loving my body! (tt + lipo) - San Antonio, TX

Hi, my name is Kristen. I am 26 years old as of...

Hi, my name is Kristen. I am 26 years old as of February 11th and I have never had a flat stomach! Once I hit puberty the battle of the bulge began, and even when I am really thin, I still have a noticable pooch. So needless to say, pregnancy all but detroyed what little beauty my tummy had! I went from 164 to 193 while taking fertility drugs. I am 5'9 and of average structure so 160-180 I look thin. I got out of Air Force right before having my baby, and thats probablya good thing bc I doubt I'd pass a PT test with how huge I was! Anyways, I got up to 253 while pregnant! My poor tummy was/is riddled with stretch marks going about 3 inches above my belly button. Luckily they have faded, however my skin looks like a deflated balloon underneath my belly button. I've lost 68 lbs since March 9th 2011! I feel great, but hate the way I look. I only want one child so I decided it was time to improve my self image!

I had a breast augmentation on Nov 3rd 2011 and OMG I LOVE IT! Seriously worth every dime and more! My hubby and I are moving to England through the Air Force and I don't want to have my surgery there. Plus I love my doctor here and I thought, Why the hell not?! So I called and am scheduled to have my surgery on the 28th. I have my consultation on Friday the 9th (my daughters 1st bday) to go over details. I am so excited but also very nervous. I've read horror stories and success stories! I'm debating on getting lipo on my flanks as well... but cost-wise I don't want to spend a fortune. I'm looking at $7600 now already, and I will ask about lipo on Friday. I loved this site! It's great to hear others stories and recoveries! I am nervous about the swelling! I've had a c-section and that hurt like a B***H! So I am hoping I can handle this without issue. But swelling is not fun! For those who had lipo, what was the cost addition with the tummy tuck? Thanks!

Good luck with your surgery I am scheduled April 26Th so maybe by then you can share some tips...
I will be sure to post as much as possible after my surgery so everyone can read my story! this site is great for that!
My surgery is Mar 26th...we can be recovery buddies! :)

3/15/12 I had my consultation last friday and my...

I had my consultation last friday and my doctor said I was good to go and that she reccomended lipo on my waste and not my flanks. Am I strange for being more nervous about the lipo than the TT? My doc also does lipo at the top of the lady parts to prevent a bulge there after the tummy is flattened. My excitement outweighs my nerves and I can't wait for a month to have gone by because by then I should be recovering enough to get back to a somewhat normal routine. I hope everything goes smoothly and I dont deal with complications. ive see too many horror stories in the past that i cant help but be a little scared... I felt this way last time too when I got my breast aug... and I wouldnt change that decision for the world! My doctor and her team did say I am going to have a great results from a TT bc my fat is so centralized in my stomach. I hope they are right!!!
To answer your question about the cost of lipo my PS charged $700 for the lower flanks and $700 for the upper flanks for a total of $1400.
i see, yeah, my doc is charging me 1600 for my waste... pricey!!!
You doctors are right, your results are going to be awesome. By doing lipo in the waist only, it will accentuate the hour glass shape. I know this waiting period is difficult. I am sure your time will come soon. Looking forward to seeing your after pictures.

1 1/2 weeks till my surgery! Getting nervous!

1 1/2 weeks till my surgery! Getting nervous!
Good luck to you. Mine is the next day
a lot of us are scheduled for the same week! Itll be cool to keep up with everyone. are you nervous? excited? i am both qnd i cant believe it is next week!!!!

Hey everyone, So i am down to the days until my...

Hey everyone, So i am down to the days until my surgery. 6 days to be exact! I am getting really excited! I keep looking at my belly and pulling trying to get a feel of what itll be like, but i guess ill just have to wait it out. lol bc all i end up doing is moving my fat around which isnt helping! I posted a few pics of me so you can see what my body looks like in clothes. not the best examples but my choices are slim lol. I also had to post a glamour shot so everyone knew who I was. =) There are several of us having surgery the same week! Itll be nice to have others to keep up with! almost there girlies!
Congratulations!! I understand the whole weight loss bit. I have lost 82lbs since June 2011. I am 5'9 as well and with clothes I do look very small. I am schedule to do the mommy makeover BR, TT, and Lipo on 4-4-12. I am so ready to be on the other side to shop for clothes as well. My PS is not charging me for the lipo bc of the mommy makeover. I am getting Lipo of the upper and lower flanks, waist, and lateral sides. I wish you all the success and I will watching your progress. Cheers!
Congrats on the weight loss! Thats great! If you are anything like me than I know you feel a million times better shedding those pounds. In most of my clothes I look small too, but I have that relentless belly bulge and I want nothing more than wear fitted clothes. I can't wait! only days away now and I feel more excited than nervous. Your surgery is right behind mine!
Ok, I just saw your post. We are in this together...I go in the day after you. You are going to look amazing.

3 days to go! In 72 hours I will have already had...

