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Hi everyone! So, my story is similar to a lot of...

Hi everyone! So, my story is similar to a lot of people on this site (which I love)! I'm 28 yo, 5'5", 150 lbs w/ an 8 yr son (emer c-section) and a 1 yo daughter (c-section-not by choice), I have road map of love on my tummy b/c of them. I'm ready to do something for myself and although I'd never thought I'd have plastic surgery...I'm doing it :-). That's why PSs exist, to help me correct the things that I can't do with diet and exercise. I'm very active, my husband and I are both in the military and very busy but my tummy is just there. You would never be able to imagine this is how my tummy looks when I'm in my uniform.

I've consulted w/ 3 different PSs. The 1st one (about $7500 TT w/ flanks lipo) was very down to earth and kind and seemed very confident. He took my pics, measurements and weight. The 2nd one (about $9200 TT w/ flanks lipo) got to the point but didn't seem interested. I know it's another day at the job for him, but it's my life. I wasn't floored by him. No pics, exams, or measurements. A week later I went back to the 2nd one to look at more pics and talk to his staff. I felt a little rushed by the coordinator and turned off. The 3rd one (about $6400 for TT alone & $9000 w/ TT w/ abdomen/flanks/back lipo) made me feel comfortable. He took his time explaining the procedure and answered all the questions I could remember :-). He took pics and mapped out my scar digitally on my photo. I went back for a 2nd consultation w/ him a week later w/ a list of questions, he answered them all. I feel more relaxed but I'm still second guessing my decision and I hope I'm making the right decision. His pics look great, scars are low and BB are circular and cute. His patient coordinator had hers done by him and her scar beautiful, almost non-existent. I think I've decided to go w/ #3! I would really like to get it over w/ so I can stop freaking out but I'm scheduling it for 8 Oct.

Ladies, I need some motivation & inspiration! Well wishes to everyone on this journey!

OMG, I am sooooo nervous and all I'm doing is...

OMG, I am sooooo nervous and all I'm doing is making THE phone call. I have decided that tomorrow is the day that I will call and schedule my surgery date of 8 Oct!!!!!!!! Then the countdown begins...this is getting real ;)

So, I was super nervous to call and schedule so I...

So, I was super nervous to call and schedule so I decided to go in the office to schedule it. I waited a little too long and the office closes at 5 so i guess I'll try again on Monday. I really just keep second guessing myself but I really want this!

I finally did it, took the next step and locked in...

I finally did it, took the next step and locked in my date. 8 Oct @ 0800 it is, 1st patient of the day just how I wanted it ;) Now I start the real countdown and start getting the things I'll need together!

So I've been counting down and nerves are going...

So I've been counting down and nerves are going crazy. My Pre Op is 18 Sept...that's less than 2 weeks away. Should I get things I will need post op/meds together now or wait until after my Pre Op? For those on the flat side...is there anything I may need that you found was needed that you didn't know before. Does anyone recommend a specific scar treatment...the long strips that help your scar not to raise? Thx!

30 days to go! Feeling anxious but I'm ready ;)....

30 days to go! Feeling anxious but I'm ready ;). What should I get together in these next 30 days?

Hello Ladie, my pre-op is next week and it's...

Hello Ladie, my pre-op is next week and it's becoming more real for me. My husband has met the PS during my consultation and wasn't sure if I wanted to take him to my pre-op. What goes on at the pre-op and how long does it last. I hear some ladies bring panties or bikini bottoms that they would like to wear when healed to see where the scar would be. My PS didn't mention this. For my consult, I get into very tiny disposable panties. Also, I see ladies renting recliners and hospital beds, for those that did which would you prefer if you had to do it over. Also, I can't find a medical supply store, could you rent a recliner from one of those furniture rental places like rent a center? For those of you who had stretch marks above the belly button can you look at my pics and see they were like mine and let me know if the majority of them are pulled very far down? Thx for the help!

So I have my pre-op appt on the 18th and I...

