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Ent in for my consultation my date is set for May...

ent in for my consultation my date is set for May 30,2012.I am soooo excited.I had a Tummy Tuck July 2010 and now ready to finish what I started.I will be getting a BL and Ba.I am getting salines under the muscle.I want to be as close to a 36D as possible .I don't know how many cc's she gonna use but she knows I want full and Perky boobys!!!!! I am 52 years young in great shape except for High Blood Pressure.My boobs are a flat 36D at the moment.

Well I paid for my Implants on Monday ,and today I...

Well I paid for my Implants on Monday ,and today I had a spa day. Facial,1/12 hr Massage, Lunch,and a Mani/Pedi.I am in Heaven.Countdown now.I am soooooo excited.Just getting my house in order bills paid so the hubby won't have to worry bout anything but me 0:)

Well went in for my Pre op today got my markings...

Well went in for my Pre op today got my markings paid for everything and got my meds. My blood pressure was a bit high but I will be PS is not going to go huge nor do I want her too I want full and perky.She is gonna bring in 2 sizes.I will be getting a bilateral lift with saline implants.My surgery is 7:30 am I can hardly contain myself.Keep me in your prayers and talk to you soon.

When in for surgery at 7:30 out before 12:00.all...

When in for surgery at 7:30 out before 12:00.all is well pain was about an 8 now bout a 5.taking pain meds every 6 hours.I will go for my post op on Friday .Dont know what the TaTas look like yet guess I will find out on Friday.chest feel heavy walking as much as I can.will post after pix soon as I can

When in for my post op today OMG looooooove my...

When in for my post op today OMG looooooove my TaTa's.left boob 360 cc and right 340cc,moderate plus saline under muscle.feeling Husband went with me for my appointment he broke out into a big ole smile.I am soooooo pleased .I love my PS she knew exactly what I wanted and came through.I have to wear bra 24/7 for a month and now I can shower thank goodness.I will post pix soon.Worth every dime!!!!!

Had a good nite except for my husbands snoring 0)...

Had a good nite except for my husbands snoring 0).I am posting 3 days postop pix.a little bruising swollen etc.

Went in for my follow up today,everything looks...

Went in for my follow up today,everything looks great.I can start my massage 10 times each breast 2 times a day .soon as I get the rest of the glue off from my incisions I can start scar treatment.I can also wear any bra I Want to except underwire.I go back in 4 weeks.I am sooo lovin my new girls it was worth it .

Well It's been 5 weeks now I am cleared to go back...

Well It's been 5 weeks now I am cleared to go back to the gym,hallelujah,I am getting fat.I love my boobs healing nicely each day is better and better.I love trying on clothes they fit soooo differently,I love the fullness at the top.Still a little bit of bruising and pulling in the cleavage area but not bad.I can wear whatever bra I want now so have to go shopping.My Doc says I look like a 38C I will check that out soon.

1 year 3 months out

This year has been smooth sailing healed nicely I turned out to be a 38 D,a little numbness scars are fading aeriola is starting to flatten out it was raised all the way around.I can do everything exercise wise I did before surgery.was scared at first to have a BA but sooooo glad I did it.First Mammogram 7 months after surgery went on without a hitch.did'nt know how that worked.You definitely need someone who has a LOT experience.I feel soooooo Sexxxxxxy.
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My Doc is a 5 star she did my tummy tuck and Lipo so I know what I am getting.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You haven't updated in a while. How are things?
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Hi TC all is well I am hitting the gym hard so I can get this holiday weight off.starting the shred revolution diet very pleased with the girls no problems whatsoever,hope all is well with you
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Yay for you !!!!! Have fun with your new boobies ! Now you can go back to everything you used to do .
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Get to go to the gym yay !!! I was so ready to get back to everything . But than I fell and bruised my ribs really bad . There getting better but I still can't lay on my left side . So happy your doing great . You look awesome !!!!
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Hey Sissy sooo sorry you hurt yourself ouch.Glad you are doing better.I am gonna start with Zumba I miss that class lots.slowly getting into lifting weights can't wait to go full force .You look fantastic,I am so glad I did this for myself.I go back to my PS in 6 months.Now I hafta see how they will be doing my Mammogram.Then I can totally exhale.
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Your results look really good, If you don't mind me asking ( if you feel awkward answering like this you can private messge me) what PS did you use?
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Hi Sexy I used Dr Sheryl Pilcher,she is an awesome PS!!!!!
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Hey Koo Thx so much, I feel wonderful just glad to be able to work out. Scars are healing nicely I am on it everyday.
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Hey butta~ glad you're feeling better. you look great and the scars are barely noticeable....CONGRATS:-)
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Girlllll am I.I can't imagine the girlsl without it.They are sooooo perky I just can't believe how much.tried on some dresses with shoulders out with no bra I could have just cried they were beautiful!!!!
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Are you glad that you did the lift? I am! I can't imagine what my boobs would look if I didn't.
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How are you feeling today? I did not stay ahead of the meds and my chests on fire right now!
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Doin great better and better each day. Recovering from TT was way worst. Miss the gym sooooo much.How are you doing?
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Thank you ! Hope all is going well for you today .
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Thx so much Sissy 48 Looked at your profile you look fab yourself
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Congrats ! U look great !
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Looking great!
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I'm glad your surgery was a success butta!!! Sounds like your hubby is thrilled too. Look forward to seeing the post op piks....Enjoy the new you! :-)
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Thx Kooberry finally posted pix luv the TATA's.Now the healing begins.
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OMG I can't wait to see your new boobies. I am so happy that you are pleased with them. One of my fears is 240cc will be too small. How do you feel today? Did you have drains? I will have a drain but it will come out the next day and post op appt. hubby loves them huh! Lol
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Hey Pink I am very pleased with the size I have they are perfect for me.they are not to high and everything has to settle down.I couldn't be any happier.Finally have perky boobies!!!! I feel great only need 1 painkiller at nite to help me sleep I am on the recliner for awhile.I will post pix PS did not use stitches she use glue and no drains.
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Thinking of you wishes on your surgery.
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Congrats!!!! Thinking of you :)
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Hey TC I slept very well had to p a lot through the nite but feel better and meds make me itch So I am using sparingly,when I really really need them.I am doing a great job My TT was wayyyyyyy harder.My husband is doing a great job takin care but I can do a lot for myself withou overdoing it.I go for post op tomorrow I am all compressed so I will see then ,but from what I can tell I like just need to see them.
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I hope your night went as well as mine. Who is taking care of you? Are they doing a good job? How do you like them so far? Update when you can.
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