Thinking of going in for liposuction, after 5 1/2 months post op tummy tuck!

I am 32 and I am a mother of three. I have two...

I am 32 and I am a mother of three. I have two boys and a girl. Their ages are 9, 7 and 3. I am married and have been with my husband since I was 15 years old. When I was younger, I never reached over 100 pounds until I got pregnant with my first son. I was always tiny a size 0!! I am very short and each time I got pregnant I stretched a little more not in height but you know in my mid section area. I now weigh 130 pounds but I'm only 4' 10!!!! I've been thinking about a tt because I'm not comfortable with my saggy belly ugh. Boy does it sag. I scheduled for a tt and Mr two years ago but chickened out but I think I'm ready this time. I'm ready to look and feel sexy and to not be afraid to be naked in front of my hubby and you know I want to be able to wear cute clothes and work on being healthy. I am still scared because I have my children and I keep thinking of the what if's but I try to think positive and think of the out come. I am supposed to have my surgery this month, I'm going to my ps in two weeks to schedule and hopefully have a set date. I went to two different surgeons but I picked the one I felt was better. She is very nice and takes her time with me. Realself has really helped me out. I can't stop reading and looking at everyone's before and after pics.. I can do this!!!!!

I have my appointment scheduled for blood work etc...

I have my appointment scheduled for blood work etc for October 11th... getting closer to my new tummy.

My tummy tuck is scheduled for November 3!!

My tummy tuck is scheduled for November 3!!

I went for my blood work, ekg, etc. Getting...

I went for my blood work, ekg, etc. Getting closer! My pre op is next week. I can't believe this is for real.. I hope I'm making the right decision getting this tt!!!

Omg ... I just realized only 2 1/2 more weeks...

Omg ... I just realized only 2 1/2 more weeks until my surgery!!!!!!

October 19 pre op appt!!!

October 19 pre op appt!!!

Anyone have any advice on sleeping positions after...

Anyone have any advice on sleeping positions after surgery? I'm normally a tummy sleeper and I know I won't be able to do that for awhile but I'm worried about sleep positions.

So 8 more days until my surgery. I'm getting...

So 8 more days until my surgery. I'm getting excited. I've been reading other post on here from girls that are on the recovery side and wow... their making it seem like its not so bad!! Im hoping and praying my surgery and recovery will be as good as theirs. Keeping my fingers crossed. Tomorrow I am going to have a full body massage its my birthday gift from my sister but I'm thinking it will relax me a whole lot since I'm so tense right now . I'm getting all the clothes washed and housed cleaned. Gosh I can't believe I'm almost there I hope I will be flat and have awesome results but what if I'm not happy after... I'm scared. I guess I will keep reading for some encouragement.

Okay so I'm officially nervous!! Just two more...

Okay so I'm officially nervous!! Just two more days until my surgery!! I'm not really sure how I feel right now... its kinda strange. This whole time I've been so excited and now naturally I'm nervous, I actually have a tummy ache and have been running to the pot all morning. TMI, I know. Lol. Tonight were going trick or treating so I will be able to relax a bit. Ugh!! This morning I've been looking at so many before and after pics , I think I'm driving my hubby nuts sending him pics comparing my tummy to others and visualizing on how my tummy will be. I guess I will be forced to wait and see. Ha ha. Okay well off to wash I go..

I did it!!!! Well yesterday I had my tt I was very...

I did it!!!! Well yesterday I had my tt I was very scared when I went in. I got up at 430 am was supposed to be there by 6 half way there hubby asked where the pmt was??? Huh.!!! We left it at home . We had to turn back around to the house to get the money. The whole time I thought it was a sign for me to not do the surgery. Anyway I got to the site about 7, they called me back dressed me and started iv. The wonderful anesthesiaologist came in and talked to me , I told him how I get very nauseas with sedation and he said he would give me meds for nausea and guess what... I did throw up.

I remember telling my hubby bye and when I woke they kept telling me to stop trying to roll on my tummy!! Errr. I woke up and didn't realize it was over, I was done!!. It went quick for me . I didn't have any pain when I woke I did have a hard time waking up though. I think it was 3 when I got home. Doctor said everything went great she took 6 lbs of skin and fat we were thinking more like 3 do I was surprised. I have two drains and they seem to be a bother the most. She did do lipo on my flanks and that too bothers.

When I got home I just slept. When my hubby emptied drains I got real dizzy and almost threw up. Thank god that subsided. I ate soup and crackers and a sprite. Got up walked around a bit and that's hard. Not hunched too bad. Only taking one Vicoden every 4 to 6,hours. Slept on the couch with pillows behind me and didn't wake at all. my pain level is pretty good right now... ladybug and Shaila your next....