So I have my pre-op appt on the 18th and I starting to freak out and it's not even the actual surgery! I feel like I have so many questions to ask but I know I asked them at my consultations. I read a lot of the reviews on here and they help me calm down and then I see some that haven't had the best results and my anxiety goes right back up! I just pray that I'm making the best decision and that everything goes well. For those of you that used a recliner or hospital bed, did you put it in your room or the family room? I was thinking if I put it in the room, I'm never coming downstairs lol. But if I put it in the family room and set a table up with all my supplies my kiddos might get into it...just wondering. Also what did you ladies wear on the surgery day. Whatever you wear, is that what u wear home? Those with drains, what did you use I clip to your pants? Thx!

I'm a lil early for my preop so I'm sitting in...

I'm a lil early for my preop so I'm sitting in
my car going over my questions an it would be an understatement to say I am getting so freaked out!!!! I feel like I need a shot to calm my nerves ;)

Not to mention this huge check I'm about to write....

Not to mention this huge check I'm about to write...but I do thank God above for blessing me and allowing to be able to do this for myself

Well, I had my Pre-op appointment yesterday. It...

Well, I had my Pre-op appointment yesterday. It started with making my final surgeon fee. I still have to pay for anestesia and facility fees the morning of surgery. :((( I filled out consent forms that were as thick as a novel and all my nerves went crazy! The PS came in and went over the procedure, marked up a picture of me and answered questions. I get so emotional everytime I think about it and have teared up at every consult appointment. I'm sure it's a mix of uncertainty and excitement of the end result. After that, I met with the patient coordinator who seemed to be in a rush but I still got my questions answered. My PS does lipo on the abdomen with his TTs at no extra charge. I added lipo of hips & flanks for $1700, I was told it would compliment the TT results for a more contoured look and no more love handles. I'm going to wear the lowest cut of panty that I would ever wear on the day of surgry so I can get the lowest scar possible. I also wanted lipo of my bra roll which the PS said he'll do for free because it's a small area but I have to pay an add'l facility fee of $500 b/c they charge passed on the number of areas being lipo'd. I didn't want to pay extra so I was going to just say forget the bra roll but the coordinator was saying if he's offering to do it for free, take it because he charges $1700 per area for lipo. I totally agree and $500 is better than $1700. He doesn't require labs for younger, healthier patients but my primary doctor sent me for blood work blood pressure check and I'm going to send it to the PS just for my sanity. I will go home in a CG that goes down to mid thigh that I have to wear for 3 weeks and will have 2 drains. I go in for surgery on a Monday, have first follow up the next day and get to look at the results...not sure if I want to see it right away! 2 days later is the next follow up and removal of 1st drain. 4 days later is the 3rd follow up and 2 days after that, the 2nd drain will come out. So including surgery, within the first 2 weeks I will see the PS 5 times, that makes me feel more comfortable and he's only 15 minutes from my house. I dropped my prescriptions off to get filled and picked up some maxi pads, tape and soap. I couldn't find Arnica so I guess I'll look online. I also need to get a stool softener, just not sure which one. I have about 19 days until the day and I'm ready to be on the flat side! Happy healing to everyone :)

I rented my recliner for $30 a week, it'll be...

I rented my recliner for $30 a week, it'll be delivered Sat & surg is on Mon. I am getting so excited! I am pampering myself that Sat too since I'll be out of commission for awhile. A nice spa day complete w/ a Brazilian wax ....eeekk! Did anyone clean there system out the night before using laxatives? Even though I'll be recovering, I'm looking forward to me and my hubby being home together for a week and then I'll cry the 2nd week when he goes back to work! Although I want the week to go by, I have a lot to do so a next steady week will be appreciated! Later ladies!

Hey everyone...I really just want to scream right...

Hey everyone...I really just want to scream right now aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I live in TX far from all my family. My grandpa was just admitted to the hospital and I'm so nervous b/c he's getting older and havi f some health problems. He's like my dad instead of my grandpa. I just booked a flight to go see him Tuesday morning and return Friday night (I hope I'll be okay leaving him)! My surgery is that next Monday. I had plans to do sk much this week but things happen. Tomorrow I will be running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off trying to get some things in order since I will only have sat & sun before my surgery. I want to use those days to treat myself, relax and mentally prepare myself. I'm washing and packing clothes now but I need to get to bed soni can go into work a little earlier tomorrow. Has anyone used the pre and post vitamin supplements sold on the make me heal website?

Less than 48 hrs.....freaked!!!

