31 Yr Old....7yrs TOO LONG with these toxic bags!! LOVING my "new/old" self again!!

My story is pretty similar to many that I have...

My story is pretty similar to many that I have read on this site. I started out as a 36B and as a teen I always knew that I would be getting implants one day. I had nice breasts but as many of you know, we are always seeking to "better" our appearances. When i was old enough to get the procedure done, I did & was very pleased with the outcome. I did enjoy them very much, so I don't entirely regret my decision. BUT fast forward two children later,I began experiencing back pain. The heaviness of the implants have taken its toll on me & I finally decided, enough is enough!! They are enormous & hard, I am very uncomfortable & find my self trying to hide them with layers of clothing. Luckily, I have the best husband in the world, he is very supportive & understanding and I'm thankful to have him by my side as I go through this transition in my life. The same PS that did my initial BA will be the one removing them. He did not once try to change my mind or try to get me to go smaller (and I thanked him for that!). He basically said,its my decision & he wants me to be happy. I inquired about a breast lift, but he said to wait & see how they look after I give them time to heal and decide from that point. He mentioned that many woman are happy with the results and do not get the lift. The removal will include removal of the capsules and I will have to have the drains for about 3-4 days. I am MORE nervous now,than when I initially had the BA done....I guess because now I have two small children to think about. I just want to feel FREE again & actually enjoy hugging & wrestling with my kids without the uncomfortable feeling that I have now. I want to have energy & so much so that I look forward to running!! lol and I have never been one to go running!! hehe! I am five days away from explant & it can't come soon enough!! Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I am now a 36DD (400cc). Whatever the outcome is, I will be happy with my decision because it beats feeling like crap everyday trying to hold these things up. Thanks to this site for the encouragement & support!! I will post some pics when I get the chance :-) August 6th is the date of my procedure. I cannot wait!!

Prescriptions filled!!

Now it's sinking in that my explant is finally going to happen!! I can feel the nerves kicking in, but that's normal. I will be thinking of all you that have shared your stories & it will help me to get through these days ahead.

Before/After pics

One day Post op....INSTANT RELIEF!!!

My procedure was on August 6th, I arrived at 6am to surgery center & was home resting by 10am. The whole process was smooth and I actually remained very calm throughout the entire thing. I was told I could take Xanax on the morning of for any anxiety but surprisingly did not have to. I just remember right before they were putting me under as I was closing my eyes on the operating table & then waking up in the recovery room. To my surprise, I knew the post op nurse,taking care of me. I used to work with her 8 years ago & we were so happy to see eachother! We spent much of the time catching up, Iol!! The first thing I felt as I opened my eyes, was INSTANT RELIEF on my back from the heaviness of the implants. I could not believe that it felt SO GREAT to be free from them. I was also happy that I did not have to have the drains put in after all. He said that the capsules were paper thin & they came right out,therefore he said I did not need the drains. I feel so wonderful!! The pain is VERY MILD that I have experienced so far & its mostly on my right incision under my right breast. I also had a belly button scar revision from an old bell button piercing that I did not like. That incision hurts MORE than my breasts incision. Go figure,huh!? The first day home, the only thing I experienced was dizzy spells when going from a laying position to a standing postion. It happened two or three times, but they have already went away. Went to my post-op appointment this morning at 10am & was fitted into a compression bra. After that, took my kids to the park, then to Pump It Up so they can run & play indoors and also went to Home Depot with my husband. So I'm able to be up & around easily. Came home & took a nap and I feel GREAT, better then I had antocipated. It was TOTALLY WORTH it in my book! Wish I would have done it SOONER,rather than later!! I am so LOVING my explant boobies, I am astonished at home much of my own breast tissue that I still have left. They are a great size!! They look a little sad, but I know with time, they are going to look amazing, I can just tell!!

Typos from previous update.... *anticipated * at how much of my own

Oops!! Sorry! :-0


Will post up a couple pics later this evening!!

