New Boobs, OUCH

After years of debating on whether to get implants...

After years of debating on whether to get implants or not, I excitedly decided to do it. I'm kinda big boned, 5'8", 160 lbs. and have worn a 42a forever. Went to preop yesterday (7/18/12), spent at least an hour trying on sizers (think the nurse got a little agitated) and finally decided to get 380cc hi profile saline implants. She measured each of my breasts width to be 13cm, so the 380 should be a good fit. I wonder tho with my wide chest if they will look to small, but I really want them to look as natural as possible.
The surgery is scheduled for 7/31/12. Started taking the preop vitamins today, they are huge. Now that everything is set to go, I'm getting scared to go thru with it, there are so many 'what ifs'. The odds of something going wrong is kinda high, and with my luck, it probably will, lol.

I've read a lot of the stories on here an the different experiences people have gone thru, I've learned a lot. I'm trying to stay strong with a positive outlook.


6 more days, the wait is killin me, some one do a magic trick and make it next Wednesday. LOL Its only been a week since we scheduled the BA, I see some of you had to wait for months, that must have been terrible. How did you cope with it and what did you do to pass the time?
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I'm going with Dr Gary Lawton
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Hi, Gypsy! Not only am I in San Antonio, but I also have a really broad rib cage. The surgeon and his nurse seemed really "impressed" (or intrigued lol) by it. Which surgeon are you going with?
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5 days to go, come on already, I hate waiting....

5 days to go, come on already, I hate waiting. Have cleaned the house twice, laundry is done, fridge and cupboard is full of quick easy to fix meals, even bought two new big cushy pillows. Not buying any bras since I dont know what size I'll be. Have hired a nurse to take care of me for the first few days since I'm not telling my family and wont have any of them around to help me. Taking a line from Forest Gump, getting a boob job is kinda like getting a box of chocolates, dont know what your gonna get till ya open it.

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Well tomorrow is THE day. I'm so excited, bet I...

Well tomorrow is THE day. I'm so excited, bet I don't sleep a wink tonight thinking bout it. I'll be leaving here early in the morning, its an hour drive into SA and then check into hotel. Have a follow up next day so figured I'd just stay there over night. If I'm up to it, I'll drive home after that, if not I'll stay another night or two. The home care nurse I hired will pick me up at hotel an get to the clinic by 11:30. She will be taking care of me for the next few days. Will post after pics asap.
Wish me luck.


Good luck with surgery! It'll be over score you know it! I would recommend staying at least a night in the hotel after te surgery. Don't think theyre would be anyway for you to drive... Especially if you'll be on narcotic pain meds. So glad you managed to get over your cold feet... This procedure really is one of the best things we can have done for ourselves. Please keep us updated on recovery :)
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YAY, I have boobies!!! The surgery yesterday...

YAY, I have boobies!!! The surgery yesterday evidently went very well. They said I was real slow in waking afterwards and was very groggy on the way back to hotel room, (Best Western Hotel, very nice and big room, would definitely recommend it) My nurse that took care of me was great. She got me all tucked in and propped up in bed (at hotel), gave me all my meds at proper times, fed me, talked to me and calmed me down an made me feel great. I was feeling pretty rough for the few first hours after surgery, but wasnt in a lot of pain, just uncomfortable and sore throat from breathing tube, so add throat lozenges to the list of things to get. Surgery was at noon, took 2 hrs, and then another 1.5 hrs to wake me up and was back to hotel by 4. By around 7ish I was starting to feel really good, had hardly any pain at all. I had a big thick bandage wrapped around me fairly tight so there was no movement at all, an had almost no swelling. My nurse (Cheryl) said I was doing way better than most her previous people she took care of. Had no problem at all in moving my arms, but still took it easy. So all in all it was a great evening. Me being a side / stomach sleeper, trying to sleep elevated and on back didnt work worth a damn. So not only did I get no sleep, but I had to get up an go pee about every 30 minutes ALL night long. Cheryl stayed awake all night as well to monitor my breathing and give me meds when it was time, helped me in an out of bed. Took valium 5mg for muscle spasms, hydroco 325mg for pain, keflex 500mg antibiotic, and promethazine 25mg for nausea, but didnt need it, have had no nausea at all. Around 6am she gave me a valium and hydroco, and I rolled a little to one side and finally got about 1.5 hrs of sleep, was wide awake by 8am. I felt really good tho even with the lack of sleep, and a hundred trips to bathroom to pee. The hotel had a hot continental breakfast, Cheryl went down and brought me back a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit and gravy, and blueberry muffins and coffee, It was all delicious, I was really impressed. Again Cheryl was great, took very good care of me, maybe a little expensive, $500 for 28hrs but it was well worth it. She took me to follow up visit at 11am with PS, took off the bandages, said I looked really good, almost no swelling, an not to wear any straps, or bras, and not to massage them yet, no straining, heavy lifting or anything, just rest for a week, then come back in 1 week to take out stitches (armpit), and give me instructions then for messaging, and still no bras, a tight tshirt would be ok tho. So I was feeling so good, decided I didnt really need to stay in hotel for another night so I drove home after followup, no problem at all. First thing I did was strip down an took pics, LOL They are obviously still high, but looks like they are gonna be perfect. The PS nurse said that yea I'd prolly feel real good today, but tomorrow and next day may not be so good, so just take meds at proper time and get plenty of rest. I had stocked up my fridge an cupboard with quick and easy meals so I shouldnt even need to leave the house for the next week till the next followup with PS.


