9 Months Post Op-- San Antonio TX

I am 31 and have 2 kids. (ages 10 and 5). I have...

I am 31 and have 2 kids. (ages 10 and 5). I have been wanting a tummy tuck since my son was born 10 years ago. I am 5ft 5in tall and weigh 118 lbs. I am not having any muscle repair done and no lipo. It is only skin removal. Iam doing this to help with my self esteem. I am very self consious about how I appear. I wear oversized clothes to help hide my loose skin.
After going to my preop appointment it was decided that I am going to have a fully TT but no lipo and no anticipated muscle repair. If it is determined that I need muscle repair once they start my procedure then they will go ahead and do it. I am excted and super scared at the same time. I have waited a long time for this but still nervous about the scarring.

1 1/2 weeks to go until my surgery. I am getting...

1 1/2 weeks to go until my surgery. I am getting more and more nervous each day. I spoke to my manager at work today (she doesnt know the type of surgery I am getting just that I am having surgery in general). I was given the OK to alter the dress code for me while I recover. Instead of business casual, I can wear yoga pants while I still have the drainage tubes in. That was a relief. I am planning on returning to work after 1 week. Since I wont have lipo or muscle repair, my dr thinks I should be ok to come back to work after that short time. I work in accounting so I sit all day anyways. It is not a physically demanding job by any means. I have the countdown going on now. Its a good thing that my husband is so helpful around the house and with the kids normally. Since I wont be able to help out for a bit.

I am 1 1/2 weeks away from the surgery and getting...

I am 1 1/2 weeks away from the surgery and getting more and more nervous. The first time I had surgery was 5 years ago when I had my tubes tied and that wasnt major surgery, they didnt even cut me open for it. This is much more serious. I am excited to finally have a flat tummy again. I was always in shape and slim. Once my son was born I gave up on the workouts. Ididnt see the point when no matter what i did, I would always have this stomach. I am hoping that this will be the kick in the pants I need to get in shape again. It has been 10 years since I have worked out seriously. Even with all the postives that will come of the surgery, i am still super crazy nervous/scared. I really hope that the scar is super low. and that it is fairly straight. I have seen some scars that are high up and not at all straight. looks like a child made the incision.

I am coming up on my last weekend with my body. I...

I am coming up on my last weekend with my body. I am getting excited now. I think the excitement is overtaking the nerves. I am looking forward to being able to wear clothes that fit me right and not having to flex or suck in my stomach when I walk around or pulling my pants up over my skin when I sit to hide it. I also cant wait to start working out again. Since I have had this stomach I havent really bothered with workouts because there was no point in my eyes. I am happy to finally reclaim my body :)

I cant believe that it already the week of my...

I cant believe that it already the week of my surgery, I overindulged last week and gained a few lbs. Oh well, once I am healed I plan on starting to workout again so I gave in to temptation. I joked with my husband that if I keep it up they are going to have to add lipo to my procedure :P

I am nervous. I had a few dreams about my surgery this past weekend. The nerves are getting the better of me today. I am sure I will be a mess Wednesday morning. I just need to remind myself that I have watied 10 years for this. And everything will be ok.

Ahh! Its the day before. I am slightly (more...

Ahh! Its the day before. I am slightly (more than slightly) anxious/nervous/excited. I wish it would be enough to make me stop eating....but nope. My appetite has been out of control this past week or so. Oh well, I am sure I will have no appetite immediatly following surgery so it will all balance out. I have waited so long for this that now that the time is about here.....I cant believe it. My surgery is at 2pm tomorrow, I have to be there at 11 am. Today is going to be a long day here at work

Ok day of surgery. Just dropped my son off at the...

Ok day of surgery. Just dropped my son off at the bus stop and getting ready to take my daughter to pre-k. I go in at 10 and my surgery is at 1230. I was so tired last night. I slept ok considering how nervous and excited I am. Actually overslept this morning. Good thing my husband is home today because of my surgery. Normally it's just me and the kids in the morning. The extra help was good today. Ok off to get the day started. See you all later :)

Home now. Sore and exhausted. Will post more...

Home now. Sore and exhausted. Will post more tomorrow. Going back to sleep

Awake fully now. I can walk on my own slightly...

Awake fully now. I can walk on my own slightly hunched over. Just ate dome spaghetti. Just sore right now. The only pain was when my pants pulled on the tube near the incision point. Update more tomorrow after my follow-up with the Dr

Just got back from my appointment. It turns out he...

