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Getting Ready for my Tummy Tuck W/Lipo - San Antonio, TX

I went in for my consult and I am finally going to...

I went in for my consult and I am finally going to do it.I am scheduled for July 28,2010 for TT,Lipo of hips and flanks.I have to get everything in order so I can concentrate on me!!!! The fee includes the surgeon, anesthesioligist, overnite stay, Ekg, and garment.

I will be posting pix soon of before and after.

I really appreciate this site it has helped me gain more courage.I figured if i could give birth to 4 kids naturally I can cowgirl up, and do this.I am thankful to all you ladies for your input keep it up:)

I am 7 days away from my big day.I go in on...

I am 7 days away from my big day.I go in on Tuesday to pay for my surgery and and get marked.I am trying to keep my cool:0) I treated myself to a massage and on Monday I will be getting a facial and a pedi.Can't wait.I will be posting before and after Pix to show my progress and keep you updated.

Had my pre op appnt today.Got my markings...

Had my pre op appnt today.Got my markings don't know why it washed off with my evening shower.Got my labs done and registered at the surgical center.I have high blood pressure and am on meds for that but I got soooooo nervous it went up to 180/112.Hope the anathesiologist clears me for surgery tommorrow.Up until today I was anxious and exicited.Working on getting my pressure under control so Tommorrow will flow.Will be back as soon as I am able.Keep me in your prayers!!!!

Had my surgery yesterday was not in a lot of pain...

Had my surgery yesterday was not in a lot of pain.Left drains a whole lot more than the right.I go for my post op on tuesday 1 or both drains will be coming out.I am hungry and sleepy right now.have not seen my tummy feel swollen walk with a bend.THe morphine made me itch somethin awful so went to darvcet.soon as I am able will post pix

Day 2 Never had to much pain on the scale I would...

Day 2 Never had to much pain on the scale I would say 1 for the pain Have gas a reasonable appetite.Want to have a bm has not happen yet.I am feeling better just my back aches from being bent over.sleeping on recliner can't wait to get in my own bed.I want a shower and wash my hair it is coming.I am still draining on my left way more than my right.hard to be waited on like to do things for myself but i am grateful for the help.My husband is a rock star.keep you posted

Day 4 I am getting better.The swelling seems to be...

Day 4 I am getting better.The swelling seems to be coming down quite a bit.Had a lot of gas so drinking peppermint tea seems to be helping.Have not seen my tummy will do on Tues at post op.starting to itch,naval is itching as well.Have bandages and girdle on Doctor wanted me to keep on till post op visit.2 drains in they are slowing down use pains meds to help me sleep no pain.back just aches from being bent.The lipo from back and hips are more uncomfortable than TT

I am 6 days post op today.Went in to get 1 drain...

I am 6 days post op today.Went in to get 1 drain out maybe by Friday I can get the last one out.What a difference it makes.Did not hurt coming out.I am able to shower now got and extra girdle.Finally saw my tummy,I am soooo Glad i did this.Still very swollen and bruised but I can see the potential.I want to take pix over the weekend we'll see what happens with that.

Day 11 I am getting better everyday.Still...

Day 11 I am getting better everyday.Still swollen,very tight,and bruised.Iam also still slightly bent.I have 1 drain that is putting out a lot.It is compensating for 1 of the other drains that was taken out.Hopefully I can get it out on Tuesday got my fingers crossed.Getting around pretty good can't wait to get back in the gym.

Here are some of my post op pix.Still can't...

Here are some of my post op pix.Still can't stand straight ,swollen and bruised.

It haas been 2 wks and 5 days Got my last drain...

it haas been 2 wks and 5 days Got my last drain taken out aat 2wks because it was compromised.It still should have drain through the incision but did not.Started running a fever swoll even worst felt miserable.Got a priscription for antibiotics and the floodgates open the moment I took the first pill,I drained old and new fluids.My Doc called she was worried about me and was going to open up the the office on the weekend to see about me but I said lets let the antibiotic get a chance to work.IT DID!!!!I feel soooooo much better so I will see her on Tue.Everything else is coming along well had a setback but now i am back on track,what a relief.

3 weeks today.I had to have surgery yesterday...

3 weeks today.I had to have surgery yesterday cause I had a hematoma where my last drain was taken out.My tummy was really really tight and swollen and I thought that was par for the course,NOT.My Doc went in and cleaned it out and put another drain in. Had to go under general anesthia when I woke up my tummy felt soooooooo much better I can stand taller and I finally have energy and an appetite just that quick.Had to go back to step 1.Will post pix when my new inscision heal and drain is gone.

Today is week 4 doing better everyday after...

Today is week 4 doing better everyday after hematoma surgery.Still tight and swollen but trying to stretch and massage to soften.Doc had to put drain back in after surgery last week but is going to remove it on friday.Hallelujah.Have guest on Friday and I do not want to entertain with the drain it is a nuisance.Gonna post more pix a little later

I started back yesterday with exercise 7 weeks...

I started back yesterday with exercise 7 weeks post op and 4 weeks since my hematoma surgery.Did Zumba was able to shake my booty had the energy and endurance.The class helped me to loosen up my tummy that felt good,not as tight as I thought I was going to be.Swoll up later after class put girdle back on.Today I did step and weights that went well just have to build my strength and energy back up but I made it through,Got a little nauseous but it passed.Did not swell bad at all,but will wear girdle to bed.Stomach is finally getting more flatter,It takes a lot of patience.Got a lot of compliments from the girls they dont know I had a TT and Lipo.Tommorrow Yoga,lots of stretching.Will post updated photos soon waiting on My husband:0)

Updated photos

Updated photos

Still swelling in tummy and swollen in other...

