CHANGE OVER/switch Dominican Republic here I come

I will post before an after will be...

I will post before an after will be the story ..of the good the bad and the ugly.i hope this helps someone i dont know .Remember like all the surgeons say the first 2 weeks following major surgery can set you up for the next 6 months of healing so basically be ready to as my mom used to say Go Sit YO But Down Lil Gurl..Tee Hee

My Recovery Dietary Supplements came today . Yayya

My Recovery Dietary Supplements came today . Yayya

Http:// My Kit came to day Im... My Kit came to day Im ready

Okay so im compelled to writee now that i have...

Okay so im compelled to writee now that i have scheduled my flight..i picked up some last min items..suppositoies ..because the stool softners an exlax have sodium ..this will make you swell ...and i picked up my female depends .so codine for pain form my friends ..hahah..also sizes3 x full front zipper house coat two so when one being washed i have a clean one also setting my timers an calender when to take my recovery pilss and pain meds ....sorry ladies im a poor speller..

Able to get 8 pain meds...500mg...yet I'm lovely ....

Able to get 8 pain meds...500mg...yet I'm lovely know ladies the strong stuff

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!Dr Robles orders Drink 2-4 Liters...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!Dr Robles orders Drink 2-4 Liters of water well 3.78 Liters in a Gallon so ill stick with that but lemme tell you ladies with the recovery pills and the iron you would be doing your self i disservice not to force hydrate your self least with a gallon of water daily ..word to the wise start as soon as you wake ..because that's allot of water an be ready to continue to go pee constantly... i will tell you because weds day the 12th is my travel day an i have to change planes twice as soon as i get to ft worth from San Antonio... i plan to put on my female depends not because i intend on peeing on myself but those muscles down there are week ..i need to doo keegails hahahahah.. its because your body is flushing water so often you may at time have some really close calls an i don't want that to happen to me in flight ,,because i still need to consume a gallon on that day also , because when i arrive in DR at 10 pm which is my cut off for food an drink,.the next morning is my surgery I'm Just Saying..i don't want it to be to little water consumption or to late to go potty..

It's started I can't sleep to much excitment......

It's started I can't sleep to much excitment....funny thing happen my husband says he thinks the recovery house is where I need to go so I can get the attention I need after care...ok I get it he's scared for he said he likes the room that I found for us an he can stay there an come visit me at the recovery house..So sweet for him to admit he doesn't want to compromise my recovery...awesome..truth be told I'd rather be around my support group wich is you Divas on here..Thank you for your Support

Hey Divas just found out I'm scheduled for 12 o...

Hey Divas just found out I'm scheduled for 12 o clock surgery

On my way to airport Divas this a free text app if...

On my way to airport Divas this a free text app if you down load it I can text u WiFi.for free if you and I have the app.Heywire. +1443-779-3339 even international baby so get it I can respond quickly using my phone since its lighter than having my laptop on the bed I'm basically keeping my phone on airplane mode the entire time as not to Rome am incur charged fee I'm using it like a I pod ..pad or whatever its free

Hey I'm at a different recovery house its a clean...

Hey I'm at a different recovery house its a clean tower with two nurses or house ladies they don't speak english only one does.....they are on time with food me an my husband are here but when we arrived there was a diva here from brooklyn didn't get to chat but my hubby did she been here 2 weeks an sad wonderful things...ok I get up the next morning this at clinic isnot a state of the art it like a dclinic but not dirty ..ok I get up at 7 am an take my camer to find where the hell the Dr officers are an I foound like 25 ..fro alomonte.....Hungarian....cammelo and I too pics of the door tags...ok then laura comes in tells me no bbl its to much work an blood I agreed to Implants..ft..Lipo ..flanks..waist..armpits..6200$......ok she said 12. My surgery but Dr Robles called I guess to make sure she got the
Mullah an was there in 20 min she came in an hugged me I was like damn ok I feel good then she asked me to tell her what I wanted...then she said nope 550cc...I said yep she said no my husband saidisten to he I said nope ..go big or go home...she smiled an started repositioning my beast to see my skin laxtiy an startup !marking me up she said my incisions will be customized once she has me open I didn't have anything to say after she agreed to me size she went to was. Her hands an said one more time I think you should go smaller I said noo an she said she you in one hour for surgery..I get a knock on door nurse says time for surgery ok I get in wheel chair she rolled me to the when to find Robles I keep say hello to all the other nurse who walked buy an the the anitheaologist can an ask me to follow her in as I waing to my or room I looked left seen a tummy tuck being performed..I looked right I see a breast job being done it reminded me of how you go to salon that have different suite to get you hair done an a lot of different stylist thick I know I'm in recovery 6 hours lateer shaking llike a crack head I was so cold an