Post op Explant Pics DAY ONE

Took a shower & the feeling without the support of the bra is a little uncomfortable. Feels like all the tissue dropped to the bottom of my breasts. Had to hold them as I showered, but once I had the sports bra back on, I felt better!

Day 5 post Explant

Today I returned to work, felt great but was a little worried people would notice "the smaller boobies". So I decided to shift the attention & really put more effort into styling my hair & makeup. To my surprise NO ONE noticed, I kept getting compliments on how pretty I looked!! Lol!! So my plan worked!! Hehe! Anyhow.... I felt fine until towards the end of my day, I started feeling a little uncomfortable. It wasn't pain, just felt tired & a little itchy on my incisions. Just wanted out of the compression bra & into my comfy sports bra. I haven't noticed a drastic change since day one, maybe a tad bit of fluffing but nothing worth posting a pic as of yet. I feel super normal in my sports bra, but once I take it off & I don't have the support anymore , I am still not liking the feeling, sorta like a little heaviness that I am feeling. My left breast is good, it's my right incision that hurts really bad. I'm hoping that as time goes by, it will improve. I am still using the ace bandage as much as possible. Every night I wear my sports bra & wrap them for more compression. It's so hard to be patient, but only time can make them heal.

Day 6 Post Explant

I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to shower.... YAY!! :-)))The pain that was a little too much that I had been experiencing in my right breast incision area has completely subsided!! I was so relieved that when I removed my sports bra, my breasts didn't feel as heavy & the pain was gone!! I was able to shower comfortable without having to hold them up. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! It literally was from one day to the next, all I have to say is WOW!! I'm not noticing a huge difference in appearance, but I will still post some pics up for you all to see. I started sleeping on my sides at night. I'm able to lift my 18 month old into high chair, changing table & crib without any problem or pain. I just make sure that I'm wearing my ace bandage & that I'm wrapped up and compressed really good when I do it. So far so good!! They feel amazing, so soft & I LOVE IT!! Just hope the skin retracts a little so they don't look so droopy. Looking forward to working out & getting my body back to the way it used to be before kids. I never had the energy to work out with the enormous balloons on my chest. Now I'm super excited to start & keep an active lifestyle, I can tell my energy level has improved!!

Post-Op Explant Pics DAY SIX

Not much difference, but here you go...

BEFORE / AFTER explant comparison PIC

Day 6 post explant & feeling amazing and I can't stress enough how GREAT it feels to be free from the implants. When I look at the bags, I cannot believe I had those put inside my body for 7 years!! It's pretty insane,when I think of it. Hope I don't offend anyone for saying that. Not my intention at all. The saying rings true... 'The older you get, the wiser you get'. Amen for forgiving ourselves & loving our natural bodies!!

Day 11 Post-Explant

My whole morale has changed... I feel so HAPPY!! I wake up & feel energized to tackle the day. Before, it was always a struggle for me to get things done. Even my husband has told me that he's noticed the change in me. I feel like I have been given a " second chance" at having the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle...if that makes any sense!?! I felt so imprisoned before, like the implants were holding me back.Explanting has given me the boost I need to get my figure back to the way I used to be. I cannot wait to be given the clearance to start working out. I'm able to keep up with the constant demand from my two little ones. Bending down is a breeze for me now, picking up toys & so forth. I feel so light on my chest & it feels great!! My boobies are bouncing back slowly but surely!! Speaking of bouncing.... I think I like that feeling the most when walking or riding in my car. It's a feeling that I had forgotten, glad to have that back. And let's not forget the cushy softness!! They are so SO SOFT!! I like to massage them with lotion as much as I can, not like before when I NEVER touched them unless I had too. Did not like the feeling of the rock hard implants. I'm so grateful to have gone through this experience to put this chapter behind me. I would have never known what I know NOW unless I myself went though it. Breast implants were NOT for me. They may work out for other women, who knows. But in my opinion after going through this whole ordeal.... Plastic is not meant to go in our body. I've seen changes in me after explanting that supports my theory. I feel my energy level has increased, my nails are growing ( before they never did as fast), my back is pain free ( THATS THE BIG ONE FOR ME), the weird smell from in between my breasts has completely gone away... Yes TMI, sorry!! ( so embarrassing) :-0 , my skin feels like its glowing all the time!! And basically I KNOW my body is thanking me for having removed them. My overall health has improved, and I consider myself lucky for not experiencing WORSE things than many other woman have had to endure because of breast implants. I'm ONLY eleven days out from the explant procedure & I feel back to my old self. It's AMAZING how the body heals itself!! Cannot wait to see the changes still to come.

