So here are my stats. I'm 5'0", 101#, and have one...

So here are my stats. I'm 5'0", 101#, and have one son (he is 2.5yrs). I was never a tiny person, my best looking time was in college about 115#. Then I got married and pregnant and weighed around 125. When I delivered my son I had reached 190! So my weight loss journey began and here I am 2.5 years later and 90 pounds lighter. I kept losing weight thinking my stomach would shrink but it's still in poor condition. I am a size 0 or xs and still so upset about my stomach. For my own sanity and health, I need this operation so I won't have to keep dieting and hoping it will go away... Because it won't!
I am going for my tummy tuck on June 10. I am a teacher and finish the school year June 6. I will be staying with my mom near Austin, tx so she can help me recover and help with my son.
I will be using Dr. Gary Lawton and am pleased with my decision! However, he will not be performing any lipo with the tuck so I am hoping I don't need that! Can't wait to read more stories from the community and share our experiences :)

Less than two months away

Well everyone, I am getting excited as this becomes more real. As you've read, I've had quite the weight loss journey. Last summer I wore a one piece mesh miraclesuit, size 6. Miracle suit doesn't make a size 0 (my current size) but I still need my belly covered! I went with a one piece monokini from Victoria's Secret. Hoping next summer it will be a bikini!

More pictures

Since it's getting closer, here are some more recent pictures (today). And unfortunately I still get asked if I'm expecting ugh!

About a month left! Disturbing pics attached :)

Reality is setting in! With my weight loss and constant carrying of my toddler I realized my arms are starting to have some nice muscle tone! I was doing push-ups tonight and thought id post my belly! My pre op is may 28 and today I put it for an absence at work that day! Getting so excited. Any advice about pre op questions or concerns would be appreciated! I have no idea what to expect and how it will differ from consultations!

3 more weeks

So I suppose it's time to officially start the countdown?! I've been so busy with work I didn't realize how quickly this surgery is approaching. June 6 is my last day of work then I am done for summer.
So this month was Mother's Day, my birthday, and teacher appreciation week and my body is showing the love! I'm up about 3 pounds this month and really need to get my diet back in order before tummy tuck :-/ definitely enjoyed all the junk though!

Pre Op was today

I was surprised that the doctor didn't come in, only his nurse. She was very thorough though and answered all of my questions. I spray tan about once per week and am SO disappointed they said no spray tans for these 2 weeks prior to surgery and about 2 mos post surgery! That means Casper skin for me all summer :-(
I was given vitamins to take daily that I began today. I also dropped off the prescriptions that I will need for after the surgery.
I made my payment so it's looking official! Also got my blood work done and hopefully everything will be ok there. My blood pressure was 108/58 which seems low, but they didn't seem concerned.

Anyways, I'm so excited. Hoping the next two weeks fly by :)

9 days

The nerves started to sink in as I read through all my paperwork today! I had my last spray tan on Friday and so I got really dressed up last night! I went to a coworkers daughters sweet 16 and guests were to wear black/white. The dress I saw online that I tried on in store fit poorly so I settled for a different white dress. The one I picked is very tight so I had to get spanx too! Lol, at least the dress was on sale :)

Selfie tip and last day of work update

So maybe it's not technically a selfie, but it's how I take great pictures without anyone around to help me. I have an iPhone. I set it on a flat surface with front camera on in record mode. I move slowly and watch myself do the pose I need for pictures. Then, I pause the video and move the white line to shots that best fit what I'm trying to capture in a picture! I then click again in the middle so that the video preview on top disappears and take a screen shot! Hope that helps anyone struggling to get good pics!
So my surgery is on Tuesday had I haven't received any calls so that must mean my bloodwork came back normal :) today was my last day of work and my assistant surprised me with a gift! The bag contained some things for recovery: pajamas, three gowns, a robe, slippers, and a sexy see through black slip for "showing off" my new tummy! There was also a gift card in there for a local restaurant. She is SO sweet! I was just complaining this week how I needed some comfy house clothes for recovery. After I lost all my weight, what little clothing I bought went to work clothes. I'm so thankful to have such an awesome support network :)
Four more days! I'll have to enjoy my four days of summer vacation before the surgery!
I keep reading how heavily people rely on their binders, compression garment, spanx, etc and my doctor uses none of that so I'm nervous!!!! The reality is finally sinking in and I think I'm more excited than nervous!

