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I went today for my pre-op and paid today! I'm...

I went today for my pre-op and paid today! I'm super confident in the PS I picked. I know two people that have used her for other procedures and her list of honors/accolades is amazing. I'm doing TUBA unders, with hopes of making my A and B two solid Ds. I'm really nervous, as I have a 2 year old and he needs his mommy. My hubby will be around, thank goodness. I'll fill my scripts tomorrow and get bags of frozen corn (ps says this is the best ice pack).
I'm 35, 5'3", 145lbs and have never had boobs!!

1 week until surgery

I'm getting SO nervous!! Mostly, the recovery is making me nervous. Ahh!!!


I went to the grocery store. Lined up my hubby and mom for my son's care. My stomach is in knots!! So nervous!!

Before surgery today!!

I'm home with frozen corn on my chest. I'm posting a before pic!!

Surgery day!!

I arrived at 10:30, nurse took me back for the preparations. Warm blanket and socks. PS drew all over my chest and put me in the bed. It took three sticks for the IV!! I don't like needles and my veins weren't cooperating!! That sucked!! But, finally got it in and they gave me something to calm my nerves. That was awesome!! Like 3 glasses of wine. Then, they took me to surgical room, moved me on the bed. Last thing I remember was looking around/checking out the room. Then I woke up. They did a great cocktail. I didn't have any nausea waking up. They called in my hubby, gave us the instructions, for me dressed and off we went. I go back tomorrow for post OP and to remove dressings. So glad this part is done!! Yay to boobies!!

Another before.

Post OP 1

Went in today for my first post OP. She said everything looks good, no shower till after I see her Friday!!! Omg!! Right after my appt today I went to see my hair dude and asked him to wash my hair.
I've been taking my meds, and icing. Just in the last hour the tightness has gotten worse. So, no shower, no sports bra and no massaging!! I hope this week of healing goes by fast. Going to Vegas Tuesday!

All wrapped up!!

This picture is 24 hours after!!

Day 3, Post

I've finally got "on top of the pain". My abs feel much better and I can put my hands on my head! Yay. Looking forward to seeing my PS tomorrow and her clearing me for a real shower!!


Two days ago I went to my 4 day post OP. She said I can do anything except pick up anything over 10lbs. Well, I can't wear a bra either. It was so nice to take a real shower!! Then she showed me how to massage. Massage may be the wrong word. She wants me to press against my chest wall every time I see a commercial on TV. Ugh! Talk about sore!! I do have a little spot on my left bicep that is numb. I'm sure it's because there is a lot going on in that area, but I'll call dr tomorrow.

Back from Vegas!!

Had a good trip to Vegas this week. I was concerned about the flight and security, but that was a breeze. What I was/and still am concerned about was/is massage. I know I didn't get enough in. I was at a convention all day long (not really an appropriate time or place) and after we finally ate dinner, I was exhausted and crashed out. I did spend a lot of time under a hot shower and massaged some there. I will have to make up for lost time this week. I hope it doesn't make a huge difference. Anyone know?


Dear Frankenboobs,
I do not like you. You are not my friend. I am working hard to get you to go away and there you are. Please go away!!
Me, the one with the squares on my chest!!

4 weeks

I'm 4 weeks post today. I feel good. When I stretch I can feel those tight pectoral muscles. Still massaging to get rid of what's left of the Franenboobs. I see Dr Barone tomorrow. Hopefully a new technique and an explanation of my small numb place under my left arm. Nurse I called said it was normal, but I'd like to see her about it.

Post OP 4 weeks!!

PS is happy with my progress. Still massage and go jogging to help them drop more/faster. Um....not much of a jogger!!

I'm wearing a bra!!

It's been awhile since my last update. I went to dr at 10 weeks post OP, and I'm cleared!! I immediately went bra shopping. I've been measured twice (just in case, and to make sure I'm not losing it) and I'm 36DD!! Omg. They look proportional and I LOVE them. My surgeon is awesome and I'll continue to recommend her (and maybe do something else in the future!!).
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

She is so nice and personable. She doesn't sugar coat the pain aspect. I don't feel like she has ever rushed me, and encouraged me to call at anytime!

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Hey there was reading your posts and I am having the same with my left one. Im 5 days post op..how long did it take for your left to drop and the tightness to go away?
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I'd say you still a bit early on. It will soften and drop. Give it a few weeks...and do your massaging religiously!!
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Ty :-)
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In have a frakenboob too. I hope yours go down. Can't wait to hear what your doctors says. I have 2 weeks till my next appointment.
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I'll post an update!! I was looking so good 5 days out she didn't have me coming in until the end of March. But I called and they said they'd be happy to bring me in sooner! Hopefully I'm towards the end. How many weeks post OP are you
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I'll post an update!! My next appt wasn't until the end of March, but they said they'd be happy to bring me in sooner as well.
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Looks like we are in the same time frame!! I will post what dr says!
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I'm 4 + I'll be 5 weeks on Wednesday. One of them dropped already. It's my left side that is stubborn.
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Thanks ;-)
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I has mine 5 days before you
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Sorry about the any posts, on iPhone!! Ugh It's my left that's giving me trouble. Maybe because I'm right handed and those muscles get used more?
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Tooo funny! I have frankenboob too! They slowly are going away. It's uncomfortable with the swelling so high up under armpit huh? They aren't cute either. Glad to hear you are healing well.
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My left is much different from my right...like you said, in the armpit!! I even have a little bit of numbness in my left tricep area. Normal, but weird!!
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I think it's from stretching out the pecs. I had really bad arm pain down into my finger tips right after surgery. Also the muscle is still sore where they put the iv.
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Omg!! Don't get me started on the IV!! My PS tried twice on my left hand, nurse tried once on the right, then the drug dr finally got my right but it was SO painful. (And I hate needles!) Then about a week later, got an ugly bruise on my left hand!!
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Oh boy! That stinks. If you have someone to massage your arm that hurts that helped me a lot.
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My hubby helps a bit, he promises to help me more!! I need him to!
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Glad to hear your doing well excited for your trip. Will u b flying? Nice way to celebrate the new rack! :)) happy healing. :)
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Thank you!! Yes, flying. Dr said it was fine. Just can't throw Craps!! Lol
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Bahaha. I was just wondering if the elevation change would make em swell or hurt? Just curious. Congrats an I hope u win big! ;)
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Does the lack of elevation mKe a difference? Wow!! I never thought about that!! I'm about 30 hours post, and the tightness is getting worse!!
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I'm not sure about breast. But it made me cramp an my ears hurt when I flew. That's what I was curious. Id ask ur PS. I haven't had my BA yet, when u say tightness is there anything u could compare that too? Lol. I'm super scared an excited nervous. It all. Lol. I love hearing everyone experience. :)
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My PS said I can fly, no problem. Hopefully it will be ok. I feel like I had the hardest chest workout/lifting weights of my life!!
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Congratulations!!!! Happy healing :)
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Thank you!!
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