3 days to go! In 72 hours I will have already had my surgery... I'm very excited but my nerves are starting to kick in. I just want to fast forward a few weeks to where I'm back to a somewhat normal life again. I've been saying prayers each night that I have no complications... but it is so easy for scary thoughts to race through your mind. I tried to find a shower chair but couldnt at targer. I am also thinking about finding a walker... but not sure if I will... My doc makes me stay overnight in the hospital and I dont look forward to that. I'll take advantage of it though and sleep like crazy. My baby (1 yr old) doesnt let me sleep much...lol

Tuesday I have to go to my pre-op appt and make all my payments. Then I have school Tuesday night which is going to be long and boring... its going to be hard to focus when I know what is happening the next morning!

I'll be sure to have my friend take pics of me to keep everyone posted
My surgery is scheduled for March 28th also. Getting closer! Can't wait to get it over with. Good luck!
yay congrats! I hope it goes smoothly for you! I feel the same way, I just want to get it over with! the anticipation is the worse!
good luck Galena...seems we're all in this together!

Oh my gosh... 2 days... not even... a day and a...

oh my gosh... 2 days... not even... a day and a half. lol the nerves have really set in now. My pre-op is at 10:30 tomorrow morning and I am excited about it. I don't look forward to paying the 9 grand, but I do look forward to discussing my scar and finding out details about the drainage tubes and stuff. according to my pre-op packet my doc keeps the tubes in for around 5 days but I want to know if this is normal or if I should expect them in for longer like so many girls on this site have had them. I was thinking about my c-section, and it took about 2 days before I was up and walking again, so I hope it is like that again or sooner.

Ugh this "not knowing" crap is probably worse than the actually surgery. Anticipation is torture! To all you other ladies having your procedures soon, what are you doing to prepare? I went out and bought a shower chair. I kinda want a walker too, but I think I might just go without.

I think im about to start my period too. I have...

I think im about to start my period too. I have PCOS and lately my cycles have been every 6 weeks or so. I am not joking when I say the first one since my daughters birth in march 2011 showed up on Xmas... The next one 3 days before my bday... and this one is looking like itll be here either tomorrow or weds just in time for my surgery. GO FIGURE. great timing there aunt flo. Being on your period doesnt mess with the surgery right? I dont think that it would, but just makig sure.
It would be great if you got your menstrual before surgery. I was so lucky in that area. My surgery was on March 5th and I got my mentrual February 26th. It was awesome.
yea, I'm on day 5 on my menstrual...I"m glad the heavy days are behind me in that dept.
That's awesome.. this way you don't have to deal with that during the early days of surgery. Good for you!

Well, 17 hours to go til my surgery...! I went and...

Well, 17 hours to go til my surgery...! I went and had my pre-op, picked up my feel-good pills, and paid a crap load of money to a lot of different people! lol My surgery is tomorrow at 9 AM and i have to be at the hospital at 8 AM... not sure if i'll get any sleeo tonight! Since my hubby is in korea for a few more months, my best friend is coming with me... but she just told me she may not stay overnight with me which makes me feel VERY alone and makes me miss my husband all that much more. Cant count on anyone like I can count on him. Anyways, My doc explained to me that lipo of the waist is just what she calls the flanks bc if she says waist she can lipo that whole area and only charge me for one spot. The hospital charges the patient based on each area done, so if she calls the whole area the waist, then she doesnt have to charge me more than one area. I thought that was nice of her. lol I posted some picks of my pre-op draw up. The area on the sides and back are where she is lipo'ing. Yes i have washed those undies since the last pics! haha And i have more than one of that pair. Just so no one thinks im wearing old undies. lol

AHHH I am so excited... but so nervous too.

PS: definitely started my period this morning. So I get to deal with the worst of right along with the first few days of recovery. JOY!

To my ladies who are going in today, tomorrow, or thursday, ill catch up with you soon! Please keep in touch throughout recovery! Good luck and God bless!

PSS: my credit card account number was stolen and some B was running up bills at like 4 different places! Luckily I caught them early and was still able to pay for my surgery. lol A portion of my procedure was on that card! I was so mad. but its all good now and the card has been closed. people are just plain disappointing and mean.
congradulations cant wait to see your post-op pics!!
Hope u are doing well
Hugs and prayers to you. We will catch each other on the healing side. Positive thoughts. I can't wait to see your results.

Made it to the flip side! not in much pain, but...

made it to the flip side! not in much pain, but im also on a lot of morphine. lol im in a zip up body thingy so i cant see what i look like. but i do look pretty small! just ate Taco Cabana and had no issues with nausea. im so excited to see what i look like! the nurse said im already moving and doing really well which is a good sign for a speedy recovery. however im not getting my hopes up and im still preparing for the worst just in case! this is a lot less painful then my csection at This point... but it could be The pain killers. The nurse is going to take out my catheter around midnight and i might have to get up and walk around, so ill post an update on the pain.

hope everyone is doing ok! prayers are with those who had their surgery! thanks Ladies for The positive vibes for me!

Dr just Called the nurse to check on me. my nurse...

Dr just Called the nurse to check on me. my nurse said that my doc was raving about The results and how it turned out so pretty! that makes me feel so good! today has been great so far. had mild nausea about 30 mins ago but i burped and all is well! lol i know its still early but i am truly happy i did this. ill post pics tomorrow.