So close now!

I have so much I should be doing around the house and shopping to prepare for surgery but it's a rainy, ugly day here and I just want to sit around on the couch! I'll so some last minute before and after pics tomorrow:)

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Just got my call saying I need to arrive by 5:45AM for my surgery! Now it feels real! I'm happy it's early though so I won't have to go too long without eating/ drinking and leaving the urine sample. I took a few more before pics. My weight pre op will be 103# (gained a couple these past two weeks from excitement). I should really take measurements before I go in too! Please keep me in your prayers :)

I made it!

The experience was nice and I am happy to be home again! I'm experiencing some pain but it's manageable. I was surprised how well I could walk, but maybe that's because the drugs haven't worn off ;) please tell me it doesn't get much worse than this!!! Will update with more pics when I can :) all wrapped up right now

Mirror selfie

This is the best shot I could get today! Hopefully I can get one tomorrow at my first post op appointment! I think I see some definition up top! Wishful thinking? Lol.
And I have three drains ahhh I thought id have two

More pics!

Sorry if I'm posting too much I'm just so excited! I'm kind of concerned that I don't feel the need to hunch much?

Post op appointment day 1

I'm still feeling good. They had to remind me to take it easy so I downloaded some books on my kindle so I can relax and take it easy! I got a peek at my incision and belly button and they look good. My mid abdomen is a bit puffy as to be expected. I was given the okay to shower today. He also started me on silvedene cream once a day over that mid area and belly button. He said it helps healing and is soothing, and is often used for burns. So far I'm very pleased :) when I take my shower I'll add another picture of my belly button and taped incision :) here are some I took today though

A pic!

Lifted my bandages, hoping it's just me standing at an angle that my bb looks off center!

First shower!

Feel so much better. Washed my body and reapplied cream and gauze. Got a good pic though! Very pleased so far!!!

Day 2 post op

Today my initial excitement has worn off and I've been sleeping a lot and finally relaxing! I sent a pic (attached) to a friend considering a mommy makeover and she asked if I've always had a "puffy taco"! Haha! I said no but it was droopy before and now it's perky even if it is puffy! I love my new girl though and my new curves! Pain has been about the same and I'm cutting down my hydrocodone and Valium intake. Just doing 1 every 7-8 hours instead of 2 every 6. Hope to switch to Tylenol in the next couple of days :)

Second shower and pics

Just took my second shower and tried on some panties. My xs panties will not cover scar but my smalls will! Tummy is feeling really hard and so is mons area but overall still happy. Cutting back on pain meds and napping like crazy. Am yet to have a BM, may do milk of magnesia tomorrow (been taking colace since day 1).

As my mom was dressing me I asked if it still grossed her out. She said no that it looks good but it's my boobs she is bothered by! Ugh. Just got stomach fixed lol! Don't want to think about boobs yet :-/

Day 3 post op update

Well I took my pain meds around 6pm last night and slept in a drug induced haze until 9am! I thought for sure id wake up in pain but I was okay. Only thing was I had a bad headache so I think I'm ready to switch to Tylenol. I've been sleeping very comfortably on the sofa the past few nights. I'm going a little site crazy being stuck in the house but know I need the rest.
The morning of my surgery I was 103.2 and when I got home I weighed myself out of curiosity and was 107.8! This morning I was 101.8.
Yesterday the doctor said I didn't have much muscle separation which may be why my recovery hasn't been bad. He said he removed a good size piece of skin and there wasn't much fat there. I still have all 3 drains but they're not draining much now.
I love my perky mons area! I can't wait for jeans shopping and hope my scar will be hidden :) not much else to update, just taking it easy! Hope everyone is healing well and good luck to those with upcoming surgeries!!!