ThOkay so day 4 I m going to start iceing my blobs...

ThOkay so day 4 I m going to start iceing my blobs...also Dr I can't.get massage until two weeks I.don't remove my garment unless I'm changing into another one I will.continue this for 6- 8 as first 4-6 days these are critical to.your skin re twist or bending if no.nesscasary...also your fluids will.not produce as much because there is no empty space.....walk only to bath and back to bed...reposition your self every few hours it help blood circulation..when u get from surgery u will have a catheter ..I advise u to drink as much water as possible before you leave an it comes out cause the pain begins when u have to sit and stand so much you will reach high pain so have you hubby rubs calfs and quads.....stay on top of ate rasian that I brought from home as soon ass my body temperature was.normal..then I started feeling nauseam so I drank the liquid I brought from Walgreen and it works...I keep eating rasian and then it happened I threw up but only once me.feel.better so I keep eating raisins then drink I would have something on my tummy when I took the works..I then had. Pooh on day one ..two..and three...instead of day 4-5....

Divas I did get a French wax two days before...

Divas I did get a French wax two days before coming here glad I did because of her drainage tube an low incision line....French wax is when the only wax the top an innermost creases were your thigh meets you torso...I paid 65$

Awww Dang Divas my drair.slowed.down.becar it was...

Awww Dang Divas my drair.slowed.down.becar it was.clogged so I called Laura because it was seeping from the top.part where my skin is an she called Dr Robles ..sent the driver an took a syringe and.attached it to the drainage port coming skin an uncloged it I'm glad im going in again to change my dressings And getting new garment because the one I have was.pinching my port ..also Dr Robles good question she said are you taking your meds and drinking water I said yes ..she said I are but why don't my other patients she said they trust me to cut then open but they don't trust the medicine I give them...well ladies she then began to tell me an my husband that she has studyed medicine since she was 15 yrs old an was in the 1st...2nd..of all her studies an she was the youngest...well along with the medicine I brought with me which was my recovery support consists of 5 pills in the morning..Dr Roble has 8 more....they are Iron...Antibiotics..Vitiams c ..Folic acid...Motrin....nausea..something for blatter ifection because you will have a catheter ..its alot of pills so you have to eat and drink ..just take lil by little ..because she said when she asked the patient they say yes she know.they lie because the women at the tell her they find them in the toilet..but she said all she here about is good things that I'm eating and taking my meds makes her happy

Well I thought my drain would be out but Dr Robles...

Well I thought my drain would be out but Dr Robles said I'm due for removal on the 28 that Would make it 14 days with drains in t to love it.

Today my husband asked me were my Girls going to...

Today my husband asked me were my Girls going to stay in there position or drop like before i lol an said no i got a lift also an in time they will drop but not 12 inches basically 1 foot....i ask him why do you like there position ..he said yes the swelling is going down an i cant wait to there ready for me....i smile an said they'll be ready in 6 weeks post op but if hes nice an gentle ill let him hold them when we get home...See Divas they can only put up a front for so long an just think he tried to get me to go smaller,,hshshshshsshhaahhahaahhah

I had the most uncomfortable sleep I pain...