Just got back from my appointment. It turns out he did do muscle repair. I'm sore but no pain yet. The tube is annoying. I can stand almost fully upright. I walk slow though. My Dr sent me home with chocolates and champagne! He's been great. He had me wear my favorite underwear to mark me. They are pretty low rise and he said we was able to go 1cm lower I'll post pics later. All in all im happy so far. Off to toast w my husband.

Ok 4 New pics up. I'm still swollen obviously but...

Ok 4 New pics up. I'm still swollen obviously but already happy with the results. Just wish all the stretch marks had been able to go. Oh well that's what happens when you gain 65 lbs with your first baby. :)

Omg pain is kicking in. I can't even stand to...

Omg pain is kicking in. I can't even stand to button my CG all the way. I'm sore, the drain tube and pain pump are annoying and hurting under the CG . I can't get comfortable. Ugh.

Day 2 post op. Omg I can't hardly stand. When the...

Day 2 post op. Omg I can't hardly stand. When the CG comes off I get light headed and nauseous and putting it back on is hell. I hardly slept last night. I was warned that today would probably be the worst and so far it is. The exit points of the pain pump and drain are so low they are in the way and rubbing all the time. I put a washcloth in my CG over them so it wouldn't rub. I haven't yet taken pain meds become I haven't been in pain. Today I might take them if it keeps up this way. Last night I coughed once and thought I was ripping stitches. I suppressed the rest of the coughs.

I slept through the night ! Missed my midnight...

I slept through the night ! Missed my midnight antibiotics though. The swelling was super bad yesterday. I had to unzip my CG for the day. This morning I was able to zip it up again. When I first stand-up I'm s hunch back but after a bit I can almost stand normal. I was pretty immobile yesterday but today I want to try to move around more. I had no appetite yesterday but forced myself to eat. The previous days I've been starving and couldn't eat enough. not that I want to gain weight after going through this :p.

Ok so being home bound is no good for my diet. ...

Ok so being home bound is no good for my diet. Apparently I am a boredom eater . I am going tomorrow to get my drains removed and I plan on going back to work Wednesday. That will alleviate my boredom before I do any further damage :) I'm so swollen that I don't want to take any new pics. I'll try to suck it up and take some tomorrow after the drains come out

Drain and pain pump out! Burned like he'll coming...

Drain and pain pump out! Burned like he'll coming out. I haven't taken one pain pill this whole recovery and I wish I had taken some before that. Ugh. Good news is I get to shower tomorrow!!!! No more hand washing myself in the sink :) still swollen and semi hunched over but feeling good. Going back to work tomorrow. *sigh* I've enjoyed not working.

Today is exactly one week since I had my TT. I am...

Today is exactly one week since I had my TT. I am sitting at my desk at work right now feeling like a beached whale. I am so swollen right now it is uncomfortable sitting here. I am walking not quite upright and very slow. I am not in pain just not comfortable. I have on kahkis, ( a few sizes too big) and they are starting to get tighter as the day goes on from the swelling. I think I should have taken the rest of the week off....Darn it. Too late now though. I cant wait to get home and put on sweats and relax on the couch. ugh.....5 1/2 hours to go...I am already starting my end of the day countdown and its not even lunch

Day 8 PO----I feel pretty much like my old self...

Day 8 PO----I feel pretty much like my old self with the exception that i cant stand all the way straight. Oh yeah and of course my period showed up yesterday. I get it maybe every 2-3 months. I am in no way regular. I had it the beginning of January (the 3rd to be exact) so I thought I was safe from it while I healed. Oh boy was I wrong. After work yesterday I sat my bum on the couch and didnt move. At least that explains my giant appetiite immediatly following the surgery. I was PMS and didnt even know it!

Anyways, I feel good today. It seems I can stand a but straighter when my CG is off. Does anyone else have that? My scar is itching and so is my belly button. Which is a good sign for healing but doesnt make it anymore enjoyable.

The swelling seems to be less today but still quite swollen. I was a size 3 before surgery and now I can only get into 6's and even those are snug. I cant wait for the swelling to go down. I dont want to by new clothes but I only have a few pants I can fit into for work right now.

I can cough with minimal pain and laugh with minimal pain too. That a relief. I love comedies and it was killing me not to watch my fav's on tv or dvd for fear of laughing. Its Friday and I love to see what comedy is on comedy central. Looking forward to that tonight with my hubby.