I forgot to tell you my dr removed 5 lbs of pure...

i forgot to tell you my dr removed 5 lbs of pure fat and 3 lbs of skin and tissue/flesh. ... so i gave birth to a jiggly 8 lb blob of ugliness!!! yay! so after its all saud and done i should be at my goal weight of 175! thought i wouldn't mind getting down to 165 cause that's Where i look REALLY skinny and good :) im so happy yall! i feel like im on top if the world. even if it hurts super bad tomorrow, i have ZERO regrets bday i finally feel beautiful. my body will linger hinder me or destroy my self-esteem! i am literally on CLOUD NINE! haha... Could also be the morphine ... sorry for babblibg. :)

Linger = no longer bday = BC im on my phone...

linger = no longer
bday = BC

im on my phone and it has a mind of it's own. :)

Catheter just came out. hooray! next time i have...

catheter just came out. hooray! next time i have to pee ill have to get up though... Could be very painful. lol im being released tomorrow morning at 9. look forward to seeing my beautiful princess tomorrow. its funny how mins want breaks or freedom when Having small kids, but then we miss them terribly when we are gone. i feel like its Christmas and my tummy is gift-wrapped. lol my drains are pumping and doing their kobs.

fingers crossed i feel food tomorrow too
ok well goonight for now. gotta try and sleep. something about hospitals and moving vehicles that keep me from sleeping. lame.

Mins = moms kobs = jobs funny story... and...

mins = moms
kobs = jobs

funny story... and TMI... thankfully im not sharing a room with anyone bc i keep tooting so loud i wake myself up! haha!
Congratulations and good thing you have your own room!!! Lol that was funny can't wait to see your updates:-)
yay im soo happy for u i can just picture u w a big o smile on ur face heck i would be smiling too!!!hope u continue to do well!!
Thanks ladies!!!!!

@candy, thinking of you tomorrow! hang in there! so far its been pretty easy for me. i hope its The same for you. gosh im so excited and relieved i Could scream!

POST OP DAY 1: i managed to get a few hours of...

i managed to get a few hours of sleep here in the hospital. i woke up every hour though BC im a super light sleeper. my nurse just took me off the morphine. i also just got up and walked to the bathroom to tinkle. peeing was weird bc it like trickled out super slow and i had to push to make sure i was empty lol. my nurse said that she is shocked at how fast im progressing BC people usually move 1/4 the speed i am for recovering. i hope i continue with a speedy recovery! my doc did liposuction all The way up to my mid back, just below bra line. that's all i can see with this thick garment on. it is bruised pretty badly. The bruise looks dark with a white/skin color line going through it Where She used the suction tube. yucky! i can't believe how great i feel. i managed to see my shape im the mirror and i look pretty small! yay! im being released at 9. anyway, time to nap again i think :)

Im starting to swell up a lot now. my lower back...

Im starting to swell up a lot now. my lower back and love handles area hurts bc of the swelling. im home now and in my own bed which is nice. I'm starting to bruise on my back a lot too. it hurts to lay on my back but i have to. here are some pics of my tummy! I cant believe how great it looks! I was shocked when i saw the pic bc i was not expecting such nice results right away. Heres hoping they stay that way and I dont mess it up somehow!

I'm here at home now all cozy in my bed, but i am...

I'm here at home now all cozy in my bed, but i am swollen like a balloon. My lady parts, upper back and lower back are all huge now and I feel bloated. My period is back full force which probably doesnt help. you can see major bruising on my upper back. Also, you can see just how swollen i am with where my girdle band is creating a deep line across my back. Cant wait for this part to be over with. Im definitely a lot more sore now that the morphine is completely out of my system. the hydracodone doesnt work as well lol. but thats ok. It is still not nearly as bad as my csection was. im trying to give everyone a step my step recovery process so im posting even the ugly shots, like the one of my swollen hunch back lol! just cant wait for the end result!

So far i havent had much trouble with getting up...

so far i havent had much trouble with getting up and down to pee, drain, and clean up every 3-4 hours, but i am noticing that i am blowing up like a balloon. I know its normal but it sucks. the cute little figure i had at the hospital is gone! Should i take any dieretics or anything to get rid of water weight? ive been drinking a lot of water too hoping that will help. I just wish i could fast forward like 3 weeks and the swelling would be down, or maybe even gone. they say patience is a virtue! So i will try and relax and be patient.
thanks everybody! I feel like a cow with how swollen i am. I know its normal, but even my face, fingers, and ankles are swollen lol. I feel like i did when i gave birth to my daughter
Kristen, your body looks fabulous!! You are going to be ecstatic once all of the swelling goes down. WOW!!! Congratulations on your new shape. It looks amazing! Now take it easy at home and get lots of rest.
Congrats on the new bod,wishing you a speedy recovery overcloudnine

POST OP DAY 2 well I just woke up and my incision...

well I just woke up and my incision and body don't hurt anymore than they did yesterday. What hurts is my head! My head is throbbing! I just took my hydracodone again but it doesn't seem to help my head. Lol. I just got up and peed and that wasn't bad. I'm unbelievably swollen. Im probably carrying 20 lbs of water weight. So far its the worst part. Ill go weigh myself later and figure out how much water I'm carrying. I should weigh a nice 175 but I bet I weight in the 190s. I refuse to complain about how I feel Bc I know its just how recovery is. I'm going to just bite my tongue and deal with it until I start feeling better. A shower would be nice and would help but that's not gonna happen for a few days. Overall it is still easier than my csection. The pain is similar to my BA, but the area is bigger so it seems worse. When I lie in bed and dont move much I'm pretty much pain-free. I have my focus on the final product! I am going to go buy a cute little dress with a skinny waist belt that emphasizes my flat tummy! I love that look but have never been able to wear it bc of my bulging belly. I'm gonna crash now Bc my eyes are going cross-eyed from the meds!