Less than 48 hrs.....freaked!!!

The big day is mañana!!! The last week has zoomed...

The big day is mañana!!! The last week has zoomed by because I was pre occupied with a family emergency. I didn't take any supplements leading up to it besides a multivitamin. I'll start arnica tomorrow. My hubby is super positive about it and it's helping me stay sane. It actually doesn't seem real, I just hope everything goes extremely well and I'm happy and safe when it's all said and done. I know it's normal but I started second guessing my decision and the doctor. I have faith and I think it'll go great! Wish me well wishes and good luck to the ladies scheduled this week!!!

I can't believe I'm posting this morning lol Im...

I can't believe I'm posting this morning lol
Im here at the surgery center, just got my IV and now just relaxing. I met the recovery room nurse and I'm waiting for the PS and anesthesiologist. Send ur prayers a d well wishes my way!!!!! Later ladies ;)

About 12 hours post op and feeling ok. I can't...

About 12 hours post op and feeling ok. I can't remember getting my drugs but I woke up well rested. Don't have an appetite but hubby made me eat an I'm just relaxing in the recliner. I've been up walking to the bathroom about 3 times and also walked half way down the hallway. I do wish I had gotten a riser for the toilet b/c it's a long way down to the toilet and back up lol. I'm really tired but I can't seem to fall asleep. I have a post op tomorrow and will be able to see the masterpiece. I don't think I'm going to look tho, not sure if I'm ready for that. I hope it's low and thin w/ a cute BB!!!!! Lata ladies

I'm PostOp Day 2 and the hardest thing about this...

I'm PostOp Day 2 and the hardest thing about this so far...hands down is having my 16 month old reach up and cry for you and I can't pick her up. My hubby holds her up so I can kiss all up on her! I'll write an update about surgery when I get back home. Had to get some air do I ride w/ my hubby to drop the babies off.

So 1st off, I really can spell and write..I look...

So 1st off, I really can spell and write..I look back at some of my post and I'm blaming it on the meds. Got to the surgery center at 6 am. Signed some forms and paid the facility fee (last check amen)! The facility is where the NBA players for the Spurs have surgery so for some reason that made me feel better. I went back to the nurse and talked and got the IV and wrapped up in warm towels. Right before that I got paranoid and went to the bathroom and had a bowel movement, sorry if TMI and guess what.... I stopped up the toilet so there I am using the plunger with my IV bag hanging... It was a crazy picture lol. Went to lay back down and the recovery room nurse came and talked and joked with means everyone kept saying how I have the 2 best doctors in the world working on me, I asked everyone I met if I was going to be okay and wake up and everyone smiled and was so confident and reassuring. The anesthesiologist was awesome. His nurse age was going to give me something to relax me prior to going in and it would be like a top shelf margarita. I asked for a moment alone prior w/ the hubby and thats all I remember, I don't even remember my margarita!!!! I woke up in recovery w/ my hubby and nurse. Hung out for awhile, got dressed and was out the door. I do wish the doctor would have come talk to me but he did talk to the hubby and everything was uneventful and he took off a lot of skin. I got comfy in my recliner, tried to have a little soup and crackers but only managed the crackers. I got up with help 3 times for the restroom, after sitting when I get up Im really hunched over but as I start moving I stand more straight. I ate jello and a little more soup and that was it. Yesterday which was PO Day 1 I went w/ hubby to drop off the baby and then to my appt. the PS took the binder and cloth an said everything looked great. I didn't look but my hubby did, I was obviously swollen and the PS said he went higher that my BB because I had more skin than he thought so my first though was pure joy because I had stretch marks above my BB. He said he took off 2.25 lbs of skin, he didn't even think it would be that much and said the scar is low, low, low! I feel good about it but still nervous to check out. I've walked up and down my stairs, went to bathroom w/o help and sat at the kitchen table w/ the family for a bit. Sometimes I get winded and sit down quickly but I take it really easy and slow. My PS wants me moving so I am. I'm going to try an make my sons lunch for tomorrow in a little bit. I have 2 drains and a catheter for my pain ball. The pain ball and one drain should come come out Friday. They aren't super annoying because they gave me a fanny pack to keep them in lol. I feel like an old lady bent over w/ a fanny pack! I took a pic in the garment and I'll try to post it. Thanks a bunch for the prayers, advice and answers to my questions it really did help. Good luck to everyone and happy healing. I'll prob post again today if I take a peak. Did anyone else have a hard time w/ not wanting to look?

