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I had my first saline implantation in 1999 and the...

I had my first saline implantation in 1999 and the PS who did them filled them to a C cup, somewhere I guess around 375 cc. I actually don't remember but they were a comfortable size and since I was going from barely an A cup I loved them. I am small framed and about 5'3", about 120 lbs. and I still am. But I decided in 2009 that I wanted to go larger and I went to a DD, 750 cc's. At this time I was 59 and I am now 62. That was a huge mistake and I regretted it almost immediately after but I didn't say anything to my husband because of the cost of my bad decision.
Since that time I have had worsening chronic lower back pain for the past 3 years, but it was not caused by the implants. I have 3 bulging discs, severe degenerative disc disease and scoliosis plus spondylitis stenosis. You can imagine how the weight of 1500cc of saline on my chest feels. By this time I want them out so badly it is on my mind almost continuously. I see a doctor for pain management and have gone through surgery, injections, physical therapy, everything.
I went and saw the PS that placed these implants in and he will remove them, but he doesn't do a lift until after a length of time has passed. Around 6 months to a year. I don't care, I just want them out.
I am hoping possibly with help from my pain doctor to try and get my insurance to cover a simple explant. I have been told that there is a pretty good chance due to all my back and shoulder pain. Even if they won't help I am still going to have it done. My sister just recently had hers taken out with an internal lift and actually that is the reason I finally talked to my husband about it. He wasn't too excited at first but now he just wants what is best for me and is curious to see me look more or less like I used to, tiny all over. The matronly look will be GONE! Yeah!
I see my pain doctor this Monday, for another injection :(, and I'm going to talk to him about the explant. I can't wait! The lady I talked to at my insurance company said it takes about 2 weeks for them to make a decision and she even gave me hints of the most important things to include in the letter. I will try and leave pictures as I go along.

Pre Explant

Side View

Well, these are my two big problems!

After seeing these pictures all I could of think of was how out of proportion they are to my body. I've decided to talk to my PS also about possibly working with my insurance company. And things are getting worse with my back, I had a fall on Thursday and landed right on my incision from my back surgery against a wooden post. Things will get better, I know they will! Thank you to all of you have written me, I sooo appreciate it.

Step one accomplished!

Well, I went for my appointment with my pain management doctor for my back today. After telling him about my fall last week and landing right on the incision scar from back surgery I had last February and getting x-rayed, yes nothing broken! I got to the most important reason I was really there asking him to write a letter for my insurance about how much of my pain is due to the size of my implants which he has obviously done before. I am so excited, he is sending the letter to my PS that I already talked to a couple of weeks ago and then the ball is rolling. I have to call my PS tomorrow morning and let the office know what is going on so they work on getting the letter. Now if my insurance pays that will be great, but I will be getting them out whether they do or not, it would be nicer if they paid for it though. I'll be sure and keep you updated and try to keep myself busy...I hate waiting. I just can't wait to be me again! No more fake boobs!

Things are going as smooth...

as I had hoped. Yesterday my pain doctor for my back had no problem with writing a letter about how much the large implants were causing even more pain to my back and shoulders. He asked me who my PS was and I told him so he could get it to him. Then this morning I called the PS office and found out that he is strictly cash only. So now I'm trying to back track and make sure the letter to gets to the proper people. I am guessing and hoping he will also send a copy to my primary. Seems like everyone is at lunch. I just have to remember that things will work out and be patient. But it is so hard because I want it done and over with. I feel like just paying for it and going to the doctor I was seeing, he charged $2200 for the explant with no lift. I hate waiting!

Almost time!

My PCP's office sent me notice this morning that the insurance is going to cover the explant and they have a PS they use, he or she (?) is Dr. Koneru. I am going to go online and see more about him. I am so happy and of course I'm ready to make the appointment for this week, as soon as possible! But they have to get the authorization faxed over. I'll let you know as soon as I know when it will be!

So happy!

I have to add on that I just spoke to my PS's office and they were very friendly and nice...a PLUS! My first appointment is going to be on July 15 for the consultation. I did some checking and he has been mentioned in the top San Antonio doctors several times in our San Antonio magazine. I couldn't be happier!