My headache seems to be a little better. I just...

My headache seems to be a little better. I just drank some coffee like Allyintx suggested to dose my body up with caffeine and we will see if that fixes the headache problem. My body has a tendency to become dependent on painkillers pretty quickly, so I think being taken off the morphine from the hospital has sent me into minor withdrawels. Combine that with caffeine withdrawels and you have a killer headache. Ive been doing some reading on swelling hoping for some good news but everything ive read says 3 weeks to 3 months before major swelling goes away, and then up to a year for the remainder to subside. bummer. lol i hope i atleast get to wear a bikini this summer! I need to start running though to get my legs and butt matching my stomach. i still cant get over how pretty my tummy looks in the picture. i wasnt expecting that at all. i know if i were to look at it now i wouldnt look that nice bc of swelling, so i just hope i unswell quickly! my brothers wedding is on the tenth of april and i would love to go to it drain free... but we will see if that happens.

I just took a sponge bath. i couldnt stand it...

I just took a sponge bath. i couldnt stand it anymore. I washed what i could in the slit in my garment and that felt so much better. I had my best friend wash my hair as i bent over the tub on my knees. Washed my face and armpits and feel like a new person. Its amazing what a little soap can do. My hair just gets so nasty if i dont wash it everyday, so two days without a shower is too much for me. Now that my headache is gone and i feel somewhat clean i am doing well. I cant wait til tuesday... i wonder if she will take one of my drains out. They arent draining a whole lot. My right drain is draining more than my left but not by much. I get between 10-30 cc's per drain 3 times a day. my left one has been closer to 10. my right between 20-30. Havent seen many clots in my drains since leaving the hospital. The blood is still nice and red and clear-ish. i was just assessing my swelling and i can tell that once the swelling goes down ill be very happy with how i look. for now i have serious bulge hanging out on top of my garment. in my garment i can see how swollen i am, i have oompa loompa hips! Even my boobs (which are implants) seem swollen again. they also see kinda small with how swollen the rest of me is. They are D's too... lol

So i think ive freaked myself out... Ive been...

So i think ive freaked myself out... Ive been surfing through reviews and some people complain that they are never as small as they were in their post op photos directly after surgery. Im really swollen and i know thatll go away, but will i ever be as small as i was on wednesday after surgery? I think i am reading to far into things and believing everyone else is porbably not a good idea. I like to think that my results will look good and ill be tiny like i am in my post-op pic, but i dont want to be let down....

My best friend took me out of the house to the...

My best friend took me out of the house to the grocery store. I rode around on the moving shopping cart thingy and got lots of stares. I've never been on one of those before! Pretty fun! haha I bought myself some feel good snacks and then we got chinese food. Now Im back home in bed and feeling good. About to watch Hugo and snack on candy. I dont usually pig out, but i was feeling a little down today so im allowing it. I think it was the drugs to be honest. make me all emotional. anyways, ill update again in the morning. hope im not as swollen! fat fingers crossed =)
Be careful with your sodium! That won't help with the swelling! If you find that you have no choice go with brown rice and steamed anything. Not as tastey but at least you won't be hurting later. Keep doing what your doing, you look great!
Thank you Anxiousinnj! Ya I know what you mean about the sodium, and aside from the chinese food ive been doing ok. I was just feeling sorry for my swollen self and ate chinese. lol wont be doing that again.
I'm from san antonio also :) tuesday will make 3 weeks post op for me. even though everyone tells me I look smaller, I feel so big and bloated from the swelling! My pants, jeans and shorts that I wore before surgery are a good couple of inches from closing.it sucks! I think we just have to be patient, I also read the 3 months to one year for swelling to go down. We just have to hang in there and wait this out! I totally feel your swelling frustration.

POST OP DAY 3 Goodmorning ladies! I haven't had...


Goodmorning ladies! I haven't had any pain meds since 1 AM (8 hours) and I'm feeling pretty good. Im going to take some in a little while but Im proud of myself for healing so quickly. It doesnt really hurt me to get in and out of bed, I feel sore, but the pain isnt really bad at all. My skin is sore to the touch from the lipo and I still have large bruises. My drains emptied 20cc;s out of each one over a 12 hour period overnight, so they are slowing down too which makes me happy. Now for the bad news... I weighed myself and i should be at 177... but im at 196! So i am carrying A LOT of water weight. Im not upset with the number bc i know its water and it will go down. Ive decided that since im feeling better i am starting my low sodium and low fat diet again to try to shed these water lbs. I cant wait until my body reflects the weight that i really am. my poor feet look like sausages and and everything is stiff. yucky.

but overall i am pleased with how i am feeling and i look forward to the next step which is taking these drains out!