Its PO Day 3 and Im so grateful that I haven't...

Its PO Day 3 and Im so grateful that I haven't experienced horrible pain. I really have to thank my hubby for helping me out especially with my sponge bath lol. We have realized that he could never be a nurse, he's impatient and makes jokes when I tell him not to cause it hurts to laugh. So today I decided to stop being stinky, I took my binder off to walk up and wash it, I can wait to get it back on lol. I still haven't seen my tummy, I took a peak at my side an back and I have a little but of bruising. I've been feeling on my tummy and can feel my steri strips an belly button but I'm extremely swollen. Why am I so nervous to look? At my post op on Tues my PS gave me a bottle of wine and truffles and I keep walking by it....can't wait to enjoy it! The ladies on here freaked me out about constipation so I went and got colace. I took 2 pills yesterday and 1 today and have had 2 solid BMs and one that was looser, I know.... TMI! I think there's never too much info when it comes to what may happen w/ this surgery. Since the surgery I have taken 4 pain pills and the last one was yesterday morning, I think I'm done w/ them. So all I'm taking is a multivitamin, an antibiotic 4x day and arnica. I have my second post op tomorrow so I'll prob look then. He will take out my pain ball and one drain hopefully! My appetite is pretty much back, I had half an omelette w/ a couple pieces of potatoes and sips of coffee this morning. Till next time ladies!!!

I have my second post pp appt today so hopefully...

I have my second post pp appt today so hopefully Ill have the strength to look at the tummy. I feel the steri strips through the binder an I'm trying get a feel as to where the scar is. I'm feeling less swollen so that should make me feel a little bit better about looking. I don't know what's wrong w/ me.

I went to my second post op.... I'll post more...

I went to my second post op.... I'll post more about it later. My hubby took a pic and when I saw it I kind of wanted to cry b/c I still have stretch marks, I didn't even realize I had that many stretch marks above my BB. I hear they look worse when you're swollen, I hope that's true!

I'm PO Day 4 and had my second post op appt. I...

I'm PO Day 4 and had my second post op appt. I had one drain removed and the pain ball catheter. It wasn't painful just a little pinch. My PS offered to numb the area if I wanted but I passed. It was really gross and amazing to realize how long the drain was and how far up it is in the tummy. The drains haven't been awful but it's nice to have one thing hanging than 3! I see a lot of ladies with the drains at the ends of their incision, mine were near my pubic area. My PS said the spaces where the drains were will close up in about 24 hours. The last drain should be out on Tuesday. He said I could walk a mile right now, go to a store, and sit in a movie theatre, he's really about getting up and out. I feel really tight and walk still with a little hunch but I'm up and walking all over. When the PS has taking care of me, my hubby took a pic and I got my first look at the tummy. I was a little shocked to see how many stretch marks were left over. I didn't realize how many stretch marks I had. I have faith in what everyone says including the PSs that the remaining marks with be less obvious as the swelling decreases. It's nice not to have the wrinkly skin and marks above the BB though. I've never really had a problem with my shape so I don't see a significant change with the shape of my waist. I honestly feel that I will love my results and just waiting for the swelling to subside. Good luck to all the ladies and happy healing !!!

PO Day 5 and bored out of my mind! I'm tired of...

PO Day 5 and bored out of my mind! I'm tired of the Internet.... With the exception of real self!!! I soak my feet for a but and managed to shave 1 leg lmao

PO Day 6...been moving all day to include a 2 hr...

PO Day 6...been moving all day to include a 2 hr grocery store haul and then cooked dinner....I hit that recliner HARD!!! After my lovely sponge bath, I'll post pics of the tummy. Happy healing ladies

So the hubby was too tired to give me a sponge...

So the hubby was too tired to give me a sponge bath last night, guess he's giving me a taste of how it's going to be when we grow old. I will def get one this evening. He went back to work today and has done a great job taking care of me and the babies last week. I have to get something for him but I have no clue... I go thru this on bdays and Christmas, these men have everything already! Great news....I'm down 9 freaking pounds since surgery! I'm really starting to wonder when my appetite will come back. I want some salmon mmmmmmm good!