congrats on the new bewbiezzzz! I wish you a speedy recovery, Take Care:-)
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Thanks Kooberry
Thanks for the kind words, it all went really well.
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Morning of day 2 I slept in my recliner last...

morning of day 2
I slept in my recliner last night and actually slept quite well. Must have been really tired since I got very little sleep the past two nights. I still have very little pain, my side boobs are fairly sore but the rest of boobs are ok, still a little numb from the anesthesia I'm guessing. Breasts are still high of course, and there doesnt seem to be any swelling, but I'm loving them already and I know they are only going to get better, I am sooo glad I decided to do it, should have done it years ago. I've still been peeing a lot which is good, I know my kidneys are getting flushed good. Havent pooed much tho so I started wifh the milk of magnesia this morning, maybe it will start working this afternoon. I dont feel very bloated tho, so all is good. I made a little chart on my computer so I can keep track of taking meds on time and stuff so I dont forget any. I am a bit forgetful these days lol. PS didnt say anything about using any creams or lotions, but I've been using cocoa butter just on my areolas, they arent very big so I thought that maybe if I kept them moisturized they would stretch out a bit. If they do, great, but if they dont, oh well, its not that big a deal. OK, maybe thats a little to much info, but......... lol We did stay with the 380cc saline unders, and it seems like they are gonna be perfect size i was wanting. I didnt want to be real big so I think I made a good choice. Sorry if I'm just rattling on, but I'm so pleased as to how everything has gone so far. In a few days if breasts drop some, I'll post some new pics.

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Evening of day 2 Its been a good day. No pain to...

evening of day 2
Its been a good day. No pain to speak of, course I took my meds as directed. I'm really surprised that I've had so little pain, I expected it to be much worse. If I'm feeling this good in the morning, think I'll lay off the valium and hydroco an see how that goes. I've just been lounging around all day, a little time on the computer, watched some tv, went out an filled the bird feeders an bird bath. Got tons of colorful little birds that come feed an get water. Especially when its real hot, they hit the bird bath a lot. I tried to measure my new boobs an maybe get some idea of what cup size they might be, but that didnt work to good cuz I know they are bigger than an A, lol


Im so happy your recovery is going well. thanks for keeping us posted!! I wonder if your pre op vitamins helped make your recovery tolerable. Which ones did you take?
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Congratulations on your new and improved figure! They're looking good already!
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thanks, I'm liking them a lot already too :)

Morning day 3 Slept on my recliner again last...

morning day 3
Slept on my recliner again last night and slept well. I feel great this morning. Side boobs are still a little sore to touch and skin feels tight, but other than that they are terrific. Not having any pain at all so I'm not going to take the hydroco pain pills and see how that goes. My nurse had said that the 5mg valium was for the muscle spasms (tightness), which they do feel a little tight this morning but they dont hurt so not gonna take the valium either. Just gonna stick with the vitamins and antibiotics, for now anyway. I'd rather not take the two narcotics any longer than necessary. I'm obviously not ready to run a marathon yet, but I really am feeling great. Occasionaly when moving my arm I hear that gurgling sound, its so funny lol. Its a beautiful morning outside an I really wanted to go out an sit in my hot tub an tan a little bit but PS says none of that for several weeks. :( Boobs havent seemed to have dropped any yet so no need in taking more pics yet, but will keep posting updates.

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Evening day 3 Its been an uneventful day, rather...

evening day 3
Its been an uneventful day, rather boring actually. Other than breasts just being sore, there's been no other pains. I've just lounged around today, not much to do, boring lol. Its just too darn hot to go outside an do anything in the yard, Weekend coming around so I wont be doing any shopping, I hate crowds lol. Maybe I'll hit the gun range early in the morning before it gets too hot an shoot a box or two of rounds. I have a beautiful S&W model 1911 45, polished nickel, love it. Have several other guns but the 1911 is my favorite and its heavy enough the recoil shouldnt jolt my chest much. It will prolly be months before I can shoot my AR15 tho, :-( I'll post a pic of my 1911


He gave me the Vitamedica set in the blue bottles. It has a morning formula, take 3, an evening formula also 3, Amica take 3 under tongue 3 times a day, and Bromelain take 2 3times a day.
awesome. i just updated my page with the info. i am definitely on board the vitamin train.