Just got out of bed and my lower back is killing...

Just got out of bed and my lower back is killing me from being hunched over all the time. mild burning in my abdomen, but not bad at all. i took pain killers for my back. it had been 11 hours without any meds so i think my pain levels are pretty low now. I took a peek at my scar and it looks a little swollen on the left side. the right side still seems flat.. Its probably bc of the water weight. i just cant wait til tuesday and i can see my doc. I want her to reassure my results and to take these tubes out. lol hurry up tuesday!

Today went pretty well overall. My swelling went...

Today went pretty well overall. My swelling went down as the day progressed bc i slammed almost a gallon of water. I think that helped a lot. I feel so much better even though im definitely still puffy. My drains are putting out less and less. My right was at 70 total for today and my left was at 50. (cc's) They have been decreasing by between 10-20 per day since surgery. My right one has also been putting out more the whole time. I have set my post op tummy pic as my computer background bc i cant stop looking at it. I havent been able to take my garment off and even if i could it wouldnt look the same bc im swollen, so i keep drooling over how great my tummy looks in that pic. I cant wait until that becomes my everyday tummy! I posted the pic on a question and another doctor complimented my surgeons work which makes me feel so good and honored that he would say that about my tummy and so proud that i have a great surgeon! lol i probably sound nuts but ive never been proud of my tummy my whole life so i cant get enough of how much i love it! Even if i stayed the way i am now i am still in love with it, so it can only get better from here =) alrighty, enough babbling about how much i love it... goodnight folks.
those shopping pics are a hoot. At least you are keeping busy...I haven't been out of the house since Wednesday. I'm starting to get cabin fever.
lol ya ive been trying to leave the house once per day bc i get cabin fever easily and then i become total b***h. lol so getting out helps with that... How are you feeling?
And you should be extremely proud of your tummy.. it looks amazing!! Congrats!

Well i am down 4 lbs this morning! lol I lost 4...

Well i am down 4 lbs this morning! lol I lost 4 lbs overnight, it's a miracle diet! Im feeling like I have to go number 2, but so far it hasn't happened. My drainage tubes are hurting where they enter my body.They feel irritated and pinchy when I move. Im SO over them I hope I get them removed on Tuesday, or at least one of them. My left one is still draining pretty red, but its only draining a little. 10cc over night... probably wont be more than 40 all day long. My right one is draining a lot more clear liquid, but it is still draining more than the left.

I took my pain meds last night at midnight and havent had any since, so 9 hours total. I got out of bed with ease this morning and only my back hurt. It seems like the area that had lipo hurts the most and feels the most swollen and jiggly. Hoping that goes away soon. lol

Im having my friend make me a cup of coffee hoping it helps me poop. lol I feel so stopped up and gurgly and am ready to go already lol.

Hoping im back in the 180's tomorrow and in the 170's next week.Im feeling hopeful with the loss I had last night. I just have to keep chugging my water. Today I get to spend doing math HW and writing papers. JOY! I am down to my last 5 classes before I graduate with my bachelors of science in social psychology... So cant let myself fall behind... it is hard doing math when you are doped up on hydrocodone.

POST OP DAY 4 (forgot to put that in the last post)

POST OP DAY 4 (forgot to put that in the last post)

Well i just went number 2... and lets just say it...

Well i just went number 2... and lets just say it was not fun. I wont go into gruesome detail, but I want to mention it a little for those who are in the same spot i am with their surgeries. I sat there and pushed forever and nothing happened even though it was "right there" and "showing itself"... gosh this is embarrassing. I had to maually help myself go potty bc it was kinda stuck and it was like a frickin rock. after it came out i felt so much better and i gave myself a sponge bath and washed my hair. feeling ten times better now that that is over with, i just hope it isnt like this the next time i have to go. It hurts pretty bad to push bc u are using your freshly sewn abs... im no longer gurgly... i think that thing was blocking my intestines and preventing air from coming out.

So my drains are really starting to bug me. The...

so my drains are really starting to bug me. The left one is draining pretty red still with some clots. The left is a nice clear red. I hope my left one is ok. i hate these things. i know they are there to serve an important purpose... but they are driving me nuts. oh and im itchy as hell! the lipo is make me crazy with itchiness. i took a benadryl equivalent and it seems to be helping A LOT. i just want these drains out and be able to take off the girdle and look at myself..

plus, has anyone else experienced the feeling that feels like a baby is kicking inside u? it is strange... its prob just gas, but it was weird. unless the PS put a baby in there. hahal
Also wanted you to know I just told my 5yo about the surgery and used your pics as example of what Im having done.
Aw that makes me feel great!! knowig im helping! i should have taken a laxative... i still should actually but havent. ill keep posting updates and hopefully tomorrow ill have new pics!
Please don't feel embarrassed-posts like this make it extremely helpful for me-and Im a nurse so I probably dont get as grossed out as much-My PS told me to take laxatives following surgery, and having taken them once before and swearing to never do it again Im not so sure. Itching is a sign of heeling, so grin and bare it! :) Love reading your blog, super helpful!