I just drove for the 1st time, I have been off...

I just drove for the 1st time, I have been off pain pills since PO Day 2 and I was still nervous about driving that I called the PS and hubby to ask. I was quite nervous after driving for about 2 mins but I told myself to calm down. About 4 miles at a huge intersection, I panicked!!!! I got dizzy and my heart was beating 1000. I took a sip a water and put the air on blast. I was sooo scared. I made it back home ok but my mind is playing games. On another note...I just devoured some sushi and dumplings ;)

PO Day 8...second drain is coming out and then I...

PO Day 8...second drain is coming out and then I get to take a shower and go to the HAIR SALON!!!!!

PO Day 9....So aunt Flo came into town...I was...

PO Day 9....So aunt Flo came into town...I was expecting her but deep down hoped she would change plans...no luck ;(. I only use tampons and kind of nervous to be sticking anything inside of me right now!!! Has anyone used one since their surgery? I had my second drain taken out yesterday and pulling up my pants w/o worrying about anything was AMAZING! Last night there was a function at my sons school and NO ONE would ever know. I'm walking straight and I have no pain, it was great. BUT I was swollen when I got home. I'm going to be lazy today and do some online shopping for another CG and silicone strips!

PO Day 11....been moving all day, Im pooped. My...

PO Day 11....been moving all day, Im pooped. My lovely lift recliner is going back tomorrow and honestly I haven't NEEDED it fot about the last 3 days. Going to take it easy this weekend and get prepared to go back to work Mondaay...uuuggghhhhh! I feel good but I'm extremely swollen and I feel extra wide!

PO Day 12....just devoured some delish Panera...

PO Day 12....just devoured some delish Panera bread lol
Still feeling good just feeling wider than I would like! I ordered a CG from hourglassangel.com, they have tons of styles. I hear alot of ladies saying they recieved 2 CGs from the PS but I just have the one that was put on after surgery. It's started to get really lose and folds down at the top. My waist wasn't big to begin with and I think this Cg has the stronger compression material at the waist. I don't feel this CG gives that hourglass shaping. I'm hoping the one I just purchased does. I kind of wish I could get the smaller size of this one from my PS.

Tomorrow I head back to work, so not ready lol

Tomorrow I head back to work, so not ready lol

PO Day 14...Well I got another day off work..thank...

PO Day 14...Well I got another day off work..thank goodness!

PO Day 15.... Day started off w/ 2 wk check up....

PO Day 15.... Day started off w/ 2 wk check up. Since surgery I've been seen 4 times and my next appt is in 3 wks. He took the stitches out the BB and the tape off my incision and didn't replace it...eeek! I was not ready for that and I'm not ready to see the scar. He said I'm healing extremely well and I feel great too. I've been completely upright for about a week now. I ordered Oleeva silicone strips but my PS carries some in his office so I bought his and I'll return the one I ordered. I also received my CG I ordered and according to the chart I ordered a medium and it is tough to get in. I may try again tomorrow and possibly send it back for a larger size. Im down 11 lbs since surgery but super swollen. My PS removed a lil over 2 lbs of skin and only 1/2 lb of fat. W/ a loss like like that it would be noticeable on me but this swollen has taken over. My uniform didn't fit and I put on the largest one I had and it still wouldn't work. Had to pull it up to almost under my boobs and forget a belt. I had the most uncomfortable 1st day back at work. I tried not to sit too much. I BLEW up!!!! All I ate today up until 4 pm was a fiber one bar and jello and I didn't even realize it cause I felt so full all day. I drove to the dealership right after work and had to get off the hwy and pull over, get out the car and button my pants and unzipped my CG a lil bit. Once I got there I had a cookie and piece of croissant, I felt sooooo much better. When I got home I cooked and flopped down on the recliner. The swelling went down but if this is going to be everyday, it's going to get old fast. I did my research but I definitely underestimated the swelling. When I get very swollen my sides feel like rocks. My PS said he was very aggressive with the lipo so I guess that's why the sweeping is redic!!!!! I'll post pics later tonight if I ever get up...not looking like its going to happen tonight lmao. Happy healing ladies!

