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My motivation was just to feel more confident...

my motivation was just to feel more confident about myself on many levels. I found my 1st consult to be discouraging after the surgeon seemed to talk down to me as if i was a child not knowing what I was doing. My daughter in law also saw him & he treated her the complete opposite, leaving her feeling very confident. So that left me feeling maybe i was 'too old' to do this & that's why he treated her better. My 2nd consult with my surgeon left me knowing for sure he was the one. Dr. Jeneby is great! Not only is he a great surgeon he is a great all around guy. he does charitable work amongst other great things for his community. HIGHLY recommend him if your in the TX area. I had Adjustable Saline implants done. i was a 36B & he said I am a full C now. I think I will go a bit bigger. In July will be my 1st adjustment appt.

So far the physical aspect has been a bit uncomfortable. at least compared to my daughter in law who had absolutely no pain or discomfort after day 1. The 1st 3 days were the toughest of course, but I did have the pain pump & I'm sure that helped alot! Since then my discomfort is mostly from the nerves. I get random sharp hot pains while I am sleeping. I go to stretch and it happens. Apparently, so I've researched, that when you stretch it presses on the nerves, which are healing. Also, my skin/mostly nipples are HIGHLY sensitive to the point of discomfort. A cotton ball couldnt touch them right now without hurting. Again, I read, it's the nerves. I surely hope they heal sooner than later. I like the size of them now, but they are swollen & I read that the volume will drop 10-15% by month 3. So happy that I went with adjustable :)

The sensitivity has reached just unbearable so I...

the sensitivity has reached just unbearable so I messaged my Patient coordinator who said she'd call me in meds. yay! well the day ended yesterday and no meds called in . sent her an email that i hadnt got it. sent her another this morning requesting she just send it to somewhere closer to my job so i could get it faster. Didnt hear from her so maybe she is busy or not in, so I message my Dr. who has responded immediately to me before, for advise. he said she called in meds, when i told him she hadnt he requested i call in. so i did, had to leave her a message cause she was 'with a patient' in less than 1 min i got this response email fr her: I will call this in when I have 1 minute to sit at my desk and do so, I understand your urgency but I also have 100 other patients with concerns as well. So I am trying to get to everyone in a timely manner. In the future you can call the office and speak the office manager Sylvia to call in a prescription for you, rather than texting Dr. Jeneby he’s in surgery when he gets these messages and it kinda throws him off. I will have this done before the end of the day.


Trying to add some photos as I go. I do have...

Trying to add some photos as I go. I do have better before & after without the clothing but rather not post them to site, but will gladly share via email if anyone would like to see Dr. Jeneby's work, or inquiries of the scar & port of the adjustable implants :)

Seems to be healing. Not very pretty scars.

Patient coordinator told me not to worry bout scar cream yet, because the 6 mo. adjustment & port removal will come out through same incision spot. Not looking forward to healing again but this time no muscles should be messed with. I really cant wait til the ports are out. the weight of my boob puts pressure on it & isn't comfortable.

i can feel my implant!

oh wow! i was lifting my right boob up cuz it was aching from the weight & i was sitting here bra-less trying to give them a lil rest and i CAN feel the implant on the bottom! so weird its like pushing on a bag of water i guess. i picture poking the corner of a bag of water your carrying around with a fish in it and the corner just pops back out. lol that's what it feels like, omg i hope this is normal. it doesn't look any different . i just happened to feel it. someone with saline tell me if this has happened to you.

Finally Feeling some relief

4 weeks post op. The nerves are finally calming down, the muscles are relaxing. I think I'm ALMOST ready to bathing suit shop :) Need to get suit & get my tan on. VACATION IN AUGUST! (new pics )

6 weeks post op, things are looking up

6 weeks tomorrow. the nerves have finally settled down & the numbing returns. I rather it be numb that pain. the breasts itself is slightly numb but the nipples are still very sensitive. But definitely tolerable. I can lay semi comfortable for the most part. But still cant find a comfortable bra. The scar area is still very sensitive/uncomfortable, but I think it has to do with the port being there as well. Too scared to buy an under wire bra. haven't made it to Victoria secret yet but that's my goal for this week. I haven't shopped for new clothes or a new bra like most but that's because I have just been so uncomfortable until now. They're soft & I'm pretty sure they dropped early on and are where they're staying. I do want them bigger. They are bigger than they were but not the 'big' i was envisioning. So I will bump them up at my 1st adjustment & see how that goes :) My adjustment is in July & apparently my 1st follow up with the surgeon (besides my 1 week post op). I wish he was checking on me before then just to make sure all is well, but I suppose he's the expert. Can't wait to see the end product. Can't wait til I can stop thinking about 'the foreign object in my body'.

