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In July of 2009 I had reconstructive jaw surgery...

In July of 2009 I had reconstructive jaw surgery to correct my open bite. I was unable to close my mouth comfortably, grinded my teeth badly, snored badly, and had an overall unappealing look to my face due to my weak chin. I do not know the number of millimeters in regards to the repositioning of bone by my surgeon, but my bite comes together nicely, and I no longer have a gummy smile. In addition to this my surgeon also performed a sliding genioplasty. Weeks after surgery I was mildly dissatisfied with the way my larger/longer and seemingly pointier chin made my face look. I already have thin lips, and the new position of my chin made my lips frown. Hardly any of my top teeth show (mostly my bottom) giving me a more masculine, hardened look. As my swelling continued to go down my face appeared even longer and narrower. My labial facial folds are more pronounced and my skin seems to droop around my cheeks and mouth, giving me a very aged appearance. Although it has improved, I still have a mentalis strain when I close my mouth. I feel like I should rest on it since I'm only 22, but I can not stand my appearance. I feel my problems, medically, were corrected but the added aesthetic touch (the genioplasty) did nothing good for me. I've only brought it up to my doctor once at my most recent appointment with him (March 2010), and he suggested lip augmentation or jaw implants. He also said the fact that I had short hair made my face appear longer and thinner. I plan on making an initial consultation appointment with a surgeon where I live now, but I'm unsure if the problem is reconstructive or cosmetic. Researching the problems online, I've come across such procedures as a subnasal upper lip lift, a reverse sliding genioplasty, and I've even been suggested to having a face lift! An upper lip lift I am unsure about only because in my surgery my maxilla was shortened as to alleviate my gummy smile, but now none of my upper teeth show as I mentioned earlier. An upper lip lift also seems that it would help with the aged, frowning look of my lips and even with the labial facial folds. How risky is a reverse sliding genioplasty as well as an upper lip lift? Especially if I have already had work done on the area with screws in place? Should I consult with a plastic surgeon or a reconstructive surgeon? Are there any other procedures or solutions that may help me? I hope these problems can at least be alleviated. I'm only 22, and I feel I look rather old and so unlike my old self.

ive just had 3 months after a sliding genioplasty moved 4mm, im wondering too if it can be reversed , i will wait however till year mark.
hi my name is johnathan i will be having my operation here soon in a couple of weeks due to my sleep apnea ...did you have both jaws moved? how long has it been since your operation?
Hey, Im bill and I had a sliding genioplasty in 2007, but honestly Im very pleased with the results, the doc advanced my chin 1 cm. The thing is that genio may give you a harder look since it makes your chin stronger, so maybe he shouldve advanced it less. It doesnt seem like the surgeon lengthened your face though. Anyway, the good thing is your profile now is well balanced, but since the op brought your lower face forward, what used to be less noticeable is now actually there to see, at the front, not at the back anymore. I like the balance now, its true your before face was kinda sweeter and now its a little harder,but you are actually a bit older too, its also true short hair hightens your features, maybe you should try it longer, but as you said, give it time to settle in your mind, it took me a while too, and if lets say in 2 years you still dont like it, the best option would be a reverse genio...your upper teeth are fine, forget that, they are the way that rules in odontology claim they must be. On the other hand, genio may also change a pointy chin into a more square one by sanding the bone a little, thats what they did to me. Forget about face lift, lip lift, lip fillers, less is more! By the way, probably the screws they used are the ones that disolve after some time. You could see a cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon, but Id rather go with a maxillofacial surgeon (they are, first of all, odontologists...)bc they specialize only in that. I myself went for a craniofacial surgeon. Cheers and good luck! Bill
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My doctor is amazing at what he does. The BSSO he performed went really well with no negative side effects (to my knowledge anyway). I trust him to help me with the issues I'm having now with the placement of my chin, but he is five hours from where I live.

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