I had the most uncomfortable sleep I pain drain tube..I really can tell its.time to take it out because its as if my body is trying to spit it out ....when I was swollen I couldn't drain now that the swelling is down an I have no fluid I can feel the entire drain inside an it gives me sporadic pain in an around my abdominal on my right leg which is closer to my drain ..first time feeling this ...its like major cramps non stop..I'm waiting for taxi ..I almost took it out last night even my husband felt bad cause I'm stiff an in constant pain..

Remember your package includes Only 10 days at the...

Remember your package includes Only 10 days at the recovery house so after that you pay 85per night an you companion$55 per night thats like $130,per night times it might be better for you if you stay pass 10days so your drain come out for you to move to a hotel or just get an apartment from the start..the Dr Robles driver will still pick u up for all follow up appointment....plan you money so you can extend your trip till your drains come out u will not regret it ..when she took my drain out I could feel that my connective tissue was starting to form around the tube an this is when I began to feel the tube under my skin ..its a different kind of feeling than just having annoying drain to have its totally different

Delta Airlines business class from Santo Domingo...

Delta Airlines business class from Santo Domingo to atl then first class from atl to san Antonio Texas ..Dr Robles gave me a note so we can use a wheel chair ..thanks to real self divas I learned to do this ....I have a 2 1/2 hour layover in atl ill eat and be happy...I'm leaving 500 Dominican peso for each lady here its only two an the get paid 300 peso per month so its a good tip for them ...I was told to change my bandages every 4 day

News flash I got on the scale yesterday an I came...

News flash I got on the scale yesterday an I came here weighing227 pounds an now I'm 210..omg 17lbs hell to the MF Yeah...I'm going on the south beach diet...wait for my 1year post op pictures....

OMG..OMG..OMG I made it home but lemme say this...

OMG..OMG..OMG I made it home but lemme say this Don't Leave DOMINCAN REPUBLIC with out HADICAP WHEEL CHAIR NEEDED NOTE from your Doctor who Eva you choose it was a breeze not having to wait in line from departures to destination the chair will be there ...Thank the Lawd know I couldn't have made it through the sea of ppl...I'm happy we share info on here cause this was the most valuable tip I received..

Drain removal video posted

Drain removal video posted

Hey Diva thanks for the complements...she will do...

Hey Diva thanks for the complements...she will do u right..ok take a look at the picture in my review an u will see a box called vitimicia these pills are amazing recommended by top surgeons they have a website so u can read up the pills are called recovery support..they have 4 bottles an u start2weeks prior until 2weeks after...The others are for bruising an swelling...the cream Dr Robles put on me is called hipoglos its a A&D ointment...I looked it up an translated the page ..every 4 days she would change my bandages an apply..its all I use..Dont leave the U.S without some pain meds u will hate yourself because if it had not been for the 8 that I ha to help me the frist 3-4 days I would not have been able to be comfortable enough to let my body began to repair ..itself without me being in pain to hard to tolerate..when I say I went to the bathroom an back to bed I mean it u have to move slow an deliberately..give yourself 8 days this is critical for your body to reconnect the soft tissue an establish a new blood supply ...also buy a breather exercise the one u get that has three balls the help I remember to take deep breaths...when you are under they place s breathing tube in so your lung don't reach their full when they removed the tube and your breathing on your on you are scared to breathe deep..but YOU MUST if not you run a chance of getting every hour or so when u in the bed have it next to u and at frist you will be surprised that u can barely raise the frist ball but by day 7-8 you should be able to raise all or at least two you will feel the oxygen helping to heal u ..thanks.for helping to remember to tell Divas ..oh it cost 10-15$ online..Google breathe machine.

My tt incision is completely closed i only have a...

my tt incision is completely closed i only have a few area where the scab peeled of that are healing but the line itself has mended right breast were i popped the stitch is also healing from scab coming off during my dressing change i will post more next week

Had my frist lymphatic drainage massage ..I feel...

Had my frist lymphatic drainage massage ..I feel amazing I new the recovery was going to be slow but afterwards I really feel my body responses to the technique..I will post pictures I even look second is Saturday...I can tell the difference on the appearance of my breast they look like a perfect heart

Hey Diva's its been 4 weeks an two days i must say...