16 Days to Go

I am trying to stay busy and get things done I have put off for awhile when what I want to do is go shopping and look for smaller tops. I have been doing a little and there are so many cute things that I will be able to wear again and not be hanging out of everything and having guys and "women" gawking! I know the women are naturally wondering if they're real and I don't blame them I would be too. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my PCP to discuss my explant, his idea not mine. I am thinking (and hoping) that he just wants to make sure I really want to do this. I'll get the lecture about how having them out won't take away all my back and shoulder pain. But I don't care, I realize that, but I also know I will feel sooo much lighter. I'll let you know what the results are....hubbie is going to give me some back up.

Things have changed!

I went and saw my PCP this morning and he talked to the PS that he sent me to in my insurance network (HMO). Well, it seems that the PS said he will rupture my implants and just let them drain into my body but that my insurance won't pay for them to even be removed even though my pain management doctor said it would help my back pain a lot to get the weight off my chest. It just doesn't compute, everything was set up until this last PS saw me, and I believe he just wants to make some money by having me see my breasts with the empty bags in them and then make him some money by a lift or smaller implants. My PCP even said that my pain doc said it would help my back and started to say he could work on getting approval and then he dropped it. So to hell with it, I went home and got on the phone with my original PS that put these in and made an appointment. He is Dr. Robert Young and one of the best in San Antonio. So! They're coming out this Thursday! I am happy and scared at the same time. I did my pre-op work today and paid for the whole she-bang. Ready to go! The nurse told me they send me in a soft cup bra but I will need to get a bra with soft molding cups to wear. Anyone know of a good one that will cup my breast and help get it back in shape. She said it doesn't need to be a tight spots bra. We have every store I can think of here I just need to look the names up and see where I can buy them. And I'd like to have one before the surgery. Any ideas?

Due to Explant 8am Tomorrow 7/25/2013

I'm getting ready to get some sleep, taking something to help with that part. I'll be up early since it's about a 20 to 30 minute drive. I'm excited but I think I spent too much time looking at some of the post explants. I need to be thinking about the way it will look when it starts healing. I have FIVE!! sports bras to take with me and see which ones the doctor thinks I should use. I'm favoring the Champion one from Target with the removable pad. Enough of this, I'm going to bed and I'll be back on as soon as I can tomorrow! Thanks for everything to all of you! We have done it together! G'nite!!

All gone!

It took about 3 hours from start to out the door. He took them out thru the areola which is where they were put in. So that's good no new scars but I guess I just really didn't want my them cut on for the third time. No drains, I came out with just gauze over the nipples and then a soft bra kind of like a sleeping bra with ace bandages wrapped around to give it a lot of compression but the bottom of my breast was peeking out the bottom so the anesthesiologist said I might as well take it off when I got home and put a tight sports bra on. I have to say I was a little shocked by how I looked when I saw myself. Not very pretty at all but it is the first day. How long did you all leave a compression bandage on if you didn't have drains. I'm going to try a couple of the other bras I brought home but the extra skin I have now just slides around. Not sure what is best and the office said what I am doing is fine but I think they're too tight right now.

My first post-explant pictures...

I'm getting a little more used to how they look and these are only 3 days post. When I take my sports bra off they slide down a little. But I am so happy that they're gone and feel great!

Still waiting on more of a change.

They're still about the same as my last photo so I'm going to wait another week or two until I post another one. When I still had my implants I had one spot on my left breast that if I flexed my pecs it would scrunch up and not look normal at all. I have noticed that now that if I flex both my pecs they both move. I'm looking forward to seeing the doctor so I can ask him what is with that. I know it has something to do with being behind the muscle but what? Any feedback?

Gaining more and more acceptance!

I wouldn't be totally honest if I didn't say that when I first saw my breasts after explantation I wasn't a little shocked. But it has been 18 days now since then and I feel great about my decision. After talking to and getting to know the other women here that aren't afraid to show how they look after I am proud of them and proud of myself for doing something to make me feel like I am totally myself. I have gone out to meetings and around functions not trying to hide the BIG difference in my body and I'm proud of myself. I don't work so I haven't had to deal with that but my sister did and I am so proud of her too even though she had a lift there is still a difference. I love my body the way it is and if I had a chance to get smaller ones the answer would be no. I am planning on posting a picture soon, probably after I see the PS next week. I myself can't see much difference so far. I have started a healthier lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetables and juices and since I was never a meat lover I quit that too. It has such a big difference in my energy level, thanks to maui who got me interested in it. This has been one of the best decisions I have made in quite awhile.

