Three weeks post op

Hi! I am new here. Surgery is set for December...

Hi! I am new here. Surgery is set for December 27th. So nervous! I am 34 years old and have 3 kids. I am recently divorced and decided that it was time to repair the damage that has been done to my boobs by having 3 kids and losing weight. I am planning on saline implants under the muscle through the armpit. Still debating between 330cc or 350cc, scared about going too big.

I am 5'1" about 120lbs. I don't want to look like I have fake boobs, just would like to be able to look the way that I do with clothes on, without the need of a really good push up bra! I currently wear a 34C bra, but my boobs are severely deflated and saggy. Hoping for a nice full, natural look after my procedure. I would love to be able to chat with others that may have some of the same questions, concerns, nerves. Or just for advice and moral support.


Hello! I am new here as well! My surgery is Dec. 19th and I'll be getting 325 or a little more under the muscle. Keep me posted!
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Thanks for commenting! I am so happy to have found others that are going through the same thing around the same time. Very comforting to have the added support and advice as well as people to share nerves, fears, etc.

You're in the right place! I'd recommend going through some other reviews in the community and leaving comments so others can find your story here. It's a great way to support each other.

Thanks so much for sharing and please keep us posted!

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Had my pre op appointment last Friday the 14th. ...

Had my pre op appointment last Friday the 14th. Paid the balance and had bloodwork done. They gave me my prescriptions to be filled prior to my surgery date and also the vitamin package. I am still torn between whether to go with 330cc or 350cc. I explained to the doctor that I was looking for full natural results and did not want to be too big and he said he would make the decision the day of surgery based on how it looks. I am still moving forward with Mentor saline implants with an armpit incision. I asked about what kind/size of bra to bring to wear after surgery and he does not want me to wear a bra afterwards, said he likes for them to fall into place naturally. I thought that was kind of strange but I have several friends that have gone to him and did the same and they have great results...hope I will too. I have not done a whole lot to prepare. Been really busy with getting ready for Christmas. I think the distraction is probably good for my nerves. I am scared...but more excited to get it done! I can't wait to see the results. I will try to add some before pictures in the next couple of days.

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Tomorrow is the big day...I hope! I have had a...

Tomorrow is the big day...I hope! I have had a cold the past week. Was running a low fever over the weekend with a cough and sore throat. Feeling better today, no more fever but still have a bit of a cough. Hoping we can go as scheduled tomorrow but also don't want to take any risks and am prepared to rescheule if the doctor recommends doing so. I am scheduled to arrive at the doctors office at 3:00. I wasn't planning on the surgery being so late in the day! I have to stop eating at midnight and am sure I will be starving by surgery time. Looking forward to getting it over and done with! Posting some before pics.


Good luck to u hope u truly love your outcome...I completely relate to ya story
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I am a 34c too with padded described my boobs...saggy deflated not a pretty sight especially when im bending over brushing my teeth braless...yuk! My boobs ofcourse turned to crap after I had a baby. I want to wait till after I have my next kid but I'm getting super impatient becausr I feel like I'm never gonna get pregnant again. Please let me know how the surgery went. Hope you have a quick revovery. How much time did u have to take off from work?
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Good luck hun!!! HOpe your operation went GREAT!!! Looking forward to your reviews doll! :)
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I don't have much to all seems like...

I don't have much to all seems like such a blur! Everything went by so fast. I didn't have to be at the doctors office until 3:00 and I could tell that they were already running behind schedule. I waited in the wating room for about a half hour before they called me back. Once I got back there the nurse had me give a urine sample and then took me into a little room to change into my gown. She had me lay down and covered me with a warm blanket, which was nice because I was freezing. The anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself and checked my vitals and listened to my lungs. He said eveything looked good and that the doctor would be in shortly to get things started. The nurse came back in to do the IV and she tried 3 different times with no luck. She brought another nurse in and she tried once again with no luck. They finally tried one more time and the fifth time was the charm. I hate is the worst part for me so needless to say this was torture for me. Once they got that done, I remember the nurse said she was giving me a little somethig to relax and they started to roll me out of the room and that is all I remember. The next thing I knew I was waking up and they were starting to have me get up to get dressed. It was already 7:15 by then. I looked up and saw my Mom and we left. I got home and immediately took all of my meds and went straight to bed. My Mom stayed with me at my house and woke me up every 6 hours to give me my meds. I had my one day follow up the next morning at 10:30. Seemed weird to be going in already since it had only been around 12 hours since my surgery was done. They removed my wrap and now I am not supposed to wear anything at all until they tell me to. I took a shower yesterday and again today which felt nice. I am not sure how I feel about how my boobs look yet. I feel like they are huge and hard and high! Hoping they are still swollen. I don't know how many cc he decided to go with. Totally forgot to ask. Figure I will find out next Frday at my next follow up. So far I feel really good. I have been able to sleep pretty much all day and night. I only get up to pee, eat and walk a bit to loosen up. My bed is kinda high off the ground, so my Mom has to help me get up and lay back down. I sleep propped up with pillows laying over my stomach to prop my arms up on. I don't have any bruising, a little swelling, but not too bad. So relieved to be done. I am actually so surprised at how easy it has been. Thankful for my Mom...she has been a lifesaver.


Welcome to the other side. I hope your recovery continues to go well!
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Sooo glad it went Sooo well for u congrats!!!
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I am still so surprised at how easy this has been....

