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So here I am on my journey towards my breast...

So here I am on my journey towards my breast reduction. I have already had a consultation with a surgeon he took pics sent them in and I have been approved by my insurance(Tricare), but I'm really uncomfortable with the surgeon I have seen. The pictures he had shown me were horrendous! All of the women nipples had lost their color. I know this is a risk but he couldn't show me any pictures of women he worked on that it didn't happen to. Coincidence maybe, but I highly doubt. So therefore I opted out and have decided to take my chances with another surgeon. Thankfully I have my new consultation coming up on 11/17 and I'm extremely nervous. I'm afraid I might not get approved this time around, because each doctor is different. I'm a 38D, 5'5, and 133lbs,about 20 of those lbs are in my boobs!, meaning I am really frail. So I need some boobs to fit my lil frame because believe me these juggers are definitely weighing me down, and it is a constant mental and physical challenge everyday. People kept saying I would not get approved cause the last doc said he was only requesting 100 grams yes 100 not 1000 to bring me to a C cup and surely enough Tricare APPROVED it in 2 days!, so I'm hoping things go as smoothly with this new surgeon as it did with the last. So ladies don't get discouraged about what people say can't be done, I solely believe insurance go by each individual by size. I felt like jumping on the oppurtunity that they had actually approved but my heart said don't go with a surgeon you will regret have going to in the future. Therefore I am being patient and taking my time. I will be back soon to let you guys know how the consultation was and what is next for me.


How did your consult with the second PS go? I would assume that most doctors would put their best pictures in their books to showcase their work, so if he didn't have any GREAT pictures, that is reason for concern. Good for you for being willing to take the time to find a surgeon that you are comfortable with. I hope your visit last week found worked out! Please let us know!
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Good for you in taking your time.  Always trust your gut and it will never let you down.  Patience is a must with this process from start to finish.  I will be anxious to hear how your appointment goes so please keep us up to date.


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Good luck tomorrow!

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Hey ladies I apologize that it has taken me so...

Hey ladies I apologize that it has taken me so long to come back with an update for you guys, but I am doing it now :) So I went to get the consultation from the second doctor and he was great! He made me feel comfortable, he did not rush me with any questions, he took me step by step through the procedure, and his staff was very good at making me feel comfortable as well. His work was what I expect to see when I go to a surgeon for work, this is not a minor procedure and it is something that I do not want to regret. So if you can, ladies please please please take your time when making a decision on a surgeon. The consultation went smoothly, we're going to be doing the anchor procedure, and he sent in the request for me to get the approval. Now the good news is I have been approved and I go in for surgery this Monday 12/12/11 isn't that great! I am anxious and nervous all at the same time thinking of all the pro's but I am just as afraid of the con's. I will put up some pics of my before and after the day of surgery or the following day. Wish me luck and if you believe in praying, pray for me as well. Thanks in advance, if you have any questions just ask and I will be more than happy to answer what I can. I know when I was looking for answers to a lot of questions it was hard so I am here and I thank you all for your support. This website is lovely :)


Congratulations! So happy for you :-) And how lucky that you don't have terribly long to wait to have it done. Best of luck on Monday. My prayers to you!
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Yes the consultation went great and I couldn't be happier
Thank you so much

Hey guys today was the day of my surgery and I'm...

Hey guys today was the day of my surgery and I'm not really feeling that different as of yet, my breast actually still look the same size. Maybe it is because of the swelling but I am not convinced that I was reduced to the size that I wanted. I feel like I literally still look the same exact size. So as of right now guys I am a little sad and feeling like it was a waste of my time. However the surgery went great I do not remember a thing and the pain is very minimal. The first thing I said when I woke up was "I am a champ I had two kids without epidural" lol the nurses laughed. The surgery was a little over two hours and I got home around 6pm it is now 8 pm and I am able to type, hold my son, and walk around. I am currently wrapped in adhesives and nothing else. Tomorrow morning I go in to see the surgeon and get to see the girls for the first time. I'm just not happy at the moment and feel like crying. My husband do not remember how many grams the doctor said he took out so I will know by tomorrow what he reduced my size to. I will have pics for you guys soon sorry I do not have any available as of yet. At the time I really do not have to much to say being that I am feeling really dissatisfied. Hopefully tomorrow if I am feeling up to it I can give you guys a bit more insight. This is just how I am feeling for now hopefully tomorrow this will change.


I'm sorry you are disappointed, wife. Maybe when you have your appointment tomorrow you will learn there is a lot of padding on your breasts and your little girls are underneath :-)
Good luck
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Hello airforcewife, I was wondering if you found out how many grams were removed and what size did he bring you down to?
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