Morning day 4 Was a restless night, couldnt get...

morning day 4
Was a restless night, couldnt get comfortable on recliner, so I moved to couch for a little while, that didnt work so I layed on my bed for bit, that didnt work either so back to the recliner. I'd get a little cat nap but would wake up and move , nap and move all night. I did keep having this really strange dream tho. It was like my breasts were making these 'things'. Kinda like a white mist or fog about as big around as a golfball and about 3 feet long and made them in sets of 3. There were all these unknown people lined up at my door wanting to buy these 'things'. Now is that strange or what? lol
My breasts are still sore to touch, mostly on the sides and feeling real tight. They dont really hurt so still not gonna take the narcotics. Other than a little tired I feel terrific, about ready to go dancing :) I'm sure my breasts hadnt changed much but gonna take some more pics anyway.


 I wanted to get a gun once. was assaulted by a pervert...but just could not imagine pulling the trigger and taking a life. SO I GOT A STUN GUN....pepper spray does the trick too!!!! hehe Sorry you saw a loved one get attacked, I often wonder why bad things happend to good people. Take it easy
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You sound like a tomboy...;-) I went to the gun range once....Not my cuppa tea! I prefer to take a long walk on the beach to relieve tension. Or eat a big bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream LOL
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I grew up in the country. I too like the beach and love chocolate ice cream, and pretty much anything chocolate.
If you should ever see someone you loved being violently attacked and there's nothing you can do, you will sooo wish you'd had a gun in your pocket to stop it.

Morning day 7 I'm feeling really great, breasts...

morning day 7
I'm feeling really great, breasts are still a little sore so still not making any sudden or strenuous moves. Stitches are getting a bit sore (underarm), will be glad to get those out tomorrow. Not much change in appearance, but that should start to change after tomorrow when he shows me how he wants me to massage them. Ready for them to at least drop a little an stop that 'in the arm pit feeling' still pretty firm an not very squishy. I have been sleeping flat in bed and sorta on my side, not having any problem with that, they aren't hurting when I get up in the mornings anyway. Still taking the vitamins, finished the antibiotics. I still feel very lucky that this whole experience has been so easy and near painless for me. I hope the same for all of you that are fixing to have yours done.


Hi, gypsy! Glad to hear your recovery is going smoothly. I worry when I hear people say they're sleeping on their sides so soon as my surgeon said this can cause a hematoma, so please stay safe and take care of your beautiful new boobies! Please keep us posted on your progress :D
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Afternoon day 9 Went to the PS yesterday for a 1...

afternoon day 9
Went to the PS yesterday for a 1 week followup. He says all is looking good, stay on light duty, no heavy objects or straining and no bras and continue taking all the vitamins and pain and muscle relaxer as needed. He was very surprised wheen I told him I hadnt been taking the pain an muscle meds since 2nd day and none of the nausea pills, said I must be really tough. lol He shows me a simple massage he wants me to do. Put one hand on lower half of breast, other hand on upper half of breast then alternately squeeze the sides of breast firmly together, one hand then the other. Do several repetitions on each breast at least 5 times a day. I told them there wouldn't be any problem for me to squeeze my new boobies several times a day, They both laughed. His nurse takes the stitches out and says they look a little irritated so to use alcohol swabs an wipe them down 2 or 3 times a day till they stop hurting or redness goes away. Come back in 3 weeks for next checkup.

I had mentioned in a earlier post about sleeping flat in bed on my side, but what I didnt mention that I was using my snuggie pillow. The extra long pillow I can hug and put between my knees. It allows me to sleep on side without rolling over an sleeping on or squeezing my boob therefore no trauma to breast. Still having wild, crazy dreams.


I use my big huggie pillow, I can hug it an put it between my knees so it allows me to sleep on side without rolling over onto breast.

Afternoon day 10 Things are all good, except for...

afternoon day 10
Things are all good, except for some soreness, couldn't ask for better. Incisions under arms are still a little sore so I've been wiping them with alcohol swabs. Have been doing the massages like the PS showed me, but think I might have been a little to aggressive cuz they sure are sore now. Reckon I should be a little more gentle an work up to the firm squeeze like he wanted.I'm pretty sure they haven't dropped a darn bit yet :-( Wish they'd hurry up.

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Morning day 11 OUCH, my nipples are so sore it...

morning day 11
OUCH, my nipples are so sore it hurts to just look at them.

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Day 13 I've been going easy on the massage the PS...

day 13
I've been going easy on the massage the PS showed me to do, but they are getting so sore I dont even want to touch them. They hurt mostly on the sides and on the bottom, not to mention my nipples are very sensitive and sore as well. Sure hope they get better soon. Is this normal? I realize it takes a long time, but geeeez.......


wow, you look amazing. Very feminine shape! your doc did a fab job
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5 weeks Its been 5 weeks and not a lot has...

5 weeks
Its been 5 weeks and not a lot has changed. They are still high and tight and may have dropped a little but not much. They are still a little sore but not as bad as they were, except my nipples are still very tender and almost hurts to just look at them, lol. On my 4 week checkup, PS says I'm doing just fine and to keep up the massages except do them harder. I'm think 'huh', I'm squeezing them as hard as I can now. So, I reckon I'll just have to get rough with them. Maybe they'll deflate so I can get bigger ones. LOL posting a couple new pics


Thanks Kooberry! I'll just be glad when they aren't so sore.
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