Day 11 Post-Explant PICS

Back to work Clothes

Here's what I wore on my first day back to work. I tried my best to not make it so obvious about my chest size. It seemed to have worked, being that no one noticed. The first couple days were hard for me to find tops to wear because I was so flat on my upper area of my breasts. Now that time has passed & they've fluffed up a bit, it is a whole lot easier to pull off shirt tops that are more tight fitted.
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You look really good! I am happy for you girlie.
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Thank you very much!! Hope you're doing really good as well! Can't wait to see your updated pics :-)
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You look great :-) so happy to hear you are feeling so good. Thanks for the update and sharing your story.
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Thank you!!
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Congratulations! You look fabulous. I can't wait to see if my energy level improves too. I used to be so active and it seems like everyday I'm getting less and less energy. Great to hear your story, thanks for sharing!
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Thank you!!
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So glad I found your review, I'm in SA also and just decided to start looking into explanting. Thank you! You look great also! I would also ask about belly button revision as my BA was done TUBA and even though I told my PS that I get keloids (thick scars) she wasn't that careful and my belly button looks jacked up. So thanks for mentioning that also!
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No problem & thank you for your kind remarks!! I'll be posting some more updates soon!! Good luck to you!!
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They look great!
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Thank you so very much!! I feel great too :-))
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I hope you are healing and resting. When you are ready I would love to hear how everything went.
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Everything went better than I expected. I feel great & that gives me great confidence & assurance that I made the right choice in following through with my explant. I can feel my body thanking me already!! Looking forward to the days ahead & feeling better as my healing continues!!
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So happy for you :-) take care of you
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Thank you & likewise!!
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The day has arrived for you to be free from you implants :-) Get lots of rest and let the healing begin!
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Thank you for thinking of me!! :-) my procedure is tomorrow, bright n early!! I'm the first patient,so hopefully I'll be back home in no time! Will keep you posted ;-)
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Thinking about you today :-) I'm sure you are feeling anxious about the explant but will be relieved after the surgery is done.
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Very sweet of you!! Yes, feeling lots of emotions, but trying to stay busy so I won't think about it much. Filled my prescriptions today, so that made it more of a reality for me. I am anticipating the drive to the hospital to be nerve wrenching.... have to be there by 6am. Just looking forward to waking up & actually FEELING like my old self again!! Just going to try my best & focus on the END outcome. Hope you're recovering well & healing as wonderfully as can be expected!! Take care
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Hi, I am having my implants out too on August 5th! Its right around the corner.I will be happy and excited to get these things out. I had a 34B before and have 550cc implants in both which has made me a 40D. Kinda weird how they feel and the heaviness is horrible now. My hubby like yours is so supportive and sweet about the whole thing. I love that about him that he just simply wants me to be happy and healthy. I can really relate to your story. Thank you for sharing it and I wish you great results.
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Thank you for your response!! Its so nice to have a strong support group,even tho we are strangers amongst each other. I look forward to the feeling of relief and feeling like my old self again. As each day gets closer, the more uncomfortable I feel...think its a mind thing. Well best wishes to you & see you on the other side,as they say!! :-) Hope all goes well!
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The very best to you!
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Thank you so much!!
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