I am still so surprised at how easy this has been. I sit here and laugh at myself for how worried I was about going through with it. I still have yet to feel any real pain...aside from being stuck so many times trying to get the IV started. I have taken all of my meds every 6 hours without fail. I have had no problems falling asleep or staying asleep. I am drinking lots of water so I usually wake up to pee but then am able to fall right back to sleep without any trouble. I have also been able to eat pretty much anything I want without any problems. I have been snacking on dried apple rings regularly and haven't had any problems with any constipation. I have been able to take a shower and wash my hair without any problems. I have very long thick hair so i was a little worried about that. My Mom has helped me brush and blow dry it so I don't strain my arms too much. My incsions under my arms arent bad at all. The tape covering the incisions has already fallen off but the nurse said not to worry about it. I am still kinda unsure on how they look. I feel like they aren't quite the same shape and the right one feels a little more swollen than the left. I also feel like they look a little cone shaped from the side. I am hopeing that it will all even out as they drop and fluff. Just wanted to update on how I was progressing along. Please feel free to ask any questions. I will try to post more pictures soon. I have to go get ready to watch the Cowboys game! :) Hope everyone else is doing well!


U r very very lucky. I had the opposite. I feel very sore, tight and like i got hit by a Mack truck. It's a week later and I'm still needing help getting in and out of bed, can't lift my arms up at all, shooting pains into my armpits, burning pains under my breasts. I can't drive yet. However, I LOOK good lounging around!! lol, btw u look great.
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I wanted to know how U r holding up with your three kiddies after the surgery. I am also 34 with three kids and thinking very hard whether to do this or not. I scheduled my second appt with surgeon and at that point I want to schedule the surgery. Love your story bc u make it sound so easy and I like that! I had three c sections so I figure how bad can this be! Thanks! And u look great!
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Since I am divorced, I was able to schedule my surgery during a time when my kids would be with their dad. I decided the Christmas break would be ideal since they wouldn't have to worry about homework and studying for tests. My kids are out for a total of 18 days for break and we worked it out so they will be with their dad for 9 days and then with me for 9 days. My surgery was Dec 27th and they don't come home until tonight (Jan. 2nd). It actually worked out perfectly. I was able to come home from surgery and completely rest and relax. If the kids had been here, even if I had arranged for someone to be here to help, I wouldn't have been able to relax...I am too used to doing everything and they are too used to wanting me to do everything with/for them. I think that the mistake that most people make is that they come home and feel much better than they expected they would, so they get up and do more than they should and then wind up feeling much worse. I have yet to feel any pain. Just sore and tight. I have had one c section and this is a breeze compared to that.

I had my one week post op appointment yesterday....

I had my one week post op appointment yesterday. The nurse removed my stitches from under my arms, didn't hurt much at all. She told me that I needed to start massaging my boobs five times a day for one minute each time. She then proceeded to teach me how to massage my painful! The doctor came in and said they looked perfect so far and mentioned the massaging as well and then proceeded to show me how he wanted me to do it and his way hurt 5 times worse than when the nurse did it! I wanted to punch him in the face! I also finally found out that he ended up doing 360 cc in both. I had originally decided to go with 330 then we discussed possibly going with 350. So I was kinda surprised to hear that he went with 360. As of now, I kinda feel like they are a little bigger than I was hoping for, but I think that they may still be a little swollen. I am hoping that as they continue to drop and fluff that I will end up happy with the end result. I will try to post some more pics later. I feel like they haven't changed much since I last posted pics. I see the doctor again in three weeks. He said he will be able to tell if I have been doing the massages as instructed. I have been doing them...and it hurts so bad...I don't think that I am doing it as hard as I should, but it is just so painful! I am hoping that the more that I do it, it will get easier and hurt less.


You look fantastic - I hope the swelling comes down in the next few weeks. I love your shape. Take care.
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Congrats you look great! I agree the massages hurt like hell. I'm hoping once the swelling goes down it gets a tad easier. Good luck
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Well it has been three weeks since my procedure...

Well it has been three weeks since my procedure and I am feeling better and better each day. I feel like things are progressing as they should. Seems like they get softer and drop a little every couple of days. I have been doing the massages as instructed. I usually massage each one for 2 minutes 5 times a day instead of 1 minute each time per the doctors instructions...just in case I am not doing it just right, at least I am doing it a little longer. I have my one month follow up set for Monday January 28th. I am anxious to hear how he thinks they are doing. It is hard to know what is normal when you've never been through the experience before. Most of my friends that have been through it had it done several years ago and they don't remember every detail. I am back to feeling pretty normal...I still feel like I get tired quickly and realize right away when I have over done it. Still kinda hard to do certain things: open medicine bottles, soda bottles, pick up heavy things. My incisions are under my arms and it is still a little hard to shave but I do the best I can. I feel like the scars already have shrunk and lightened a lot...they should be hardly noticeable in no time at all. I am posting some 3 week post op pics. Some of them are in the Danskin sports bra from Walmart. Thank you so much to Sunny81 for recommending them! Love comfortable and easy to wear under clothes! I can't stop buying them. Everytime I go to Walmart I buy everyone I can find in my size. Can't beat 2 for $10! Since my scars ar under my arms you can kind of see them in all of the side view pics. I am posting one close up of my underarm for those of you interested in how the scars may look. All in all I am thrilled with my decision to do this and the outcome so far. Glad I did it in the middle of much easier to hide it under winter clothes. I am also glad I took the time to read so many others reviews, the suggestions helped tremendously and it was also nice to hear that you aren't alone in your nerves, fears and excitement. The actual procedure and recovery were so much easier than I ever imagined.


Your boobs look perfect
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Looking grea! Do you love them??! :)
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Thank you! Yes, I am really loving them! I still catch my self looking in the mirror and not believing that they are mine! So happy with my regrets at all!
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