Thursday will be 4 weeks post!

I saw my PS today for a FU and was sort of set free you might say. He said I could start exercising again (I can't lift heavy things because of my back anyway) so now I can go to the gym! Yeah! Also I can wear regular bras, including underwires which I don't like anyway. But I had my implants taken out thru the areola so no scars to deal with. He said that seem to be healing well and when they're finally like they are going to be permanently probably not too bad. Pretty good coming from a PS. I made I told him how I don't have any shoulder pain or neck pain anymore. The lower back pain I will always have I'm afraid. I'm also going to start massaging them to help them get back into shape, that is OK to do too. I'm just so happy to be myself again, with a few changes. It has been well worth it!

Here's 4 weeks post.....a little change.

Starting to get some wrinkling, some is due to the muscles I believe that are cut.

It's 4 weeks post tomorrow!

Try to get a picture one more time!


I guess this picture just doesn't want to be seen. lol

Went bra shopping today!

Finally got my four week post picture to post!

I went shopping for bras today and was excited about getting my first little bitty titty bra. First of all I can't wear those cute little bras, I'm 62 not 22 and have too much loose skin around my back and under my arms from being stretched by the balloons. So I was getting upset and heading for the same kind of sports bra type of thing I have been wearing and my husband went and got a lady to come and fit me and I heard him telling her that I was upset and the whole story of having gone from a DD to nothing a month ago. She was super and I must have tried 20, at least, bras till I found two I felt I could feel comfortable in. they're 36A's and I don't even fill out the cup. No underwire and they are super soft and comfortable. They're Warner's Back to Smooth and take care of that loose skin fairly well. And I had to buy one made by Lily of France that's very similar to the Barely There but the straps are thin and adjustable like a real bra, AND you get a matching pair of panties. So now I can wear a top and not be totally flat and that's nice, I can definitely live with that. I know the girls still have a long way to go, my PS told me they change for 6 months to a year. As you can see they already have lost the swelling I had right after the surgery and less tissue now. Thanks to a friend of mine here on RS I am going to be making my own cream to massage them and nurse them along. Thanks so much hugger!! :) So that's all for now, I guess I'll wear one of them tomorrow and see if I feel differently. I did get some inserts to try and fill up the cup but they are hard as a rock and it's too much like those fakey balloons so they're going back to the store. Maybe I can find some softer ones.
Dr. Robert Young