Day 4 update

I woke up at 101.0 which is about where I should be since he removed that skin and I was 103 the morning of surgery. I quit pain pills, only used 1/2 the bottle of the hydrocodone and 10 of 30 Valium. I've been applying the silvadene cream to middle of my tummy where I get most swollen and a little red maybe from the gauze always covering it?
I took pics first thing this morning since I've read that's when women look the flattest. I've peeked under my scar tape and notice the skin isn't healed together. How long does it take for incision to smooth out? My next appointment is Monday.
How often did you ladies take a shower once you were given the ok and did you wash your tummy? I skipped the shower last night.
As far as the drains go, they're pretty annoying but I'm terrified of them coming out. They're hardly draining anything anymore but most of my swelling seems to be above incision in middle of tummy. I can't even see the incision under my belly button because the ball of swelling! It's like when I had to lift up my skin to see my cs scar haha!
Another big day of no plans since I'm confined to this house! How are you ladies coping? Reading? Tv? Napping? wishing everyone happy healing!!!!

The white cream on my incision and stomach is the silvadene. I'll try and add a pic after I clean it up and before I reapply it, just wanted pics first thing in morning :)


Another day of healing is complete and I can't wait to wake up more flat (hopefully)! I took a pic after shower to show the stretch marks and swelling but it doesn't bother me! Still feeling over the moon happy with this decision :) good night, ladies, and happy healing!

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day, everyone! I had initially planned on spending the day at home relaxing until my brother called and asked if I wanted to go see my dad (he lives an hour away). We got him a keurig because he's always complaining about his old coffee pot. I love my keurig, but he didn't seem too excited when we gave it to him lol.
I guess today is my day of pity because I woke up with a stiff neck (I guess five nights of sleeping on a couch will do that), and just felt swollen and pudgy. My stomach is so hard above the incision and the drain sites are irritating me. Don't get me wrong, I still love my decision and results but wish the healing process wasn't such a.... Process.

Every morning I look forward to taking progress pictures so here are my day 5 morning progress pictures.

Ladies, when did your scars start to heal and when did you start treatments and what did you use? Thanks for any tips and advice :)

Day 6 appointment today!

Well today was day 6 and I had high hopes of drain removal. The nurse took out or cut the stitches and removed the tape from the rest of my incision. They said everything looks great! However, I can't wear bras with wire so I bought a new cami style bra at target afterwards. They lathered me up in the silvadene cream and covered with gauze. Dr. Lawton gave me a very in depth explanation of the cream but mostly I just understood it's magical, haha! ok I do understand more but wouldn't want to confuse anyone with my extensive knowledge and in depth medical explanations ;-)

I'm pleased with my incision and am posting pictures. They did say a drain would probably come out Wednesday (day 8 PO) and the nurse said hed most likely want to see me again on Friday then Monday! My moms last day off work was today so she's going to go back to Austin. I'll be here alone in my home with no driving abilities ahhhhh! Good thing I have a huge summer reading list!

I'm finding it tricky to dress and disguise the drains so I've attached pictures. I put one in each bra up and one on my thigh, don't want it to look like a ummmm bulge though if you know what I mean. Anyways, hope everyone is having a productive Monday!

It's been one week!!!

Well, ladies, I thought it was just Tuesday but a RS friend reminded me it is my one week mark. I wasn't even going to update today since not much has changed but now I must. I slept til noon, how?! I'm worried I'm going to fall back into my insomniac ways. I still have all drains and they're draining anywhere from 3-12mm/ cc per day, so very little. I despise the feeling with milking the drains. It isn't painful, just strange. I was 103.2lbs the morning of surgery and 99.6lbs when I woke up today. I'm wearing super sexy lingerie in my 1 week pics so try and focus on the incision and progress ;) I'm happy with my healing. I don't think the ends of my incision are beautiful, but I'm not concerned about them either. I think they'll flatten based on blogs I've seen here. Tomorrow I should have at least my right drain removed. I know I'll take a pain pill before and will update with how that appointment goes.
My caregiver, my mother, went back to work in Austin yesterday so I'm alone in my apartment for 6 days without driving privileges! Yikes!
In other news, I booked my flight to New York City for end of July so advice would be appreciated!

