PO Day 10, feeling pretty good :)

Ok, here goes.... I am 38, 5'7, about 140 pounds...

Ok, here goes.... I am 38, 5'7, about 140 pounds and very happily married to the love of my life for 20 years now. We have 2 boys at home (17 & 18) who are awesome people and we enjoy them very much. Now the nitty gritty... I have always been unhappy with my breasts and envied women who could wear all the things I couldn't. Bikini tops and low cut anything was not an option for me. I felt like I got 'jipped' for some unknown reason. I had my consultation on Dec 19th and found out that, not only do I have small, saggy boobs, but I also have something called Tuberous Breast Deformity. Wonderful, thanks! And all this time I thought I just had small, ugly boobs, bummer. That was not easy to hear but it did reinforce my feelings of wanting to get the procedure and that I wasn't just being vain or petty. After having two kids plus losing about 50 lbs a few years ago my tummy area is no prize either. I figured if I was going for the gusto, I might as well get the whole package repaired. So, January 31st it is! My husband will help me in recovery and I'm fortunate to be able to take as much time as I need and even work from home.

So, I'm excited, I'm nervous and I'm thankful to be able to finally fix something that has always bothered me and made me self-conscious. In every way I am doing this for myself but I am also doing it for my husband who adores me and loves to buy me frilly little things. I'm excited for both of us! I will post pics when I can because everyone else has and they have given me hope and inspiration for my future results and Im extremely grateful for that. To be continued...


Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! And congrats on losing that 50 pounds. Not easy at all! How'd you do it?

Here's a list of supplies to consider for your recovery.

Looking forward to seeing your pics!

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Today was pre-op and I gotta say, I felt a little...

Today was pre-op and I gotta say, I felt a little numb. I had my questions ready and, in my head, had asked them so many times already that I almost knew what the replies would be before I asked. I guess that's good, maybe? Maybe that means that I've done my homework? Hope so. But, I did feel satisfied when we left the office and felt like I had a good grip on the next weeks to come. The nurse person walked in and asked 'are you excited?'. I said 'no', and she looked a little confused. I said 'I'll be excited when its done'. And that's honestly how I feel. I've never had surgery of any kind. Never spent the night in the hospital except for when I had my boys (vaginal births) and went home the next day. But, it was a good appt and I did try on some 'sizers' to get a feel for what we want. For me it's more an issue of NOT GOING TOO BIG as apposed to how many cc's. I feel like I've made myself clear on what I do and don't want and now I'm leaving it in the hands of my very capable PS to make that happen for us. I am SUPER excited about my TT and somehow that stresses me out a lot less than the BL/BA. So, 2 WEEKS from today, I'll be joining y'all on the flat side. As a side note, tomorrow is 21 years that my husband and I have been together. And that makes me happy :) Cheers to all...

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LESS THAN 1 WEEK AWAY! Pre-op pics will be posted...

LESS THAN 1 WEEK AWAY! Pre-op pics will be posted soon. I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that I am actually doing this. I say 'actually' because I've thought about it so long that this almost is just too unreal. I'm ready to do it but it still seems so strange! I've got meds, a recliner, toilet seat, etc, etc, etc... January 31st needs to hurry up! HURRY UP!!!


Hi MM surgery day twin!!!! Yeee-haw I'm with you let's get this show on the road. What kind/size implant are you going with?
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I'm definitely going with silicone and as for size that's gonna be decided when I get there tomorrow. My PS suggested 390cc but is also going to have others for me to look at right before I go in. They said they were ordering 3 different sizes for me to make my final decision on. The 390's should make me a full C I think. The problem is, I have no idea what a full C looks like on me! I'm glad my hubby will be there to help me on that one.

PO Day 1! I made it to the flat side y'all. All...

PO Day 1! I made it to the flat side y'all. All went well, I'm so relieved! Happy to be home in my recliner and so thankful for my very attentive husband. Not much to report yet, just wanted to say I'm doing fine. Slow and steady is our motto and thats how we're gonna take it. Happy healing everyone!


Great to hear your story -please post pics as soon as you feel like it! I hope you have an amazing recovery!
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So how many cc's did you end up with???
I ended up with 304cc silicone medium profile. I think they'll be great! With the shape I'm starting out with my Dr was very upfront about possible issues and one thing he stressed was not going too big. As swollen as I am right now I can see that they will NOT be too big and I think we will be happy campers! Now, my TT and BB I gotta say, I'm VERY pleased with! I've looked at enough before/after pics to know that I'm gonna be totally happy with the results. Scar is low and BB is cute and natural looking :) Yay me! I hope you are recovering well!

PO DAY 3: Not feeling too shabby! Meaning... I...

PO DAY 3: Not feeling too shabby! Meaning... I feel WAY less sore than yesterday and I'm able to get myself up from my recliner AND tuck myself back in (that's a huge improvement). My first shower and home bandage change was interesting. By the time we finished, I was shaky, clammy and nauseous. The things that have been most helpful are my recliner, travel neck pillow, bendy straws, and toilet seat riser. My husband has been amazing, even waking me up in the middle of the night with a piece of toast and my pills so I stay on track. That man has reached sainthood in my book and has helped me with things that I would've preferred he not have to. Honestly, I couldn't have done this without his help. So, I'm on my way i think and I'm looking forward to my post-op appt tomorrow to see what my Dr thinks. Overall, I'm feeling happy, happy, happy! As a side note, tomorrow is my birthday! Happy 39th to me and my new body :)

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PO day 4: Had my first post-op appt today. Went...