Dr. Young is also the doctor that put my second set of implants in when I went larger and I have to say they were perfect. Even another PS said they were great and couldn't figure out why I wanted them out. He's a great doctor and I'm glad he was the one who explanted them. The whole experience was great, the staff is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I called Monday to tell them I wanted to go ahead with the explant and I was in surgery by Thursday morning. Of course they already had my paperwork.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Glad you are doing well, I can't wait to go bra shopping ! So, what is the recipe for your special cream !? I've been wondering what is the best to use...
  • Reply
Thanks, I actually got the recipe from littlehugger. She actually walked me through it. She is definitely a wizard when it comes to body butters for massaging the girls. You might check with her about the ingredients you need. I'm actually going to make another batch, my first one (possibly because of the heat down here in Texas) separated and it could have been because it was my attempt. I can still use it, I just re-whipped it and keep it in the frig. I love the smell of coconut oil I put in it and use all over just to soften my skin.
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You really do look great! Thanks for your story:)
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Thanks mamakas, it was a shock at first as I'm sure you've heard before but I love my little girls now and don't regret it for a minute.
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Good to hear!!! You look fantastic!! Where did you find your bras??
  • Reply
I went to Macy's they have always had good people who know what they're doing when they size you. Plus my hubbie pays for them if I go there! And thanks!
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Just wanted to mention to you that I ended up returning the bras from Macy's because it just didn't work when I couldn't fill up the cup and then I knew I needed a AA. So I went online and ordered a Handful bra and a ZEE bra. The ZEE bra is great and so soft but I haven't received the Handful bra yet. My sister who also explanted prefers the Handful so I'll see.
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I'm happy to hear how pleased you are with your new body! You look sooooo much better now! Isn't it nice to get to the age where you can stop all the foolishness and just be happy in your own body? I'm 64 and just had an explant and lift. It's only been 3 weeks for me, but I am so much happier. I have more scars to deal with because of the lift, but I'm sure they will fade in time. Best of luck!!
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Thanks stringalong! My sister had a lift too but she's had problems with a hematoma in one of them and is going to have to go in and have a revision. She went to that Dr. Melmed in Dallas that does the internal lift, she wasn't too happy but she has the kind of luck I usually have. I know he is supposed to be an excellent doctor and she is very careful and I'm sure she did exactly everything she was told to do, just bad luck.
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Hi Soon! That was like a bra marathon, lol. Thank goodness for your wonderful hubby, and that you got a couple comfy bras after all that trying on! I would have been outta there, and probably will be after 6 tries, tops! There are sure to be some changes to come as our weight readjusts, we return to some exercise, support the inside and out through diet and skin care, and have the support of a damn good bra! High five doll! Your looking great for 4 weeks! xoxox
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Thanks so much hon, I would have given up and bought the little bra and pantie set but my hubbie helped immensely.
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Yay for bra shopping!!! I bought a couple so far, but they aren't fitting right now with losing weight. But it's nice to move beyond the sports bras even if only during the day!
  • Reply
I know what you mean, but for now I think I'll just wear them when I go out somewhere. At home it's comfort me!
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I'm so glad this all worked out for you, and you are happy, and have less pain to deal with! Cheers to that! xoxox
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Happy to see you finally got it done!!! Your breast look so much better with out those implants. I bet you feel so relieved and free. I had mine removed yesterday, kind of down about the appearance...but I have not been able to breath this easy since the insertion of those implants. I also bought some "mamma mio boob tube" I read somewhere on this site that this helped another woman with tightening and perking up her boobs?? Its worth a try. Thank You for sharing!!!
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congrats byebye, they will change over the next few weeks, just think of what they have gone thru... they need time to recover ;) wishing you a quick recovery!
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Thanks hon, I was more shocked I think than down but I never regretted it and still don't even though they're still going thru changes. I''ll post a picture tomorrow, they're "settling" or "healing" at different levels so they don't both look as much the same. But they have quite a ways to go till they're finally where they are going to end up. It gets better, and it's all you and a whole lot lighter and gives your body a younger look. Hang in there!
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You look fantastic, I think you feel great !! good for yoou
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Thanks so much mozzaa and you too Sadie! Hugs to both of you!
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It's great to hear you so happy with your results ! You look fantastic, I hope I look half as good as you after my surgery. Take care of yourself.
  • Reply
Thanks Sadie, I'm sure you will. And you will feel so much better, it is such a relief to get rid of them and be myself again.
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How is your pain since removal? I have huge ta tas like you and I am removing mine due to upper back pain and neck issues. I am having a deflation then explant with lift about a month later. I cant wait! I think you look great! and I hope to have results as good as yours :)
  • Reply
Thanks so much krissy, the pain in my shoulders is gone completely. I still have some back pain but that was to be expected. I have a lot of problems with my lower back and it is from just plain getting older but even it is better then it was. It does make a big difference to get the constant weight off your chest. Wishing you all the best.
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Just have to say ya'll are the best.....and I'm proud to be a part of the women on here, some strong females that's for sure.
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Hiya Soon2Be! So glad your happy with your decision and rockin the little boob look! Me too! I love it!!! I look better, and feel WAY better! Along the lines of health, the food you eat plays a huge role in healing and energy levels. If you aren't a big meat eater, omega 3 eggs, and nuts and seeds (think trail mix) are awesome nutrient wise and seriously good for you (protein wise). If you can eat tuna and shrimp...huge nutritional value in that too. We only eat nuts, fish and chicken here! Along the lines of health, you can make a home made creams for your breasts using some carrier, essential oils, and vitamin oils mixed into coconut, shea, or base cream. If you want a few guide lines on the creams, let me know, and I'll email you a list. I am a month post op this Wednesday and will take some photos too. My weight is still low, is yours?? xoxoxo
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