Day 8 appointment update!

Well since my mom returned to work on Monday I had to ask my 87 year old great grandmother to drive me to my appointment. Talk about a scary ride :-/ the nurse said I could drive to/from appointments as long as I'm not taking pain meds and feel okay so I'm very relieved! The dreaded drain removal happened today and I told the nurse I've been scared of this since pre op! The stitch clipping HURT and I told her I wanted to cry. She said to take a deep breath because she was going to remove my right drain really quick. It wasn't bad at all! Hardly even noticed :) she then clipped some more stitches and said things looked good.
Dr. Lawton came in and said my color was nicely healing so I can stop the silvadene cream. I had to go by walgreens again though for small gauze pads and neosporin for my drain site. I am to treat it twice/ day. I still have two drains and one should be removed on Friday and the last on Monday! I asked her when I can ummm groom myself down there and it looks like it will be a while bc the drains yikes! Then they said 2 weeks til my next appt thank goodness :)
I asked about the marble like ball of swell I see above my belly button (attaching a pic) and he said it's not swelling, it's the belly button stitch! He poked at it and I felt what he was talking about! I guess I was too swollen the first few days to notice it :) I'm so happy! Only downside is they said I can't take anything to help me sleep so it looks like I'll become nocturnal again :-/ I even quit coffee and sodas! Oh well, I trust them and will follow their advice! Happy healing my RS friends!

Day 10 appointment

So today I had my day ten post op appointment. They removed the second of three drains and yowza! The first didn't hurt at all, only a sting when she cut the stitch. Today the stitch cut didn't hurt but that pull out wow! I felt it in my stomach stinging for about 15 mins. I hope the third drain isn't bad! I have another appointment on Monday which is when they'll remove the final drain. I'm draining less than 10 mg/ cc per day ( I never had a lot of fluid, just wanted to remove them slowly)

I asked the doctor when I could spray tan and he said MONTHS! I thought a month tops but he used it in the plural form :-( I guess people will have to like my pale skin this summer! I would attach a picture of drain site after removal but it's taped with gauze and I still can't shave down there with the third drain. I'm doing y'all a favor, really.

The doctor did tell me I can start wearing something for compression in a few weeks to help with the swell. I have tons of spanx and other type garments because of that stomach I used to have to hide!

I feel like I look good already and I'm down about 3# from surgery morning weight. I gave my pre op pants another shot and attached a picture. So believe me I AM very swollen still! I didn't really believe it until I saw how far from buttoning my pants I am.

Don't know how many more books I can read without going crazy for human interaction. Last night I watched something about tombs and mummies (historical, not horror) and I am dying to go to Egypt. When I was about nine I would carry around books about king tut, so maybe one day! All this time alone with my thoughts could be dangerous! ;-) happy weekend, ladies!

Feeling disappointed tonight :-(

I guess I'm having one of those days where I just mope around and pity myself. I feel like my scar is so much higher than others here and I guess I didn't expect that because I was thin with A LOT of excess skin to work with. I put on some of my more conservative panties, nowhere near my low cut ones. The only way I could cover my scar was to pull them up really high and give myself a massive camel toe! Ouch! Let's not forget to mention that bikini bottoms are almost all lower than a panty line would be. Looks like I'm destined to one pieces... Which I was comfortably wearing prior to this surgery :-( am I flatter and happy to be rid of the skin? Yes. Do I wish I could show it off now? Yes, but that seems unlikely. Ok, I'm done feeling sorry for myself!
Tomorrow I should have my last drain removed then be free to go stay with my mom for two weeks . My son came home today and he ran into my apartments parking lot completely naked and laughing while I yelled and hobbled behind him, he had a good ten feet on me though! How am I going to do this?! And I had two kind neighbors offer assistance but still I was pretty embarrassed.

2 weeks appointment

Ok so I'm not two weeks until tomorrow and I post pics then but thought I'd update because I had my appointment today. So relieved that I can join the rest of you in the drain free club. I asked her to see it when she pulled it out (I had eyes closed the previous two removals) because I was curious. Then a 2" blood clot followed it. GRoSS.
I posted a pic in my monokini I wore pre op bc I'm depressed I'll have to give it away :-(
Dr said I can start a compression garment and I already have some similar to the style he prefers so that's good. Hope everyone had a productive Monday!