I have never had stitches before, and I am...

I have never had stitches before, and I am noticing that that skin on the bottom of my belly button has grown over the stitches. To where I cannot see them anymore. Is that normal? I can still see the stitches on the top of my belly button though. I am just nervous now that its going to really hurt when they take them out next week.....yikes!!

Today makes 2 weeks to the day since I had my TT. ...

Today makes 2 weeks to the day since I had my TT. I feel wonderful. I can stand straight up. Sleep on my side. And my weight is back to the pre surgery weight. I am still swollen but not as bad as before. All in all I feel great about my decision to have this surgery :) I still have not seen my scar though, since my PS had surgical tape put on me right after surgery and I cannot take it off. it needs to fall off on its own. I stand extra long under the water in the shower in hopes of speeding this process up. Ha! It is low (just under my hip bones/right on the base of my hip bones) and I am happy about that. I just have no idea what it actually looks like. I go back in 1 week to get my BB stitches out. Super excited about that, nervous too but excited. I am getting antsy though and want to take my dog for a walk, but being that he is about 90lbs I am not going to risk it just yet. My husband doesnt like me to do anything around the house. I try and sneak cleaning in when he isnt looking. I can't just sit around and do nothing. I get so bored. I will post new pics later this evening, I am at work right now and refuse to take the amazing bathroom pics here. :)

Today is 2 weeks to the day since my TT. When is...

Today is 2 weeks to the day since my TT. When is it safe to have sex again? This is killing me ( not to mention my husband :P ) Thanks!!

New pics up. The side view is a horrible one. Haha...

New pics up. The side view is a horrible one. Haha. Can't tell my back from my front ! I am swollen and have no butt. Bad combination. :)

Tape off !!!! So excited. Some scabs still need...

Tape off !!!! So excited. Some scabs still need to fall off but overall thrilled with location, size and appearance of my scar. 2 1/2 weeks post op :) still super swollen though :(

Tomorrow is 3 weeks Post Op! Today I am going to...

Tomorrow is 3 weeks Post Op! Today I am going to be getting out my BB stitches...super excited and scared. Never had stitches before. this better not hurt..I have to come back to work after. dont want to look all teary eyed here :) I am still swollen but its not as bad. Seems to get better each day. I am back to my pre surgery weight and have been for about a week now. Makes me wonder how much less I will weight once the swelling goes down. Also ready to throw this CG out the window. Its a pain. I have to make sure my clothes are loose so that no one can tell I have it on. Also, sleeping sucks. I have been able to sleep on my side for a while now thank goodness, but I cant sleep through the night because the zippers and clasps are on the sides. I wake up in pain as it digs into me so then i have to change sides. back and forth all night. usually i end up unzipping it a bit from the top to get some relief. How long are most people wearing these things? I am going to ask my dr today when i can stop or at least wean down a little. I took my kids to a carnival yesterday. walked around for like 3hours. i felt good the while time. my legs are sore today, just goes to show how inactive I have been lately. walking hurts my legs ha!

Stitches are out!!!!!!!! It didnt hurt at all,...

Stitches are out!!!!!!!! It didnt hurt at all, except for the very last one. I had a pretty good sized scab over that one. I was also given the OK to get rid of my garment and just use spanx :) He said its because there was no lipo done so I should be fine. I also picked up Maderma today for my scar. What is everyone else using? what has given the best results?

I have noticed that when I sit the area above my...

I have noticed that when I sit the area above my scar appears to droop kind of like my old saggy skin. Like it seemed to poof out and over the scar. ls that normal or does it mean I'll still have some extra skin?

New pics. 3 1/2 weeks post op. Hate the swelling...

New pics. 3 1/2 weeks post op. Hate the swelling but it's slowly improving. Man my tuchas is flabby! Now that I'm not ashamed of my tummy I am looking forward to working out. It's only been over a decade!

4 Weeks Post op today!!! I feel great. Still...

4 Weeks Post op today!!! I feel great. Still swollen but I am coming to terms with that. (still sucks though). I am going to try to start talking walks around the neighborhood. I really am anxious to start working out. Not that I did before this surgery but now I want to. I will post pics later this evening. I am going to try to put up new pics each week so that I can monitor the recovery and healing. My scar seems to be getting flatter. there is one area that is not flat yet :( and it looks like dog ears on each end of the scar..anyone else have this? does it go away on its own???