BEFORE photo.. unsure if i miss them or not

RealSelf Rocks!

RealSelf posted a story on my type of implants and let me have some input. Got interviewed & they used my answers in a very well told article on Adjustable Implants. How great! Check it out.

1st Adjustment 1 week!

3 mo. post op already! Havent been on here so much now that I havent had a million worries. But i do check in on the friends i've met here to read their updates :) I go for my 3 mo. post op/ 1st adjustment next Wednesday. I'm pretty excited. Small part worrying bout the needle. ouch. who likes needles right? So, i'm going to adjust bigger because i want to SEE the difference when i'm wearing clothes. i know they're bigger now but they don't seem bigger. They are comfortable for the most part right now. The ports are still annoying..but definitely tolerable now. I don't notice them when wearing any kind of bra, there's no discomfort unless I accidentally scratch or rub over it too hard, its a little sensitive. My scars still look very obvious but I haven't put anything on them because i was told to wait til after the 2nd incision that will be removing the ports (NOT looking fwd to that). No other major issues to report. They still seem semi numb mostly on bottom half & nipples. That's annoying. I still feel a lot of swish & movement. THATS annoying & still get the random sharp pains that come & go
.... So in the article i was featured in (prior update) i read one Dr. saying that with adjustables you cant go more than 10-20% larger than the original size. I guess this kinda makes sense. if they put a 'baggie' in there with water & don't fill it completely so you have 'room to decide' then you have a bit of that 'extra baggie' feeling going on. if they made it any bigger than 10-20% room to increase, then it'd just be gross if you never adjusted. Sooo I'm going to ask my dr just how big is the fullest i could be? I'm hoping the bigger will eliminate the 'swish' that is THE most annoying feeling every time i move on them, in bed.Scientifically, that seems to make sense, right??
---I'm still not sure on what my 'correct' bra size is? My bra's i got fr Victoria secret are 36-38 C but i think i have a little left over in the cup, so IDK ?? I will post pics after the adjustment. My husband says 'im surprised that your not happy with what you got?' didn't say in a mean way, but I wonder why he says that? Cuz I went fr small B to Big C? Who knows? He should know that women are never happy with what they have. LOL Wish me luck!

1st EXPANSION of my adjustable implants

3 months already! Had my 1st expansion on Tuesday. the weirdest & coolest procedure ever. amazing what technology can do. they stuck a needle in each port with lil valve on end, screwed in hose coming from IV type bag, that also had a big syringe hooked to it and just slowly added more saline. I got to watch in a mirror WHILE it happened. so nuts. It didnt hurt, minus the small needle poke. You dont really feel it enlarging either. you cant really see it like increasing immediately, it's like your eyes have to adjust. when they were done and asking what i thought...after a few mins. & seeing the SIDE view then i saw the difference. Not 100% on how I feel about them. I did like the originals, they did look very natural. & not that i was going for the 'fake' look but i wanted to see a noticeable difference. This expansion did it. they're much fuller on top, more cleavage... so that's good.. they feel much firmer now not as squishy & so far I haven't felt any of the 'swishing' from before. I added a lot of pics. Pics of the scars & ports. some before/after pics from original implants to 1st adjustment as well as some in the same tops I've taken pics in before. Of course my surgeon was in and out like a whirlwind. Just long enough to tell me they looked Great (before expansion), poke the needles in & then say "OK you girls know what you're doing" & left. LOL there was 2 nurses that assisted. prettttty neat.