2 week pictures and update

Well I blog a lot here so not much to update. I do have a new fear of choking and needing the heimlich and destroying muscle repair... But besides that not much to update. Swelling is about the same and my measurements are the exact same as pre op (1/2 inch difference not worth noting). I will update when and if I see a change in measurements which I believe I will when swelling is down and pants fit again!
So I'm really pale. I have a date Saturday and can't spray tan so I can't wear any of my pretty neon summer clothing I bought when I tanned lol. If any fair skinned friends have advice on colors that won't make me look washed out I would appreciate it ;)
My pre op weight was 102.4 And my 2 week post op weight was 99.2. Pics are attached comparing 1 week to 2 weeks "progress". If you look reeeeeally close then maybe you'll see it hehe!

Drain site progress

Well, ladies, I was given the ok to shave so I can finally post some pictures of my drain sites. The one on my right (camera left) has been out for over a week. The one on camera right has been out for 6 days, and the middle has been out for 3 days. The middle drain stayed in for 13 days total and it itched for about 2 days after removal. It looked red around the site but I wasn't sure if it was because i had been scratching so much. I'm posting pictures of how they look now with this much healing time. There has been no discharge of any type from the drain sites since the removal.

Daily Swell: the struggle is real

So I thought i would share about my daily swelling and post some photos of it. I always thought the women here were exaggerating when I read their tales of "swell hell" but I was wrong! I'm 2.5 weeks post op. I took it pretty easy today. I stayed home with my son and we took a two hour nap. I wore my spanx for compression but a small isn't enough to offer the compression I need (small is for sizes 4-6).
Tomorrow I have a movie date (theater with reclining seats thank goodness) and I showed my mom the dress I wanted to wear. She asked if I was going to wear a girdle with it and I said that I was actually wearing one now :-/
Another thing worth noting is that I also think my belly button is slightly off center but it may have been before surgery.... Who knows! Trying to be happy instead of pick at every little thing.
Lol well here are some pictures for your pleasure :-)

3 weeks post op

Today I am 3 weeks post op! I have no pain, just some discomfort by the end of the day. My pre op clothes are still nowhere near fitting, and my evening swelling is at it's all time worst. I think my upper abs near rib cage look less square from the side but my lower stomach is still big. I am still convinced my belly button is off center and I'm still sad that the scar is so high and no panties cover it. I was 101.0 this morning and gained 2.5 pounds over the weekend oops! Gotta get that off but it won't be a problem. I also noticed when I put on matching panties and bra for you ladies today that my bra was tighter, I hope due to swelling?
Let's move on to things I am happy about though. I'm very happy that I don't have saggy and loose skin. I'm glad that I can move around well and it doesn't hurt so much to sneeze at this point. I'm thankful my recovery thus far has been smooth. I do like the shape of my scar just wish it was lower on the hips. I have my one month appt next week and my doctor will not be seeing me, only the nurse. I hope I can start scar treatment then! And yes my date went well, I'll even post a pic from that ;)

Met another milestone tonight :)

Okay so everything seems about the same at a little over 3 weeks post op. I felt discouraged seeing so many rolls when I slouch and will post that picture. I couldn't help but wonder if it's skin or fat underneath? I also read somewhere that hunching has to do with how tight the skin was pulled and I was hardly hunched at all hours after surgery. I know I had a TON of extra skin and expected a very low scar and excellent result. Id be lying if I said I didn't feel a little disappointed. So on to the big news....
With a waist and belly disproportionate to my teeny legs, it was almost impossible for me to wear jeans. I found a pair at old navy on clearance that were the skinny jeans ankle crop. Well I'm 5' and they fit me full length and actually were tight on my legs! They were my tightest size 0 pants before surgery and my goal was to wear them without muffin top. I posted a pic here a while back still a couple of inches from closing. I hid them in the bottom of my drawer.
Tonight when swelling was at its worst I decided to give them another shot! And voila! They fit! A little bit of muffin but I'm excited I can wear them with fitted tops in the future and I can foresee cute outfits in the months to come :) yAY!!!

four week update!