Took my 4 week pictures. Getting better but not...

Took my 4 week pictures. Getting better but not thrilled yet

Tomorrow makes 5 weeks post op! I have noticed...

Tomorrow makes 5 weeks post op! I have noticed that my diet has gone downhill since the surgery. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. haha! And due to that I had the worst case of swelling last week. I craved a pastrami and corned beef sandwich. So I went to Jason's Deli and got one. I ate the whole thing and the chip AND got ice cream. It was almost immediate swelling. Like I felt and looked 4 month pregnant. Since then I am trying to reigh in my eating. The swelling has been much better. Not sure if its because of that or because of the length of time now that I am post op. Either way I am starting to feel normal in the belly again.

5 weeks today. Can't wait to get the workout green...

5 weeks today. Can't wait to get the workout green light. Actually feel barely swollen. minimal swelling today :) New pics up

Totally just realized that I am standing at an...

totally just realized that I am standing at an "off" angle in my side pic. Thats what happens when you try to take them yourself :( I will have my husband take a new one later when I get home. I will most likely be swollen by then haha Its always worse at the end of the day.

I have been dying to get out and play with my dog....

I have been dying to get out and play with my dog. It has been killing me not to run around with him. He is about 1 1/2 years old (we rescued him so its a guess at his age) and he has sooooo much energy. But he is about 90 lbs and so due to his size and breed (husky/sheppard/rott) he needs a lot of exercise and I havent felt up to it. I would take him out and pretend like I was going to chase him and he would take off running. Or I would throw a ball and he would go get it but I wasnt able to "race" him to the ball or chase him for real. Well last night I decided to try to chase him around. I gave about 80% effort and man was it fun! I realized how much I really do miss it. I also realized that I am so out of shape! I was slightly more swollen last night and I am assuming its from playing with my dog. (or the glass of wine I had later, or both :) ) It wasnt painful to run with him and I am not sore or overly swollen today. I think I am going to try again tonight if my body will let me. I am 5 weeks Post Op and starting to try to be active. I am not going to push it or do more than I think I can do but it was very nice to play again. He has seemed sad recently ( at least I think he is sad because he misses playing with me)

OMG today is 6 weeks! I am still swollen around...

OMG today is 6 weeks! I am still swollen around the incision area but I am also starting my period again ( I think ) so that isnt helping. I started to run around the yard with my dog this past week and picking up my daugher (she is 5 and is about 30ish lbs). I feel good. I am going to slowly start working out this week. I was sick all weekend so I am battling that. Once I am fully healthy my husband said he would start to work out with me too. That should help if I have a work out buddy,

Ok so I noticed today while sitting on the toilet....

Ok so I noticed today while sitting on the toilet...when I look down at my stomach it is uneven. I am more swollen on the right side just above the scar but on the left side near my BB it is not swollen but it is not flat with the right side.....anyone else have this? makes me nervous. its like a hilly countryside when I look down at my stomach

7 weeks tomorrow. Saw the PS today. Said...

7 weeks tomorrow. Saw the PS today. Said everything looks good. the swelling should go down in the next few weeks he said. other than that I am fine. got the go ahead to work out. no restrictions just take things slowly to be sure not to over do it. I forgot to post my 6 weeks pics last week but I will be sure to post my 7 week ones tomorrow :) Happy healing everyone!

New 7 week pictures. Still swollen. Dr said should...

New 7 week pictures. Still swollen. Dr said should resolve by my next appointment which will be my 3 month post op got the green light to workout. I need it. flabby mcflabby butt I am. Haha.

I woke up Saturday morning on my stomach! I...

I woke up Saturday morning on my stomach! I havent slept on my stomach yet since the surgery. I was very happy. I have started to slowly get active again. Took the dog for a walk. Which doesnt seem like much but hes an 85 lb dog so when he wants to go somewhere...he goes! And I started doing the Just Dance on the Wii with the kids. The Dr said to take it super slow. Pretend like I have never workedout before. Thats easy since its been over 10 years since I worked out :P I cant believe that this Wednesday makes 8 weeks. Time flew by!

OMG its been 8 weeks already! My son turns 10...