Still cant decide if they're 'big enough' yet. I think as time passes you get use to them then it's like 'oh they're not THAT big' but then i see certain pics & am like WOW they are big. So undecided. Pretty cool that I get this option to think about it and go bigger if wanted, but the process is trying. Should I go bigger since I'm even considering it? What if I don't then I'm like "DAMN i should have went bigger" , after my ports are removed. I guess the adjustable implants give you the same scenario as non adjustable, it just delays the decision 6 mo's. LOL My personal opinion on them at this point are... i really liked the 'natural' look of the original implants...when unclothed but couldn't really see a difference clothed because I always wore padded/push up bra's before. Then, Now after the expansion I like the way they look clothed, difference is obvious..but now they don't seem as round & pretty naked as they did originally. So i wonder if bigger will give the fuller/rounder look ? or will it just be the same but sagging/hanging more? ughh decisions decisions. I go back to Dr. 10/2 for 2nd expansion. Port removal on 10/22. what should i do??????? as far as how they FEEL. I am still partially numb all around but more so from the bottom half to nipple. Nipple still sensitive even numb. When does this go away? man i hope this isnt permanent. No sloshing but EVERY time i lay down on my side i feel them move/adjust. I hate that. but maybe we get use to it? They're still not so fun to 'play with'. LOL i think theyre more for looks still. haha I cant wait til they truly feel like 'me'. sigh~

bathing suit shot

Tomorrows 2nd adjustment appointment-- To increase or not to increase is the question!

So i go for my second & final 'expansion' tomorrow. If i want to increase or decrease the size of my new friends, now is the last chance. Of course I'm still 'should i?! or Shouldn't I?!' in my head. Everyone tells me 'they look fine now' or 'they're big enough' for the most part, minus my very large breasted daughter and my daughter in law who also got implants but didn't go as big as she had wanted. They say 'go big or go home'. lol I just don't know what i want. If i am pondering it at all does that mean i do want them bigger subconsciously? When i look at these pictures I feel they're kind of deceiving. They don't seem that LARGE to me when i look in the mirror naked. I do believe they've settled once again after my 1st expansion. I know for sure I will have him adjust them so they're more even. the Left is slightly bigger looking. they're at L 340 cc and R 400 cc-- I have a small list of questions for my surgeon... I'm going to ask them to show me just how much is say '50 cc's' in the syringe.. I think if I don't ask for more then I'll become one that says ' oh i wonder if i had... or i should have...' Which I'm well aware is about 90% of breast aug. patients..i just post-poned my moment by 6 mo's by getting adjustables. lol I don't want them the 'Oh yea those are definitely fake' big, but I had just envisioned them to sit up high and pretty on their own with no bra... to look big & beautiful in a T shirt with no bra, instead of being non existent (pre surgery).. Maybe I just have boob greed? Maybe I'll just ask for 1/2 cup size more. I read everyone's type and size on this site but it seems most of the ones I'm following are silicone so it's hard for me to compare. I don't even know what 'mod' means... And when i look at the shape of a couple of ppl I'm following (D is for Daphne & ThatGirl 8), they're just very pretty, round & perfect. I guess that was the + of silicone.. Saline, I'm assuming just keeps your shape but makes them larger... not what I was hoping for, but I'm definitely not complaining. I do love them and cant wait for the Ports to be out in hopes that the numbing and sensitivity goes away. I still cant really feel the bottom of them much and they're still very sensitive. I'm hoping it has to do with the ports in there pressing on nerves and the problem WILL go away. Ports come out 10/22! then I get to finally heal for the final time. My scars were looking pretty good right now too, but the doc has promised the next incision will be 1/2 the size of the original. So my final questions going into my appt. tomorrow are: will the movement feeling go away the fuller they are?, will more saline make them harder or do they re- settle even at that size?, just how much is 50 cc's of saline?, is the port known to make the numbness/sensitivity last longer? When are we suppose to redo/replace our implants, is there a time frame? and the most quizzical question of all is 'how in the world does the implant seal when he removes the port? :) too many questions? i'm sure ill go blank and not even ask half. ha! if anyone knows the answers of any of them feel free to speculate with me!-- Will post b4/afters tomm. appt. soon--

Final expansion done , on the road to normal 'my' boobies :)

