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I got them done because after I had my child they...

I got them done because after I had my child they had become really streached out.and had no fat left in them after.

Dr.Jeneby seemed like a great doctor met all my requirements. I had a breast aug. last yr and within a couple weeks had problem, I got an infection from my incision not being closed which I beleve caused me to for a capsule. my ports were left in a whole yr instead of 6 month.

I tried to speak with him about my right breast being in my collar  bone and my left one hard like a rock and lower. He was very rude to me and I felt like he didnt care enough since I had paid him up front. I spoke to him about getting them fix but that was like nearly impossible so I filed a complaint, and the BBB got in contact with him.

I decided to give him another chance since he explained what went wrong and what he was going to do to fix them. So I had to repay again not as much but still enough, and this was a yr after I had goten them done origanaly, so now I am almost at my 2nd yr with his implants and I cannot say I like them at all. I feel like I have a weight hanging off of my chest on my left side and on my right one everytime I do something my right one is a burden.

I am really upset with how things went so I spoke to another doctor and my implants are suppose to be under the muscle and only my right one is and my left one just sit in  the skin on my chest they feel compleatly different and they look horriable I would even love to post pic for those who are concerned just so you know what to ask for and research.

I was so excited to have my implants and feel good about myself again but I must say I regret getting them done by him twice. Now I am in a rut and dont know what to do, I have no choice but to grin and bare it till I can find someone to fix my mess and pay for them again.

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I had a horrible experience with this doctor. He wasn't even going to see me at the 1 week follow up until I requested to see him. I had to come back a week later because the left breast stitches were oozing. I then developed a hematoma which he took me back into surgery and put a JP drain in for 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks I was in and out of his office for continued leaking around the stitches. He would just stitch me back up and said it was my lack of protein intake. While in and out of his office those 3 weeks I heard four other women with infection/implant problems. I don't think this is normal. I finally decided to get a second opinion. The new surgeon immediately said "that implant needs to come out. Its infected. It's not going to get better!" I had them both removed. I called Dr Jeneby's office to let them know I would not be coming back. He didn't even have the decency to call and check on me. He knew that implant was infected the whole time but chose to let me continue that way. It was a complete nightmare! The staff is very unprofessional. He runs that place like a nail shop. I feel sorry for any other woman that has to experience what I have. I chose to go to another doctor because I would not have trusted him to operate on me again. For him to have that many infection cases, I would question the sterility of his OR room in his office! Don't use this doctor. He is rude!
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I had breast implants with dr.J & I'm dealing with my 2nd rupture!!! He & his office seemed great initially but once he got my money & I started having problems he just dropped me & didn't really care. I'm VERY unhappy with his work & attitude toward my horrible issues. I would love to hear from others unhappy with him & perhaps file a claim against him.
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I filed malpractice against the surgeon and the anestheislogist. Surgeon did two revisons and still not right where I need a third revision. Anestheislogist broke my two front teeth. My mouth has not been the same. Right now I have braces to adjust the bite and then I need 4 crowns on front. The surgeon offered his surgeons fees back, however that would not ever cover the next surgery at 15,000 and I already spent over 10,000 just to get my bite back to normal. They tell me that is the risk you take. I classify them both as scumbags.
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What is the process for filing mal practice? I really question the cleanliness of his operating room.
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I went to Dr Jeneby and his staff and him was so inconsiderate and rude. They were all so snobbish.. I couldnt wait to get out of there.
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I've had a similar experience with bottoming out of the implants and just 3 wkd ago had a revision with a different surgeon who used strattice. Strattice was the key for me. My tissue just wouldn't hold an implant under the muscle without it. So far so good. Maybe you can look into it? Im sorry for ur experience. This was my 2nd revision surgery so I understand how horrible this can be. Don't give up. Sometimes it takes more than a couple surgeries to get it right unfortunately
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When you write a letter to surgeon that your want a refund because you need a revision because of his mistakes he needs to report that claim to his Insurance company. If he doesn't respond to your letter, keep seeking for a attorney. You will find one. Did he reuse the same implant in your revision surgery? If so can you send me a private message. Plastic Surgeons are telling patients it is okay to reuse them, when that information is not true.
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no he made me pay for them again but he filled them compleatley different. But nowing him since they were adjustable implants he may have just taken the ports out and resued them to be honest I never sat back and thought about that. Thanks for the info i will be looking for an attorney and writing him a letter
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I wonder if you could contact the BBB, The American Board of Plastic Surgery,The Joint Commission and even San Antonio Today to express your unhappiness and his unwillingness to correct his mistake. "elective cosmetic" surgery should not be held to any less of a higher quality than emergency surgery.. Im sure there is some regulatory agency that keeps track of this.
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so he can get into trouble for not responding? Did you do the same thing? I really does suck and every time I have tried to talk to him about it he acts as if the mis placement of them is my fault I have already talked to a couple mmp attorneys but its hard for anyone to pick up my case and they said by the time Its all said and done I would not get anything back from it
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I also had adjustable breast augmentation with Dr J. I was disappointed with the final result, I also spoke with him in regards how my breast were not symmetrical... One breast is larger than the other, he's responds was" you asymmetrical breast to begin with...." if you like to make them even there's a extra cost"! He made me feel ignorant, I paid over 5,700, got a campy job done. Have heard from other patients that they were unhappy with end results as well. Oh by the way, I have a visible scar on my left breast, so noticeable its embarrassing when I'm with my partner...
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So sorry to hear. I had the same experience. Write him a letter for refund and tell him why he failed you as a surgeon. He doesn't respond, consult with attorney for breach of contract. It is sickening how plastic surgeons could just walk away and stick us with the next bill for revision.
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I'm so sorry your result wasn't what you'd hoped! You might want to check out RealSelf's breast implant revision community to read about other women who've been through similar experiences.

I'd love to see a photo to visualize what you're describing. Let me know if you need help putting one up.

Hang in there and please keep us posted on your journey and how it progresses.

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Sorry for your unhappy results. Actually the right breast appears to have a capsule and the left has dropped into its normal position. A lift in addition to the aug may have been the way to go.
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