Help! Undecided on a Doctor So Many Different Quotes... :( - San Antonio, TX

Hello everyone! I am a petite female from...

Hello everyone!

I am a petite female from Texas and I need help with my bbl search! I've been thinking about this since last year but just started getting quotes this month.

I've gotten quotes in houston one for 6000 that won't add fat to my hips and the other for 8200 with fat to butt and hips. So question...does fat to hips make a big difference? The dr is telling me once fat is injected into buttocks it stretches making a wide hip look. These quotes were from Cortes and lapuerta.

I've also gotten quotes from salama in fl for 8499. I know he will do a good job but price is a little too much considering I still have to pay to travel from Texas and to stay in a room. The same goes with my quote from lily for 2900 which is a good deal I just don't know what the cost would be to travel out to the Dominican Republic or if I need a passport?

Thank you ladies :) I just want some help so I can schedule this thing!

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what doctor gave you the quote for $6000, is that including all the extra fees (facility fees, post-op garments, etc)
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some girls from this sites schedule the same dates and meet up at the airport...
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im from tx. yily does grrreat work at a great price fom what i have seen. even te recovery places are good prices with nurses and 3 meals a day and the ride from and to airport and office . i hve looked at booking the flight from tx to dem r and its about 500-600. you wouldneeda passport. i would sooo go to yily but my husband doesnt want me to go so far for a surgery :( if it wasnt for him having an issue id be zooming there lol. you can also meet some bbl sis going
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idk about fat stretching to make you look like you have hips. that sounds ridiculous to me. try dr. perry i love the hips he gave me. check out buttaluv she is from TX also.
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Hey, yes you will need a passport to travel to DR.
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