Bye bye b's hello D!

I have always wanted breast implants, but not...

I have always wanted breast implants, but not until after I was done having kids. My husband said he didn't want anymore kiddos (we have two) and I wanted to try for a girl. Since we were at a road block, one of us had to give. I said I'd compromise and pulled out my wild idea in return for giving up on having a third baby. My husband will surely benefit as well but he nearly choked on the thought of spending that much money. Hey, it's way cheaper than a third child! Anyway, upon starting several consults each one told me I needed a lift. Even more money for my husband to choke on. I didn't want one because of the scars and longer time in surgery but once I was educated on WHY I needed a lift I didn't care as much anymore about scarring. Now if I just got a lift it would leave me with next to nothing. (happily breast fed both my boys) I'm a 34B on a good day, so I am getting a much needed lift with 371cc's silicone unders. I can't wait! But I am a bit nervous about people noticing my new look. There are much more important things to spend money on and I was always jealous of girls who've done it. I secretly hated them. I know I'm a bad person for that but I'm being honest. More updates to come and before photos.....


I chose sillicone natrell 15's and I guess the cc amount is 371. I might make another appointment to try on a smaller size just in case. I don't want them to get in my way or make me look heavy.
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ByebyeB's... omg the best code name ever!! :)  Did you choose your implant sizes yet?  I am excited to hear how your surgery goes... please keep us posted.


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You're NOT a bad person. Envy is universal, believe me.

Sorry you didn't get your girl (maybe you would've had another boy!), but glad you're getting this.

Thank you for starting your story! Looking forward to seeing how you like the results (fingers and toes crossed that you'll be thrilled!)

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Well, surgery day is about two and Half weeks away...

Well, surgery day is about two and Half weeks away. I have my two different size sport bras for after surgery both with a zip front. Other than that I've got nothing else. I've read other people having huge lists of items to help after surgery, I feel so unprepared. I haven't had a mammogram, haven't done any blood work, I don't have my pain meds and I didn't even think about button front jammies. What do I really need before surgery? Dr didn't say I have to get a mammogram but for peace of mind I would like to. Is it too late? I'm only 34, I doubt my ob would order one for me. Can I go somewhere and pay cash no matter what my age? Anyone have any thoughts and suggestions about what I should really have on hand for when I get home?


You are getting so close!!! :)

Are you sticking with the 371s?  I would say that it's a really good size.


In terms of what you will need when you get home, a lot of snacks and soft foods, I would also get some baby wipes because it will be hard to shower for a few days.  I don't know about you but I hate feeling sticky!  

Besides your pain medication that you will be taking, make sure to get anti-nausea medicine, have a lot of movies handy and maybe some new books to read. :)


Also, I'd make sure you have a lot of comfortable clothes!


I hope this helps, I'll keep brainstorming. ;)


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Thanks for the tips! I'm glad my mom will be here to help me. I did decide to stick with 371cc, I tried on the smaller size and it didn't make much difference; especially after my lift. I Can't wait!

July 16th is here! I wasn't nervous till now. I've...

July 16th is here! I wasn't nervous till now. I've never been in surgery and never been under for up to five hours. Surgery is at 10:30am and there is no going back. I took before pics and will post later this week. Yikes!


Good luck!!!! Can't wait to see your photos and an update on how you are doing. :)

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I had my surgery yesterday. I was super nervous...

I had my surgery yesterday. I was super nervous the night before and I even had a dream that the doctor sewed a button on where the nipple should have been! Too funny! Luckily for me he did not have any buttons. My care was great at the surgery center and I was in good spirits that morning. Dr. Decherd came to see me, marked me up a bit and answered any questions I had. My only question was if he was well rested and in a good mood. He said he just got back from vacation so he felt great! Just what I wanted to hear! Then my anesthesiologist came in to chat, he could have just sent a tape recorder in and pressed play, he didn't have much bed side manner. Then they had me take my contacts out so they wouldn't get dried out. I wish that was on my paperwork somewhere because I didn't have a case to keep them in so the nurse brought me two urine cups to keep them in. Also, I had to remove my rings, which don't want to come off, and they got all swollen trying to yank them off. I asked why I had to remove them and they said when they coterize the current wants to travel to metal and I could get a burn. So I took my nose ring out too. Then my nurse came in and gave me the happy juice through my I.v. And I was out! I next remember waking up with a ton of bricks on my chest feeling like I couldn't get a deep
Breath. I also felt like I was going to throw up. They gave me 3 medications to help with the nausea and it went away after a while. But I was still panicking about the breathing and I was so out of it I couldn't keep my eyes open. I could hear everyone speaking to me but It was too much effort to respond. My throat was hurting worse than anything, it felt like the breathing tube scratched me pretty bad. It still hurts today. I was waving my arms in the air for no reason and couldn't get comfortable. I was irritated that my husband was asking me so many questions like, do you want more ice chips, can I adjust your pillow, etc. He was trying to be so helpful but I was not myself in the head. I think I was in recovery longer than I was in surgery. Getting up and walking was very slow going and I felt so dizzy. Getting into the wheel chair seemed to take forever. I feel asleep in the car on the way home and moaned with every turn of a corner. Needless to say I went strait to bed and my husband had to shake me hard to wake me up for my meds. When he did I realized I had to pee right away. I think he was worried I'd wet the bed in the middle of the night cause he woke me up again at 3:30am for more meds and a bathroom break.

