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Hello Everyone, First I wanted to say that...

Hello Everyone,

First I wanted to say that this is a great website, I think it helped me decide to get my dream of BA done.
Well, let me start I’m 42 years old 145 pounds (5’0) I know I need to lose some weight. I have a 6 year old wonderful and smart boy, a lovely husband and I caring mother.

Back in 2008 I was diagnosed with Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) no fun, I lost so much weight and before I knew I was sick I though Wow after all I can still lose weight but didn’t know that all that weight lost was due to thyroid disease , I have always watch what eat and walk 3 miles 3 times per week. I have to mention that I would love to exercise more but working 40 hrs per week and part time student plus family it is a little bit hard.

After losing weight so much weight I decided that I wanted to get a BA, my mom was not very happy with the idea you know moms and a per my husband he told me, he would support whatever I decided.

I started to see an endocrinologist and put me on meds which of course made me gain some weight back. I was not very happy about it. Looks like my thyroid levels are stable for now and that why I decided to get the BA asap don’t get me wrong sometimes I think I will regret it because having this thyroid problem means weight problems forever. The Endo clear me for gery, and my PS was ok as long my endo would give me the ok for surgery.

So here I’m just got BA on July 25, it has been a week and one day and I feel ok. I am not myself 100% but feeling much better than couple days back. I have been getting depressed lately with crazy thoughts like Why did I do this at my age? Am I going to have to do this again in 15 years? I will be old LOL. I get depressed I guess because I have not gone anywhere, I have to mention that I showed up for work on day 5 OMG what a mistake I almost pass out. I called in the next day and today and Fridays are my regular days off. I will be back to work on Saturday which I think I will be fine. (easy days on sat).
I apologize for my writing English is not my first language. I will post some picture and please be honest and tell me what you think. They are really hard, still painful when I do the massage (that I really hate). I still sleeping on the couch and it is not fun. I’m taking 1000 mg Tylenol for pain. Thank you ladies for your responses.


Hey Lissy girl!
How are you doing???
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OMG Scrappy37, I love you already LOL, you are a sweet heart and made my day with all you said. Sometimes we need to hear things like this. I have feeling great you were right it was probably the blues after surgery, boobies still hard and hurt in the mornings but I'm back to my ownself; taking meds only when i go to sleep to make my sleep more confortable (still sleeping in the couch) massage started to feel right but still difficult to take it. I'm having my doctor appointment this thursday hopefully everything is fine. I will post more pics since boobs are looking better and everyone sees the changes. Thank you for your words. Have a awesome day!
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Oh good, I am glad you are feeling better!
I dont know what causes it, but a lot of people get the blues.
Let us know what the doc says and I'll look forward to watching your progress! =)

Hello Ladies, I just wanted to say hi, I'm...

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to say hi, I'm sorry I have been away for a while. School started and it means not time for me to be online or watch TV. This is my week # 6. I have feeling pretty good, just a little bit sore sometimes but that it. I'm not longer on any medication and no more back pain. I'm able to sleep on my side yupiii already for the last 2 weeks which I assumed that's why my back pain is gone. My doctor does not want me to wear a bra yet :( he says my left one still higher than the right one; which I can tell just by looking at it, even when I massage them the right one feel different. I'm guessing that my right one is healing faster than the left one. Does anyone experienced this? I can't wait to start wearing my first bra. I will be posting some pictures soon.


I'm so sorry Scrappy37, just read you message. I'm not sure why didn't i get an email alert or something. who knows. I'm doing pretty good. Not 100% myself but 80% lol. Looks like my right boobie is healing faster than my left one. I had my doctor appointment last week and my doctor says "you have to be patience" it is about time. I can't wear bra yet but I'm happy to see the changes every week. I'm happy I didn't go smaller because they dont look big as I thought they will be. I was scared that they were going to be why to big for my size. I hope you doing well it is nice to hear from you. Take care :)

Hi Lissy!

No worries on the delayed response. =)

Is your left boob still not healed? In what way?

I was scared about my boob being to big too, and they turned out fine. Sometimes I think it would be nice if they were a little bigger, but overall I am happy with the size. I couldnt wear a bra for 6 weeks, but you are about there at this point arent you? How long do you have to go braless?

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