PO day 4: Had my first post-op appt today. Went very well! I'm down one less drain! Woo Hoo! I was so hoping that would be the case AND my PS said when I go back on Wednesday I'll get my other drain out :) They were both draining the same amount but he said its not a good idea to go from 2 drains to no drains all at once. I can see the logic in that. So Wednesday will be just fine! All else looks good and is healing well. Still waiting to see about my BA results. It's hard to say at this stage because of the Tuberous deformity I was starting out with. But, thus far, I am happy and optimistic. Needless to say, I had to come home and sleep for 2 hours after all that. It's amazing how exhausted I start to feel and how fast it hits me sometimes. So, it was a good day in recovery. Slow and sure, nice and easy.


What type of lift was done on your breast? & How many CC's did you get? Silicone or Saline? I'm asking because I have tubular breast also and I wanted know your info for reference _ hope you don't mind. :)
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I feel you on the tiredness. After my first shower I needed a 3 hour nap. Really?!?!?!? The shower felt refreshing but wore me out. Weird how that happens.
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PO day 5: Ok so, the lesson is, don't be a dumbass...

PO day 5: Ok so, the lesson is, don't be a dumbass and just take your pain pills? Got it. Swelling is always worse in the evening for me and today I've only taken ibuprofen and was planning on only taking the Lortab at night from now on. Until about an hour ago. That's when the swelling and muscle spasms hit a little too fast and I was reduced to hollering for my husband in the next room and, of course, as soon as he looked at me my lil chin starts to quiver. Dumb, I've been doing so well too. The moral of my story is... Don't try to hold out on the pain, it will win.


@Morenais, I had an anchor lift and 304cc, medium profile, silicone implants placed under the muscle. Because of my original shape, it may take months for my old crease under my breast to start to soften and loosen up a bit (hopefully). The 304cc seemed like such a random number and I never said specifically how many cc I thought I wanted. I did email his office a few pics of before/after pics that I liked the most and I think that was helpful. Also, because of my original shape, we agreed that i shouldn't go too big as it might be counter productive. @5'7 and 140 lbs he said I would end up in the C cup range with the 304's. I hope that helps :) I found most of the best pics on loveyourlook.com
Thank you for the information _ I think you look really great and I wish you the best recovery. :-) My surgery is next month (finally)

PO day 6: Dr appt went well! Removed the last...

PO day 6: Dr appt went well! Removed the last drain, also removed BB stitches and said everything looks good :) I'm SO happy to feel like I've reached this invisible milestone. Drains were something I dreaded and they made me nervous, so both being gone.... THAT'S HUGE! One more thing to check off the 'recovery' list. And now I'm going to celebrate with a nap :)

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1 week post op and a very un-eventful day. First...

1 week post op and a very un-eventful day. First day home by myself and all I really had to do was feed myself and get back and forth from the restroom to my recliner. Pretty relaxing really. Each day is better and less painful than the last. I did order some new garment things. It's Maidenform Contol It Waistnipper Tube something-or-other. I'm hoping it will be good for when I'm about 3 weeks post op and I won't need all the heavy hooks and zippers. We shall see. Happy Healing everyone and cheers!


You are so lucky to have your drains out. I had my surgery on 1/30 and went for my post op appointment and I MIGHT be able to get my drains out at my next appointment on 2/11. I had a lift with implants and a TT but haven't had to wear a bra or any thing on my bottom either. I'm thinking since I don't have any type of compression apparel I have to keep the drains in longer. Every time I move one drain absolutely kills me. If it wasn't for that I would be feeling wonderful. Best of luck to you! It sounds like we are similarly lucky with wonderful husbands. I would be absolutely lost without mine. :-)
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PO Day 8: Not much to update but I wanted to add a...

PO Day 8: Not much to update but I wanted to add a few pics. I'm seeing progress, not sure how noticeable it will be to anyone else. Loving the tummy! It's getting nice an smooth and even though I still have a few stretch marks, they are so small, low and close to my scar that I don't even care. I like the size of the girls :) I'm really hoping the crease underneath will soften and fluff a lot more. My PS said for me (because of tuberous deformity) it could take months before we will know if it's going to loosen enough for us to be happy with the results. Have you seen my 'before' pics? I'M PRETTY HAPPY ALREADY! Oh, also, my pain med needs have decreased pretty significantly. I hope it stays that way :) Cheers


You look awesome so happy for you!!
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You are looking fantastic!
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Thank you! I'm definitely seeing an improvement :)

PO Day 10: Overall a very pleasant day! Went to...

PO Day 10: Overall a very pleasant day! Went to lunch with my hubby and even did a little grocery shopping too. Of course, I needed a nap when we got back but felt pretty darn good all things considered. I'm taking ibuprofen as needed but its not really needed for pain, just swelling. Everything is looking good and my next post op appt isn't until the 20th. My only question is, when will the boobies start to soften? I haven't really found any answers on that topic. So, we shall see I guess. Cheers y'all :)


you look GREAT! so happy for you! :) I know how you feel having the whole tuberous breast thing, I have IGT (insufficient glandular tissue) and mine were tuberous. Question for you off topic...Were you able to breastfeed? I could barely make enough milk to feed my babies because of the tuberous IGT boobies. Just wondering if you had the same problem. Anyways, it took about 6-7 weeks for my breasts to soften and drop. My right one actually dropped too far and now I have to have that repaired in April along with my tt. Congrats on your new look!
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What size are your implants and what kind? You look great!!!
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Hi, thank you! I have silicone gel, 304cc, under the muscle. I know it seems like such a random number. I emailed my PS pics that I liked and that were roughly the size I wanted to be. Somehow that translated into the 304's. I know they will change quite a bit over the next weeks but overall I'm very happy with this size :)
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