Here's some photos right after my last expansion. I'm at 6 months. They will re-settle again. They're hard right now from the expansion, but like the 1st expansion.. they will soften & settle again. Final cc's are 430 L 460 R . I went into the appt. still unsure if I was going to want to go anymore. I had them even me out with 30 cc's in my left.. then as I was just looking in the mirror & explaining to him I was unsure, I thought I kinda wanted to go 1/2 cup size bigger maybe just make them a Full D rather the Full C/small D they were at.. he advised 60 more cc's & this was the outcome. I'm fine with it. I went home & didn't tell my spouse, daughter, mom .. that I had increased to see if they noticed. I told them I just had them evened out and when I showed them no one could tell. Which is perfect. I didn't want to jump to freakishly big but i wanted that lil small gap in my new bra to fill up and it did :) I can tell the difference like on the sides where my arms brush by them and how they sit better in my bra. :) Mission accomplished. Now I wait to see if they settle prettily enough and dread the re incision at the end of the month.

Almost a year post op

Sorry it's been so long. once its done you just try to forget about it and make things as 'normal' as possible. Overall I am happy with the outcome. Dr Jeneby gave me some awesome looking boobies :) I do not feel 100% 'normal' yet. Earlier on my skin was super sensitive and partially numb. The numbness is still not completely gone. like if i have an itch on the lower& outer parts i feel it PARTIALLY when i scratch. its odd to me. the sensitivity is gone for the most part. my nipples are still sensitive to any roughness, but not too harshly. i thought maybe it was the ports still being in there that was making the numbness, like maybe it was pressing on nerve endings.. but the ports have been out for a while, completely healed, but still some partial numbness...now its more so on the outer sides. hopefully that goes away and normal returns at some point. Looking back I do believe i got a little bit of boob greed. When i look at the photos the original implants really are pretty. with my 1st adjustment i said " i just want to make them a little more fuller"... which they did get very much fuller. Then with the 2nd adjustment i only requested to make them a little more even in size ( 1 was still bigger than the other) so they put a little more in each (more in 1 than the other). They are pretty big final result. Part of me thinks I went too big but then at other times I think they just look great in my clothes and thats pretty awesome. I will post photos soon to show the final final outcome after all adjustments & settling.
I really like Dr. Jeneby and probably will go to him again but with nothing more surgically, but maybe with some skin improvements. He has a very well known spa as well :)

so i think i need a Revision.

so either my right breast implant has moved out of its pocket or my left breast is leaking and much smaller or they totally didnt get them 'even' enough and 6 MONTHS after port removal, they are just getting into their final 'settle'????? whatever it is , it needs to be fixed! i look in the mirror and feel nothing but disappointment. they are not pretty , attractive, or just tolerable to me when I look at them. Even in my bra. I just got a new wireless one from VS and there was this totally obvious slant/angle going on right in the middle of the bra where the Right breast was pulling the bra further out. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I dont want to pay this much $$ to be anything but happy. and NOW i'm sure i'll have to pay more to get them fixed. im so sad. i go to my 1 yr review on the 29th. and hoping that he tells me its not SO unusual and he can fix by altering ONE instead of both and that it wont cost me the same damn amt of $$ :( boo. The photos attached i wondered if jus becuz of HOW I'm holding my phone it DOES make the right one look a little worse than it really is, but...it's still pretty obvious that one is much bigger. hanging much lower.. and when i lay down i feel it shift around MUCH more. so idk wth is going on with them. :(
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

