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Well here goes.....I had a mamo done on my breasts...

well here goes.....I had a mamo done on my breasts about a month ago and this is where my journey begins. My right breast was of course squished beyond the point of no return and I felt a sharp pain. I went home and told myself that it would subside and it didn't. I just felt my breast throb and start to harden. Oh, the exam came back clean but the pain on my breast was still there..

So, I went to my primary physician and she referred me to a plastic surgeon. But, prior to going to here I went to two other plastic surgeons to get a quote and to get some advice. The first one quoted me almost 6,200 with a detail list of cost...even a fee for removal of the implants(650,00) oh,,,,and a fee for vitamins..(100.00),,,Hello, this isn't pre-natal vitamins.....this is for implant removal.. The office was all glitz and a turn off was the huge breasts that were on display...via the receptionist and financial advisor....Oh, well... he seemed okay but wouldn't give me an answer to how many explants he has done.....A LOT isn't a number.

I then went to the plastic surgeon that was referred by my internist. She was more efficient,,,,and explained that I should probably have an MRI done to know what is actually occurring......ha, good idea.

Today, I went to my internist and now have a referral for an MRI....I will schedule that this week and go from there.....
I have two more appointments with plastic surgeons in my area and will make a decision on who to use....but, until then I will get the MRI completed to know what happening.

Anybody from San Antonio have explant surgery? I don't want implants reinserted...I guess most plastic surgeons want to just remove and replace....

Okay I scheduled MRI for next Tuesday... JUNE 29TH...

Okay I scheduled MRI for next Tuesday... JUNE 29TH.....I'll keep you posted. I want to know if my implants are leaking and or ruptured... need to know prior to surgery. If anybody knows of a plastic surgeon with explant experience please send my a message...Explant only !!!!! No Revision.....I'm made up my mind...no more plastic in my body.
I have also seen two doctors as well and no luck!! They both stated I won't be happy and they wouldn't recommend it!....lol.....But, I did have an MRI and have no leakage or rupture... I am going to San Francisco and think I will have better luck there....lucky I have family in San Francisco. I have two more appointments set up for June in San Antonio but I am going to cancel them. My only thought is that San Antonio plastic surgeons don't do this type of surgery very often. Good Luck to you......
Hi Misty1***I also live in san antonio texas and have seen 2 doctors...not satisfied ....as I have asked them if they do explant "en bloc" and they dont.....that is weird...anyway.....I am not convinced I would find a doctor that is very knowledgeable here..:(....I really dont want to go to dallas but If I have to I will....I want to get these balls out asap!!!!....what other doctors are you planning on visiting maybe I can also consult with them..and we can share stories...thank you god bless!!
Most Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in San Antonio have enough experience to remove implants. I would recommend seeing several surgeons as you are doing and selecting the one that you are most comfortable with.
We just don't tend to keep count of how many we remove, so it is always difficult to give you a firm number. I think most of my colleagues in town when asked would also have to say "A LOT".
Technically, explants are not very difficult unless there is a mess of silicone to deal with or you need a complicated mastopexy. So the most important thing is to find a surgeon that you are comfortable with.
Good luck!

Will submit paperwork ,approval for surgery forms,...

Will submit paperwork ,approval for surgery forms, and money since my insurance claim was denied... cost is 5,400 and I am a little nervous. It will be a little more extensive since the MMR did show leakage. She expects that the surgery will take a couple of hours...to clean up the silicone. I'll send you a picture before and after........I just hope that I won't have drains.
Hi misty1, wanted to see if you would recommend the PS that did your explant procedure in San Antonio. It would be wonderful if I can get a name. Thanks!
I am also looking for an explant for a ruptured and leaking implant in San Antonio without success. I am on Medicare with BC/BS secondary (so it has to be a "network" surgeon) and I have to know in advance whether it will be covered. If not, then I cannot do it and will have to just live with the pain and subsequent dangers. I am frightened and in pain, seem to be without good options.
Hi misty1 hope you are doing well;) after your surgery..was wondering if you cam recommend your doctor for explant here in san antonio..I'm ready for mine to come out asap :( thank you god bless...hope you post pics...
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