POST OP DAY 5 Today i weighed in 5 lbs lighter!...


Today i weighed in 5 lbs lighter! yay! so now i have 10 more lbs of water weight to go! feelig really good today aside from the awful drains. there isnt a much coming out at all now so im praying she removes them tomorrow. its i slept like a log last night. I didnt wake up once. i also finished off my pain killers. the past two days i only took them at night to help me sleep. but i dont need them anymore and im happy i dont! lol

Had another BM today and it was just the same as...

Had another BM today and it was just the same as the first... Except this one seemed to never end! Jeez! Maybe third times a charm?!

Going to the dpc in the morning to have a tube, maybe both, removed. i have a feeling she wont take both even though they are killing me. my left one hurts so bad =(


Checking in to see how you're doing... keep on the stool softeners and fiber plus tons of water (like you're already doing). Now that you're off the painkillers it will be easier for you to have a BM, they can be very constipating. Looking good. I know what you mean about the drains, I got one of mine out today. Other one out maybe Wed, fingers crossed!
I live in the SA area too and am looking into having a TT done...who was your doc?
I love the pooh story lol that is too funny! Not funny that it hurt just they way you worded it lol! Is the swelling still going down? I hope so and we wnt you to take the girdle off too and get some pics! Happy healing.



Well... I GOT MY DRAINS OUT!!!!! And it didnt hurt at all. I asked my doc about that and she said that there are two different types of drains, the ones that hurt and the ones that dont... she says she used to use the painful ones, but switched to the good ones. So for you ladied who had a painful removal... that is why. =( She was concerned about taking my drains out too early, but she decided she would as long as I promised to take it easy... so naturally i agreed and did a secret internal cheer! Then I went to target and bought a new swimsuit. lol But now im home in bed taking it easy. I weighed myself this morning and did not drop any weight overnight which is sad, but i figure it hasnt even been a week yet so thats ok.

I added some new pics. Im very pleased with my results, just keep in mind im still SUPER swollen and i have crazy fat love handles from bruising. but once the scar softens and the bruising goes away i think itll look great. The bruising is ALL from the lipo. HOLY FRICKIN LIPO!!!!!! i look like i was mugged. haha! anyways, hope you enjoy my updated pics!

PS: i had BM number 3 today and it came on its own!!! I WAS THRILLED! Ive never been more happy to take a crap. lol!

Im not gonna lie though, even though my tummy...

im not gonna lie though, even though my tummy looks pretty, i still feel kinda fat/huge in those swimsuit pics... =( annoying
Hope all is well.
Hun you are 5 days post op, you are swollen more than you know honestly in 2 months you are going to be amazed, I am having that now, at 5 weeks I look in the mirror in the morning and I am like holy crap who am I , I cant belive the difference, give it time hun, this isnt instant gratification there needs to be a whole lot of healing going on, and you are looking super already!
Look super chickie!

POST OP DAY 9 I'm getting better as each day...


I'm getting better as each day passes. I still have GIANT rainbow bruises all over. They are huge. I can get up and down without any problems but I didn't have much issue with it to begin with. My back kills me as the day progresses because I hunch over slightly. Even though I can stand up straight, I tend to hunch bc of the incinsion. My left drain hole has yet to close and it had been 4 days now since they were removed. My right one has closed and scabbed. I feel tingly sensations in my tummy and I hope I am not going to get seroma's. I think that I am over exerting myself bc I feel better. I tend to heal pretty quickm but just bc I feel ok doesnt mean my body agrees. I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy. I am swelling more towards the end of the day as well. I went and bought a new spanks that is super snug fitting because the giant body suits I was given by PS force me to hunch even more than I should have to. They keep me from sleeping too. I am feeling more confident than I think I ever have at this point and I cant wait to be fully healed and back to normal bc i know i will only be looking better! cant wait!
You look great! Glad you're feeling good. I'm going shopping tmrw for another cg, the one I ordered is too big and so is the one from the PS. Yay for getting out and doing stuff!
That is great. IM feeling. Better too. The spanx are good but i had thigh liposuction. So they don't compress me enough. I put my binder over the spanx when i was doing stuff helped. The pee hole is not good. Also the neosporin leaked on it even though i put gauze. Everyday gets better IM glad you are doing good. You look great

POST OP 10 Today I feel pretty good. My...


Today I feel pretty good. My incision is starting to peel, and my right drain finally closed up. the skin around the incision is puffy but i know once the the scar softens up itll be better. Im trying not to hunch over as much but it is hard!!!! here are some new pics =)
I haven't been able to put on real clothes yet...LOL
Still sweats and shorts for me. I was happy that my size 8's still fit though :)
I'm waiting to see that dress with the skinny belt!
i am wearing anything with elastic lol. I look forward to being able to wear jeans again! i need to go buy a dress but i think im gonna wait until im unswollen bc i dont want to be disappointed if i look puffy in my love handles lol
You look awesome!! Go ahead.... show off that body!

