewing on them and I wouldn't flinch! Ok not really, but almost.
But two weeks after surgery, they felt EVERYTHING! Drinking cold water, went straight to my left nipple like my esophagus had been re routed. It was weird and cool lol.
I'm glad I took the tape off because it seemed to make everything heal faster. I have minimal scarring and not too many zingers unless I'm laying on my side in bed. I haven't quite bought anything special yet, I want to wait until they stop changing size and shape. The girl that measured me at Victorias Secret said I'm a 32b...which I want to be but I think I might be a small C. Does anyone else find that VS bras run big? Or do other brands just run small??
I commend you on the surgery. How did you get the insurance company to approve your surgery?
Your incisions look AMAZING!  Great job in the healing dept!  That is a freaky thing about drinking cold water and reacting that way... like you said: weird and cool at the same time.  I'm glad to hear that the hypersensitivity is fading.. that is a concern of mine.  (I'm 3 1/2 wks)
Vs does indeed run big. I remember someone on here whose results were way smaller than yours crying about being a 36 C by vs standards. that was ridiculous to me as even a 32 C would have been a bit big how much more that. Anyway great great results. Glad you're happy with your new boobs. And what are you using on your scars? Looks really great for 4 weeks.
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