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Tummy Tuck in August - San Antonio, TX

I am 34 y/o have 2 children ages 15 and 3. I weigh...

I am 34 y/o have 2 children ages 15 and 3. I weigh 130 lb am 5'6. I exercise regularly. I have a belly that is riddled with stretch marks and is VERY stretchy. I finally scheduled a consultation with a PS in San Antonio TX. I also will have a breast lift. I am super excited, nervous, guilty, you name it!

thanks, only 2 weeks to go!
Your tummy looks like mine USED to! Dr Young will give you great results. We are somewhat simular in stats & our tummies look about the same. I just posted some new pics so you can see what you have to look forward to!! Best of luck to you!
Yay! I saw your pics, 2 weeks post op, wow! I can't wait to be there....just 3 more weeks for my surgery....

Ok, 13 more days till my surgery! Wow time flies....

Ok, 13 more days till my surgery! Wow time flies. O
h yeah and I gained 5 lbs : (. Great. I asked nurse if I needed bowel prep n she said no...but I am wondering if it wouldn't hurt to take
some mag citrate? Any thoughts on bowel prep?
Thanx, I am staying in a hotel till tomoRrow so its been easier to relax than it would be at home.
Yes 3 days, still very sore, I rotate between my bed and recliner, I am trying to wok around every few hrs, it's so painful to sit up and my butt feels like I was beat with with a paddle.lol but it can only get better, we can do this... I really would likevmy boobs to drop or something...my dh says I have a amazing flat belly and my boobs look good, I just want to heal...lol I did pull out a tiny tiny dress I used to wear and wanted to put it on ..but I will wait until my beloved drain comes out... Get some rest , sending u healing vibes.....:)
I am ok, sore. Taking my pain meds around the clock. I had to switch from wedge to regular pillows. U r post op 3 days right soccermom?

I am now 9 days post op. For the first 3 days i...

I am now 9 days post op. For the first 3 days i took my pain meds atc. I was moving since day one, things were pretty uncomfortable but in no way unbearable pain. My incision site didn't even really bother me so much, i will add i did not have a pain pump,and from what I am experiencing I am not sure it would hae helped me much as my pain was to the MR not the incision site. The pump is aimed for pain at incision site from what I gather. I did experience pain in recovery room but i was given a significant amount of morphine and also phenegran. I didn't experience any nausea Thank God. I also didn't have any nausea with my pain pills (hydrocodone) as I took them along with nausea pills. Eventually I tried taking pain pills without nausea pills and I was totally fine. The swelling would be my biggest complaint for the first 4 days. I had my first bm on day 3 and then daily after that. Mind you I ate fruit as my main food staple,especially watermelon. I hydrated hydrated hydrated.
I slept mainly in my recliner and now sleeping propped up in my regular bed. I do wake up aching from the back. Oh yeah back pain is a problem at the begining as well, take your muscle relaxers! I had flexeril. Hope this helps someone.
Bathing with assistance for first 1-2 showers then solo. I clipped my drains to one of thos around the neck key ring things (not sure what they are called), that worked out well.

PO 11.Yay! I got my drains out today, as well as...

PO 11.Yay! I got my drains out today, as well as stitches from BB and areola. Everything looks good, I am healing very well. Swelling will go down with time. Apparently a lot of skin was removed. DrYoung and his awesome nurse answered all of my questions, very helpful. I can start running in about 2 weeks : )
I am three weeks post op. I completed my first work week, went well, of course I am pretty swollen by the end of the day. Working does help to keep my mind off my belly n boobs. I still feel I should of had lipo on flanks, but its not the end of the world. I think the worst of this is that my 3 year old doesn't want to hug me bcause she is scared of hurting me. Makes me soo sad. On bright side I am fitting in my old clothes. My new cg is a lot sleeker and pretty comfy.
As soon as I get my computer going will def post pics. I am still swollen but getting better. Getting drains out was such a relief and almost seems like it decreased the swelling. Still bummed I am not fitting into my clothes.
Look forward to seeing your post op pics. Glad the surgery went well and you are healing nicely :)

I hit my 5 week mark tomorrow. I am doing well, I...

I hit my 5 week mark tomorrow. I am doing well, I started running again last friday. I was SOB initially. I have been having more discomfort in last 2 weeks to MR than in the past, might be the fact that I have picked up my 32 lb 3 year old. I know I shouldnt do that. Anyhow my scar doesnt look bad, its very thin and pretty flat, there are a few areas of hyperpigmintation. Of course now I am noticing my back fat even more, but will have to work on that later *exercise* I don't think my husband would allow me to go under again, he was scared to death *as was i*. All in all, everything is ok. Sometimes I feel like Frankenstein's wife and then I put my undies on to cover my scar and I am happy again, lol.
Its been a long time since I updated and plan to upload pics too. I just have to say that my TT looks great my scar is awesome now and my BB looks pretty natural. All in all I am pleased with my results. I still get swelling however, but its ok, I am trying to be patient!

1 year 8 mo

1 year 8 mo

Wow I hadn't seen my preop pics in forever...what a difference. I'm pretty content with my scar... No numbness anymore. Doing well over all I think :)

New pic

Just wanted to share latest pic
Thank you for sharing! I'm going on Wed to Dr. Young. You look fabulous so I hope I get similar results
Thank you :) good luck & contact me if u have any ?s
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