So I'm PO Day 17 and I can't wait for the...

So I'm PO Day 17 and I can't wait for the weekend!! Tuesday was my 1st day at work and I swell up while I'm sitting down. I just want to crash when I get home. Happy healing ladies!

Hello everyone, PO Day 24! Feeling good, just got...

Hello everyone, PO Day 24! Feeling good, just got off work and want a nap. I'll update the post tonight but wanted to post some new pics of the progress. I was bad w/ the leftover halloween candy today :(

PO Day 26 and I'm rocking jeans today. I was...

PO Day 26 and I'm rocking jeans today. I was sitting around bored and thought to myself that I should try on clothes. I picked up a pair of jeans and instantly thought it was a bad idea...but THEY FIT!!!. Now I'm wondering when I was actually able to get into them since this is the first time I've even tried on real clothes since surgery. Swelling still sucks and one side is bigger than the other and my lower belly sticks out from the swelling.

I'm really bummed right now I don't believe my...

I'm really bummed right now I don't believe my surgeon cares as much as he says he does. I'm frustrated and very upset at this moment.

I never expected perfection, that's just...

I never expected perfection, that's just unrealistic. As I was researching the procedure of course I had alot of questions and one was would I need an extended TT and I was told no. Not at 1 PO appt was the fact that I had alot of losse skin after the surgery ever mentioned. He was able to pick up and grab quite a bit of skin on both sides and the back. This appt for today was a touch up for about 100ccs on each side. I called tody to see if that would get the results desired and after eval that lipo wouldn't achieve the results. I got a TT w/ lipo b/c I was told it would compliment the TT for a better contoured shape. My stomach is fairly flat except when I sit down, I have quite a chunky roll. My love handles sit on top of my panties and pants no matter if they are lose or not. Now in order to get rid of the love handles I have to get scar extended on both sides and have more lipo, this requires me to go back under anestesia, which is terrifying to me. He's waving his fee but with anestesia, facility fees and insurance I have to come out of pocket $2400. I had the worse time at the appt, his ladies at the front kept trying to reschedule me even though I said in plain english that I wanted to ask the dr questions. They really pissed me off, I'm like what are you rescheduling me, I have an appt right now. The dr walked by and didn't say anything to me until he started walking to the back and told me to come in...it was unprofessional and rude. I mean this is the person I trusted my health too. He really made me feel more like a burden stating that he only has about 2 cases a yr with issues. It's hard to believe he cares although he says he does. I want to be done with this already, I'm so bummed. Im not normally sensitive but I cried at the appt and left upset and told the "money" lady that I'd probably have to just stay disappointed after she gave me the quote." She said sorry and I walked out. I doubt if they or the dr will call me discuss anything or make this right. I just want what I paid $9K for...a flat stomach and no love handles.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