Still swelling in tummy and swollen in other places where lipo was done.Getting better everyday.still wearing girdle to bed and sometimes during the day depending on how much I swell after exercise.Today when I woke up was the first day my stomach was completely flat and no swelling,now I can see how my tummy is really gonna look when it is all done healing.I am itching and feeling tingly and prickly my body is doing exactly what it is suppose too.

More pix and still swollen and 10 1lbs lighter

More pix and still swollen and 10 1lbs lighter

Today is my 16 week mark.The swelling has gone...

Today is my 16 week mark.The swelling has gone down tremendously.I wake up very flat,but by bedtime I swell a little not nearly as bad as earlier.I am numb below my belly button,and feel pins sticking me and a little itching, exactly what it is suppose to be doing.My swolleness goes down more and more everyday.I looooove what I see can't wait for the final stage of this process.Soooooo glad I did this for myself.I also use a tummy wrap once a week which helps a lot with the swelling.

It has been 6 mnths since my surgery.I still swell...

It has been 6 mnths since my surgery.I still swell but not bad at all mostly that certain time of month.I am very glad I did this for myself no regrets.exercising 5 days a week no limits.I am still tight but not nearly as bad as before.My belly button healed a little tighter than I would Have liked so I am learning to deal.I have a vertical scar where my old belly button position was,not enough skin to pull.I am 10 lbs lighter and trying to keep it off.Can't wait for my scar to fade.healing more and more everyday.

It has been almost 8 mnths all is well still swell...

It has been almost 8 mnths all is well still swell a bit and numb but slooooooowly getting fellings back.

9 Months post op pix.swelling a little but very...

9 Months post op pix.swelling a little but very very happy I did this.I have no regrets.Just working hard to fade my scar.

My 1 1/2 year pix.15 lbs lighter and swelling is...

My 1 1/2 year pix.15 lbs lighter and swelling is almost all gone.Still numb but improving.working on fading my scar religously.
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Hi Sexy,my Doctor is Sheryl Pilcher.
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I'm wondering whos your doctor?
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Congrats on your weight lost.I think most women want to lose weight and fat unless they are real slender.I was comfortable with my weight when I got my TT and Lipo almost 2years ago.since my surgery I have lost another16 pounds.I am not as hungry as I use to be befor TT.Mushu I too thought I plateaued Boy was I wrong.hang in there everything is gonna be alright wait and Best of luck keep me posted.
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Thanks for the support. My doc says I'm ready, but I still have doubts. I am scheduled to have the surgery next month. When you lost weight after your TT, did you have more skin issues or was your skin tight?
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My skin is still tight but I also workout 5 days a week consistently to stay toned. As we age our body is still gonna do what it does just stay committed and it will be all right .Try not to doubt just do it and know your body will look better and better as you heal just be very patient and you will be amazed.
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Thank you so much! I work out 6 days a week as well, but I'm just stuck right now. I am working with a trainer as well. I'm hoping to at least walk, even if I can't lift weights post-op, so I can try to lose after the surgery. Thanks again for the support. I really appreciate it!
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I have lost 120 pounds and I am having a lower body lift. I'm so excited, but scared as well. Did you wonder if you still had more fat to lose before you did this? I have been on a diet for nearly five years and I have plateaued for the last year and a half, but I still feel like I have more fat to lose.
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You look amazing:)

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Thx Kimmers 25 u look pretty awesome urself!!!
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Wow, what a difference in swelling between 11 days, 10 weeks, and then again in 6 months. I am 15 days post op and was beginning to feel sad about the swelling. I see the light that came at the end of your tunnel. ;)
You mentioned doing a tummy wrap once a week. I was considering the same. My friends sells It Works wraps. What kind did you use & how long after surgery before you used one?
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Hey girl you'll see how it gets better and better as the days week months go by.I used belly wrap and started bout 3 months post op.I think it really helps.One day you say wow I havent swollen for a while,come on light LOL.it really is all good just wait and see.I use about once or twice a month,let me know how u do
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You look great!
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Hi there who was ur PS?
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Hi there my PS was Sheryl Pilcher
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hi so wat are your fading scar tips and when did you begin to work on this?
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Hi Chyck,well i have tried all kinds of stuff bio oil,mderma,scar be gone,cocoa butter oil,& vit e.Time is really the only thing thats gonna fade my scar with a little help.I started my regimen as soon as my scar healed.in some spots my scar has really faded and other spots not so much.I am working on my scar religiuosly!!!!
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6 months and still looking hot!!!!!!
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Thnx Susanne3692.I swell a little at certain times but when I don't I am soooooo glad I did this for myself!!!!
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You look great.
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Thx SBanks
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You look wonderful!  Where the heck did the past six months go????
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Thanx Kimmers girl I don't know what happen to the time.Go figure next thing you know my first year anniversary.Now I am thinking about boobies,not hooters just full and perky.it is never enough:0)
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I know right...time goes so fast.  I am glad you are doing so well and love the tummy. 

Nothing wrong with a perky rack!  If that is what you want then you should go for it :)

I am looking a little deflated myself these days after the 70 pound weight loss :)
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How is everything going with your TT.Any numbness? Do you feel you are still improving everyday?What about your scar,and I might add you look fabulous:0)and congrats on your weight lost we know it can be a struggle each and everyday,but when you fall down just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and do it all over again.
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