I wanted to correct my post I said I threw up well...

I wanted to correct my post I said I threw up well I DIDN'T THROW up!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the hardest part for me is when my husband...

So the hardest part for me is when my husband empties my drains! Also my doctor wants me to shower today, well as soon as,my hubby started taking my gauze and binder off I felt weak got light headed just felt like I was gonna pass out.. I'm not ready for shower yet!! I still haven't really seen my tummy so I'm not sure what it looks like.

2 days post op. Feeling pretty good. Not very...

2 days post op. Feeling pretty good. Not very hungry. Haven't had intolerable pain. Most pain I get is a burning sensation from the drains. Not hunched over and walking pretty good. Hope everything keeps flowing smooth..

So far so good!! Go to my post op today.

So far so good!! Go to my post op today.

Anyone know how long I have to sleep in a sitting...

Anyone know how long I have to sleep in a sitting position?

Okay so I'm 9 days post op. Feeling pretty...

Okay so I'm 9 days post op. Feeling pretty good energy level goes up and down. I've had no big problems but the drains are a bother and they've been leaking. That's about it. I'm feeling skinner lol. I went in at 135 and now I weigh 123!!!! Anyways good luck to all.

Well today Im 12 days post op. I'm home alone...

Well today Im 12 days post op. I'm home alone and so tired of just sitting around . I have had 0 appetite and therefore I've lost about 14 pounds since surgery. I think I've had no appetite because I have come down with a cold and fever , so now I'm on antibiotics. Doc said I got sick because of the stress my body has gone through. I can't wait to feel better. I hope everyone else is doing okay.. peace.

Anyone know what to do for a very swollen lady...

Anyone know what to do for a very swollen lady part?? Mine is so big.. sorry tmi but I'm worried its very hard and swollen???????

I had to call the doc again. I'm gonna have to go...

I had to call the doc again. I'm gonna have to go in . I still have an awful cough I've coughed so much my tummy is so sore. The doctor is going to check my lungs tomorrow to make sure all is clear. I hope I didn't POP my inside stitches!! I'm a little run down from feeling under the weather ready to bounce back! I've also still have a fever low grade 100. So everyone plz send healing vibes..

Well... I had to go back to the doctor. I still...

Well... I had to go back to the doctor. I still have an infection.. my drains have been out but a day ago I started pouring out fluids from my drain site. I went back to the doctor and we are having the fluid tested. Im getting tested to make sure its not the bad staph. :( I'm actually feeling okay today and my fever is gone and swelling is down so praying all is well.

Well turns out I have a type of staph infection on...

Well turns out I have a type of staph infection on my pubic area. Doctor is keeping me on antibiotics (augmentin). Hoping this will kill the infection. I'm not running a fever anymore and the swelling and redness has gone down. I know this staph stuff is nothing to mess around with so I'm hoping being on meds is the right thing to do. I didn't get it surgically cleaned the doctor just did a culture on it... I'm feeling ok just scared.

So I'm Six weeks post op today!!! Yay, I thought I...

So I'm Six weeks post op today!!! Yay, I thought I would never reach this point. Well My infection is gone and I am off antibiotics. My pubic area is still swollen and looks funny but not nearly as bad as it was. Doctor said it will go down more. I sure hope it does because it does stick out. At this point in recovery, I weigh 121 pounds when I went in for surgery I weighed 135, so happy with that. Seems like every time I eat I swell really bad. I haven't started working out of any kind still waiting for doctors okay. My healing is a bit slower because of my infection I had during week 2 of post op. I can finally sleep on my side.. which is good. I am now wearing a flexee garment all the time and my binder at night. Now... my results seem to vary some days I look flatter than other days. I am larger and not as flat on top as I hoped for. My doctor did say I will get flatter once I stop swelling and I can get smaller on top once I start exercising. Other than my infection every thing seems to be okay.I can say this healing process is very very slow...

Ok so I am 8 weeks post op. I feel really good. I...

Ok so I am 8 weeks post op. I feel really good. I have one problem that I am concerned about... My tummy seems to be a lot rounder than it was two weeks ago!! I would wake up flat in the morning and get swollen towards the end of the day and now seems like I am swollen 24/7 for two weeks now. I have not gained any weight since surgery, I actually lost 15 pounds since then. I have seen my doctor and she said my muscle repair seems fine and for me to start exercising slowly and wear a compression garment. Ugh. I hope this isn't how my tummy will remain. Has anyone recovering out there gone through this?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It's been a while since I've been on here. I'm 5...