14 DAYS POST OP!!!!!! hey everyone! I'm 2...

14 DAYS POST OP!!!!!!

hey everyone! I'm 2 weeks out now and am feeling fantastic! And a little fat for eating poorly and not being able to work out. Lol but I can stand straight and sleep on my side!! My brother got married yesterday and I wore heals and felt amazing! Got lots of stares which felt good :) my scar is pealing a lot now and I'm hoping that my doc peals it on Tuesday so I can see what's under the bloody glue. She did that for my nipples when I had my boob job. I'm still heavily bruised and prob will be for a while. The lipo areas also feel lumpy. My lady part looks nice and flat and moves right into my tummy with no bulging. My doc is awesome.

Tune holes are closed and I can feel scar tissue under the skin where the tubes were. Oh and I can sneeze without hurting too bad!!!

Tube **** not tune

Tube **** not tune
Hun I am glad you are now feeling as good as you look! You truly look fabulous, I am glad you had fun at the wedding!!!
thank youso much. its nice to hear that bc we can be our own worse critics!
You look great! I had 3 lbs of flesh removed too...yuck!! I feel the same way....looked great the first few days after surgery and now I am swelling HORRIBLY!! More and more each day which seems like that is opposite of what it should be!! I guess this fits into the 'no pain, no gain' category *sigh*

16 DAYS POST OP well i am past the 2 week mark...


well i am past the 2 week mark and am feeling pretty good. I can sit up with really no pain which is a nice change. I have a one year old and am just now starting to hold her again. i know im not supposed to but tell that to her... and my hubby is out of country til june so i am left with little choice. =/

so even when im skinny, and i mean in great shape-skinny, i wear a 10-12 jean bc i have wide hips... well my 12's are tight now after surgery LOL. my 14 fit and i want to cry lol. However, i put on a size 8 dress and it fit perfectly! im hoping when my handles finally go away ill fit in an 8-10, which means id be REALLY thin. im 5'9 and of medium bone structure with big hips which has always makde shopping for pants F'ing annoying. The thighs will fit perfectly and they will be the perfect length but they wont fit my ass and hips, and if they fit my hips, they are baggy in my legs. SUPER FRUSTRATING. so anyway, my goal is to be size 8 and i cant wait to start working out again. i feel so fat from just eating and being so lathargic lol.

i took some pics this morning since i wasnt too swollen... still a lot in my "Handles or Love", but my tummy is flat... i also took a close up of my belly button for the world to admire bc i love it =) haha they will be posted in a few minutes, as soon as my LAME phone decides to send the email to my computer... it is having a case of the mondays... lol

oh and to add i am still 10 lbs heavier than i should be. water, lack of exercise, and eating i think is the culprit.... ready to work out and get some abs lol

i feel as though my love handles and incision stick out so far and the my body dips back in, then out again where my legs start. it wasnt like that PO day 1, so im hoping its just swelling...

I just tried on my 12 jeans again and they fit...

i just tried on my 12 jeans again and they fit better today... i can see exactly why they fit though, my love handles fill in the gap that should be there. hoping when they shrink my jeans wont fit and i will have to buy a smaller size. lol

ALSO... after comparing my before and after pics i...

ALSO... after comparing my before and after pics i think the lipo done in my upper flank, lower rib cage has made a difference for sure, and that swelling is pretty much gone, so i PRAY my "handles of love" are the same way. my upper back looks great... no bra fat or anything =)
Hey Kristen, you look great. I still have swelling too and it seems like now it's more in the thighs/butt (where I didn't have surgery!) than in the tummy plus some days it's more above the BB and some days it's more below. So I think it will just be a little adventure in my closet everyday as to what size to wear...
Omg!!! I thought I was the only one. My thighs and legs have nearly doubled in size due to swelling. This process is proving to be more challenging than I ever thought. Does anyone have suggestions for swelling down below?
ME TOO!! I told the dr yesterday that it looks/feels like I had butt and hip implants!! I was expecting swelling in the abd, but it never occurred to me that I would be packing a Kardashian ass and thunder thighs!!

3 WEEKS POST OP! So I am officially 3 weeks PO...


So I am officially 3 weeks PO and I feel completely back to myself. I think Iwas standing straigh around 9 days PO and now I feel back to myself. Hardly any ache at all actually.

I saw the Doc yesterday and she said my swelling and love handles WILL go away but it can take up to 6 months. But that they will go away as long as I dont eat my way back to having them lol.

She told me my muscle damage was pretty bad and that the bulge i had before was mostly my insides distending my abdomen. (GROSS!) She also told me my musculature and hip bones are nice and compact which will leave me with a tiny waist and hourglass shape when the swelling is gone. Best compliment ever! lol I have wide hips, but apparantly they are placede nicely with my muscles. haha

As for me, I am completely satisfied with my results. I cant express how much more confident I am. I feel beautiful, more than ive ever felt actually. I dont feel the need to "suck it in" or anything. I dont know, i just feel great. Things can only get better from here as the swelling goes down and that makes me ecstatic! I am still about 5 lbs above where i should be so i know im still swollen.

Im a total advocate for plastic surgery. I will urge people to go through with it if they choose to bc it has done so much for my mental health. I love my doc and her expertise.... She changed my life. ( i got my BA with her as well.)