Hey Diva's its been 4 weeks an two days i must say its hard i have improved my neck strength since my PooPoo is still out of commission HAHAHA I have to take care of home..Hint Hint,,anyway my recovery is going well i had my third lymphatic massage an im so happy i have been doing them my thearapist told me that she is going to Dr Roble in the summer an that of all the Post -op clients she has seen mine is by far the best ,,she said she is use to seeing shelfving,,which means when the swelling is very prominate above the incision line an minimum below ,,yaya she also said my incision it banging so im like hell to the Mf yeah ..oh well new pic im putting up had me Jaw dropping because all the time i have been recovering i have not once played dress up an the day i did a panty check it was a tear jerking moment because i mean the panty line was literially covering the incicion line perfect i was like Damn Dr Robles how you do that .. I mean she marked me exactly were i needed to be an trust me i was not wearing no panties , im to hot to trout

I have not changed thing 1 and thing 2 again yet...

i have not changed thing 1 and thing 2 again yet but as soon as i do i will post plan on Sunday

Omg..omg..I just took a deliberate walk in the...

Omg..omg..I just took a deliberate walk in the park...just at my own pace stopping as often as needed an I must say I feel good. I did not deliberately try to walk fast I just took it easy breast also noticed when I was going up a slight incline I was of balance an I can was because I had not had to engage my lower abs like it requires since my surgery so I will be out again 2 ma ...

Today I'm 6weeks post op I met with my trainer...

Today I'm 6weeks post op I met with my trainer today for consultation an measurements I will.start walking daily 30 min.first week 2. Nd week 1hour walks ..then our sessions will.start they consist of yoga an strength training .I like her she seems good for me ....she gave me options like highcarb .../lowprotein........Low carb///highprotein.........high carb ///med protein ///low carb......
I choose low carb////high protein ...

Healing fine breast closed .....i got the...

healing fine breast closed .....i got the antibiotic powder Dr Robles recommended ..i hit the gym for weight 3 time per week with a trainer..i walk fast as i can the other 4 days and tread mill for a total of 45 min..i get in sauna to have warm-up an cool down i can stretch.. i have a goal lose 30 pounds now the extra skin is gone i feel i can see more results..i also noticed when i have sex it felt better ..i have seen pics of tummy tuck when the Dr pulls the pubic mound way to high..but once again Dr Robles just ever so slightly lifted it so when im on top ..whoooooooneallyy the vulva an clitoris is spot on ..oh i have no regrets at alllllllllllllllllll Diva

Thank you Diva"s

Thank you Diva"s

Post op Weeks aye!!!! OK this morning i did...

post op Weeks aye!!!! OK this morning i did something daring i got it the swimming pool because when i was training at the gym my trainer said she was going to start me on a ab program at my 12 week mark since my big ass mouth told her the dissoluble stitches will be gone at 3-4 was great i started by rotations an stretching this is the first time i have totally engaged my core muscle since surgery i did 30 min an will go again on Thursday if i have no unusual pain i will follow up next week doing full lap swim ..the walk and build up my flexibility in my core so i wont feel a incredible amount of pain doing abs...i used my compression garment today while swimming i use the one with crouch open an put on shirt an shorts so i feel good goal is to be running by month 4 .. i also spent $100 on a shirt to assist me with my posture my trainer said i need to ensure to always keep my posture in i went to an bought a zip front shirt ..omg it works great i love the way it pulls my shoulders stiches are closed an my belly button is tiny ..i love that....

