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I got implants in 2007 after years of feeling...

I got implants in 2007 after years of feeling inadequate because of small boobs. I was a 34C (not that small really). So I got implants and went up to a 34DD, a couple years later they got even bigger now up to a 34DDD or even 34G. Bras are hard to find and of course very expensive in those sizes.

I have 500cc saline under the muscle.

I've been going back and forth as to whether to totally get them out or replace with smaller ones. I have decided to totally take them out for the following reasons:

*Can't enjoy getting a massage because laying on my stomach (rather, boobs) is very uncomfortable

*Sports bras don't fit well, they don't come down far enough; swim suits: same problem

*Some yoga poses are awkward and difficult with big boobs

*I am a cyclist; cycling jerseys don't fit busty women very well

*I'm 'all chest' to where I feel like it makes me look fat

I'm glad I did it, but it's time for them to go. My only concern is whether or not my skin will 'snap back' (I'm 45 years old). Another concern is that now my belly fat will be more obvious without the boobs being the focal point. Of course with the implants gone it will be easier to do core exercises like planks :)

I had my pre op yesterday and I'm kind of annoyed....

I had my pre op yesterday and I'm kind of annoyed. The information I got at the consultation differs. My doctor said I should be able to return to normal activity 'almost immediately', the nurse at the pre op said about a month. I told her what he said and she told me, 'oh you can do lower body after about 2 weeks'. Then, I find as I'm almost out the door that I'll have drains. That would have been nice to know earlier, like when I made my time off request from work.

I just feel like nobody knows what they're talking about when it comes to the explant procedure. It's a bit late to change doctors at this point, I've paid in full and got the time off work which was not easy.

Should i call and speak to the office manager to let her know or just suck it up? I really don't want to make waves and end up with a late afternoon surgery...

I hope some day the explant procedure is more 'common' so we won't have to feel like second class citizens.

I'm just a couple days away and I'm excited and...

I'm just a couple days away and I'm excited and nervous. I'm opting for local anesthesia with IV sedation so I'm a bit nervous about that; but not as nervous as going under general.

I don't think anyone has mentioned this but will I have to sleep on my back for a while? I remember having to when I got implanted (so they would not fall off to the sides).

I've posted a couple more photos; some with clothes so people can see the difference between before and after. I'll put on the same clothes once I'm healed to show the difference.

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm so excited and...

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm so excited and nervous! Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. I'll see you on the other side!

I'm done! I'm in between naps. I'm feeling almost...

I'm done! I'm in between naps. I'm feeling almost no pain. I took some extra strength tylenol when I got home, no vicodin. I will post more tomorrow. Oh, and the best part. ... I didn't have to get drains!!!

They are out!!! I'm so happy; I feel so much...

They are out!!! I'm so happy; I feel so much lighter. I have virtually no pain! I will post more as the healing progresses. Anyone who is on the fence about getting this done, I highly recommend it :)

My PS made a small incision in the crease, then punctured the implant so he could pull it out through the one inch incision :)

Healing quite well...nice compliment from gyn

I'm about 8 weeks post op now. It's the best decision I've ever made. I can lay on my stomach or my back with no discomfort like I had with the implants. I'm healing nicely. I tried to take pictures by I didn't do a very good job on the self portrait (too close up) so I'll post when I can get my husband to take some new photos.

So I went for my annual exam and when my Gyn was doing the breast exam he asked if my PS also did some reconstruction, I said, no. He said, wow, you heal fast!

I even did a 60 mile bike ride 3 1/2 weeks post op, with my PS approval of course!
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I had mine out, just punctured, and I am SO glad. I'm 50 and my breasts bounced right back. My doc made them too big to start (10 years ago) I had a smaller implant put in after 5 years (still too big) and I was dubious, but it turned out great. Glad you are in the No More Implants club with me. Isn't it so much better? You look great :) People are telling me I look like I did in my 20's....and I don't feel fat anymore because of the huge boobs. Plus I can wear ANY bra and just about any clothes now (dresses used to be a particular problem as the top half of me was a 12 and the bottom a size 6-8). I can also wear fabrics other than stretch ones when I choose a shirt! Joy :)
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So glad to hear you're doing so well, SR!!
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You really look terrific!
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Thanks for the update! 60 mile bike ride at 3-1/2 weeks post-op - wow! I'm impressed!
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Whoa, LongTall--SR had implants removed under local, not everything you had done. ;-)
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ET, you know me too well :)
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Lol! Yep, I've got your number... :-)
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Oops! Busted!!!!!
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You look great and only two weeks out. :)
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You look perfect. Congratulations Now its time to get that message :)
  • Reply look pain..awesome. Rest well and congrats on being free from implants :-)
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Thank you! I am so glad they are out of my body.
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Perfect boobs! Still a lot of fullness- who needs implants? :-)
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Thank you! I am so curious to see what size I end up being. I agree, who needs implants?!
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wow!! you look seriously amazing!! wooohooo you must be ecstatic!
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Thank you! I'm very happy, I can't wait until I'm totally healed.
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Those are some gorgeous bewbies!!!! Seriously, they're so full and just awesome!
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Awww! You're sweet, thank you!
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Yea! Glad to hear its over and you're feeling so good already. You look great!!
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Thank you undecided Texan, I highly recommend Dr Greene if you're still looking.
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I'm almost certain I'll be going with Dr. Melted up here in Dallas. I was debating between Dallas and San Antonio (where I have family). Unfortunately, if you read the update I posted yesterday on my review, you'll see I have some other health issues that just came up. :-(
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Oops, Melmed.
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Congratulations on "getting back to being yourself"! I'm scheduled for the 25th and can't wait. Rest and treat yourself very well; you deserve it!
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The 25th will be here before you know it ! See you on the other side :)
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