Finally happy with my figure big boobs and small waist:)

They look real I was a 36 b now I'm a 38dd bc I...

They look real I was a 36 b now I'm a 38dd bc I gained weight lol I had mommy boobs that sagged I have no scars at all he worked magic and I am in love with my boobs. It will be a year in December:) he's is a man of few words but he is confident that his way is the best way. He answered all my questions :$

Also i had my incisions thru the armpit and saline...

Also i had my incisions thru the armpit and saline implants placed beneath the muscle 500 ccs in ny right and 450 in my left
I had alot of flesh so my boobs r soft they sag just enough to look natural they jiggle only negative i dnt hve much nipple sensation anymore which i miss a whole lot they itch frm time to time nothing major though. Ladies do back workouts bc my boobies r heavy on my 4'11 frame i have a big arch in my back bc of genetics n my butt looks bigger than it is bc of it so keep your back strong. At first i was sad they didnt sen big enough but in about 3 months when the implant settled they poofed up so to speak i started at a 36d a day after surgery and about a month when i was 137 i was a 37dd now im 148 and im a 38dd and can fit a 38f in some bra at fredericks of hollywood so do not buy a ton of bras for a few months they wont fit lol

I hate bra shoppin bc bigger bras r expensive and...

I hate bra shoppin bc bigger bras r expensive and lesssss sexy lol man my bras that fit the best cost 35-54 a pop!!

I am now fitting a 38 d lol not cool my bobos r...

i am now fitting a 38 d lol not cool my bobos r stil amazing looking and big but they are smaller i can tell my moms ays she can tell ive lost 6 lbs! and im like wtf y doesnt this hideous gut look smaller dont you guys hate when u losee weight in stupid places!!!

Looking for a buddy i kno a few grls hve dates...

looking for a buddy i kno a few grls hve dates around that time but may be leaving by the time im recovierng i plan on being in the miami area by march 10 bc im moving there.
also going to update u guys on my weightloss
sigh,,six lbs dwn so far im kinda mad bc the six lbs came off my butt and my boobs ONLY my mom sayd my love handles look smaller but to me erything else look smaller and my problem areas stayed the same size lol this is y lipo is a must no matter what.
i was also told that sickle cell trait doesnt prohibit u frm sx! yay!!! but i do need to get a dr note stating i hve the trait and not the disease bc if i have the disease i cnt get surgery but all my life ive been told just the trait i have crisis sometimes but they stil say trait
i forgot to ask them bout anemia bc im anemic as hell sometimes and sometimes i dnt show any signs of anemia. when i was processed for the ARMY the first time they said i was anemic and 30 day slater they retested me and i didnt show anything so it all varies i guess lol
i need to start buying my prodcuts i saw arnica gel in my loca HEB but didnt buy it yet what r some good brands?? i still dnt kno how i will get labs done as i dnt hve medical coverage i can opt to go back under my dad until i am 23 and hve free tricare if im in college full time my only problem is i wont get financial aid til august and i turn 23 in october so if i want tricare now i must pay 200 a month for it which gets me out of any copays and my meds and tests and stuff have no copays

Previous post about dr slamas and bbl surgery is...

previous post about dr slamas and bbl surgery is in the wrong blog please disregard lol

Stil loving the results i am a yr post op now...

stil loving the results i am a yr post op now :)
they feel soft squishy and real my boyfriend thinks they look great
they are heavy and my only complaint is the nipple sensation thing other than that im happy i cant wait for my upcoming liposuction bc then they will really stand out since i will no longer have a gut :()

So i lost six lbs not that fuckn much but...

So i lost six lbs not that fuckn much but apparently all six lbs came off my real boob n i swear i feel like my boobs r tiny now sigh :( posting a pix so yall can c idk maybe im trippin

Added a few pix idk y they uploaded sideways

Added a few pix idk y they uploaded sideways

Can u guys tell me if im being crazy new pix as of...

Can u guys tell me if im being crazy new pix as of last night do my boobs look small now that they r in a 38d bra'

Posted a oix of me in a red n blk bra as of 1-8-13...