Omg quick tip for the Diva's who run on would like...

omg quick tip for the Diva's who run on would like to I got the stability tights ,,and baby let me tell you when i say they feel like my compression garment i mean it ..i felt like i was totally put together AAAAAHHHHH this is a break through because i swam in my compression garment but i don't think i can run ,,its just to uncomfortable basically im trying to say the tights a stingily but together just like our compression garment's i ll pot picks an let you know how they hold up when i start my running program..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

This surgeon really takes the time to care for her patients during surgery and after I don't have any regrets. For the price I paid the results are wonderful an well worth the trip. This surgeon is at the top of her game when it comes to estetics she understands the concept of shaping the women's body. Thank you Dr.Robles for all thant you do. V/r Your San Antonio Texas Patient.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Ive found ur review very helpful and informing.thank you for sharing
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I am going May 22 to Dra.Robles. What RH you recommend.
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Eurosilicone Breast Implants +2 Eurosilicone is a a French breast implant manufacturer that is not related to Poly Implants Prothese (PIP). The current safety warnings are about the PIP implants and anyone with these implants in place should have them removed. There are no such warnings about Eurosilicone. Implants produced by Eurosilicone, are CE marked, Class III medical devices and meet all standards specific to breast implants in Europe. However, they are not FDA approved for implantation in the United States. The only breast implants Currently approved in the US are made by Allergan and Mentor. The company has been operation for a number of years and claims to follow all recommended manufacturing standards for their products. The main issue is to avoid the placement of PIP implants. This is another French company whose manufacturing standards are alleged to be below acceptable. A number of patients have suffered ruptured implants and early investigations into the company point to illegal manufacturing processes and corporate wrongdoing. These implants were never approved for use in the U.S. either. I hope this makes things a little more clear. Dr Harrell from RS
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Http:// new recovery house opened recently with everything you need right there reasonably priced and modern. mention you found healing haven on RS and get a extra discount on all inclusive pricing for a limited time only. When sending inquiry include dates of travel and services needed for a custom package catered to your needs. This RH was created with you in mind by your RS sister we look forward to hearing from you
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You look great! Where did you pop a stitch and how did you know? Also when did you workout? Im so scared to workout but I think I can start a light walk now but my tummy swells and feels weird as hell with certain to little activity and Im four weeks po!
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Is Hipoglos the white cream everybody is using on their tummy tuck incision from Robles?, if so when did she start using it. I was trying to look the product up and it says its for diaper rashes. I want to order it for myself...
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You good Lady?! Havn't heard you in a minute! What's up? Some other reviews are trying to slick dis-credit Dr Robels but i'm just gon keep my initial mind frame and get'er Just gon discuss the over booking issue, insurance and Virginia RH is a must and then it's a go...Holla back Chicka! We need to know you are okay please :)
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BossLady, who are the ladies whom "trying" to discredit Robles? cause I've only read reviews that woman are telling their JOURNEY and what happened to if you can give their RealSelf names I would love to read their reviews...THANKS
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The one that you suggested was goin BEYOND the call of duty....(too much energy in my opinion)... No internet beefing here was merely to check on an original patient of Dr Robels whose review I initially started following before her departure and since her return...oh and you're MOST WELCOME!!!!! GoodDay ;) By the way, that was for MS.THANG but thanks for replying...
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Would you say that Robles gave you the but you wanted? Is it round?
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Ms. Thang Your a Rock Star :)))) You Did The Damn Thang and You Look Wonderful Thanks for keep us posted and Thank You for all The Wondeful Information You have given us after your Surgery :))))
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Hi I am so glad I found your journey with Dra Robles. I am also very happy that you took your husband because I read in another Robles journey that no men were allowed in the recovery house. Is this true because my husband is my support and that's who I will be taking. I was upset to read that because I really need the recovery house but also need my rock(hubby). Can you inform me on this?
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Dr. Robles assistant told me husbands are allowed. It's an extra $55 a night that's all. :)
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GOOD I got nervous a little. I was making extra plans for a hotel. Thank you sooo much.
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Yes Diva take him you will need his support.....$55
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THANKS FOR SHARING ALL YOUR PICS!!! you are SURELY a BLESSING for those whom are going or considering Dra Robles!!! CLAPPING/CHEERING for YOU DIVA!!!! BLESS YOU!!!
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Thanks Diva
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Ur looking great!!
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Thanks Diva
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Sweet results...I was wondering where is the recovery house Dr Robles uses?
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Look up Diva I posted a pic for you
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Do you have more YouTube videos?
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No hun
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