Breast Lift with Implants Should NOT Be Done Simultaneously - San Antonio, TX

I had breast lift with implants 2 mod ago, it cost...

I had breast lift with implants 2 mod ago, it cost me 9700 and it looks terrible, I actually cry about it and avoid seeing myself naked. My nipples were cut up, I'm lopsided and still very saggy. My ps assured me he was more than capable of this procedure and now I'm left broke humiliated and told to just give it more time...


i am so sorry- would love to know who your ps is as I am scheduled for a breast lift very soon- I consulted with three surgeons before choosing one- many thanks-
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I'd rather not divulge his name publicly at this time due to possibly litigation, but I will say this I do not recommend doing this. Get the lift and go back for the implants later, I don't care what he says he can do.
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I would love to know who did your surgery. I just had a consult in San Antonio for same thing
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Name not provided

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