It's been a while since I've been on here. I'm 5 1/2 months post op! After having a bumpy road to recovery I'm actually feeling great! I had a problem with my upper abdomen protruding , and diet and exercise has not helped. At a follow up appointment my ps had mentioned doing liposuction. I went in for a consultation and I got a quote of 4300! Errrr, I was hoping for less but I'm thinking of going through with the liposuction. Has anyone else had to go back in for a revision? Hope everyone is healing well.
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Hey girl wanted to see how ur pre op went with Dr. Diana !! LMK !
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Awe that's great you have such a great support system. She sounds like very sweet girl!
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she is doing great with it..actually she keeps me sane with the whole process...tells me to try and not think about the pain but instead think about how good my belly is goin to look...she brought me some oranges and a spoon..asked if i needed to hold her hand to walk to the bathroom (as if her lil bod could hold my big ass if i fell lol) she is amazing and keeps me strong...shes more excited than i am that i got this lol..i think bc she sees how happy its making me...shes such a great daughter...shes my best friend thats for sure :)
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No, I had and still have the same feeling. Wow, what a great bf you have there!!!!! How is your daughter doing with the temporary change from your healing process??
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Cyndi I had a similar feeling and being 19 weeks post op I still have the rumbling feeling. I did ask my doctor and she said it was gas bubbles. I agree with your bf if you've lasted this long without a shower, Monday will be here soon!!!! Just think the shower will be like gold!
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ahhh ok yeah that makes sense :) thanks..i started panicing like what if its blood splirting out of my stitches and im feeling up with thats my mind lol...and yeah im just going to wait it bf actually put the chair in the bathtub..filled the tub up and washed wasnt the same as a bath but that warm water on my feet and legs did wonders and to have my hair washed was amazing..and he shaved my legs for me lol..the shampoo without water was a waste of made my hair feel nasty so it felt good to actually have it shampood :)
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i have a question for you :) is this rumbling feelin in my belly normal?? the best way i can describe it is it feels like when your pregnant and the baby kicks..and it goes on for like 20 min at a mom said it mite b muscle doesnt hurt just feels weird...
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Thank you cyndi83!!
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Thank you klewis for responding. I'm really hoping its just swelling, my doctor didn't really say much. I'm gonna wear the garment and hope it will go down... I'm glad your feeling and looking good!!! :)
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I'm going to schedule for my 2 mo exam. Curious as to what my dr will say.
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Hey Gina - I'm 8 weeks post op as well. I am currently back to wearing my binder as much as possible. I had been away from the website and didn't realize that I was swelling. I feel good. No pain, no complications. So we tend to forget that we are actually still healing. You're one of the lucky ones to have actually lost some weight. I actually weigh more now than I did before my surgery. But I look better than before my surgery so I'm not too mad! LOL!!
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I'm 9 weeks tomorrow & sometimes a little paunchy! Im resigned to this lasting as long as it lasts, lol.
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LOL, nevermind I saw the answer!
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Thanks peaches.
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Hey Ginababy. I'm swollen in pubic region too. Mines was lifted and it's swollen. Be glad when go down too. Glad u healing and doing ok after infection.
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What house hold chores can I do at 3 1/2 weeks post op?
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Pottery Granny,
The augmentin gives me diarrhea also. Im glad to hear your ps says augmentin is best for staph. I heard bactrim is good as well. I didn't get cleaned but I did drain from the site. Hopefully the antibiotics will kill this infection. Did your ps say if the infection is contagious? How do you feel ?
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Ps had me taking both antibiotics, but told me to stop bactrim once staph was confirmed. I feel great, just want the new drains out. Dr called at 6 tonight & told me how to remove one if diminishes enough before ny Monday appt! Augmentin did allow me to stop the stool softeners,lol
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Regarding contagion,I think we all carry staff germs on our skin. Gets bad when it has an opening to enter body. Think im right about that.
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Thank you so much mommy73 and klewis0906!
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So sorry you have a staph infection, too. During my clean-up surgery, I got a whole bag of antibiotics. Now I'm on my 5th day of 10 on augmentin, which doesn't really agee with me (nausea/diarrhea)but my dr. says its the best for staph. the combination sure eliminated my symptoms quickly. Hope you'll improve quickly too!
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I am in agreement with mommy73!
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Praying for u to b healed in all areas!
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Ginababy, I had a pain in my upper groin after I got the infection, I went in and my ps felt it and said my lymphnodes were swollen, probably a result of the infection. I actually had a touch of cellulitis, is is NOT something to mess around with. Stay in touch with your ps and DO not hesitate to go see them if you have continued redness, pain and fever. Esp. if you have a fever. So many things, most not serious, can happen after surgery, just go see him if you feel uneasy. My redness went away in about a week, but then I had the splits, which lasted a good two months and the groin pain lasted about 8 or so days. I'm here if you need to talk. Hugs.
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