The best! Dr. Jeneby is a sincere surgeon who is about the people, the patients, not the $$ of the practice. He made me comfortable and safe in my decisions. I also had worries right after surgery of which I messaged him directly on FB & he immediately responded. How many surgeons out there will do that for you? I highly recommend Dr. Jeneby! I have had follow up issues & questions to which I directed to the patient coordinator assigned to me & they are very slow & a bit unprofessional at times. I'm not letting their "lack of" influence Dr. Jeneby however. Hoping that my 3 mo follow up doesn't give me any regrets.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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My boobs are EXACTLY the same way! And it is very obvious even in a bra! In ur cute top photo and the one after that where u can see the one breast is obviously smaller, you can tell in each photo... BUT when u look at photos with your arms lowered your boobs look even (maybe a tiny slight difference but i have to squint my eyes to see that). Im thinking it might be a difference in your muscles. It seems that the one boobs looks "picked up" making it look smaller when u hold ur arms that position. Have u ever tried flexing to see if it actually picks one boob up more than the other.. there is a term for this, i need to look it up!! U look great though.
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i wonder! i just started new work out routines but BARELY have done that many workouts so i hate to even tell him about it so he dont say 'oh yea thats why, your fault' LOL but I have been doing more ab machines as well as Zumba. Hmmmmm well we'll see! i think i'll google some more about the muscle thing as well ;) thanks for the feedback!
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keep me posted.. im big into working out... i do boot camp 3 times a week... i have not done it yet since surgery but my 6 week post op apt is tomorrow.. i will ask when i can go back to full swing. but i dont want to mess up my boobs.. lol
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Something similar happened to me? About 15 years ago I had saline implants put in (not adjustable). After they settled one was larger and sat lower than the other. Life happened and I didn't get a revision. I could deal with one not looking exactly like the other, but the size difference really bothered me. I am finally getting a pocket revision and silicone implants in May! It always amazes me how much the look of our breast change over the years. Keep us posted on what the PS says.
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And I still think your results are beautiful. But I totally get where you are coming from.
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i wonder if thats what i'll need, a pocket revision. Becuz it sure seems like a few months ago they sat perfectly even. i mean one still seemed LIL bigger but HARDLY noticeable, so i just wonder if it moved. & when i lay down or lean certain ways i feel like its totally shifting like a muscle would do... this gives me hope that maybe only ONE will have to be altered. thanks for the input! and thank you for the compliment :) Will let you know what the PS says :) and good luck on your! keep us posted :)
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Your final expansion looks great! What size did y end up and how many cc's total did you get.
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I'm wearing a 36 D or some styles a DD is more comfy but 36D is for the most part. I cant remember the final cc's but will find out for you!
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I think I would have done the same as you and kept going up and then you look at everything and realize they look great at all stages, I bet they look awesome =) I hope you numbness ends soon, mine is still not fully there and its quite weird. but hopefully we won't notice this time next year? I know thats so far away but I am hoping things do return to normal for all of us forever. Glad to read your update Willow =)
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thanks! YEA they're BOUND to become normal again at some point i hope :) Good to still see you around as well :)
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I'm thinking about getting the adjustable implants. My surgery is May 12. Thank you for posting your story, it helps. I'd love to see recent pictures. I'm wanting to go "bigger" but worried about how they will look after they settle in. Everyone's results are different but it's nice to see what's possible :)
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Seachik I recently had adjusables.. im 8 days post op.. are u in the SA area?
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awesome. yes everyone's different. i had mixed emotions of liking them best originally after the expansion i felt i took it too far, but after they settled for the final time.... i like them. theyre not ginormous but big enough to make the difference i wanted. will post new pics soon! Thanks for reading my story!
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how are things going lady?
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good ! thanks! i've been out of the loop on here but trying to catch up. posted a little update, will add photos soon!
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Just got the same procedure by the same dr.... i got lipo as well... my anxiety is up the wall.. i guess its the fear of infection and so forth.. i think the lack of support from the staff sucks too
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im hoping mine turn out as good as yours did!! What cup size were you before the very first augmentation?
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thanks :) My bra's said i was a 36 B but the dr said i was a small C. Originally I was shooting for a 'Full C/D' but then the full D turned out great :) It was hard to fathom going to a D from a B! but with my body build it worked out great :)
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I'm around the same, alittle bit smaller. I wear a 32C, i originally chose the 400 cc but during my second consult went with the 450cc because they are a bit wider and will fit my chest better. I dont really know the size I will be afterwords, Dr said a full D/small DD. I find alot of the time, bra sizings are so different from store to store, I just want to be big enough that I'm comfortable in a strapless or even just a sports bra!
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exactly :) sounds like you have the perfect plan :)
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Yay! They look perfect. I'm glad that all worked out just right for you. :)
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thanks! me too :)
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hey how do the adjustments work?
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i wrote about them a little above. its pretty neat. the simple explanation is... they're saline and they have a port connected to them that's just right below the skin. you have surgery , in 3 mo's he can poke a lil needle into the port & expand them as much as you like. then at 6 mo, you get a 2nd chance to expand, then they remove the ports with a small incision and a cpl stitches. wala! the size you wanted :)
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also i was reading your review and just a fyi, i topped off my expansion yesterday now making them a 430/460 I will post pics soon. my before boobs resembled yours, so if that helps ;)
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