Today I'm still so tired but I'm taking only one hydrocodone instead of two at a time. My mom is a rockstar and is taking care of the kids while my hubs is at work. My pain is well controlled and I mostly feel super sore like I did a million chest reps at the gym. I'm still dizzy but not as bad as yesterday, and I'm walking a bit faster and more steady. I haven't showered yet and hoping my husband will help me with that tonight.

Now about the former B's......I know they are super swollen but I'm sure they will be D's when they settle. I love them already and can't wait to get a better look at them when I shower tonight. Next Tuesday is my post op appointment with dr. Decherd and I over heard the nurse say decherd's boobs take two weeks to drop and my husband wasn't allowed to let me freak out until after that if they looked like frankin- boobs.

So now I'm headed back to bed after taking another pain med, I'll update tomorrow!


Get some rest, thanks for the update!  Perfect explanation- that it feels like you have done an enormous chest workout at the gym!

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I just added before and after photos. I had to...

I just added before and after photos. I had to wait till everyone left the house so I could post these then delete the photos off my computer. I don't want my kids stumbling onto them one day. Day two after surgery..... I feel more swollen if that's possible. My chest is still super firm and it reminds me of when I was engorged at the start of breast feeding. I'm still taking meds and my throat still hurts. I shone a flashlight down my throat and they did scratch me with the breathing tube, I can see blood on one side. Thanks to whoever was my anastesiologist. I can't remember his name. I hope that goes away quickly. I took a shower by myself today and tried to blowdry my hair. Bad idea. The blowdryer could not have weighed more than 5 pounds and I have short hair but it was too much for me. I had to take a nap after that. Again I've been asleep most of today and now I'm bored. I'd like to get out of the house but my front looks like a sasqwatch chest and I don't want to cause a scene. I'll lay low and find a movie to keep me entertained. I still have not gone big potty yet but maybe by tomorrow I'll get my chance. My pain is well controlled and I feel pretty good on my feet after my cat naps. I will post more photos as time goes on. My post op appointment is next tuesday so I guess that will be when they take off the tape holding my nipples on and see my progress. To be continued.......


U look great!!!

About the big potty thing when I had mine i couldn't go either.. for 7 days!!! And then someone told me to swallow a whole clove of garlic (NOT TO BITE) before to go to bed for my night sleep...I thought it was crazy but at that time I was desperate and I didn't want to take laxative because the pain on my chest was already enough and I didn't want to feel any pain on my tummy too!!! So I took the clove as ridiculous as it might sound...BUT IT WORKED!!!
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Your post-op pics look great! I had the same surgery last week (the 9th), and each day gets a little bit better. Adjusting to the new "weights" and chest/back pain have gotten much better too. Congrats on your new "D's"!
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7 days after surgery.... It is now a week after...

7 days after surgery....
It is now a week after my surgery and today might have been the best day so far. The first 5 days I was super tired and lost energy very quickly after doing little things like take a shower or fold some towels. Today, although I did want to take a nap after sorting through a bunch of toys, I rebounded after eating some lunch. I haven't had any pain medication since day 4 and I've only taken advil because I think it helps bring swelling down. Sleeping is the hardest and I wake up about 3-4 times a night. The last two nights, the most comfortable way for me to sleep has been on the couch surrounded by pillows. But my cats wrestle all night and sometimes jump on me or over me and they wake me up. In my bed I end up sliding down the pillows and feel like my implants are falling back towards my neck and then it hurts to try and sit up and have them settle again. I love to sleep on my side normally so I want to sleep on the right or the left but my muscles are sooooo sore that I can't do that.

Tomorrow is my post op appointment and I expect for Dr. Decherd to remove the steri strips along my incisions. I hope it doesn't hurt much. None of them have budged at all with my showers. I am looking forward to trying the scar healing tape I heard about, I hope it helps a lot.

I'm still very glad I had the surgery done but I am looking forward to holding my 1 year old again. I miss snuggling him and putting him to bed. My husband took this week off since I cannot fully care for him on my own yet. It will be a good bonding time for them. And I can't wait till I can sleep on my side again and for the itching to stop. I know they are healing because they are itching but still it's annoying. Oh and the color!!!! I've never seen my skin such a bright yellow before! Wow. I don't think my photos capture the true magnitude of how yellow my boobs are. Sunflower yellow.

I'm adding 1 week photos today so everyone can see the colors and the progress.


I am going for the same thing in 3 days. Thanks for the play by play. I am nervous.
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Tomorrow is the big day. Saw Dr today and he decided on 340cc. Will post pics later.
thank you for such a great descriptive and detailed review of your experience. We are also finished having kids between "yours, mine, and ours" kids we have 3 and my tubes have been tied, so I am hoping to get my life (I need it badly) and augmentation within the next year. I am about a 34C at best and a lift would put me at about a B if I'm lucky because after breastfeeding 2 kids I lost a ton of volume. I used to be a 34D and could still go without a bra because they had no sag, now I have tons of sag and I'm way smaller. Your info on how your healing process has gone thus far was incredibly helpful! Thanks again!!!
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