Sorry I haven't been around much the past few days. I had been staying with my mom this summer so she could help me with my son while I recover. She and I have a rough past (she was gone for most of my childhood) and she became a part of my life again about four years ago. She said some hurtful words to me and I packed up and left and headed back home with my son. I've been busy with him and adjusting to taking care of him alone. I feel bad because I cant really take him anywhere because I cant lift him in and and out of his car seat and he likes to have terrible two tantrums. I worry that if he has a meltdown when we are out in public because he wants or doesnt want something, or doesnt want to leave... that I physically cant make him leave. So we have just been hanging out around the apartment. My grandma comes over to take him to our pool (I wish I could swim with him).
So the tummy tuck... I did have a morning where I caught a glimpse of myself around 3 1/2 weeks post op that I thought, "wow, I look thin today". I'll post a picture of it. I don't feel "fat" by any means, but i feel like I look bloated even though I dont feel bloated. I really hope thats swelling, opinions are welcome! I've been wearing a leonisa garment and it is comfortable. I dont know that it holds it in well and will post a picture of that too. Scar seems to be doing well so far and at my appointment tomorrow I will ask about using the gel they provided me. I'll blog again tomorrow after my one month appointment :)

One month check up!

So technically I'm not one month until tomorrow but since my one month appointment was today I will go ahead and do this now! I came in with only three questions:
1. Can I begin scar treatment? Yes, the nurse said it looks good and I can start using the scar gel they provided me in my pre op kit.
2. Can I lift my son? He is 28#. The nurse remembered him and said I can lift him but to just be careful.
3. Can I swim? I asked this because my son likes to go to our apartment pool. She said I can swim just not laps or anything and not to over do it.
Do I wear sunscreen underneath swimsuit!?! Will I need a one piece to keep scar and bb more properly covered?

Nurse also said it was ok to sleep on my stomach which I've been doing for the past few days anyways. I know when I sleep on my side I swell more on that side. So maybe I've been more middle swollen since I've been sleeping on my stomach again?

She said they'll see me back in 4 weeks for an 8 week appointment. That's when he prefers his patients to resume normal activities and just so happens to be 2 days before I go back to work:)


Well since my nurse told me I could go swimming I decided I needed a swimsuit. I had originally planned to use my one piece miraclesuit from last year but I couldn't find it. Today at the mall I stopped by dillards to look at swimsuits again. I tried on a few monokinis with no luck. Then, I saw a rack with Trina Turk swimwear. I had saw one I really liked at nordstrom. com and it was a one piece, so I thought maybe they had it. Well, they didnt, but there were some bikinis. They say to order one size up for swimwear so I would be a 2. They only had a four in the bottom, and the top I got a two! I have to pull it up a bit high but it doesn't look goofy like some do when pulled up! YAY!!

Having a skinny day!

I've had a couple of skinny days so I thought they were worth documenting :-D I'm almost five weeks and it is so crazy to think ill be 6 weeks next week! They say swelling goes down around 6 weeks, right? And final result idea around 3mos? I'm posting some pictures. I also picked up a cute one piece from old navy for like $20, didn't even try it on first :) I've been using my scar gel religiously and I think I'm seeing improvement!

I'm trying to take it easy but felt so great when my son went with his dad for the weekend that I cleaned my apt and some decorating. Just wanted to update that things do get better!!!

5 weeks and ouch!!!