Sorry for babbling. Im just feeling very happy today lol

here are some new pics.
When I can afford it I probably will, thanks!
I didnt realize you also had a BA-I just thought you had nice boobs lol I completley agree with what it does to your mental health. I also thoroughly believe in therapy too though. I feel like Im addicted and obsessed. I want to get a lift which will also make my girls smaller which I want. I dont think its the actual surgery that is addictive, I think the addiction is feeling good about yourself. Feeling happy. Anything besides getting a two piece that helped you embrace your outer beauty that matches your inner beauty?
i really think im content with myself now. but i Could def see myself getting botox and stuff when im old lol! feeling good is def addicive! and ya i got my BA in nov. then went back for tt. i love them, i say go for it if u want the lift. :)

I wore jeans today!!! felt so good! I was super...

I wore jeans today!!! felt so good! I was super swollen by the end of the day though. started using scar gel tonight. hoping it does a good job!
You look fabulous! On a side note, you will LOVE England. I lived there a few yrs ago. Which post? We stayed at Mildenhall last yr on vacay and I have been to Alconbury and Molesworth as well. Congrats!
Hey thanks! We are going to Mildenhall! im so excited! We should be there the first wek of july!

Ive been using scar gel for 3 days morning and...

Ive been using scar gel for 3 days morning and night and im already seeing improvement! i decided to use it one my nipples where my BA was done and even those are showing improvement! fingers crossed the improvement continues!
You look amazing! Your scar is the best I have seen on this site so far...have you had any problems with "pleating"? I am from SA too, are you allowed to say who your Doctor is? Congrats again, you look great! I'm wanting a tummy tuck soooo bad. Just saving the funds :)
Wow thank you! i am pleased with how it looks so far! it seems like the incision is very thin. there is a little puckering where my stretch marks meet the inision, but nothing bad. ill message youmy docs name. I HIGHLY reccomend her.!
Glad you are feeling good and yeah for jeans!!!

4 WEEKS POST OP! Wow I cant believe its already...


Wow I cant believe its already been a month! Insane!!! I feel so great and love the new me. my love handles are still uhge but everything else looks great. i swell pretty bad by the end of the day and i have a little roll above my incision at night too. when i wake up in the morning i feel super thin and i love it. i wish it would stay that way all day lol
I think you look great love handles and all...ya gotta have a little curve! Time has gone by so fast!
thanks! i just hope with a little dieting i can make these mamajama's go down lol
hey Kristen, checking in on you...how ya doing?

6 WEEKS POST OP! Hey everyone! Its been two...


Hey everyone! Its been two weeks since I updated but ive had SOOO much going on with movers, finals, and a rash! lol I broke out with an allergic reaction to the metal clips on my garment. You can see in the pics the rash on each hip. My right hip is worse. I was SO itchy, but luckily things are clearing up and dont itch anymore. I feel great in the mornings when im not swollen. My tummy looks amazing... but by the end of the day its ugly and swollen and just weird looking lol i HATE the way i look from the back and my doc said that i am still swollen when i saw her for my rash last friday, but i still think i have gained a few lbs since surgery and i KNOw im retaining water. I drank last saturday and woke up 7 lbs lighter from water weight. I look forward to when this water weight is gone for good and im done being swollen. Meanwhile i am dieting to lose help lose this weight. I still weigh 183 and would like to be at 170. technically, with the mass removed during surgery i should be at 175 right now. lol... but i think salt, water, and lack of dieting has ruined that for me. I hope everyone is doing great!!!

My new pics didnt update for some reason... lets...

My new pics didnt update for some reason... lets try again
You look so tiny!! I can't believe we are 6 weeks out already!! I've got some love handles that I am totally not digging, but dr said some of it was swelling & would go down some. He also said exercising will help as well. I sure hope so!!
You look great. You are healing well. When r u moving. Have u seen you husband yet? That must bday do hard.
Lol I will count the days til I no longer have to wear this thing... I started Atkins diet today because I want to get rid of my love handles and my thighs need some work.. Plus since no gym for lil while I don't want to gain wait and I can't stand the swelling lol... Happy heeling to you :)

7 WEEKS POST OP I am excited that Im already 7...


I am excited that Im already 7 weeks out. Today was my first run and I went for 2 miles without any problem. My lipo ahced a bit from jolting around and jiggling a bit. Hopefully soon i wont jiggle anymore. lol I've been doing the marble in the belly button and it is honestly helping a lot. I recommend it to those who want a rounded out BB. I see my doc on the 29th for my next check up. I weighed in today a few lbs lighter so I am only 3 lbs where i should be if you subtract what the doc removed. I am a little disappointed with my love handles but i guess it is nothing running wont fix. I just was hoping for more obvious results for the money i spent on the lipo. Im not sure there is much of a difference. Everything else is beautiful and i am in love with my body. I finally have the silhouette ive always wanted. i am satisfied with my surgery and can honestly say that next to my BA, it was the best money ive ever spent! lol New pics posted.
hey hon just chekin up on ya..wow what a transformation i still remember when u had like 15 pds of water weight or so..and look how awesome u look now!!!its all worth it and its all gonna get better from here on...glad to see ur loving ur results..u look gr8!!
You look absolutely fabulous..I hope I look as good as you!
Ugh.... I still have the love handles 2. Like you said for the money I wanted more obvious results also!
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