Beginning my Tummy Tuck Journey!! - San Antonio, TX

I have had 2 kids, and my first pregnancy...

I have had 2 kids, and my first pregnancy absolutely ruined my stomach. I have lost all the baby weight but still have a lot of loose skin that isn't going away with exercise. I also was a 34e and have gone down to a small 34d which left my boobs sagging. So for the past month and a half I have been going back in forth with getting the tummy tuck or breast implants. I have been to 2 different consultations and both drs told me very different things. I have finally decided to go with the tummy tuck since the recovery takes the longest and next year I will get my breasts. I am excited, but trying to make a smart decision with which plastic surgeon to choose. Can anyone recommend a good dr in San Antonio? Also I was going to take 2 weeks off of work and wondering if that is enough.
Did you see lawton after I commented June 10? I also want to do my breasts but I think I need a lift first and he was very expensive for just the lift so I'm hoping next summer. My stomach was my priority! Will be watching for your updates
Yes I needed a lift too but when I saw the price I said I may as well do the tt since that's my main insecurity. Atleast I can lift my boobs with a big bra. Plus I lost so much volume I would need a lift and then a few months later get implants. I'm glad I found you I was nervous because I didn't see reviews!
I just found the girl on here who had dr lawton do her implants the same day as my tummy tuck. She said he called to check on her that night but he didn't call me?? My feelings were hurt! Yes his lift is ridiculously expensive but his partner dr youngs is onlv5300 and 8500 for lift with saline. I feel the same about my boobs. They look great in a good bra and no one sees them but me:)

Cold feet!!!

So tomorrow I was going to put the money down to reserve my surgery date and all of a sudden I'm getting nervous. Like do I really want to do this, will it be worth it? And I know I want it because this is what I have been wanting since having my first child. And I'm second guessing if I made the right choice with which surgeon, I'm so confused!!! Did anyone else go through this?!?

Scheduled TT!!

So I have my pre-op appointment on August 4th and scheduled my tummy tuck for August 18th. I am excited, I have a little less than a month. I got a walker already, and will be staying with my mom for the first 2 weeks. Hoping I can get caught up on my work that way I won't be so stressed during my recovery!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

So I am scheduled for my tt tomorrow at 7 am. I have so many pills/vitamins that I'm taking before. I am not as nervous as I thought I would be. I think it's going to be hard to get any sleep tonight though because I am so excited!!!!
Good luck
Dr. Young

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