So yesterday I went swimming with my toddler for the first time. I wore my one piece with SPF 70 underneath and felt sexy ;) when we came back after about an hour I was a little swollen and we both got in the bath tub to rinse off. He complained he didn't want a shower so we did a bath. I laid back to rinse my hair in the tub (not even wash) and he slipped and caught his 28.4# self on my stomach!!!!! It all happened so quickly I can't recall much detail. I know I didn't hear any pops and he caught with one, maybe 2 hands, and not his whole body. I cried. He cried. I'm going to call my ps today but everything looks and feels the same.
My measurements. So I sent a RS friend pictures and she wanted to know my measurements. I told her they had not really changed when I did them a couple of weeks post op but to humor her I took them again. Guess what! Big changes! I'm posting a picture. I took measurements at smallest part of waist, biggest part of tummy, and hips where butt is the largest (which isn't big for me).
Other news. I went through an older vs swim catalogue looking at their belly buttons. Good news! My round bb won't prevent me from becoming a Victoria's Secret model ;) because most of theirs are round, with the exception of one who doesn't have one. And yes I'll post that disturbing picture too!
I've been using my scar gel twice/ day for a week and I think it looks better already! Posting a picture even if only I can see the difference :)

6 weeks!!!!!!!!

I can't believe today makes six weeks post op! Today my restrictions are lifted and I'm free to do most any physical activity ;)
As a special treat to you RS friends I took my six week pics in my newest lingerie, and I'm a bit swollen this morning because of all the six week celebrating last night ;)
When I was buying panties I had to buy a medium because I needed more material to cover my scar, I usually wear xs!
I am still using my scar gel twice/ day but must confess there was a day or two that I used it only once. I had a 2 day pre k curriculum conference at the San Antonio riverwalk over the weekend and that was my first taste of back to work. It was exhausting and I was as swollen as ever, but it felt nice to be around adults again. Enjoy the pics and happy healing, my friends!

Community of support?

Today was my last day in NYC and I am blogging from the JFK airport. I had a fabulous weekend but was quite disturbed to read a comment posted to my blog. I've always felt so comforted by my RS sisters and look to you ladies for the mutually beneficial relationship of support as we go through all stages of surgery.
I am so upset to have read a comment that made me feel incredibly insecure and bad about myself when I didn't initially feel that upset about my post surgery results. How sad to point out imperfections and make someone feel worse about themselves!
Anyways, to end on a lighter note... Here are some photos from my trip!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Updating my doctor review at 2 weeks post op. I've had many follow up appointments and most wait times have been minimal. Dr. Lawton is quick with me but does answer my questions. I saw through other reviews that he calls to check on them the evening after the surgery, but that was not my experience. The nurses are fabulous and beautiful. The office and surgical center are great as well.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 10 others found this helpful