He was my 3rd consult...they were all different from mannerisms, techniques and surgery time. I felt the most comfortable with him. I liked this pics of his work.. I decided on him after doing lots of research and because of his credentials. Not very fond of the receptionist lady, not very professional.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am so sorry, The same thing happened to me with THE same surgeon, ORTEGON. He charges an extreme fee with terrible results. I have to have a revision too, but will not be going to him. He wanted me to pay another $4200 on top of the $4500 I had already paid. He also told me I just needed to "tone up at the gym and I was being unrealistic" when I voiced my opinion, and wrote a letter voicing my displeasure with the procedure. I am so sorry this happened to you. I would insist he pay for the revision in full, minus the anesthesia fee (typically when this occurs that fee is the responsibility of the patient but all other fees the surgeon pays because he is the one who did not do the "job/service" to ypur satisfaction). He refused me, but maybe you can make it happen. Again, I am so sorry!!
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Hi..Ive read all of your posts on your concerns and disappointments regarding your TT. I think you have a really nice shape. I'm currently 6 weeks PO and have similar concerns ..left over stretch marks under my BB that are still swollen. I wanted to know if yours went down some more and how long did it take? Did you ever go back for a revision.. And are you now overall happy with your results? I paid damn near $11,000 for mine which included hospital facility fees (the PS requires you to stay overnight) and am very disappointed because I was told that the only marks I'd have leftover were the ones above the BB. However I still have a lot of the ones that were already below the BB leftover. It really bothers me.
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Hey Beautiful, how are you feeling now? Wonderful I hope, and consider this. The little bit of skin and fat you can pinch over the hip bones helps give you the wasp waist look.
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Hi - I'm so sorry your feeling like this and you've been treated shockingly. Your right we put our trust in these people. I'd try and speak to a lawyer for advice, it's not on just to take more money from you, what if that doesn't work too? Easy for me to say, try to stay focused and positive, chin up, HUGE HUG. X
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What's up with needing a revision? Is because of the case under your BB? I have the same thing but I have 2 big strectch marks right there now, so I didn't really think there was anything he could do about that.
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No, crease eventually flattened out, guess it was from swelling. I have alot of love handles and he scheduled me for in office lipo. I was so ready to get this done since Jan but kept getting rescheduled b/c of his schedule. I call this morning b/c I was concerned that 100ccs on each side may not be good enough for good results after I read some Q&As on the site. Long story short it's not so much lipo that I need, I need to get the scar extended on both sides quite far. I apparently have alot of loose skin still. This was never mentioned before. I just saw him for a routine appt last week and it wasn't mentioned either. For this to happen I have to go back under anestesia. He's waing his $4K but I have pay for anestesia and facility fees of about $2400.
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Boooo! So not fair, he didn't do it right the first time why should you have to pay more? So sorry this happened to you! I would definitely add this info to the review of your dr
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Hi. You look great! Which Leonisa garment did you get. I went to the website and they have many. Was it modern, maximum or strong control? Does it zip or snap? It would be great if you still have the order number. Thank you so much for your help.
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Looking beautiful!
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You look bloody FABULOUS Lady :) Your scar is so low,love it! X
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Wow look at that hourglass shape! You're smokin' Brooklyn!
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Your new pictures are terribly inspiring! You look amazing.
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Your photos and process are great!!! I'm very happy for your healing......I m going to look into those strips u use.
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I love love love your results
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How do you like your Leonisa garment? I ordered the same one and it came (I got size small - I weigh 130 pounds and have about 35" hips soooooo I thought it would be fine since I fit nicely in their small category) - guess what - it was about 4" away from closing around my bb and my ribs! I sent it back yesterday to exchange for a medium but I am still worried I won't be able to zip it! What size did you get?
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So far so good, it's very tight and i feel good in it. The first day when driving I had to undo the top b/c of the tightness. I'm in the medium and I have to clip it up and then pull it together to zip it up. I think you'll be able to get into the medium. I have thick thighs the boy short part w/ the lace rides up a bit but it doesn't bother me.
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I think you look great! such an improvement! the crease under looks suspiciously like the crease that was above your bb before. I'm not sure if it smooths out or not. your ps says it will? I'd wait a few months and then address it with your ps if it doesn't!
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Thank u!!! U know I didn't even think about the crease above. My PS said it just from the swelling and it will subside....hope so!!!
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You look GREAT!!!
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Thx Skinnywaist...I needed to hear that today!
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you look great!! my crease is like a small butt in my front so yours is great and so I am told will go away in time..or revision is needed! I am one month and still have the butt under my bb SO sad! but I know I have major muscle healing now and can fix later I guess but yiu look RAD
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Thx oceansailor! I'll have to look at your crease, I hadn't seen anyone with one. My PS said it's from swelling and it will flatten out as the swelling goes down. Really, a revision...i hope you don't have to. Has it flattened out any in the 30 days? I'm glad you think so b/c I feel like I look huge!!
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serious yours is not like mine...I WISH...he said it should go down 6 months to tell then yes revision! SO not into that! But I know the hard work the hernia and muscle repair is done...so I think it would be hopefully a better recovery! I am 30 days and no only in the morning when I wake is the crease best still very definitive! yours looks almost gone and you are not yet a month right...
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You still look amazing...I hope the swelling goes away soon so you can be at ease. Your results are so promissing to all of us who are scheduled...Keep writing the updates I greatly appreciate it.
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Thx...thats great to hear right now, cause I'm SWOLL lmao. I'm glad the updates are beneficial to others, they definitely help me vent.
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