Posted a oix of me in a red n blk bra as of 1-8-13 am i nuts or do they look small i wanted stripper boobs n now that i lost weight i dnt feel like i hve them maybe after my bbl they wil look bigger wen my stomach is lipoed but idk sigh im crazy arent i lol

Getting the bbl procedure soon hoping the small...

Getting the bbl procedure soon hoping the small waist allows for my boobies to look bigger ;)

Heres a few new photos one yr and 3 months post op!

Heres a few new photos one yr and 3 months post op!

After lipo im now a 36dd

And i feel like they look hugeeeee heres a few recent photos


here is my before pix i finally found one of them lolt

yawl c how ugly they were they sagged a lot after breastfeeding my son
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

My breasts are perfect

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi I was reading your reviews. I'm a 24 single mom of 2 youngest is 3mo. U said your 22 and divorced. Just wondering how did you save for your sx I need advice. I refuse to go to DR
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Looking good :)
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Wow, you look great! Posting the before photo really shows the difference! Thanks for posting...and yes, many of us can relate to the post breastfeeding boob syndrome. ;)

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Lol yes sorry it took so long I got them done without doing a review at the time but decided to do the review early this yr n I literally had to search through emails to find before photos they were horrible lol I just hope if I breast feed with these implants that they don't sag a lot after 
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No need to apologize. We are grateful for your continued support in the community! (I can't imagine these breasts sagging for nothing! I'll cross my fingers!)

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they look WONDERFUL!!!! Congrats!
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I have my BA with Dr. Y on Thursday! Hope mine look just as perfect as yours! So excited! :)
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Good luck i loved what he did for me!
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Hello I just came from your bbl post and your boobs look totally different there from here. I was going through your pics and was like DAMN!!! Those are reeeeeally niiiice that had been my concern not achieving that result however I don't want to add anything. You did very well with your decisions and choice if docs. Your results are GREAT. BUT u message me, my question is what is the difference in the boob pics here and on the bbl post? Again on the other post that are AMAZING!!!
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Lol thx hm idk maybe bc they have settled more or im smaller and they got a tad bit smaller or it could b the bra i noticed a t shirt bra makes mine look more matural but when i wear bras frm nordstroms they look better in my. Opinion
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The angle too at whichthe photos r taken r doff for my bbl post simply bc on my bbl blog i am trying to get my ass in the picture lol
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Looks great! Can't wait to get my boobies. Waist is currently 24 inches after lipo. Woop woop. U lookin gret girl!!
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             your boobs look so natural! i had to look twice at your photos! you look great! you have these nice big boobs: tiny lil waist: and perfect butt! money well spent! 
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Your girls look great!! have you lost weight? how tall are you?
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Im only 4"11 lol so im short as hell so mine look large and in charge in person but shockingly ppl dnt even think they r fake
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Yes im like 130 right now!
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Dayum.....even your tatas look good you doing it up girl enjoy it cause we only live once I ain't mad at cha :)
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I'm debating on 475ccs I'm 5'1 with no kids but thinking I might go a little bigger :) urs look so good btw!
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What is ur starting size and ur goal size i think its either wvery 150ccs or 200ccs is a cup size worth.
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so how did u get them so big or why and how can iget the like that?
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Showed my dr pictures of boob I have 560unders I feel I could have gotten 620s though
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Ohh we are about the same height!!, and I have 545 uppers!! OMG I'm really excited now! I am 145 pounds now. XS squeem here I come!! I look at your pics and read your blog to stay motivated!!!
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What made u choose uppers vs unders? Mine r saline unders. Yes they will drop and fluff mine did sometimes i still wear a slight pish up bra though just bc i love now they look that way. And yes i had lipo and wore my garment for 10 weeks. My waist went frm 32 to a 26.5inch waist
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That xs squeem is bullshyt im sry even on my 26 i ch waist its too small i have broader rib cage though. So that may b it n with my squeem on it put my waist at 24 inches n it looked abnormal lol so i stopped wearing it but i wore a small vedette garment instead
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When I talked to Dr. Pantoja, we decided that would be better because the other ones done by another doctor were sliding out from under the muscle. I cannot wait until this waist goes down! I have silicone now. I fluff everyday!! It feels weird, like when I was nursing... 0__o
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