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Loving the crop top. You look really pretty. Ignore the negative comments you look really good and your scar looks much better. Hope you had fun on your trip. :)
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Look at you in a hot little crop top ;)
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Look at those curves!!! When comparing your before and after pictures I was blown away. I can imagine how happy u feel not having to deal with all that skin anymore! Tummy is nice and flat, and it enhanced your figure tremendously. The scar is the least of your worries babe, u can cover it up and wear awesome clothes that will accentuate your beautiful thin petite figure. Unless your probably considering walking around naked all day I wouldn't be too concerned. I don't think Missy1976 was negative when pointing out something u already were very forth coming about, it was just unnecessary. Notice she never said u don't look great, so don't take those comments personal. We all have flaws, we all are unhappy about something, we all wish we had more or less of something and that's reality. You are beautiful, and brave for subjecting yourself to this to feel better and look better and I think it's safe to say u have accomplished that. Much love to u babe!
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Don't worry too much about that comment. Don't let ONE person get you down. There's a lot more of us that think you look great!
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You are smokin hot from head to toe! I would not pay attention to that comment even though I know it's hard. I almost responded to it but I didn't want to give it any more attention. Your scar is a tad higher than you would have liked but there is nothing horrible about it. Anyway...I'm glad you had a fun weekend and I know it felt good to wear that crop top!! You rocked it!
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I know what comment you are referring to. I saw it before I commented and had to bite my tongue. You truly look awesome! Look at you in that crop top and shorts! How many women get to wear that after babies!? Not only is your body looking great but you have the most beautiful hair and face. The whole package. I think some women feel intimidated by pretty women and feel better knocking them down. Seriously, don't give it another thought!
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Don't let the bad comment of one person make you feel bad. You've come a long way and should know that everyone has a different experience and results. You look way better now than you did before and that's what matters. Luckily, there are a lot of nice bikinis, lingerie and clothes out there that will help you cover your scar, if you wish. Anyways, I see you showing off your new belly in the pics and must I say you look fabulous! You are a very pretty woman and shouldn't let the rude comments of others put you down
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You look fantastic!
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Your scar will fade so don't worry about the negative feedback. You look fabulous! :)
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Hey there! You are looking fabulous! I wouldn't listen to any negative comments about your scar because it WILL fade! I've had some friends who have had tt's & you can barely see their scar. It just takes some time. It is still very new. You are a beautiful, young girl inside & out. Thank you for always sharing your journey with us. It's helped me so much & I'm sure you've helped & inspired others on RS too.
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You look amazing! Your scar has faded so much after only 1 week of scar therapy. If it keeps fading at that rate you are not going to be able to see it all all!! Happy healing : )
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your scar is fading! it looks great. Mine is still bright but getting better all of the time. patience patience : )
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Honey I don't mean to upset u or say anything negative but your scar is VERY high! I just had a TT w/MR and my scar is super low almost touching my Pubic hair....I can hide my scar with a size small G-strings. I am 5'3 and I weight 127 lbs & u r even thinner than me so I don't understand why ur surgeon felt the need to cut u so high. I've had 3 kids & 3 C-sections my muscles were like cottage cheese! He took off 8 lbs of fatty tissue and loose skin.....that scar will never go away unless u have scar revision surgery now. I would talk to the surgeon and ask him why he did this to you and ask him to cover/pay for a revision. U t too thin and young to be wearing high waisted granny panties. U can't even wear a normal size bikini bottom with that scar. When I saw ur pix I became so upset & had to reach out to u. I can send u pix of my tummy & my scar so that u can show ur doc and demand to know/understand why the heck he left u with a horrible scar! Hope ur body is feeling OK and I would love to chat with u more. Im also a nurse which is definitely a plus as far as brig educated on surgery/recovery, etc.
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You look great!! Healing wonderfully! 6 weeks have flown by really.. Can't believe we are almost in august :/
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Lookin' good! Love the lingerie. :)
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You're looking awesome and that scar treatment is working perfectly!
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Thanks and I can't show it with pictures, but the scar went from raised to basically completely flat! It used to show through tanks, now it doesn't
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Great posts! You look awesome! I think that high waisted, high cut bathing suit bottoms are very attractive and sexy. They make legs look forever long and then will hide the scars. You still get a bikini feel and look because of the high cut leg holes.
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Sorry, links didn't post. . is my favorite!
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The yellow scoop front bottom? Super cute cut!
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omg, your posts are awesome - funny and everything... and love the details! keep posting PO pix!! I want to see the progression of your scar. ok, few ?s... on the 6/12 post - what's a "mons"?? love the story of your 87yo grandma. haha!!! what a sweetie! and what's Colace? I've heard other RSers mention it - might have to go get some too. is that for use PO? well, I have a friend who's just as skinny as you and as much, if not more, saggy belly skin to start. she's probably 5' and 90 lbs, too. she so wants a TT but got boobs instead - not too big for her size, very natural saline 300s. I'm excited to show her your pix because she'll love seeing your TT work! and boy, those drain pix - holy drains!! very scary (I'm still 18 days pre)... thanks for sharing - I think. ;)
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lol thanks for the comment! The mons pubis is the pubic area above vagina. Colace is a stool softener so that when you do have a bowel movement it won't be as painful. I had it after my c section and you can get it over the counter :) that's crazy your friend chose boobies over fixing a saggy belly! My breasts are so droopy from weight loss and extended breastfeeding but I couldn't stand my stomach! A nice bra will support my breasts for now ;)
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yeah, understand. I saw pix of her belly and I was like - wth?!! mine isn't anything to brag about either but I just like pudgy fat. hers look kinda like yours but even more "drapes" - I told her they look like curtains. yeah, I'd prob fix the TT, too. but honestly, for the price upgrade doing both via MM, I'm happier going that route and she should've, too.
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I meant - I just look like pudgy fat
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