OMG its been 8 weeks already! My son turns 10 tomorrow and I am 2 months out of my surgery. Crazy! I still have some swelling but no one else seems to notice it, just me and my husband so thats ok. I am trying to get the motivation to workout. Ugh its tough. I have been doing Just Dance with my kids on the Wii and for now that is my exercise and since I havent worked out in a decade its actually a real work out for me. Haha. Its a double bonus, I get a work out and get to hang out with my kids. I am very happy that I had this done. I am not so good at remembering to put on my scar cream. I think its been like a week since I have applied it more than once a day. Oops!

I just realized I hadnt updated in forever! I...

I just realized I hadnt updated in forever! I stopped taking pics because I went through a horrible bout of swell hell. Part of it was swelling part was I just picked up my eating :P I am 3 months out now just about. I still feel swollen but my dr said that I am not. What I am is out of shape! There is 2 small pockets of swelling just above my incision. there is a flat spot between them so it looks like a small butt. haha. he said if its not better by my next appt (in July) then he can do a little lipo to get rid of it. I thought that was crazy since I didnt even have lipo during my TT. I guess I should get off my lazy behind and get to a gym. I have gained weight since my surgery :( Anyone have any extra motivation they want to share with me?!?!?

After Revision

I had a revisionlast Thursday afternoon (10/3/2013). There was one side that was still kind of bumpy and the scar was a little higher. Waiting now to see how it looks once fully healed from that. Other than that I feel good. I have gained approx 10 lbs since surgery and that is not sitting well with me. But I am now wondering if this new weight is normal and the weight before was toosmall since i was trying to hide the fact that I had excess skin. I eat pretty much what I want right now and have held steady at about 128 so may be. IDK but I am just not wanting to put on too much then ruin the new stomach I just paid loads of cash for :P I am just over 9 months post op from original surgery. I will post pics later after I get home and take some. all in all I am veru happy that I did this and thrilled with the results!

