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Had Lipo on my Tummy Now Getting a Tummy Tuck - San Antonio, TX

Well I’m a typical woman having issues with...

Well I’m a typical woman having issues with the way I look. I’m 32 and have 2 girls ages 16 and 10. Since my youngest I had issues with the way my stomach looked. I had love handles and a pouch which I hated. I tried everything from working out and dieting and nothing really worked for the stomach area. I even had the mesotherapy done and that didn’t even work at all. Waste of money for sure. So had lipo done which I don’t regret and now deciding to get a tummy tuck.

On September 2009 I had lipo done on my upper/lower abdomen and my love handles. My doctor pulled 3 liters of fat out. He was surprised he was able to pull that much out. Before my lipo I weighed 115 and by the way I’m 5 feet tall. I Just had trouble areas that I could never get rid of since my girls . Now I weigh a less than 100 after the lipo . I do work out and watch what I eat so that helps to keep my weight the same. Since my surgery I’m now left with some lose skin. Don’t get me wrong I look better than I did before. I now have a little shape before I use to be square and my sides were just straight no curve or anything and didn’t have I guess you can say a hour glass shape.

Actually I was thinking of getting the tummy tuck before my lipo. My plastic surgeon did talk with me and he felt if i would get the tummy tuck first I will be back for sure to get lipo done around my love handles and other areas. Since I had fat deposits in my upper abdomen and I wouldn’t get rid of my love handles with a tummy tuck. So he wanted me get lipo first and see how I like the results maybe I wouldn’t need a tummy tuck. Well I lost too much weight and well my skin didn’t have good elasticity so here I am wanting to get this tummy tuck done. So of course I will be going back to my plastic surgeon to get rid of it by getting a tummy tuck. Little nervous but I know this is something I want and this is something that will make me happy and I will feel comfortable with myself.

My lipo surgery was not bad at all. I was able to go back to work on the 5th day after my surgery. I was bruised and swollen for at least 6 months but it eventually went down. Now I’m left with lose skin especially on top of my belly button. I asked my doctor why I have the bulge on top of my belly button and he says since I lost all my weight the skin can’t go anywhere since the belly button is there so it leaves me with lose skin. Of course if I didn’t have a belly button my skin would just drop so I understood and decided to go with the tummy tuck.

My TT is scheduled on September 30, 2010. I just had my pre-op appointment on September 17, 2010. I will post once I had my surgery done and let you know how things are going with updated pics.

Updated on Sep 23, 2010:
Sorry for the typo it's loose skin not lose lol

Updated on Oct 14, 2010:
So I’m 14 days post op. My surgery went great. I was nervous in the morning I had to be there at 6:30 a.m. Once I got in everything went by real fast. They prep me up and it seems like 30 minutes later I was getting wheeled in to the operating room. All I remember was waking up in the wheelchair getting rolled out to the car. Of course I did the famous walk bent over walk. Before I left the nurse did say they tightened me really good and so you will be hurting. Well it hurt to walk when I had to get out of bed to use the toilet or get a glass of water. They want you to get up every few hrs for a bit.

The pain was not bad I didn’t have a pain pump like I hear others did all I had was valium and vicodin pills. I did have 3 drains that had to be drained out. What bothered me the most from the surgery was the drains since they were very uncomfortable they stung a little when you moved or moved the drain and also my back from sleeping reclined. I tried everything from buying different pillows and sleeping on the sofa I was never comfortable so I could hardly sleep. The times I did use the pain pills were to go to sleep and not feel the pain from my back. I didn’t have a recliner I’m sure that would of helped.

I went to see my PS the next day. Wasn’t too bad he said everything looked great and then I saw him few days later for a check up again. Finally on day 8 they took one drain out. OUCH is all I can say. It did hurt I’m not going to lie but the pain last for like 3 seconds and it goes by real fast. I went back to see my PS on my 12 day (October 11) for the drains. At first they were only going to take one drain out but he decided to take both out. I just wanted to kiss him lol. Of course had a little pain when the drains came out but I was just so happy that they were out I didn’t mind. Once the drains are out you will feel much better well for me it did. Now I’m just worried that I will swell up and they would need to drain me by poking me with a needle and drain me out.

So still no activities. I did go back to work the next day when my drains came out since it’s a desk job. After work I would go straight to bed and rest. I go back to the doctor on Monday October 18 so I hope he says everything looks fine and doesn’t bring out the needle. I had a question and a concern regarding the end of my incision on the right side by my hip. It looks really lumpy. It was different than the other side. He said everything will smooth out and not to worry so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The lumpiness has gotten down a little but still has a little point to it. I just hope I don’t get those dog ear I hear people get sometimes. I know it’s still early so I will just sit and wait for my final results.

Will post updated pics once I heal little more.

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Who was your doctor? Pics look great!!
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My doctor is Dr. Lawton and he is great as well as his staff. Going back to him for one more thing.
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He did a really nice job with the lipo but you will be really happy with the tummy tuck results. Your tiny so should have really nice results of a tight flat tummy! Can't wait to see your pics.
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You should have really good results. Congrats on your decision! Hope to see after photos! Good luck!!
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Thanks so much for posting about your upcoming tummy tuck. You're going to look amazing. Would you consider posting a review of your Lipo, too?

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