Revision Pic

Revision was done about a week ago now. the one side is still a little swollen so that scar is still higher on that one side
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From my first consultion as well as the pre op appt, he has been attentive and answered all my questions. He never appeared to be in a rush or hurry to get to the next patient.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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So I'm about 6 weeks po and my bb looks just like yours did. Your end result is awesome. It really calmed my nerves about my bb. Also I have a little hill too right above my pubic area where the scar comes up. Silicone strips are the best thing I've heard of for scarring. Also I've already got a huge tattoo piece picked out for next summer lol. Good luck to you! You look beautiful!
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Thank you! I am going to post new pics here soon since I am now over a year out from the surgery. I have since gained 15 lbs but I am overall happy. I think I kept my self so thin before to "hide" the excess skin. I too want a tattoo to cover up the scar! Good luck on your healing!
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Thank you! I did too. I stayed at aboit 106. Im also fairly active so its hard for me to just sit all the time. Im ready to go do stuff but I dont want to risk stretching my incision.
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Your BB looks great :)
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thank you! You look amazing! Small world, I used to live in Bellevue NE. Glad you are healing well
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Can't wait to see pics of your revision! You looked great before, you must be smokin now! I wouldn't worry about the extra weight, at your height 128lbs is completely normal. If you feel jiggly maybe starting a strength program would help. Strength training has transformed my body like nothing I've ever tried.
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Thanks! I will take some pics tonight. The one side is still a little swollen from the revision so that part is now more red also since the scar was re opened.
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Looks so good already!! I think you're going to be really happy with the results How are you feeling overall? Much easier than the first surgery I'm assuming?
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Oh this was a cake walk. It was in office. Just localized numbing. First cut however I felt it all. I needed extra numbing. Other than that it was fine. It was a small area that he re opened, cut more skin then re stitched. Waiting for the swelling to go down so that the scar line is lower like on the other side.
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That's great to hear! I will probably be getting my scar on the sides lowered in February, I know it can be done in office but I'm having a BA revision (wrote about it in my review), so I'm just gonna have him do it then. Possibly more Mons lipo too. Will you have swelling for as long as women normally get with a TT or will it go away much sooner?
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I think it will go down sooner since it was a simple snipping if skin and nothing else. I remember when my son got stitches in his lip and it took some time for the swelling to go down but not long. I would like to say it will be the same for me but honestly I didnt even ask the DR. I was just happy he was fixing it. Good luck with your revision! Your tummy looks great BTW!
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Hi Stacey! I wouldn't worry about the weight gain if you don't feel like you are over weight. 128 @ 5'5" is hardly heavy. I am the same height and kept super thin because any amount of fat made my belly flab hang over my pants and I hated it. Now that flab is gone I have put on a few pounds of healthy weight and my belly is still flat! Yeah! I hope you start exercising anyway because we all should keep our bodies moving! Good luck!
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Hey! How are you feeling? I keep saying that I am going to exercise then something comes up and it never happens. I am trying to be more active in general. Running in the yard with the dog and kids, walking the kids to the bus stop instead of watching them from the driveway with my coffee, etc.
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I'm sorry to hear that you've gained weight! We are only a week apart in surgery and it was so hard to get back into the working out stage after bieng out of it for so long. But you look amazing and you definitely don't want to ruin your wonderful results! When you're ready you'll do it!
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Thanks! I went home last night with the mindset to work out. then I had to help my daughter with a school project and then was too tired to workout. Try again today :) Hope you are having a good recovery!
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Hi, As always your tummy looks GREAT! Stretch marks are a bummer i know. I was 100lbs when i got pregnant with my first and for the first 6months i didnt gain anything but from the 7month to 9months i gained 130lbs in that short amount of time it stretched my stomach beyound belief. That is where all the 106 stretch marks of purpleness came from and the lower sagginess of my stomach(which wont go away unless its cut off). Through the years of having many children(6 total, every two years for the last 12yrs; plus I am on my 7th child now) i have tried countless remedies to fade the marks. I had bought this stretch mark cream from avon and that helped smooth them out a lot! But the only thing that faded them was time( now they are the same color as my skin) but they are still deep and long(at this point the marks do not bother me , its the skin that sags). I never got any new stretch marks with any of my other children just my first(she stretched me out for all the other pregnancies). But tanning did help to hide them a lot i really liked how it hid them for me. I didnt always want to fake and bake cuz its not healthy. So I actually have a months worth of the spray tan(i am pasty white) and i am going to see how that works for the stretch marks, added bonus about getting color on your skin it hides cellulite, which most women have but it hides it very very well. Anyways, do not get hung up on the swelling it will go away in time, jeez woman you just had major surgery of course you will be swollen. Any type of movement will help for exercise may that be countless hours in a gym(which no one really likes, which i used to do that for 4hours a day 6days week). Or you can take a brisk walk and gradually pick up your time with weights, bike, jog, swim, etc. Anything that gets your body moving and of course burning calories(which you burn calories when you move). Even the wii games likle JUst dance that gets anyone moving unless you cheat at the game that it doesnt count. But that is a workout in itself that Just Dance game. I played that with my whole family and we were playing that for 6hours straight, we most likely burn a crap load of calories that night. We all were sore the next day and did not want to play, lol. Do not be hard on yourself about working out take it slow like playing the wii game and going for a walk that is exercise. Be happy with that for now and later probably at your 3month mark you can pick it up just a bit then gradually pick up the pace and pick up some weights. Stop being so hard on yourself, take it easy, enjoy the new you. Take Care
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thanks! My husband has always told me to stop being so hard on myself......I am trying :) I will continue to do the Just Dance with the kids because it is a workout for me and for the kids its time with mom so its fun for everyone. Congrats on your new baby thats on the way! Exciting!!!
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oh Thank You. it is exciting, so i had to put my surgery on hold for the mommy makeover. But this is the last one for sure i am getting my tubes tied! after so many csections( this will be my 4th c section the first 3 kids were all natural vaginal) it gets dangerous more than what it is. Thank You
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Looking good!
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thanks! Good luck tomorrow!!!
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Your tummy looks terrific! Ugh to stretch marks! I have alot too! I was only 105lbs when I got pregnant with my first and I had this philosophy EAT FOR TWO! :) If only I would have known! Oh well, just little reminders of my babies! Thanks for sharing your great pictures!
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thanks! I also was about 105 when i got pregnant. I gained 65 lbs with my first. I ate everything in sight :) I was better with my 2nd but not much. Gained about 45 lbs. At this point I am OK with the stretch marks. I hate them but its almost unheard of to go through pregnancy without any. I will most likely still try a bikini at least once this summer. Even if it is only when I am alone with my kids and husband :P Just to say I can still rock one!
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It's crazy how are stories are so similar! I was 105 pounds when I got pregnant and decided I should have two of everything on the menu ugh! Well 65 pounds and thousands of stretch marks later comes my baby boy. Your right Lacey if only we had known! Oh well I have the best boys in the world and I wouldn't trade it for anything! So glad your recovery is going so well! Hope mine is the same!
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